“North & South: John Thornton, Love Lessons”, Ch. 32 (R-rated, S): A Love Worth Waiting For, February 25, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #521)

“North & South:  John Thornton, Love Lessons”, Ch. 32 (R-rated, S): A Love Worth Waiting For,   February 25, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace  (Post #521)

aaaN&SJohnThorntonLoveLessonsFanFicCoverDec2913GratianaLovelace-256x401(An original fan fiction copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace;   All rights reserved;  Based on the Elizabeth Gaskell novel, North & South and its 2004 BBC adaptation; No copyright infringement intended)

[I will illustrate my story using my dream cast from the 2004 BBC production of “North & South” and other actors for additional characters:   Richard Armitage for John Thornton, Daniela Denby-Ashe for Margaret Hale, Lesley Manville for Mrs. Maria Hale,  Tim Pigott-Smith for Mr. Richard Hale, Sinead Cusack for Mrs. Hannah Thornton, Jo Joyner for Fanny Thornton, Brendan Coyle for Nicholas Higgins, and Graham McTavish as Dr. Cameron Ogilvy, Holliday Grainger for Angharad Ogilvy MacIntosh, Simon Woods for Baird Ogilvy, and Emma Ashton as Mrs. Dillard, John Light as Henry Lennox, Tim Faraday as Watson, and Gillian Anderson at Carlotta Quint Watson, etc]   [(1) story logo]

Author’s Mature Content Note:  “N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons” is a story with mature themes of love and relationships set within a period drama of the 1850’s and beyond.  As such there will be heartfelt moments of love and sensuality (S)–as well as other dramatic emotions, including some violence (V)–and I will rate those chapters accordingly.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read that chapter.  This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Recap from the previous chapter:  Hannah had a nightmare about her first marriage as she slumbered alone on her wedding night–a chaste friendship marriage is what she has negotiated with Cameron.  But Hannah’s cries of distress were heard by Cameron in his adjacent bed chamber and he joined her in her bed and comforted her about her sorrows related to her first marriage ending.  Cameron and Hannah then sleep chastely together until the morning when they are serenaded by some mischievous Scottish bagpipers and drummers who won’t leave until they witness a passionate kiss–which Cameron supplies after Hannah acquiesces, enjoying it but tempering his obvious desire as they then separately get ready for the new day.

“N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons”, Ch. 32 (R-Rated, S):  A Love Worth Waiting For

The morning after his father weds Hannah Thornton, on Sunday March 2nd, Baird Ogilvy’s own loving dreams engage in thoughts matrimonial about the time when he and Fiona/Fanny Thornton will be married.    And as Baird slumbers before dawn, a lithe and Davina-image-ispainting-undine-by-John-William-Waterhouse-077_Feb2014artsunlightcom-crop-sizedwillowy form with flowing blond tresses [(2) right] slips into his bed chamber, removes her cloak and day dress covering her uncorseted cotton slip, and she slides into bed with Baird, resting her head upon his shoulders.  Baird dreams of a time when he will gather Fiona into his arms for an early morning cuddle as he draws her close to him and kisses her temple.  The lady in Baird’s  bed  lifts her face to him and they kiss–at first sweetly and then passionately, as their desires increase.  And Baird begins to wake up as he guides her to lie down and he rolls his body on top of hers.  She looks up at him adoringly, stroking his bare back and she is within moments of pulling his night pants down.

Baird opens his eyes to see his beloved Fiona.  But it is not Fiona/Fanny underneath him in reality as it is in his dream.

Baird:   Baird freezes.  “Davina!  What arrre  ye doing  herrre?”  Baird lifts his body off of Davina [(3)], but he still hovers over her.

Davina:   “I am welcoming ye home!  I have missed ye, Bairrrd.”  She reaches up and pulls his face down to hers for another scorching kiss.

Baird:  Moving his body from lingering over her, Baird stands up from his bed.  “Ye must leave now, Davina!”  He points to the door as he pants trying to calm his nerves and cool his desires.

Davina:  She sits up. “That is not what ye said the last time we werrre togetherrr.  Ye could na wait for us to love again.”  Davina smiles coquettishly at him as she loosens the bow tie front of her slip and lowers the slip’s bodice until only the barest of fabric is covering her breasts as her bare shoulders and bare back are exposed to his view.BairdOgilvy-isSimonWoods-asBingley-in2005Pride-and-Prejudice-91Dec2713reginajefferswpcom-crop-sized-drkn

Baird: Shaking his head, his face pales–more so than usual for a red head [(4) right].  “I was young and foolish, then.”

Davina: “It was last year at the Highland Games.”  She pouts.

Baird: “Davina, We can na be togetherrr.  I am spoken forrr now.”

Davina:  “That English Lass?”

Baird:   He nods.  “Yes.  Fiona.”

Davina:  “But I was your firrrst when we were younger.  Does that na grrrant me the prrrivilege of yourrr … company?”  She smiles coyly.

Baird:   He blushes.  “But I was na yourrr firrrst, Davina.  I hope that we rrremain frrriends.  But I love Fiona.  She and I will be marrried.”  Then he gestures to Davina.  “And yourrr new husband Angus might object to yourrr being herrre.”  He looks at her askance.

Davina:   “He is away hunting deer with the lads until  laterrr today.”  She rolls her eyes and sighs as she repositions her slip to cover her properly and she reties her bow.

Baird:  “All the morrre rrreason forrr ye to make haste to yourrr home and be rrready to welcome your husband back.”  He waves his hands at her in a shooing away motion.

But she merely smiles.  Baird looks at Davina pleadingly as he frustratingly runs his hand through his hair.   For the sun is rising and getting her out of his bed chamber without her being seen by guests or castle staff alike is his goal.  Davina saunters toward Baird and she drapes her arms upon his shoulders, encircling his neck.

Davina: “Give me a properrr farewell kiss, Bairrrd, then I will go.”

Baird: “Davina.”  He whines while keeping his hands to himself–clasped behind his back–as he pulls his face away from her.

Davina:  “Just a parting kiss between two old friends.”  She smiles sweetly up at him, then she closes her eyes in anticipation of his kiss..

Baird:  Baird rolls his eyes, then he kisses her quickly and disentangles himself from her. “Therrre!  Now go!”  He crosses his arms in front of his bare chest, feeling shyly exposed to her gaze.

Davina:  Opening her eyes, she smiles.  “Farrrewell, Bairrrd.  Until we meet again.”  Davina saunters over to her dress and dons it, fastens it up and folds her cloak over her arm, then with a quick look over her shoulder she winks at Baird and leaves his bed chamber.

Baird:  Baird looks upward at the high ceiling in his bed chamber.   “Merrrciful  heavens!”  He has had a narrow escape and none are the wiser, for now.

As the family gathers in the hall awaiting  sharing breakfast together later this morning–the day after Hannah’s and Cameron’s wedding–her son John is a bundle of nerves at greeting his mother today.  For she is a bride, a woman newly married.  And though John had thought of his mother as his mother, he had never really thought of her as a woman.
Margaret:  “John, are you well?”  She looks up in concern at the pale face of her husbJohn-isRichardArmiage-inN&S2004-epi4-127Nov2913ranet-hi-res-brtand.

John: “I am fine.  Just fine.”  John says curtly, but he looks distressed [(5) right].

Margaret: “I am well, John.  Do not be worried about me.” Her thinking his ill humor stems from his concern for her.

John: “What?”  He looks at her in confusion.

Margaret: “My pregnancy sickness.  Isn’t that what you are upset about?”  She asks sweetly.

John:  Not wanting to divulge his true thoughts, he fibs.  “Oh, yes.  I am so glad that you are feeling better, my Love.” He perfunctorially kisses her temple.

Margaret: “Weddings are such joyful events.  I am determined to enjoy every minute of Mama’s and Cameron’s wedding festivities.”

John:  “Ha ha ha!”  He muffles a confused laugh as he looks up hesitantly toward the top of the stairs where his mother and Cameron appear.

Margaret:  Gazing at her husband, she smiles knowingly.  “Now don’t peer so at your mother when she comes down for breakfast.   She is a new bride, but you needn’t make her feel embarrassed by your inquisitiveness.”

John: “Margaret!  I am not … inquisitive!”  He blusters.

Margaret:   Whispering in John’s ear, Margaret asks.  “John My Love, Might I distract you with a request for a morning nap with you after breakfast?”  She squeezes his arm with both hands as she snuggles next to him.

John: “Are you feeling tired already, and wish to sleep?”  He asks solicitously, not catching her hidden meaning.

Margaret: “Not at all, I feel well rested.”  Then she reaches up and whispers into his ear coquettishly.  “I wish to not be sleepy with you this morning in our bed.”

As she says this, the curve of her breast–fuller now due to her pregnancy, though covered with the fabric of her burgundy gown and uplifted by her corset–brushes against his arm. John goes from pale to crimson in an instant as he contemplates the end of their imposed restraint of their lovemaking this past month caused by his wife’s previous pregnancy sickness.

John:  Eagerly–and with all thoughts of his mother as a bride vanished from this thoughts–John whispers huskily back to her.  “A nap will be delightful.” John now looks forward to a swift breakfast, followed by a retreat to their bed chamber for a nap.

The Thornton-Ogilvy-Hale-MacIntosh families are assembled standing in the great hall at the foot of the stairs when the Scottish knights bagpipers begin to play–at first softly and then with such volume that no one could yet be sleeping–in the next village over.

Then down the stairs, the Earl and Countess of Airlie promenade.  Hannah has changed into a gown of deepest blue satin with a plain black watch tartan  [(6) right] sash across her BlackWatchTartan_Feb2214wikibodice–it is not the clan Ogilvy tartan, but it still becomes her.  Cameron is wearing a kilt–despite the cold draft of early March in the Highlands.  The bridal couple beam happy smiles at their family as they descend the steps with Hannah’s hand resting lightly on Cameron’s outstretched arm.  The Scottish knights in attendance to witness this, bow to the Earl and his Countess–making certain to keep their backs to the wall since they are are also wearing traditional kilts–and their traditional lack of undergarments.  Then the extended family proceeds into the breakfast dining room in couples–Anghaard and Alistair’s children eating in the nursery with their nannies.

At tonight’s Airlie Castle Ball for the Scottish nobles attending the after wedding festivities, Baird Ogilvy is alarmed to see Lady Davina Ogilvy enter upon the arm of her husband Sir Angus Ogilvy.  Angus is a rather large man–like the type of bull that also bears that name–and muscular due to his extensive training for the highland games.  He would be considered a handsome specimen of manhood, but for his clueless understanding of the proper give and take of relationships.  He believes that his wife Lady Davina exists for his needs–when he deigns to look her way.  So the feisty Lady Davina–not one to suffer fools gladly, let alone neglectful husbands–consoles herself  with other interests who are focused upon her.  Sir Angus is not around her enough to notice that his bull like self has been displaced.

Announcer:  “Sir Angus and Lady Davina Ogilvy.”  He intones loudly.

And Fanny and her intuition about such things–especially Baird’s focused gaze upon the couple–causes her to remark upon the couple as they enter the room and are announced.

Fanny: “More cousins, Baird?”  She crooks up her eyebrow and tilts her head.

Baird: “Kkkkhh!   Something like that.”  He mutters under his breath.  “Angus and I went to school together and Davina, well, Davina was a playmate of Angharad’s.”  He fibs.  For he and Davina are the same age of twenty nine years–four years older than Angharad.

Lady Davina and Sir Angus begin to walk across the ballroom toward Hannah and Cameron and Baird and Fanny.  Baird’s eyes go wide and he leans over and mutters to his sister.

Baird: “Angharrrad, please help me out.  Keep Davina away frrrom Fiona forrr me.”Angharad-3_isHolliday-Grainger_Jan1014moviepilot

Angharad:  “Oh Bairrrrd, Davina is a marrrried woman now.”  Baird gives his sister a pleading look.  “Verrry well.”  She sighs as she looks at him pointedly [(7) right].

Baird:  “Thank you.”  Then he turns back to Fanny who had been chatting with her mother and Cameron.  “Fiona, let’s dance.”  And Baird whirls her away upon the dance floor.

Hannah:  Hannah notices Baird’s agitation as the young Ogilvy couple come up to greet them.  “What is the matter with Baird?”

Cameron:   Wanting to be discreet for his son’s sake, he dissembles.   “It be a childish rrrivalrrry between Angus and Bairrrd that they will na let go.”  He smiles.  And Hannah nods her head in understanding–it is just the incorrect understanding.

Davina and Angus greet the wedding couple.

Angus: “Lord Airrrlie, Lady Airrrlie.  We arrre delighted forrr you both and wish you everrry happiness.”  Davina smiles pleasantly, in accord with her husband’s sentiments.

Cameron: “Thank ye.   Hannah, me Dear, Angus and Davina werrre marrrried six months ago.  So they arrre newly marrrried as well.”

Hannah:  “Ah!   My felicitations.”  Hannah smiles cordially at them.

Angus: “But no bairrns yet!”  He frowns.

Davina:  Finding her voice, Davina snaps at her husband.  “Ye have to visit me morrre often if ye want an heirrr.  I can na do it alone!”  She flicks her free hand petulantly at him even as she shakes her head in displeasure.

Hannah: “Hhhh!”  Hannah gasps at the woman’s frankness.

Cameron: “Indeed.”  He tightens his support of Hannah’s arm.

Angharad: “Oh Davina!”  Angharad calls out to her warmly from a few feet away.  “Please come join us.  Alistairrr and I arrre planning couple’s activities forrr tomorrow–and we would so like your input.”  Angharad smiles graciously.

Davina: “Gladly!”  Davina yanks her hand away from her husband’s arm, curtsies to the bridal couple, and goes to Angharad’s  side.

Angus:   “Ha ha ha!”  He chuckles nervously.  “My Davina is out of sorrrts sometimes.”

Cameron:  Cameron leans over to Angus and suggests sotto voce. “Perrrhaps ye should pay morrre attention to yourrr wife than to the deer–or some other hunter will snap her up.”  He nods at Davina flirting with some other men chatting with the MacIntoshes.

Angus:  “Kkkhh!  Yes.  Excuse me.”  He bows and leaves.

Hannah:  “What was that all about?”  She whispers to Cameron with a curious smile.

Cameron: “Young men have a lot to learrrn about being good husbands.”

Hannah: “Oh?”  She smiles bemusedly.  “And what about older men who are husbands?”  She asks teasingly.

Cameron: “Our seasoning and maturrrity guide us to cherrrish the gift of ourrr lady love.”  He lifts her hand to his lips and kisses her fingers sweetly and respectfully. “Now let us dance, My Love.”

And dance they do–only sitting out one dance.  Their guests marvel at the bride’s and groom’s stamina–given that Lord Airlie is nearing sixty years, compared to his child bride Hannah of fifty years.  And several Scottish Knights of a similar age to Cameron elbow each other in a jocular way–broadly hinting at Lord  Airlie’s stamina in another realm.


At the close of this evening’s ball around midnight, Hannah and Cameron walk into their shared bed chamber suite.  They repair to their respective dressing rooms and their attendants prepare them for the night.  Cameron and Hannah each wonder where he will sleep tonight, since they enjoyed the comfort of slumbering together the last night.  After their attendants are dismissed, Hannah sits at her dressing table vanity and mirror as she begins to braid her hair.  There are two sharp knocks on the connecting door.

Cameron: “Hannah My Love, may I give ye a good night kiss?”  He asks hopefully through the closed door.

Hannah: “Yes.”  She breathes heavily and watches her husband enter her bed chamber–which is technically their bed chamber.

Cameron:   Cameron enters Hannah’s bed chamber, walks up behind her and lightly  places his hands on her shoulders as they gaze at each other in her vanity mirror.  “Ah.  I see that ye arrre almost rrready to rrretirrre.”

Hannah:  She nods.  “It has been a long day.  And I am unaccustomed to keeping such late hours.”  She lowers her eyes demurely to studying her hands clasped in her lap.  She would like to slumber in his arms again, but she does not want to ask him lest he think that she is promising him more.

Cameron gazes at her image in the mirror, her shyly looking away from him.  He knows that he cannot ask her if she wants him in her bed again because she might feel pressured to accept him.  She must ask him to stay.  But will she?  The moments tick by, and Cameron has his answer.

Cameron: “I will leave you to your rest, My love.”  He leans down and softly kisses his wife’s lips.  His lips  do not linger there, nor do they trail kisses upon her neck and shoulders as he would wish.  He is exercising all of his self control and restraint to love his Hannah as she wishes to be loved.  “Sleep well.” He squeezes her shoulders then begins to walk toward his dressing room bed chamber.

Hannah:  Without looking up, Hannah calls to him in a quavering voice.  “Cameron?”

Cameron:  Cameron sighs and closes his eyes in hope.  He slowly turns around to face her again with a benign smile.  “Yes, Hannah my Love?”

Hannah:  “I … I found sleeping in your arms last night … comforting.”    She holds her breath.

Hannah looks at Cameron a bit hesitantly, hoping that he understands that she only wishes to slumber in his arms.  But even that is a huge breakthrough, thinks Cameron.  Cameron smiles warmly at Hannah, walks back to her, then takes her hand in his.

Cameron: “Then let us retire and sleep, My Love.”

Hannah nods.  Cameron guides her to the side of the bed and she removes her dressing gown and slides into bed.  Cameron walks to the other side of the bed and removes his dressing gown and he also slides into bed.  He opens his arms wide and she turns to nestle against him.  He pulls the bed covers around them–even as his arms enclose her in his embrace–and he kisses her temple.

Hannah:  She closes her eyes.  “Sleep well.”

Cameron:  “Sleep well.”

And Hannah and Cameron fall asleep, lying in tender solicitude in each others’ loving arms for the rest of the night.


After a few days of adjusting to married life–and continuing to chastely slumber in the same bed the last three nights, their arms and legs becoming more intertwined in their slumbers–Cameron realizes that he will have to dose himself with salt peter or something to maintain his promise of having a chaste marriage with his wife Hannah.

Yet, Cameron’s most fervent wish and dream is of loving his wife Hannah–as a man loves a woman. And tonight–the Tuesday after they married, with all of their guests  having departed for home–his dreams will become reality.  Their evening  begins innocently enough, they slide into bed and cuddle together slumbering as they have for the past three nights since Hannah had her nightmares on their wedding night.

Cameron: He kisses her forehead.  “Good night, Hannah me Dearrr.”  He closes his eyes with his arms around her.

Hannah:  “Good night, Cameron.”  She sighs with her face nestled against his neck.

Hannah absentmindedly strokes her left hand across the muscled planes of her husband Cameron’s broad chest as she lies on her right side facing him lying on his back.  Cameron tenses up, trying not to let his wife Hannah’s touch upon his bare torso affect him.  But he is only human and he clasps her left hand in his right hand and stills it against his chest.  But despite his best efforts, he still feels his body’s response to her increasing.

Cameron:   Opening one eye and looking down at her, he asks.  “Arrre ye not sleepy yet?”  For his willpower to honor her wish to have a chaste marriage is fraying.

Hannah: “Not really.  Hhhh!”

Sleeping every night in Cameron’s arms has made Hannah want their marriage to be more than their chaste arrangement.  But she does not know how to broach it to him–nor does she even know if he feels as she does, because Cameron has been very good at masking his desire for his wife and channeling it into polite tenderness.   Though Cameron has to steel himself each night in order to not betray Hannah’s trust him–because his body and his heart aches to passionately make love with her.

Hannah was a young woman of thirty when she last had marital relations, not long after Fanny was conceived–for her husband did not lie with her after they knew Fanny was expected, since their financial troubles had started and her husband did not want more mouths to feed.  Lying with her husband then was so long ago, Hannah does not remember if she found intimacy with her first husband pleasing.  Theirs was not a love match, but they had grown fond of each other as parents of their children. Nor does she think of her first husband in affectionate terms, for obvious reasons.  Only Cameron resides in her heart now–along with her children, John and Fanny.

Hannah’s right arm that she has folded against her chest below her nightgown covered breasts, seemingly unbidden, slowly trails an errant finger down the left side of her husband Cameron’s chest to his left hip.

Cameron:  Cameron’s arousal heightens.  “Ach!   Hannah, my love.  Do ye not know what yourrr touch does to me?”  He bites his lower lip, trying to cause himself pain so he will not feel the burning aching need to claim his wife as his own this night.  But his need is more intense than the pain to his lip.

Hannah:  “No.”  She answers in a soft quivering voice.  Then Hannah   lifts up her head and she leans in and kisses her husband Cameron sweetly, cautiously, on his lips.

Cameron does not respond at first to her kiss.  But he is seconds away from doing so.  Yet Hannah senses his reluctance and she shies away from him as she leans back from him a bit and lifts her left arm off of his torso and crosses it in front of her breasts–shielding herself from she knows not what.

Cameron:  Feeling bereft of her embrace, he promises.  “Difficult though it is for me, I will not break my promise to you, Hannah my Love.  I will not touch you unless you want me to.   Hhhhh!”  His voice is tense and his body is as well.

Hannah:  “Thank you, Cameron.”  She sighs and turns away from him as she rolls onto her left side, facing away from him so that he cannot see her tears that she shyly wipes away.  She wants to make love with him, but she is scared to make love with him–and she is scared to ask him to make love with her.  What if he rejects her?  And if they do make love, what if she does not please him?

Cameron wants to roll onto his left side to cuddle his wife Hannah against him, but he dare not–for he thinks that his body’s arousal would surely distress her–her being widowed so long and her wanting them to remain chaste friends.  His self control is leaving him in shreds.  And the unknown of whether his body will work as it should–after seven long years without love–also weighs heavily on his mind.

Cameron:  Feeling that he is within moments of taking his wife into his arms and DrOgilvy-isGrahamMcTavish--Dec1913GrahamMcTavishArmy-tumblr_momohrAZmE-sized2-mask2-manipheadtopRevmaking love with her, Cameron makes a decision.   “Maybe it is better if I go sleep in my bed chamberrr tonight.”  He says reluctantly and he peels back the sheet and blankets and sits up, his muscular chest heaving from his heightened breathing [(8) right].  Cameron is tense as a bow string–his desire for his bride is at war with his compassion for her wishes for them to remain chaste.

Then he hears  a sound that breaks his heart.  His Hannah is crying softly to herself, muffling the sound with her pillow.

Hannah: “Hhh!   Hhh!  Hmmm!”

Turning onto his left side toward her to comfort her, Cameron reaches over her body and pulls her toward him–enveloping her in his loving embrace–and fitting her against him, while crossing his left arm in front of his body to shield his arousal from her feeling it.

Cameron:   “Hannah, what is wrong, my Love?”

She does not reply.  Then he lies facing downward with his abdomen flat on the bed–painful though that position may be in his present state of arousal–and he guides her to lie flat on her back as his upper torso hovers over her.  Her tears are spilling down her cheeks.  But he knows not the reason.  He wipes her tears away and kisses her cheeks, and then her mouth.  His kisses begin sweetly and tenderly. She responds shyly to his kisses, relishing her husband’s gentleness.

But Cameron’s will power is almost gone as he deepens their kisses and he begins to stroke her side from her armpit to  her hips. She does not protest as she responds even more to his kisses.  So Cameron returns to lying on his left side facing her and  he brings her to lying flush against him as they continue to kiss.  They are lying face to face, body to body, and his arousal pushes against her.

Hannah:  “Oh!”  Hannah’s eyes widen in realization and shock.  For if she and Cameron make love, when they make love, she surmises that it will be very different from her past experiences long ago–for her first marriage was not a love match and she consented to her first husband’s attentions because that was what expected of wives.

Cameron:  Moving his kisses from her mouth to her neck and then to her creamy shoulder as he tugs her nightgown bodice slightly down her arm, he asks her huskily.  “Oh Hannah, I love you with such a passion!  Tell me now if you want me to stop, and I will, somehow.  Orrr if you love me even a little, and you would let me love you as my wife, I prrromise that I will be gentle.  God!   Ye arrre so beautiful, my love!”

Cameron adoringly kisses his wife Hannah on her lips.  At first, she hesitates.  And then her arms move around his torso and embrace him as she kisses him back.  He has his answer.  And Cameron Ogilvy, eighth Earl of Airlie thoroughly and passionately begins to make love with his lady wife Hannah Thornton Ogilvy as his Countess of Airlie this night.

Gone are the years of loneliness and sorrow they each felt as Cameron and Hannah press their still partially clothed bodies against each other in their loving ardor.   Cameron’s kisses and caresses are tender, but not yet intimate. He is holding himself back–caringly,  yet waiting for her to give him some sign that she will not recoil from his intimate caresses.  Slowly, Cameron caresses her neck, and then her shoulders, and as her arms move around his shoulders he caresses her side, and then the heel of his palm brushes against the fullness of the underside of her right breast as he deepens their kisses.  Still Hannah does not protest, but seems to accept and beckon to him.  Then Cameron risks  a further intimacy as his right hand slides over and wonderingly encompasses Hannah’s full left breast in his cupped palm.

Hannah: “Hhhhhhhhh!”  Hannah sighs deeply as she gives herself up to these pleasures of love that she feels with her husband Cameron.

Emboldened by her response, Cameron lifts up the hem of her nightgown under the sheets, even as his kisses move down to her fabric covered breasts.

Cameron: “Oh, my Love.  Mo Nighean Donn, My brown haired Lass” [(9) pronounced mo-neein-down]. He sighs in wonder and in awe of being here with her this night and making love with her.

Cameron snakes his hand underneath the hem of Hannah’s nightgown and caresses first her back, and then, lower, delighting in her beautiful curves and the softness of her skin.  Cameron feels that his Hannah has such womanly curvy hips that he is almost speechless in following them to her belly button.  Hannah kisses him back more passionately and her breathing is as ragged as is his breathing. He is making her feel sensations that had been unknown to her before.

They pull back from each other briefly to complete their clothing removal.  Cameron lies down on his back and he removes his night pants underneath the sheets.  And Hannah shyly pulls up the hem of her nightgown, also under the covers–though he has already done it most of the way for her.  Cameron slides his hand up along her inner thigh to her womb, brushing over its velvety softness as she trembles beneath his gentle touch–even such tentative intimacy being unknown to her.  His mouth never parting from her lips, she matches his deepening kisses.  He can make no mistake, she wants him as much as he wants her. And Cameron’s long wait is over for his beloved Hannah to love him completely–heart and mind and body and soul.

Cameron quickly covers Hannah’s body with his body as they press themselves together–no coverings between them but for Hannah’s silk nightgown still somewhat covering her breasts.  Though Cameron holds himself up from fully lying upon her, since he is a large muscular man.  Yet Hannah feeling the muscular weight of him upon her makes her body alive with tingles with his every touch– the intimate contact causes her to open herself to him, though they are not yet joined together.   Cameron deepens their kisses as his tongue dares to trespass beyond her lips in sweet entanglement.  Hannah at first gasps at her husband’s passionate kisses– but then she shyly at first and then with more confidence, kisses him back.  Her hands tremblingly caressing him everywhere now–his muscular shoulders, his  broad chest, and his hips and thighs.

Hannah’s touch inflames Cameron’s desire and he cannot wait any longer to be one with his wife and to love her completely as he pulls her legs to bend upward, even as they join their bodies together.  They each moan as Cameron instantly stills himself to allow her time to accustom herself to their coupling as he tenderly kisses her lips.  They each breathe heavily–her for feeling the fullness of him, and he for feeling her tight enclosure–as they gaze lovingly upon each other.   Then Cameron kisses and  caresses his wife’s Hannah’s full round breasts through their silken coverings and Hannah shivers with pleasures both unknown and unbidden.   Then Hannah closes her eyes as Cameron’s powerful rhythmic lovemaking movements betoken a man half his age–again, and again, and again, and again they are joined in their lovers’ dance.

And Cameron need not have worried that his body so long without love would fail him.  For Cameron’s love for his beloved Hannah transcends all physical limitations.  He continues to kiss and caress her until his reason shatters into a thousand tiny shards of CameronandHannah-aslovers-in-bed_Feb2114spyghanacom-GratianaLovealce-manip4wCameronsHead-sized-crop--titled-sheetdrktwinkling glass–and he hears her cries of ecstasy echoing his own joy.  This bliss of husband and wife in perfect loving communion with each other was unknown to Hannah, until now.  And she trembles in wonder as waves of rapturous pleasures overwhelm her senses as she gazes at him with loving joy [(10) right].  For her husband Cameron’s love and tenderness banishes all past sorrows from her soul and gives Hannah the promise of a new life filled with love.   And Cameron feels a renewed sense of awe that such a fine lady as Hannah is his beloved wife.

Cameron and Hannah kiss and caress each other sweetly adoringly for a long time after he shifts his weight from being on top of her and they cuddle close together.  And then they fall blissfully asleep in each others’ loving arms–for a few hours, until they waken and love each other again.  For Cameron and Hannah’s first lovemaking tryst as husband and wife is just the beginning of a night of love so rapturous and pleasurable that even the gods are envious.

And for the next month upon their extended wedding trip, Hannah and Cameron take a leisurely romantic tour of Scotland–acquainting her with her new homeland, even as they further acquaint themselves with each other as lovers.  They will not permanently move to Scotland until the late Summer–after John and Margaret’s baby, their grand child, is born.  For as Cameron Ogilvy is now the Earl of Airlie–and a new physician has been secured for Milton to aid Dr. Donaldson–Cameron’s place is in Scotland tending to his estates and to his community responsibilities there.  Not the least of which is getting the new wool mill renovated as a joint business venture with John Thornton and Mr. Bell as a boon to the local economy.   But Cameron  promises his new wife monthly visits to Milton so Hannah can still see her children, and soon to be grandchild, etc.

To be continued with Chapter 33

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