“North & South: John Thornton, Love Lessons”, Ch. 30– Traveling to Airlie Castle in Scotland for a Highland Wedding, February 14, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #517)

“North & South: John Thornton, Love Lessons”, Ch. 30– Traveling to Airlie Castle in Scotland for a Highland Wedding, February 14, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #517)

Guylty has organized the RA World Secret Valentine 2014 challenge–with her AHappyRAWorldSecretValentinetoGuyltyFeb1414GratianaLovelacerandomly assigning a person for each of us participating to make a valentine. And as a special thanks to Guylty for arranging the valentine match ups, here is a Valentine for her as well (Richard Armitage as Sir Guy image courtesy of RANet).


My Secret Valentine is Katia Bono–a lady whom I know nothing about, except that she is French, according to Guylty. But as mutual admirers of the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage, we all become friends across the miles with our shared interest in his artistic projects. So I welcome making a new friend in Katia.

And I took a chance in hoping that Katia might be fond of Richard Armitage’s portrayal of A-Thornton-Kiss-for-Katia-My-RAWorld-Secret-ValentineFeb1414GratianaLovelaceRevJohn Thornton in the BBC 2004 drama “North & South” , and I created this RA World Secret Valentine’s Day graphic for her (N&S kissing image right courtesy of RANet; roses courtesy of walldesk.net). I am also dedicating this “N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons” story chapter to Katia. Happy Valentine’s Day, Katia!

“North & South: John Thornton, Love Lessons”, Ch. 30– Traveling  to Airlie Castle in Scotland for a Highland Wedding, February 14, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #517)

aaaN&SJohnThorntonLoveLessonsFanFicCoverDec2913GratianaLovelace-256x401(An original fan fiction copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace; All rights reserved;
Based on the Elizabeth Gaskell novel, North & South and its
2004 BBC adaptation; No copyright infringement intended)

[I will illustrate my story using my dream cast from the 2004 BBC production of “North & South” and other actors for additional characters: Richard Armitage for John Thornton, Daniela Denby-Ashe for Margaret Hale, Lesley Manville for Mrs. Maria Hale, Tim Pigott-Smith for Mr. Richard Hale, Sinead Cusack for Mrs. Hannah Thornton, Jo Joyner for Fanny Thornton, Brendan Coyle for Nicholas Higgins, and Graham McTavish as Dr. Cameron Ogilvy, Holliday Grainger for Angharad Ogilvy MacIntosh, Simon Woods for Baird Ogilvy, and Emma Ashton as Mrs. Dillard, John Light as Henry Lennox, Tim Faraday as Watson, and Gillian Anderson at Carlotta Quint Watson, etc] [(1) story logo image]

Author’s Mature Content Note: “N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons” is a story with mature themes of love and relationships set within a period drama of the 1850’s and beyond. As such there will be heartfelt moments of love and sensuality (S)–as well as other dramatic emotions, including some violence (V)–and I will rate those chapters accordingly. If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read that chapter. This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Recap from the previous chapter:  With Hannah attempting to call off her wedding to Cameron because she thinks that she is falling in love with him and that scares her, given her experience with her first marriage–but she still insists on theirs being a friendship marriage, though Cameron loves her passionately. It has become a tumultuous week leading up to the Thornton and Ogilvy families traveling to Scotland for the wedding. And it continues to be so.

“North & South: JohnThornton, Love Lessons”: Ch. 30– Traveling to Airlie Castle in Scotland for a Highland Wedding

When Fanny returns home to Milton on Monday, February 17th, she and her mother Hannah and her sister-in-law Margaret have only one week to have their bridal and attendant gowns final fittings and alterations before the flurry of packing for their trip to Scotland the following Monday. Dr. Cameron Ogilvy’s daughter, Angharad Ogilvy MacIntosh living in London, will do her fittings there and then her family will travel to Scotland for the wedding separately. And though there are still tussles regarding the wedding–with more to come–Cameron will not budge on holding his and Hannah’s wedding on the first Saturday in March–March 1st–and so it shall be.

However, for Margaret Thornton–who is well into her third month of pregnancy–the difficulty of overwhelming morning sickness and its nausea and vomiting overwhelms her and severely curtails her activities this final week before they leave for Scotland and then have another week of activities before the wedding. Her illness might even prevent she and John from attending the wedding. And though Margaret has made it through her gown fitting this Wednesday, February 19th–but barely as she races to the guest necessary room on the main floor to throw up–she is not looking well at all. Hannah sends for John to come home from the mill to comfort his wife who has eaten little food of late and consumed less fluids–with Margaret looking very pale and she has actually lost weight.

John finds Margaret in their bed chamber this afternoon lying still with her eyes closed [(2) Margaret-isDanielaDenby-Ashe-inNorth&South2004-EP1-0066Dec2213NandS2004com-croptooval-hi-resright] in their bed in her nightdress after being helped out of her dress and corset by a maid. John walks toward her without speaking.

Margaret: “Please stop moving. I can feel every vibration of your steps.” She utters in complete agony, her not knowing to whom she is speaking.

John: “Margaret.” He begins softly.

Margaret: “Oh John!” She whispers softly as her tears fall when she realizes it is him, and she is so glad that he has come to her. “I cannot take much more of this sickness.” She whimpers.

John cringes, for he feels that he is making his wife suffer by giving her their child to bear, his child. Making two quick strides, John is at her bed side and removes his jacket, placing it on a nearby chair. Then he doffs his shoes.

John: “Would you like me to cradle you in my arms?” For most days and nights, being held within the embrace of her husband’s loving arms is Margaret’s only relief.

Margaret: “Yes.” She replies meekly. Her strength is sapped and she is very ill.

John gently sits on the bed, then he pivots once to lay down beside her, but on top of the coverlet.

John: Gently putting arms around her, she nestles into him. “There, My Love.” He gently John-isRichardArmitage2013bySarahDunn-inTotalFilmArticleDec0313mrpuddingstontumblrcom-RAFrance-croptooval-hi-res-clrkisses her temple and cuddles his face close to her face in tender solicitude [(3) right].

Having lived for so many years with her mother’s illnesses, Margaret has learned to be stalwart and has not been truly ill herself–until now. So she is unaccustomed to how vulnerable she feels–unable to control what her body is doing to her.

Margaret: “I’m so sorry, John.” She wails.

John: “Shhh. You have nothing to be sorry about. You’ll feel better soon, My Love. Cameron will be here to attend you any minute.”

Margaret: “Nooo! He will think me weak.” She gazes forlornly up at her husband.

John: Caressing her face and gazing at her lovingly, John soothes her. “Margaret, there are few who would think you weak in the best of circumstances. But your pregnancy puts you in a delicate condition.”

Margaret: “Other women endure it, why does it seem so difficult for me?” She whispers, feeling shame for being so adversely affected. “Your mother must think me unfit to be your wife if I cannot safely bear our child.” Ah, Margaret’s true fears are revealed–that she or her baby will not survive. It is a common fear for women of her time–since many women and babies die in childbirth [(4)].

John: He consoles her in a hushed voice. “Margaret, My Love. Mother is the person who sent for Cameron.” Margaret looks up at John uncomprehendingly. “Mother is very concerned about you. She told me that she has only observed pregnancy sickness as severe as yours once–and she was glad not to have suffered from it when she was pregnant with Fanny or I.”

Knowing that her mother-in-law, Hannah Thornton, does not think her weak, seems to calm Margaret–and somewhat settles her nerves for the remaining few minutes that they wait for the doctor to arrive. John lies very still–not even rocking Margaret in his arms because any movement is unbearable to her–but he lightly strokes her back and kisses her forehead. For the last month–since her pregnancy sickness worsened–cherishing chasteness has been the only loving expression possible between John and Margaret.

Two swift knocks at John and Margaret’s bed chamber door precede Dr. Cameron Ogilvy entering the room without waiting to be admitted–with Hannah hovering behind him.

John: “Cameron. Thank you for coming.” John sighs and he starts to sit upright.

Cameron: “Don’t get up.” Cameron raises his hand as he strides to Margaret’s bedside. “How do ye feel, Margarrret?” He asks her softly.

Margaret: “Mmmm.” She moans, but she does not have the strength to say more.

Cameron: “Ach! Lassie! Hannah tells me of yourrr trrravails. Ye should have sent for me soonerrr!”

Hannah: “She would not let us send for you.” Hannah’s shoulders droop in not being able to help Margaret feel well.

John: “Cameron, can you do something to help Margaret?” John pleads. “She cannot keep anything down–neither food nor water.”

Cameron: “That is not good. Lassie, we do na want ye to get dehydrrrated.” Then he turns to Hannah with a smile. “Hannah, me Dearrrr. Please have a pot of tea brought up, along with some lightly buttered toast with a mixture of cinnamon and suger sprinkled on it.”

Hannah nods and leaves to attend to that task,

John: “But if Margaret cannot keep anything in her stomach, what good will tea and toast do?”

Cameron: “Ah! I have an herbal remedy to add to her tea–some powdered ginger root.” He pulls a small glass bottle of ginger root powder from his medical bag [(5)]. And the toast with some cinnamon and sugar on it will both help give her stomach something to grab onto, as well as, give her some energy.”

Margaret: “I will try anything. Please help me.” Her tears fall down her face and John tenderly kisses her cheeks to comfort her.

John: “You will feel well soon my love. I promise.” Though John does not know if he is giving her false hope.  “Cameron, will the herbal remedy help her?” He asks worriedly. For John has never been so afraid in his life that the one person in the world whom he holds most dear–his beloved wife Margaret–might be slipping away from him.

In a few minutes Hannah and a servant return with tea and toast. John lifts Margaret into a sitting position as Cameron stirs a small teaspoon of the ginger powder into the tea pot and then he pours her a cup of tea.

Cameron: Sitting in a bedside chair, Cameron holds the tea cup to Margaret’s lips. “Margaret, the gingerrr might taste a little strrrange at firrrst. But my patients with severrre morning sickness, such as you have, all told me that it aids them grrreatly.”

Margaret takes a few sips of the tea and purses her lips in distaste.

John: “A little more, My Love.” Margaret does not open her mouth so John removes the cup from Cameron’s hand and takes a sip of the tea. He also grimaces. “Cameron, try putting a bit of sugar in the tea with the ginger.”

Cameron takes the cup and adds a heaping spoonful of sugar and stirs it. Then he gives the cup back to John for John to taste. John nods, then he puts it up to Margaret’s lips and she takes a sip. She tries to smile.

Margaret: “That’s better.”

Hannah: “Hhhh!” Hannah sighs not realizing that she has been holding her breath [(6) right].


Cameron: “Trrry to nibble on this cinnamon sugarrr toast–but do not eat the crusts.”

Margaret takes a small bite of the toast and swallows, then John gives her more tea to sip.

John: “Why should she not eat the crusts?” He questions Cameron.

Cameron: “With Marrrgarrret not eating much of late, the crrrust might be too difficult for her to digest.” Then he smiles with a twinkle in his eye at Margaret and squeezes her hand. “Besides, all ladies in this delicate way should be pamperrred and have their bread crusts trrrimmed for them.”

Hannah: “Are you able to tolerate the ginger tea, Margaret Dear?” Hannah asks solicitously.

Margaret: Taking another sip, Margaret replies gratefully. “I am. Thank you.”

Cameron: “Marrrgarrret, I think you will find that consuming tea with a half teaspoonful of gingerrr powderrr in your teapot, fourrr times a day, will help you with the severrre nausea. But the nausea will na completely go away until you arrre into your fourrrth month in about two weeks.

John: “Margaret, perhaps, we should not travel to Scotland for the wedding. Everyone will understand.”

Margaret: “Noooo! We have all been looking forward to it. And you have to be at your mother’s wedding to Cameron. You should go without me if need be.”

John: “I will not leave your side.” John states firmly, but gently. “Mother and Cameron will understand if we cannot attend.” John looks at them earnestly in hope that they will reassure Margaret.

Hannah: “Of course, Margaret. Your health is more important than our wedding.”

Cameron: “It is. And if we did not have a dozen or so Scottish Earls and Dukes coming–not to mention the whole of Angus Scotland set with Highland festivities to celebrate our marriage festivities the week before–I would postpone the wedding foryou, Margaret.”

Hannah: “You would?” Hannah asks her fiancé incredulously, for Cameron has been firm about their wedding date almost as soon as they became engaged.

Margaret: “I do not want you to change your wedding plans. We have five more days before we have to leave for Scotland. I just have to get well enough to travel. Then once we arrive in Scotland, I can rest for a few days before the wedding. ”

John: “If you’re certain, Margaret. But if you have not improved by Monday, we will stay home. I will not subject you to a shaking train ride. They can tell us all about the wedding afterward.” John kisses Margaret on her lips to affirm his commitment to her well being.

Margaret: “Thank you!” Margaret sighs as she nestles into him again, her feeling that a burden has been lifted from her shoulders. Then she falls asleep from exhaustion.

Cameron: Whispering to John, Cameron suggests. “John, please have Margarrret finish herrr tea and toast in a little while when she wakes up. If she can tolerate it, she may have brrroth and more cinnamon toast this evening with her gingerrr tea.” He holds out the bottle with the powdered ginger and places it on her nightstand. “And then perrrhaps she might want an egg in the morning. But slowly add foods, and no dense meats norrr harrrd to digest vegetables like carrots–stick with softer foods.” John nods.

Satisfied that they have done all they can for Margaret, Cameron and Hannah retreat to take tea downstairs as usual. Whilst John cradles his wife Margaret in his arms. Eventually, he falls asleep as well.

That evening and in the coming days, Margaret does find the ginger tea helping lessen her nausea–and as a result, she loses less of the contents of her stomach. Pregnancy is a marathon for both mother and baby. With her taking some nourishment she slowly regains her health, if not her stamina. And so Margaret decides that she can withstand a three hour train ride from Milton in the North to Clan Ogilvy’s ancestral home in Angus, that lies on the Southern border of Scotland. It was a little trying for her–and she did throw up once–but with her thermos of ginger tea to sip, Margaret managed as well as can be expected. Margaret was not going to miss Hannah and Cameron’s wedding for anything.


The full Thornton, Hale, and Ogilvy clans meet at Airlie Castle in Angus Scotland for the wedding of Cameron and Hanna on Monday, February 24th. At first, some of the other Scottish lairds, earls, and dukes were none to pleased to hear that Cameron is to marry an English woman–until it was revealed that Hannah Morgan Thornton’s grandfather was Scottish, a Daniel Morgan, and all is forgiven.

While John and Margaret take a carriage straight for Airlie Castle and go to their guest bed chamber to have a lie down–her having tolerated the train trip tolerably–Hannah and others are given a brief carriage ride tour of the estate and Cameron’s vassels/tenants as well as meeting a few other noble families in taking a circuitous way to the castle.

Finally, Cameron gives Hannah, John, Richard Hale, and Fanny a tour of Airlie Castle itself while Margaret continues to rest with her mother Maria Hale sitting with her. Baird trails behind Fanny like a lovesick puppy dog. And Angharad and her husband Alistair also join them.

Cameron: Opening the last bed chamber door at the end of the long family bed chamber hallway with with a flourish, he says. “And this is the master bed chamber suite of the Earl and his Countess.” Cameron smoulderingly gazes at Hannah, who blushes.

They all walk into the large room with high ceilings and double French doors opening onto a balcony. Rather than being compartmentalized into sleeping versus sitting areas, it is one large room–with two fireplaces on either end to accommodate both needs. The tapestries hanging on the wall serve two functions–decoration and insulation for warmth. And the stone floor has upon it several plush woven rugs and bear skin rugs by each hearth.

Hannah: “Very nice.” She smiles diplomatically. The other decorations of a few deer head wall mounts will have to go, she thinks, but all in all, Hannah likes the room and will make it cozier once they are married.

Angharad: Seeing Hannah grimace at the deer heads adorning the wall, she leans in to her soon to be step-mother-in-law. “I will help you dirrrect the footmen to take those dead things down and put them in fatherrr’s study.” Angharad shivers and gives Hannah an understanding look. Hannah nods with a grateful smile .

Cameron: “Hannah, me Dear. This is where you will be sleeping before and after we are wed, me Dear.” Cameron whispers to Hannah to get her attention. Hannah’s head whips around to look at Cameron. Then he explains. “Though my bedchamber dressing room is through that door, I have removed myself to a bed chamber in the guest wing until we are wed.” He smiles warmly at her.

Hannah: “Your bed chamber connects to this one?” She asks him tremulously, the fear of romantic intimacies with her soon to be husband coming to the forefront again.

For though Hannah’s and Cameron’s intimacy with each other has increased greatly over their courtship–kissing and embracing mostly, but in a more restrained way since her meltdown two weeks ago–Hannah has still not abandoned her notion of them having a friendship marriage, despite her own feelings of love for Cameron. However, their friendship marriage is a private agreement between the two of them.

Cameron: Holding his breath, hoping that she will not bolt, he adds. “The Earl and Countess always have separate but adjoining bed chambers–for ease of dressing by their attendants.”

Hannah: “Of course.” She nods.

Cameron: “This suite of rooms also has a private bathing chamber. Though it is still a bit rustic with water needing to be heated over the hearth.” He gestures to the bathing chamber that is as large as a small chapel. Nothing is small in this castle.

John: “Cameron, this place is enormous! How do you keep it warm?”

Cameron: “Well, during the cold Winter months, the beds are pushed closer to the fireplaces. Then in Summer, the beds are moved away from the fireplaces and closer to the windows.”

Richard Hale: “Simple, but effective.” He smiles.

Cameron: “I will take my leave of me brrride and help escort the rrrest of you to back to yourrr bed chamberrrs.”

A footman gestures to the Thornton’s and Hales and MacIntosh’s to follow him–with Baird accompanying them. After the others filter out of the master bed chamber suite, Cameron slips back in to talk to Hannah privately.

Hannah: “Cameron!” She looks at him startled as she removes her traveling coat.

Cameron: “Be at ease Hannah me Dearrr, I will leave forrr me own room and let you rrrest and rrrefrrresh yourrrself.” Hannah nods. “I just wanted to make cerrrtain that you have everrrything that you need. And to, well, …”

Hannah: “And what?” She looks at him questioningly.

Cameron: “I want to thank ye forrr saying nothing about our planned sleeping arrrangements afterrr we arrre wed.” He winces at her.

Hannah: “Of course. That is private.” She smiles benignly at him.

Cameron: “Yes, and …we … , well, the Earrrl and the Countess always sleep togetherrr–in the same bed.” He says nervously and Hannah stiffens. “Though we will not.” He adds and she relaxes. “But it would not do forrr it to be known that you and I arrre not sleeping in the same bed.” Hannah patiently waits for him to explain. “It would … it would shame me in front of the other nobles.” He casts his eyes downward as he admits that their non-sleeping together arrangements they have agreed to are a hardship to him in other ways than just the physical.

Hannah: “I do not plan to discuss our private matters with anyone.” He nods and smiles shyly with her. “Now if you will excuse me Cameron, I need to determine how to heat up my bath water.” She smiles at him with amusement.

Cameron: “Of course.”

He nods, but he does not move from his spot. He wants to pull her into his arms and kiss her soundly–he has not done so since that fateful night over a week ago when he went too far in kissing her and she withdrew from him. But he does not want to frighten her with his need for her love–and he craves every scrap of warmth and tenderness that she bestows upon him. However Hannah has come to know Cameron’s I want a kiss look very well over the last two months. So she relents and she walks two steps forward and she leans in and kisses him softly on his lips. Cameron kisses her back. Then just as Cameron begins to put his arms around her and embrace her, Hannah pulls back from him.

Hannah: “That will be enough of that, Cameron.” She smiles bemusedly. “Now off you go so I may rest and refresh myself.”

Cameron: “Aye, Hannah me Dear.” He pouts, then turns and leaves.

Then Hannah Thornton sets about tackling her bath and taking a much needed nap.

That evening’s dinner is a small family only affair for the weary travelers’ benefit.


Cameron and Hannah submit to a community welcome the next day at the town assembly room that turns into them receiving blessings and requests–as if they are royalty giving an audience. First come the wedding blessings and tributes–with Hannah receiving many small flower bouquets from selected local children and Cameron receiving a fine horse (stabled outside), a long rifle, a long bow, and the mention of two deer already sent to Airlie Castle for the banquet. They thank the townspeople graciously.

Then the requests to their Earl and his soon to be Countess pour in. Mostly, they have to do with help in fixing up their farms or purchasing a new cow since as one farmer states, the old one does na give milk any morrre. However, there is one request that both Hannah and Cameron find rather poignant–and harkening back to a more medieval time–as a newly married young couple comes before them to be blessed. Happily, Cameron had alerted Hannah to this custom so that they could each perform their ceremonial duties and oaths.

Cameron: “I give you my blessings of God’s grace to grant you a long and happy life, filled with children, honor, and bountiful prosperity.” He intones with his hands upon the young man’s shoulders.

Hannah: Covering the young woman’s hands held palm to palm in prayer in hers, Hannah speaks the requisite blessing. “I give you my blessing of God’s grace to grant you a long and happy life, filled with children, honor, and mercy.”

Everyone claps for the lovely close to the final welcoming community festivities until the wedding. And Hannah beams a smile to everyone for the warmth she receives from the people as Cameron respectfully kisses her hand.

Cameron: Then Cameron raises his and Hannah’s hand that he is holding in the air. “Frrriends, I give you me soon to be Countess!”

Then everyone cheers!


In the midst of final wedding planning this week by Hannah, Margaret, Fanny, Angharad and a host of Ogilvy clan women, the men escape to their manly pursuits of hunting and ice fishing. On one day of their outings, John notices a large building compound that is not in use–discovering from Cameron that it was once an old fabric mill. They root around it. The buildings are sound–they just need some patching and modernization. John also feels that the steam engine for running the looms could be made to work again, but the looms would all need replacing. With Dr. Ogilvy being a key investor in the enterprise–along with Mr. Bell who has also now joined them for the wedding– John plans to diversify his interests and to open up a mill in Scotland to make wool to take advantage of the nearby sheep farming. This new venture will also be a boost to the local economy.

Two days before the wedding, the men hold somewhat of a bachelor party for Cameron, the Earl of Airlie, that John Thornton, Richard Hale, Baird Ogilvy, Alistair MacIntosh, a few Scotish nobles, and Mr. Bell attend. There is much manly drinking among the Scots–with some shows of strength with caber tossing and such. After much ale has flowed, the conversation turns a bit ribald–which makes Cameron blush due to the private nature of his promise to Hannah that they remain chaste in their marriage. So Cameron dissembles as best he can, being discreet and not giving in to participating in such ribald verbiage.


The noble Scottish ladies also have a ladies only event in the castle where much finery is given to Hannah–in the form of embroidered and lace hankies, table cloths and linen, and much to her chagrin nightclothes. They are lovely items that Fanny oohs and aahs over. But by custom, Hannah may not give away any of her gifts–to Fanny or anyone–otherwise the giver would feel slighted. So for the first time in her life, Hannah is showered with gifts that are all for her. Hidden amongst the various gifts is one box that Cameron had asked Margaret to place there for him. And it is the last gift opened as Margaret brings it to her mother-in-law.

Hannah: “What is this?” She asks of the long slim square box covered in tissue paper that she holds in her hand.

Margaret: “It is from Lord Airlie to his bride.” She beams. “He asked me to give it to you for his wedding present to you.”

Hannah looks at Margaret with eager curiosity. Cameron’s grown daughter, Anghard Ogilvy MacIntosh, smiles knowingly.

Angharad: “Please open it, Mama.” She encourages sweetly to her soon to be stepmother.

Hannah carefully unwraps the tissue paper to reveal an old and worn deep red velvet square jewelry box. Hannah’s hands tremble, then she opens the hinged lid and gasps.

Hannah: “Oh my!”

For inside the jewelry box is a delicate diamond necklace with a center pearl drop from a tiny diamond bow with matching diamond bow and pearl drop earrings. Speechless, Hannah turns the box toward the circle of ladies so that they may see it.

Angharad: She smiles. “They are the Airlie jewels that match the diamond and pearl Airlie Airlie-Tiara-image-frommadhatterycom-Jan0514-diamond&pearl-manip-tofull-tiara_GratiananLovelace2extradiamondtiara [(7) right] that you will wear for your wedding and other ceremonial occasions as the new Countess of Airlie.” Though it was the tiara that Angharad’s mother wore, she holds no rancor for her father remarrying. She is glad that he has found happiness again.

Hannah: “It is exquisite! I have never worn anything so beautiful.” Hannah fingers the intricate and delicate filigree setting of the diamond and pearl necklace.

Fanny: “Oh Mother!”

Fanny is in a daze at gazing upon the fabulous jewels. But she stifles her urge to ask if she may try them on. For she knows that she would not be allowed to do so by tradition, anyway. Still, Fanny has been quite won over by the Scotts.


Cameron and Hannah marry amongst much pomp in the grand chapel of Airlie Castle estates–a chapel that holds 200 people. With bag pipes blaring Trumpet Voluntary [(8)] for their wedding processional and recessional, Dr. Cameron Ogilvy, Laird Airlie, 8th Earl of Airlie weds the Honorable Hannah Morgan Thornton–who now becomes Lady Hannah Ogilvy, Lady Airlie, the Countess of Airlie. All of the Lairds of the nearby clan holdings are in attendance–as was Lord John, the Duke of Argyll [(9)] –a distant cousin, of Cameron’s mother’s Campbell clan relatives.

Hannah’s wedding ensemble is composed of old and new elements, including a floor length d-BobbinLace-HonitonWeddingLaceFlounce-LaceFairyJan0614ScottishWeddingDreamscom-sizedgossamer sheer veil edged in beautifully delicate Honiton Scottish lace [(10) right] that had belonged to Cameron’s mother. The veil flows to the ground and puddles at her feet. And the veil is held in place on Hannah’s head by the magnificently elegant diamond and pearl Airlie Tiara over a new white ivory satin gown sparingly embellished with seed pearls on the bodice, skirt and train, and with a matching Honiton lace edge flounce at her bodice collar and the three-quarter length sleeve edges.

Hannah is a vision of elegance and grace in her new wedding finery as she glides down the aisle on her son John’s arm. And she had thankfully been able to diplomatically eschew wearing a large wool sash across her gown bodice of the rather bright red and yellow Ogilvy tartan–but she concedes to wearing a small tartan fabric bow of the fabric with a medal encrusted with diamonds and pearls upon her left shoulder. Brides must have their way–especially if the bride is Hannah Thornton.

DrOgilvy-isGrahamMcTavish-Jan1614GMcTArmy-tumblr_muoepgvo2x1s5t5rro1_400--CropHowever, Cameron, the Earl of Airlie, does not escape looking handsome wearing traditional Scottish dress attire [(11) left]. However, it is not as d-Clan Ogilvy dress tartans circ 1845 Jan0514wikicumbersome as is seen in the portrait of his father [(12) right]–that in Cameron’s case, also includes a kilt and beret–and tartan stockings, but no tartan hose to his relief! And it must be said that Cameron is a handsome man–in and out of plaid. Hannah and Cameron exchange heartfelt vows, with each of them gazing at the other lovingly and shyly.

Then the festive wedding banquet in the great Airlie Castle hall holds 200 people of noble rank and wealth. There is much music, much food, and much merriment. For every Laird and Duke has to have his turn dancing with the new Countess of Airlie, Lady Hannah Ogilvy. Cameron sits upon his throne like chair at one end of the hall and watches the dancing with amusement–being certain to dance with his new wife at least every fourth dance. Hannah has never danced so much in her life–and though quite worn out, she enjoys it. John also dances with his mother.

John: “You look so beautiful, Mother.” John says with tears in his eyes that are mirrored byHannahs-1851-wedding-gown-pinterestcom-and-tiaraManipFeb1414GratianaLovelace tears in her eyes. For Hannah Thornton Ogilvy in her ivory tiered gown, lace veil and tiara is a vision of loveliness [(13) right].

Hannah: “Thank you, John.” Her eyes mist over.

John: “You have always been a queen in my eyes, and now you are a Countess.” He smiles lovingly at her

Hannah: “I can scarcely believe it.” She says with some astonishment.


Later that night, after entering their master bed chamber–with much merriment from their parade of wedding guests behind them in the corridor, whom Cameron refuses entry to–Cameron takes Hannah through a secret passageway to the top of the castle keep to see a beautiful moonlit view. They are both wrapped in heavy fur coats to keep out the waning Winter’s chill.

Cameron: “Hannah, this is the most beautiful view from the castle.” He smiles and embraces HighlandsLandscapeSceneinOutlanderFeb1214TheMattBRobertsTwitpicher from behind as they both look out together over the moonlit Highland landscape scene of rolling hills, a lake, and a mountain beyond [(14) right].

Hannah: “It is breathtaking!” She exclaims in awe. But she shivers with the cold.

Cameron: Opening his fur coat, he wraps it around his wife, Hannah, enclosing her in his embrace and he kisses her cheek. “Therrre! Is that betterrr, my Love?”

Hannah: “Yes, yes thank you.” Hannah’s voice falters even as her breathing quickens.

Sensing her nervousness, Cameron wishes to put Hannah at her ease this night, their wedding night.

Cameron: “We should go back inside where the fire will keep us warm, my Love.” His deep voice resonates with a huskily seductive timbre. Cameron’s heart is full of love for his Hannah.

Hannah: “Yes.” Hannah breathes deeply, uncertain what tonight will bring. Will Cameron honor his promise to her for them to remain chaste in their marriage–friends but not lovers? And whether or not she wants him to honor it.

To be continued with Chapter 31

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