Fun Day Sunday:  Grati Hopes for a Nearby Richard Armitage Movie Con, April 20, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #550)

San Diego Comic Con, Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia, Cinema Con in Las Vegas touting Into the Storm (see Getty image below of Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Director Steven Quale), Hobbit Con in Bonn, Germany, and now Wonder Con in Anaheim, California .  N.B. Click here for the link to ArchedCory1’s Hobbit Con 2013 Report on the Heirs of Durin site.

Embed from Getty Images

Wonder Con 2014 Images below are courtesy of Marie DuPont (left) and Warner Bros. Pictures via Peoso (right).

WonderCon2014--ArmitageProjectedonJumboScreenApr1914MarieDuPontFB-sized-shrp-crop2  WonderCon2014--Armitage&MaxDeaconRedCarpetInterivewApr1914WBPix-via-peoso--GratiCropSmlr-sized

What do these “Con” conventions all have in common? Dear Friends, their common link is that I, Grati, cannot easily travel to them by car or by train. You see, I’m a fraidy cat about flying. And it’s not like I’m a flying virgin.   I have flown *Grati whines cutely*– four times, round trip (eight flights technically, there and back again *wink*).


So what is a girl/lady like me to do if adventure and fun–and the movie stars whom she would someday like to see in person so she could swoon literally–aren’t at my nearest big city hub of Chicago, Illinois in the U.S.?  Well, I propose that Chicago develops its own entertainment industry convention event. Snap!

I briefly thought about calling this Chicago convention Actor Con–where actors could meet other actors and schmooze about their projects–with fans milling about them on red carpets–but awards shows already do that.  Another idea of mine was to have a Theatre-Con festival, where actors could perform snippets from their recent stage plays–most definitely in the round, and with long hair.  *Purrr* *baver*  But then, the theatres of the world would go dark for several days, depriving their cities of thespian entertainment. Hmmm.  Or maybe a Con-Con, kind of a meta convention across the entertainment industry. But that might prove too broad and unwieldy–and sink Chicago into Lake Michigan with the weight of Hollywood’s and other countries filmmakers’ egos in attendance.
Finally, I had it!  We (meaning many of us, not in the royal we sense) are only/mostly interested in one man, one exquisitely talented and oh so handsome actor/storyteller–and everything related to him–the British actor Richard Armitage.  So we could call the Chicago based entertainment industry convention event Armitage Con–with it possibly to be held at one of the large meeting venues, like McCormick Place.  Here is a sample fake poster that I made (right, Richard Armitage portrait from the LA THDofS Premiere 2013 by Steve Granitz, WireImages, courtesy of Getty Images).

An Armitage Con convention could be an entertainment industry event devoted to Richard Armitage, his projects and the colleagues RA has acted with more than once. And the convention event could be touted for actors, directors, producers, creative filmmaker types (think special effects, makeup, etc.), fans, cinema owners, the press (notice, I didn’t say journalists), stylists, etc.  Another feature of this convention event that I would require is that the event special attendees/presenters–such as Richard Armitage–would be announced well in advance as to which stars were attending and when so that people/fans can make travel plans, have a garage sale,  and raid their 401 ks in order to attend.   And time wise, I’m thinking early October 2014–after Richard Armitage’s The Crucible play closes, and  between the  Into the Storm dvd release press and the push for The Hobbit:  There and Back Again movie premiere and release press beginning in earnest in November.  Snap! Besides, Chicago in the Fall with the leaves turning colors is gorgeous!

Here is a potential fake itinerary for a proposed Armitage Con:

1) Day One–Our Guy Day Friday
a) 8am  to 12noonRegistration involving microchipping the attendees so only registered persons get into convention events–no pain, no gain.  This microchip stays in situ and be used and accessed for other fan convention events–becoming the convention industry standard.  There will be dvd and RA projects promotional materials sales booths set up in the exhibition hall to keep the already checked in participants occupied. Personally, I especially want to check out the life size RA bed pillow.  Sighhh!

b)  2:00pm to 4:00pmReception for Attendees hosted by “3ws  dot RichardArmitage  [insert fabulous RA fan resource site of your choice] dot com” with a special guest appearance, by the man himself!   Well, really only RA’s life sized card board cutout will be on hand for fans to take their pictures with.  Think, Flat Richard.  This will be a major fan schmoozing–a meet the fan face behind the gravatar event.  Wireless is available throughout McCormick Place for live blogging.  Let’s just hope the net doesn’t crash when all the bloggers blog and tweet simultaneously.

c)  6:00pm to 10:00pmAn Evening with Our Favorite Star; formal wear required Spooks7epi5_pix73--RichardArmitage-andHermioneNorrisApr1914ranet-crop-sized(historical era fashion is your choice);  At the remarks portion toward the end of the scrumptious banquet of all of Richard Armitage’s favorite foods (like Thai Curry Chicken, etc.), clips from Richard Armitage’s various artistic projects in film and audio will be shown/heard. There will also be dancing with spot on Richard Armitage in character look-a-likes being auctioned off to support RA’s Just Giving charities.  And maybe, just maybe the Real Richard Armitage will be one of these blokes.  Do you feel lucky that your bid might get you a dance with this devilishly handsome actor–and maybe even get a kiss?  VISA credit and debit cards accepted.  No cash please.  Mr. Armitage doesn’t want twenty dollar bills stuffed down his trousers–which happened at his last charity soiree with dancing. However, 10 pound notes are acceptable.

2)  Day Two–Sexy Saturday Panels of Armitage Projects & Exhibits
a)  8:00am Donuts and Coffee with Spooks series 7 and 8  Actors, but no RA. Now that he no longer has a 4:00am Hobbit films makeup call, RA sleeps in.  And our convention Personal Assistant Talent Minders (PATMs) really have to pound RA’s hotel suite door to get him going in the morning.  I wonder what woke RA up at 4:00am for his Hobbit filming–since he said that he bicycled into the studio each morning?

b)  10:00am  Costume Designer RA Character Career Wear–from John Standring Sheep thorin oakenshield Hobbit 2 movie costumeApr1914HollywoodMoviePropsandCostumesBlogspotFarmer Onesies to John Thornton Cravats to Sir Guy of Gisborne Black Leather to John Porter Fatigues to Thorin Oakenshield Pelts and Boots, etc.  Examples of the real costumes will be on display (right, Thorin Oakenshield’s leather, chest armour, and pelt);

c)  12noon  Boxed lunch Sandwiches with Set Designers and their take on creating mood with space;

d)  2:00pm Movie Stunts for Heroes and Villains and Everything in Between–Try your hand at sword play,  or riding a mechanical Warg, or running over changing terrain and through fire; or riding a wheel barrow down a mock molten gold sluice, or hang suspended from chains and tree limbs, or fly on an eagle wings, etc., at the many stations in the main exhibition hall;

e)  4:00pm to 6:00pm  Richard Armitage will Discuss his Current Projects (artistic, not DIY).  And then he will sign movie posters and such.  People wanting their body parts signed by Mr. Armitage should limit said body parts to arms and shoulders–nothing lower, nor a body part usually clothed for decency, please. Mr. Armitage’s favorite wines will also be served, so please drink and expose yourself responsibly and discreetly.  Oh and this is a wine drinking, not a wine tasting event–so no spitting into nearby plant receptacles, please;

f)   8:00pm Armitage Con Banquet then Keynote Speech by Richard Armitage (at about 10:00pm)–RA will be speaking about “All the Roles Where I’ve Loved Before”. This speech will include RA’s views about his characters’ romances in film–the good, the bad, and the so good  that he forgot it was supposed to be fake.  Julio Iglesias will also be singing for his supper during the banquet’s dessert of chocolate cheesecake.  More wine and decaf coffee will be served.  Here is a retrospective of some of those romantic RA character moments in the colinfever RA character video compilation, “Richard Armitage – Passionate Kisses”:

3)  Day Three–Fun Day Sunday Panel
a)  8:00am  Breakfast on Your Own–or with whomever you hooked up with Saturday night, *wink* (remember to hook up responsibly, too);
b)  10:00am A Panel Discussion of RA’s Characters’ Head and Facial Hair by Leading RA Fan Proponents–beard or no, and short or long hair, etc.  The moderator and Co-Presenter is Oscar Winner and Thorin Oakenshield Hair and Makeup Oscar Nominee, Tami Lane (Tami Lane and Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield, pictured right);

c)  12noon Lunch on the Lawn of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Then Richard Armitage will do a final Q &A and  sign dvd copies of his miniseries “The Impressionists” at the Art Institute Museum Gift Shop as a benefit for the Art Institute’s educational programming, before he jets off to parts unknown for his next movie role (or skiing trip)

P.S. Of course, my alternative proposal would be for Warner Bros. Pictures to have one of the The Hobbit:  There and Back Again premieres in Chicago.  Snap!

Disclaimer:  The above musings were my highly facetious and purely fictitious pie in the sky dreams. There is not now, nor has there ever been an Armitage Con planned for The City of Chicago–or anywhere else, for that matter.  But!  I won’t be peeved if someone else chooses to run with my idea–as long as I get to attend for free.  Ha!  Snap!

And Happy Easter everyone!

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Gratiana Lovelace is my nom de plume for my creative writing and blogging. I write romantic stories in different sub genres. The stories just tumble out of me. My resurgence in creative writing occurred when I viewed the BBC miniseries of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel North & South in February 2010. The exquisitely talented British actor portraying the male lead John Thornton in North & South--Richard Crispin Armitage--became my unofficial muse. I have written over 50 script stories about love--some are fan fiction, but most are original stories--that I am just beginning to share with others on private writer sites, and here on my blog. And as you know, my blog here is also relatively new--since August 2011. But, I'm having fun and I hope you enjoy reading my blog essays and my stories. Cheers! Grati ;-> upd 12/18/11
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  1. Servetus says:

    Reblogged this on Me + Richard Armitage and commented:
    Richard Armitage fangirl dream convention? Check it out!


  2. Servetus says:

    LOL. The poor guy might get tired out. :)


  3. Perry says:

    Hysterical post, Grati. A real winner. I’m not going to be the first to suggest they serve bunnnnns instead of Donuts on Day 2 at 8 Am


  4. Perry says:

    Reblogged this on Armitage Agonistes and commented:
    Grati is nothing if not a great organizer. Her schedule for a new themes Con to take place in Chicago is more interesting than some RL life one. Comments there , please.


  5. Very entertaining! I would drive to Chicago :) I even have a place to stay.


    • Hi richardtreehouse,
      Thanks for your nice note and for liking this post! Chicago is a natural–it is centrally located in the U.S. for distance and it is a travel hub.
      Peeps Cheers! Grati ;->


  6. loislanelove says:

    LOL. Might a suggest that a trip be incorporated somehow to Armitage Ave and North Ave in the Wicker Park neighbourhood of Chicago as well? Starting at Cafe Absinthe on North & Damen and then walk along Damen up to Armitage Ave. What do you think? :)


    • Hi loislanelove,
      Perfect! But Chicago Public Works will have to “chain” the Armitage Avenue signs down (kind of like Sir Guy, in nearly every episode of Robin Hood, Ha!)–or squeeing RA Fans might want to have them for their own.
      I wonder if Richard Armitage has any pilfered Armitage road signs in his garage? Ha!
      Thanks for visiting and commenting! Hugs & Love! Grati;->


  7. Faboamanto says:

    What a marvelous idea Grati! I’m only 2 hours from Chicago by plane, so ideal for me :) :)
    I can see it happening in our near future


    • Hi Fabo,
      Thank you for your very kind note! See? This idea is catching on. Maybe we should alert Warner Bros. Pictures, TORN, The Anglophile Channel, RANet, RAC, etc., about this unrealized potential for a new movie “Con”? Ha!
      Hugs & Love! Grati ;->


  8. April 20-22, 2014–Thanks for liking/voting for this post!

    CDoart, richardtreehouse, kelbel75, guylty, Ania, AgzyM, loislanelove, and Herba


  9. guylty says:

    This is brilliant, Grati. I LOLed several times through this – the microchipping ROFL!!!! I think you have captured the spirit of such events really well. Oh, and also the mindset of the fans – autographs on bodyparts *coughs*. I am sure the Army would muster up a couple of thousand interested con-visitors. You never know – maybe you should pitch it to the publicist. As we know he’s “up for anything”…


    • Giggles Guylty!
      Thanks for your lovely note! You are most kind!
      I have noticed that RA’s eyeline in many fan and press event pictures seems naturally drawn to the woman at his side’s “charms”–not to mention his standard arms wrapped around her hand placement on her hip, just below her “charms”. *wink* Naughty man! Love it!

      Here is Richard Armitage and his Strike Back costar Orla Brady at the SB Premiere in April 2010:

      Embed from Getty Images

      And I have a “broad” clavicle for RA to autograph above my bounteous bosoms, I wouldn’t want to give the poor man a heart attack. But it would be nice to try. Ha!
      Love & Hugs! And Peeps Cheers! Grati ;->


      • guylty says:

        Nice observation, Grati. We may need a panel on “The Art of Handling Colleagues – Richard Armitage speaks on tactile communication methods in the context of post-shoot public relations. Includes demonstration workshop with volunteers.”


        • Hi Guylty!
          Love this panel idea! And your title is perfect! Of course, you could be the moderator and provide a special *ooof* scene retrospective introduction. Snap!

          And another panel devoted in a broader sense to Richard Armitage’s physicality for his varied characters would be excellent. I must say that even without prostethics or much makeup and hair differences between characters, RA still seems so very different in each role.

          An example of RA being an acting chameleon is RA’s interview at the end of the N&S dvd–it floored me! I could not believe that this sweetly shy “young” man was the commanding and sensual John Thornton. I knew then and there what a tremendous actor and storyteller Richard Armitage was.

          Then I found Sparkhouse and Spooks, his Robin Hood show, Strike Back, etc., and I was even more convinced. Richard Armitage goes from strength to strength in his character portrayals–always giving audiences more insights about the persona he transforms himself into. I am both enraptured and transfixed by his masterful storytelling!

          Cheers! Grati ;->


          • guylty says:

            LOL – I’d take the job of moderating (although I would first and foremost be moderating *myself*, in my approach, that is *ggg*) because experience tells us that moderators get a gratuitous photo for posterity afterwards which invariably contains the aforementioned “tactile communication methods”…
            Yes to what you say about the different physicalities that RA brings to each of the characters he plays. I find it amazing how you can even pick that out in stills where you can tell whether he is acting or having a break in costume. Usually it’s in the face, but there are subtle posture hints, too. Pretty impressive!


  10. April 20, 2014–RANet ( (Thanks!) has all of the WonderCon links on their news link for today:


  11. obscura says:

    I could totally get behind this Grati…Chicago is a handy car/rail trip for me too :). I think it’s easy to overlook that there is more to the US than the right and left coasts, but since that is where the entertainment industries have clustered, voila! (Maybe we need a test run with a mid continental fan meet up :). )


    • Hi Obscura,
      Thanks for your nice note! Excellent! Chicago has a film office–I’m thinking it’s a “mini”cluster–so if they got on board for a movie or Armitage Con, that would be great! Ha!

      And meeting in the middle of the U.S. for an RA Fan Con would be lovely! Into the Storm has a U.S. release date of August 8th! We could see if any ladies want to meet up on that Saturday August 9th in Chicago–to avoid people’s work days on the Friday–and boost opening weekend viewing stats.

      Judiang and I used the AMC Theatre for THAUJ. So I will check if the AMC or some other movie theatre is offering ITS on August 9th. If we were to try to organize a fan viewing and get together, we could do:

      11:00am fans lunch somewhere downtown together (the Walnut Room at what used to be Marshall Fields?);

      1:00pm or so, see the Into the Storm movie

      4:00pm Go for early Happy Hour with appetizers to debrief about the film; maybe see some sites, like Armitage Avenue as LoisLanelove above suggested, Ha!)

      6:00pm some people head home while others go on to dinner

      9:00pm some people head home while others sample Chicago night life


      I’ll tweet Garner and Warner Bros. Pictures and ask if there is a page showing which theatres ITS can be seen in. Maybe someone will reply with a handy link.
      Love & Hugs & Cheers! Grati ;->


  12. Ania says:

    LOL! I love it! You are an amazing organizer. :-)
    Happy Easter, Grati!


    • Hi Ania,
      Giggles! Thanks for your kind note, and for liking this post.
      I do help with a special annual conference’s event planning as part of my professional service at the university. And I chaired our 20th High School Reunion event planning a while ago. Ha!
      But real event planning takes a village. Ha! So if we really try for an Aug. 9th movie watching fan meet up, then we’ll need more people’s input.
      Happy Easter! Love & Hugs! Grati ;->


  13. April 20, 2014–Thanks to Servetus for pointing us to some lovely Hobbit Con Dwarve colleagues comments about their leader Richard Armitage (aka Thorin Oakenshield):


  14. April 20, 2014–Thanks to Foro Richard Armitage on FB (The Spanish RA Fan group) for sharing this Spanish language essay about Into the Story. There are new pictures to see:


  15. April 22, 2013–RANet ( (Thanks!) shared a link for the full Wonder Con Into the Storm” panel:

    “Into the Storm, WonderCon 2014” in a video by magicinthenumbers


  16. April 27, 2014–RAFrenzy has a great guest post by a lady named Lori (@peppgrad) who met Richard Armitage at Wonder Con:


  17. April 27, 2014–Speaking of Hobbit Con, here is one fan’s great essay with tons of pictures about their experiences at Hobbit Con 2014:


  18. saraobsessed says:

    All joking aside – heard the similar ideas for an actual ArmiCon after the NYC Fan Event when a group of us including AwkwardCelebrityEncounters and KellyDuck ate together, although London for Armitage Day had been discussed instead. Being a Chicagoland native, I agree that it would be an ideal location. (Richard is more than welcome to stay at my house. LOL) Seriously, I was planning to write the producers of Urban and the Shed Crew to encourage them to enter the film for the 50th Annual Chicago International Film Festival, as long as its all edited by Early July. I’d love to see Richard in Chicago this October; if not in person then on screen in the Urban Movie.


    • Hi saraobsessed,
      I salute Kelly Duck and others who are able to travel by air to see RA. I love reading their accounts. I would have loved to see The Crucible in London, but finances and my dislike of flying gets in the way of that. So my hubby and I made a donation to The Old Vic to help support their theatre education programs.

      That’s neat that you live near Chicago! It seems to be a good hub for several of us. I will continue exploring an “Into the Storm” opening weekend (Sat., Aug. 9th maybe?) gathering in Chicago to meet and view the film, etc. I will have a post this coming Sunday about it. So, please visit again then and weigh in with your thoughts.

      And I like your idea of having Urban and the Shed Crew at the 50th Annual Chicago International Film Festival in July. I doubt that the film would be ready so quickly this year. But you never know–maybe they’ll have a rough cut. Ha! And I hope that the producers are thinking about other independent film conference venues, such as Sundance, etc.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting! Cheers! Grati ;->


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