“North & South: John Thornton, Love Lessons”, Ch. 28 (PG-13): Hannah’s and Cameron’s Evening Begins Lovingly, February 7, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #513)

“North & South:  John Thornton, Love Lessons”, Ch. 28 (PG-13):  Hannah’s and Cameron’s Evening Begins Lovingly,   February 7, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace  (Post #513)

aaaN&SJohnThorntonLoveLessonsFanFicCoverDec2913GratianaLovelace-256x401(An original fan fiction copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace;   All rights reserved; Based on the Elizabeth Gaskell novel, North & South and its  2004 BBC adaptation; No copyright infringement intended) 

[I will illustrate my story using my dream cast from the 2004 BBC production of “North & South” and other actors for additional characters:   Richard Armitage for John Thornton, Daniela Denby-Ashe for Margaret Hale, Lesley Manville for Mrs. Maria Hale,  Tim Pigott-Smith for Mr. Richard Hale, Sinead Cusack for Mrs. Hannah Thornton, Jo Joyner for Fanny Thornton, Brendan Coyle for Nicholas Higgins, and Graham McTavish as Dr. Cameron Ogilvy, Holliday Grainger for Angharad Ogilvy MacIntosh, Simon Woods for Baird Ogilvy, and Emma Ashton as Mrs. Dillard, John Light as Henry Lennox, Tim Faraday as Watson, and Gillian Anderson at Carlotta Quint Watson, etc]   [(1) story logo image]

Author’s Mature Content Note:  “N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons” is a story with mature themes of love and relationships set within a period drama of the 1850’s and beyond.  As such there will be heartfelt moments of love and sensuality (S)–as well as other dramatic emotions, including some violence (V)–and I will rate those chapters accordingly.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read that chapter.  This is my disclaimer.

 Author’s Recap from the previous chapter:  After an amusing discussion about John’s thoughts about keeping the women in his family from their husbands–except John from Margaret–Margaret reveals to John that she is with child.  Now it remains for Margaret and  John to tell everyone else.  And while John and Margaret enjoy their loving Wednesday February 5th evening alone at Thornton Manor–with Fanny being in London and having Baird Ogilvy dancing attendance upon her–Hannah and Cameron at least begin their evening similarly at his residence.

“North & South:  John Thornton, Love Lessons,” Ch. 28 (PG-13):  Hannah’s and Cameron’s Evening Begins Lovingly

By prior agreement between he and John, Dr. Cameron Ogilvy invites Hannah Thornton to dine privately with him at his residence that also doubles as his medical office this Hannah-is-SineadCusack-inBBCs2004North&South-17h03m28s183-Dec2413GratianaLovelaceCap-Manip1-crop-brt-clr4drsprpl-flipWednesday evening of February 5th.  Scandalous!  Cameron guides Hannah into his home’s candlelit dining room with the table cozily set for two.  Cameron and Hannah are wearing formal attire as they are wont to do–with Hannah wearing her deep purple gown that exposes some creamy expanse of her shoulders [(2) right]  that Cameron appreciates; and Cameron wearing his modern looking suit and tie.  The table is set with fine china and crystal and silver–with their plated food having covered dishes over them to keep them warm.


Cameron: Seating her directly to his right and holding her chair out for her, he explains. “Despite the table finerrry, we arrre dining  alone tonight.  Will you mind not being  waited on at table as we usually arrre?”  He smiles mischievously [(3) right].

Hannah: Hannah sits and Cameron pushes in her chair, she smiles and shakes her head. “I do not mind.”  Then a thought occurs to her.  “May I ask why the change in arrangements?”

Cameron: Sitting in his chair on the corner next to her, Cameron heatedly gazes upon his beloved.  Then he admits in a deeply seductive voice as he leans toward her and kisses her with a quick peck on her cheek.  “I did na want us to have any… interruptions.”

Hannah’s eyes look quickly around the room, now thinking that she has not seen Cameron’s butler, nor his cook housekeeper when they arrived at his home tonight after he drove her here from Thornton Manor in his carriage.

Hannah: Hannah’s breathing quickens and she asks nervously.  “Cameron? How alone are we?”

Cameron:  Cameron gently takes Hannah’s hand in his and brings it to his lips for a kiss.  “We will not be disturrrbed.”

Hannah: “So you said.” She nods numbly.  “But where are your butler and his wife your cook housekeeper?”

She is worried about the proprieties were they to truly be alone together in his home.

Cameron:  “I gave them the night off.”  Hannah’s eyes widen. Then he adds quickly to assuage her concerns. “I believe that they arrre having a quiet evening at home in theirrr basement aparrrtment, downstairs.”

Hannah:  “So, they are here somewhere, in your home?” She breathes a bit easier.

Cameron: “As farrr as I know.  Though, how they choose to spend theirrr frrree time is theirrr own affairrr.”

Hannah: “Oh!”  She sighs and breathes deeply, serving to unintentionally draw Cameron’s attention to the lovely lace edging of her gown’s full bodice.

Cameron smiles broadly at Hannah now–like a hungry man who does not want to wait two and a half more weeks to be wed to his bride.

Cameron:  “Hannah, me Dear, let us eat while our food is warm.  Then we can sit by the fire after dinner.”

Hannah nods and does not say anything as Cameron removes the coverings for their respective plates.  They will have baked chicken over a rice pilaf and some green beans.  There is not much talking as they eat–for chewing their food prevents them, and Cameron’s passionate gazes to Hannah are so unsettling to her that she does not know what to say.  Then after dinner, Cameron removes the dishes to the kitchen as Hannah visits a guest bed chamber to freshen up. Cameron also thoughtfully provides breath mints for each of them amongst their desserts.

As Hannah descends the stairs to the main floor, Cameron waits for her at the bottom of the stairs gazing up at her with such love and devotion that Hannah nearly melts.  When she reaches the bottom of the stairs, Cameron holds out his hands to her.

Cameron: “You are exquisitely beautiful, Hannah, me Dearrr.” He compliments her lovingly and brings her hand to his lips for a gallant kiss.

Hannah: “Thank you, Cameron.”  She smiles shyly.  “You look very handsome tonight as well.”  She smiles lovingly at him.

Cameron:  “Thank ye!”    He grins broadly as he leans in to her.

Hannah shyly leans back a bit from Cameron. No kiss yet.  So Cameron guides the hesitant Hannah to the parlor and they sit on the sette in front of the blazing fire that he had just stoked.  He lays his arm on the back of the sette, behind her shoulders.

Hannah: Leaning forward so his clothed arm will not touch her bare neck and her partially bare shoulders, Hannah’s voice cracks with a nervousness as she looks up at the mantel clock.  “Is that …  is that the time?  Perhaps you had best take me back to Thornton Manor.”

Cameron:  Placing a gentle hand on her shoulder, he guides her to sit back on the sette.  “Nay, it is only 10 o’clock.  The evening is  young.  Can ye na stay?”  He asks huskily.  “And, … we have na kissed yet today.” He raises his eyebrows up and down hopefully.

Hannah: “Oh!”  And hoping to get their kissing done–for Hannah is finding it more difficult to resist this gentleman’s kisses, as a lady should–she leans forward and kisses him softly on his lips.  Then she pulls back to her prim sitting position, her hands demurely clasped together on her lap.

Stunned that his shy and reserved Hannah would kiss him first, even though he technically just invited her to do so–Cameron caresses her cheek and smiles at her.  Then he leans in and kisses her more firmly, fitting his lips to her lips and enjoying their velvety smoothness–his right arm resting on the back of the sette with his right hand now clasping her right shoulder–and his left hand caressing her right cheek. Hannah’s hands reach up and lightly touch Cameron’s left arm.  She can feel his muscles underneath his suit coat and shirt–for Dr. Cameron Ogilvy is a well formed man in Hannah Thornton’s eyes.

As Cameron’s kisses move from her lips to her neck, and thence to the base of her throat, he groans huskily.

Cameron:  “Oh, Hannah!    I love ye so!”  The deepness of his voice lowers in timbre and in volume.

Cameron desires his beloved fiancé Hannah, as a man desires a woman … in his bed.  But she is still skittish with him–despite all of the progress they have made with regard to her accepting certain familiar intimacies, such as kissing. And of course, they are not yet wed–so restraint must be shown by him.  Yet for all their discussion of having a friendship marriage, Cameron thinks that maybe, they can have a real marriage afterall.  The physical pain he feels in restraining his ardor is getting more difficult to bear.  Only two more weeks he tells himself, then she we be mine to love forever.

Hannah: “Cameron!” She sighs breathily, enjoying their romantic interlude as much as he is, but knowing that they are perilously close to a dangerous precipice.

Hannah is quite enraptured by Cameron’s tender ministrations and his kisses.  Unbidden, she finds herself leaning her head away from him to give him greater access to her neck.  He kisses and sucks, and nibbles her throat and moves to the base of her neck as his arms surround her and her arms go around his shoulders and neck.  And for a man in love like Cameron, he subconsciously tests the boundaries of their intimacy by deepening his kisses and letting his tongue dart playfully at her lips–attempting to tease her lips to open to him.

Hannah flinches at feeling Cameron’s tongue as a rising panic begins to overwhelm her.  Hannah realizes that her interactions with Cameron are more than friendly.  And she begins to worry that he will develop a hope that she will allow more than their agreed upon parameters of their future friendship marriage would allow.  Cameron is almost to the point of lying Hannah down upon the sette when Hannah’s anxious voice break through his desire of love.

Hannah:  “Cameron, we must stop.”

Cameron:  So transfixed upon his beloved Hannah, Cameron is only able to make an unintelligible groaning sound.  “Hhmmmm!”  Cameron kisses her more urgently upon her lips as his arms clasp her to him more closely.

Hannah has not been so close to  lovemaking in over twenty years, as she is at this moment.  And she is shy and uncertain–and frightened.  Love with her first husband was not as tender as it is with Cameron.  Not knowing what else to do, Hannah pushes against Cameron’s chest, forcing him to break his kiss.

Hannah:    “Please stop.”  She pleads in almost an embarrassed whisper.

Hearing her hushed request as she pushes him away, Cameron instantly regrets taking such liberties as kissing her neck and embracing her so  tightly. Cameron sits back from Hannah and looks away from her–chastened to have let himself go beyond what he had promised her.  He loves her, but she wants only a friendship marriage–and he agreed to abide by that.  He does not wish to break his promise to her, but he loves her with such a passion that his sense of reason fails him.

Cameron:  Cameron breathes in an out several times to bring his panting back to a calmer rhythm of breathing. “I am sorrry, Hannah.  I was overrrcome with yourrr beauty and my love for you.”

Trying to regain her own breathing to some level of normalcy, Hannah sits upright again and clasps her hands in front of her until her knuckles are white.  She had asked him for a friendship marriage.  However now, she is not sure that is what she wants–but she is too afraid to consider having a romantic marriage with him.  She feels that how her first marriage ended–with her husband’s suicide sixteen years ago–and her twenty years without having physical love has left her a dried husk of a woman.  And Hannah thinks that Cameron deserves more than she can give him.

The only love Hannah has been able to give in the last sixteen years has been to her children, John and Fanny. And only her son John has been a stable and reliable male figure in her life.  It is not so much that Hannah distrusts Cameron, but she does not trust herself enough  to accept and give in to her feelings of love for him.

Hannah:  “Cameron, I don’t think our friendship marriage will work.”  She does not look at him, for fear that she would want to kiss him again.  She feels so confused with one moment loving Cameron and his tenderness toward her, and the next moment wanting to run far away from him.

But Cameron thinks that Hannah is rejecting him and his face registers his disappointment and sadness.

Cameron: “It can!  We can make it work!”  He pleads stridently.

Hannah: “But your kisses each time become more …”  She stops.   “I do not think I can give you what you want.  And you deserve to have a wife who will love you as you wish to be loved.”

Hannah closes her eyes in mortification, an unnamed fear gripping her, even as she realizes just how much she truly loves him.  She wonders why she is so afraid of being a wife, his wife, when he is so gentle and patient and tender with her.  For the strong, and disciplined, and resilient Hannah Thornton–her son John’s rock of stability and unwavering support–is so emotionally fragile at this moment, that she contemplates giving Cameron up.

Cameron:  Pulling her face to look at him, he says tenderly.  “You are the only wife I want to love.  And if our marriage is to only be one of friends, then we will at least have that.  Forrr I cannot live without ye now, woman.  My hearrrt beats forrr you, and you alone.  If you will not be my wife, then my life will have no happiness in it at all.”  He shyly clasps her hand in his and gazes into her eyes hopefully.

There are tears in both of their eyes.  They want so much to understand each other better–for Hannah to trust again, in order to fully love Cameron.  And for Cameron to have his Hannah’s love.

Hannah: Hannah squeezes his hand holding her hand.  Then she says in a small hesitant voice. “And I wish to make you happy, Cameron.”

Cameron: “Hhhhhh!”  He sighs relievedly at her confession.

But Cameron knows that they have reached a new level of understanding.  Cameron understands now that Hannah will not eventually give him romantic love–something deep inside her prevents her from loving again fully. And he does not know how to reach her–so Cameron will no longer try to persuade her otherwise.  For if she is to agree to be his wife and marry him, then he must honor her request. Cameron is a gentleman and he has lived without physical love for five years.  He will survive his future without it, and he and Hannah will remain at a cordial level of mutual respect–however much it breaks his heart to suppress his love for her. At least, he will have her in his daily life as his wife–a gift that he never thought he would have.

And Hannah does not know if her worries and anxieties about if she failed her first husband–because he did not confide in her about the state of their financial difficulties, and she feels she is partly to blame for that, and maybe for his death–will she fail Cameron?  And the depths of Hannah’s fears cause her to say naught of this to Cameron.  But she begins to realize the futility of her attempting a relationship with Cameron or any man.  Hannah was damaged by how her first marriage ended–with her husband’s suicide.  And it is only through distancing herself from most of life’s emotions that she has managed to recover to the point of functioning–merely surviving until Cameron came along and jolted her out of her complacency.

Hannah and Cameron sit for another half an hour, holding hands but not speaking–they have said it all tonight.  Then Cameron escorts Hannah home in his carriage and he bids her goodnight at Thornton Manor with a chaste kiss on her cheek.  Both of them fall asleep this night with a sad resignation of the boundaries of their relationship.


The next two days are busy ones for Cameron and Hannah–and they do not share their usual lunch and tea and dinners together.  It happens innocently at first, with Cameron tending to patients on Thursday while Hannah is busy with the cotton bolt scraps mill worker clothing project.  And Cameron had also felt it warranted to keep his distance from Hannah for a day–so that he would not overstep their agreed upon boundaries again.  But then when they might have met on Friday, Hannah had arranged to have lunch with another mill owner mother, tea with the Hales and Margaret, and dinner elsewhere–avoiding Cameron altogether.  Neither of them are happy in their present state and things need to be fully resolved

So it is at the next day’s, Saturday February 8th luncheon–that John and Margaret expressly invited Cameron to join them–when John and Margaret cannot contain themselves any longer and they share their baby news with Hannah and Cameron.  Of course, Cameron already knew, him having attended to Margaret when she fainted earlier in the week.

John: “Mother, Margaret is going to have a baby!”  He grins broadly as he wraps his arms around his wife Margaret, who smiles gleefully.

Hannah:  “Lovely!”  She kisses both of them. Then she turns and looks at Cameron accusatorialy. “Well!  It seems that some people can keep a secret!”

Cameron: Taken aback by Hannah’s frosty tone, Cameron attempts to explain, his smile is forced. “As I said when I examined Margarrret on Monday, she has a rrright to patient confidentiality.  And she wanted to be the one to tell you.”  He counters logically.

John and Margaret had noticed the slight edge of civility in Hannah’s and Cameron’s HannahThornton-isSineadCusack-inNorth&South-epi2-073Dec1913ranet--crop-brtinteractions when he arrived. Now they begin to worry.  And Hannah is back to wearing her severe and unflattering black dress and a scowl upon her face [(4) right].

Margaret:  “You’re going to be a grandmother, Mama.  And Cameron will be a grandfather again.” Margaret looks at her hopefully.

Hannah: “I am pleased, of course.”  Hannah replies to Margaret stiffly.

Hannah’s return to the glacial matriarchal Hannah is due directly to what transpired between Hannah and Cameron last Wednesday night.  Hannah feels that she must steel herself from feeling an emotional attachment to Cameron–something that she had already felt.


John looks at his mother questioningly and sees the sad look upon Cameron’s face [(5) right].

John:   “Cameron, there is still some time before luncheon is served.  Might you join me in my study?”  John thinks that perhaps Margaret can chat with his Mother and uncover what the problem is.

Cameron: “Aye Laddie.”  Cameron says woodenly.  To see his Hannah so withdrawn and reserved is painful to Cameron.  It is as if she has withered from life again.

Margaret and Hannah watch them leave.  Margaret turns to her mother-in-law, wanting to help her but not knowing how.

Margaret:  “Have you and Cameron had a fight?”  She blurts out.

Hannah: “I do not wish to discuss it.”  Hannah replies curtly.


Margaret:   “John and I have misunderstandings sometimes, but we always talk it out and patch things up.”  She suggests, trying to be helpful [(6) right].

Hannah: “I don’t think he and I  can repair this.”  Hannah looks at the engagement ring on her finger. Cameron had given it to her last week–it is an  Airlie family heirloom.  She removes the ring from her finger and holds it out to Margaret.  “Please give this to Cameron for me.  It is an Airlie family heirloom and he will want it back to give to his children.”

Margaret:  Margaret shakes her head and stares at Hannah incredulously as she refuses the ring.  “No!  If you are ending your engagement to Cameron less than two weeks before you are to wed, you should have the decency to tell him to his face.”

Hannah: “Decency?  I wish I had never met him!”  Hannah says sadly.  “At least then, I wouldn’t be disappointing him.”

Margaret: “Disappointing him?”  Margaret looks at her curiously. “But how?  He loves you.”

Hannah:  Hannah grimaces, determined to do the course of action that she decided upon last night before she fell asleep.  “Do not trouble yourself, Margaret.  I will give Cameron his ring, then go to my room.  I am not hungry for luncheon.”


Meanwhile, Cameron stands leaning against the fireplace mantel in John’s study for support. He had hoped that Hannah’s spirits would be improved today.  But they are much worse than he could have imagined.

John:  “Cameron, you can tell me to mind my own business.  But is something amiss between you and my mother?”  John asks protectively thinking of his mother’s return to her cold demeanor, when with Cameron in her life she had become vibrant and loving–more alive than John had ever remembered seeing her.

Cameron does not answer for several moments.  John waits patiently for his response.

Cameron:  Cameron stares into the fire and says sadly. “I thought that because I loved Hannah with all my heart, that she would eventually love me.  But she only wants us to be friends.   I can accept that. If that is the only way she will let me be in her life.  But today, she is so cold  and distant.  I do not know her.”

John: “I’m sorry, Cameron.  But what happened?  You both seemed so happy together?”

Cameron:  Cameron looks up at John, tears brimming in his eyes.  “Aye, we werrre.  But I pushed herrr too farrr–by my rrrevealing how passionately I felt about herrr.”

John:  “And mother has withdrawn from you.”  John nods in recognition.

Cameron: “Yes.”  He  nods.  “I thought that she loved me, too–even if it was only a wee bit.  I saw glimpses of it.  But I must have been mistaken.”

They hear footsteps in the hallway and turn toward John’s study’s door as it opens.  Hannah stands in the open doorway mute.

John:  Moving toward the door, John suggests looking at his mother knowingly [(7) right]. John-isRichardArmitage-and-Hannah-isSineadCusack-inNorth&South-epi1-081Feb0614ranet-crop-sized-clr“I will leave you two alone to chat.”  Then John kisses his mother’s cheek. “Mother.”  She smiles up at him and pats his face.

Hannah steps into the study and John leaves it–shutting the door behind him.  Hannah and Cameron look forlornly at each other.  Hannah takes one step forward and holds out her arm to return her engagement ring to him.  Cameron takes a step back from her in shock.  He had not thought that their relationship had disintegrated to the point of them calling off their wedding.

Cameron: “Nay, Hannah!  We arrre engaged!   We will be wed in not quite two weeks!” He says firmly.

Hannah: “But I am not the person to give you what you want.”  She says sadly while still holding out the ring to him.  “It would be wrong for me to marry you, when you could be happy with someone else.”

Cameron: Anger bubbles over within Cameron’s breast.  “Happy?  What makes you think that I could be happy with anyone else but you? Do you think my love forrr you is so shallow, that I would not be faithful to you because you will not sharrre my bed?”  Cameron asks her derisively.  He feels that the hairs at the back of his neck seem to be jabbing him and causing him pain.

Hannah: Hannah blushes at Cameron’s frank talk.  “Men have needs.  It is in your natures.”  Hannah places her exquisite Airlie heirloom engagement ring on a nearby table and steps back.  “The ring belongs in your family.”  Then she turns back to look at him. “And I cannot bear the thought of you betraying me in that way.”  She thinks, as her first husband did after he would no longer sleep with her after Fanny was born, because he did not want another mouth to feed when their financial situation was so precarious.

Cameron: “Betray you!?!”  He snatches the heirloom engagement ring from the table. “What about your betrayal of me!?!  I loved you, Hannah.  God help me!  But I love you still!  But that isn’t good enough for you.  Is it?”  Cameron strides past Hannah as he heads for the study door.  Then he stops and turns back to her. “Only you will wear this ring–or no one will.”  He flings the heirloom diamond ring past her toward the fireplace and turns and exits the room.

Hannah watches in horror as the ring bounces off the mantel and drops onto the tiled hearth–only to bounce into the smouldering fireplace grate.

Hannah:  “NOOOO!” Hannah leaps forward toward the fireplace and falls to her knees, grabbing a fireplace tool to try to pick the ring out of the waning embers.  She manages to scrape the ring onto the tile–with it looking intact.  And then without thinking, she picks the ring up and starts to put it back on her finger.  But she burns her fingers and screams in pain as she drops the ring to the carpet. “AAAHHHHHHH!”

It was a blood curdling scream heard throughout the house.  Cameron has just pulled open the front door, preparing to leave when he hears her cry out in pain.

Cameron: “My god!”  His mind is racing as to what could have caused her to cry out so.

Cameron races back to the study and he finds Hannah still on her knees and holding her hand close to her chest, rocking back and forth, tears streaming down her eyes.  The ring is on the carpet in front if her, singeing it from the ring’s heated surface.

Hannah:  “Hhh!  Hhh!  Hhh!”  Hannah whimpers in pain–both physical from her burns and emotional from spurning Cameron–still rocking back and forth.

Cameron drops to his knees and embraces her.

Cameron: “Oh my Love!  What happened?”  All anger he had felt–which was really him feeling hurt and abandoned–is gone.

Hannah: “My ring fell into the fire.”

Cameron:  “What did ye do?  Fetch the ring out of the fire?” She nods her head up and down.  “Come, let me see.” He pries her hands apart.  Finally, she lets him see her injuries.  She has burned the tips of her fingers that are now scarred with several half circle shapes from touching the rim of the ring.

John and Margaret also run into the study.

John: “What happened?”

Cameron: “She burned her fingers getting her ring out of the fireplace.”

Margaret: “What was her ring doing in the fireplace?”

Cameron: “I threw it there when she gave it back to me.”  His face is full of remorse.  “I need water to clean her wounds and ice and that aloe plant over there. And I’ll need you to fetch me medical bag from the foyer.”  He says, helping Hannah stand, then guiding her to the sette.

John and Margaret send servants for the cleaning supplies and ice, while John retrieves Cameron’s medical bag.  Cameron swiftly and expertly cleans Hannah’s burn wounds on her fingertips of her right hand–which are thankfully superficial, but still painful–then he slices open an aloe vera leaf and squeezes its juices onto her finger tips, before bandaging each finger individually.  Then he has her rest her hand in a bowl with her fingertips resting in the cooling ice water.  Finally, Hannah feels some relief.

Hannah:  “Thank you.” She manages to croak out.  Cameron kisses her forehead and embraces her and she leans in to him.  She is too stunned to object to him being familiar with her.

John walks over to the engagement ring lying on the floor and touches it gingerly.  It has cooled and he picks it up and hands it to Cameron.

John:  “I didn’t know Scotsmen had such tempers.”

Cameron: “Aye, Laddie.  We Scots invented tempers.”  Cameron smiles ruefully taking the ring from John’s hand. Then Cameron returns his attention to Hannah in his arms.  “Hannah, me Dearrr. What werrre you thinking when you fished that rrring out of the firrreplace?”

Hannah:  “I didn’t want my beautiful ring to burn up.”  She looks up at him sheepishly.

Cameron: “Ach!  I could ha given ye anotherrr rrring.  The towerrr vault at Airrrlie Castle is filled with dozens of such trrrinkets–it’s like a jewelrrry storrre.  Ha ha ha ha ha!”

John and Margaret exchange amazed looks at each other for Cameron having a jewels vault in his castle.

Hannah:  “But I wanted my ring.”  She says shyly, her anxiety punctured–for now.

Cameron: “May I?”  He asks poised to place it on her ring finger on her left hand.  She nods her head up and down–that he feels rather than sees because she is nestled against him. “Therrre. Now the ring is wherrre it belongs.”

Hannah: Hannah apologetically gazes up at Cameron.  “I’m sorry.”

Cameron: “I’m sorry, too.”  He smiles lovingly gazing down at her in his arms.

Then Cameron kisses the tip of Hannah’s nose and she closes her eyes and smiles.  Cameron does not kiss her more, having learned his lesson about not pressuring her.

John and Margaret share a sigh of relief as Hannah and Cameron seem to have made up.  Then they all go on to have a lovely luncheon–with Cameron feeding Hannah so she can rest her healing fingers.  All is right with the world again–or at least right with Hannah’s and Cameron’s world.  And the wedding is back on.

And in the back of Cameron’s mind, he wonders how his son Baird is faring with Fanny in London.

To be continued with Chapter 29

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Gratiana Lovelace is my nom de plume for my creative writing and blogging. I write romantic stories in different sub genres. The stories just tumble out of me. My resurgence in creative writing occurred when I viewed the BBC miniseries of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel North & South in February 2010. The exquisitely talented British actor portraying the male lead John Thornton in North & South--Richard Crispin Armitage--became my unofficial muse. I have written over 50 script stories about love--some are fan fiction, but most are original stories--that I am just beginning to share with others on private writer sites, and here on my blog. And as you know, my blog here is also relatively new--since August 2011. But, I'm having fun and I hope you enjoy reading my blog essays and my stories. Cheers! Grati ;-> upd 12/18/11
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  1. Feb. 7, 2014–Here is my Wattpad link for Ch. 28, for those who prefer to read it there:



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