“N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons”, Ch. 52 (R-rated, S): With My Body, I Thee Worship, April 28, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #555)

“N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons”, Ch. 52 (R-rated, S):  With My Body, I Thee Worship, April 28, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace  (Post #555)

aaaN&SJohnThorntonLoveLessonsFanFicCoverDec2913GratianaLovelace-256x401(An original fan fiction copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace;   All rights reserved; Based on the Elizabeth Gaskell novel, North & South and its  2004 BBC adaptation; No copyright infringement intended)

[I will illustrate my story using my dream cast from the 2004 BBC production of “North & South” and other actors for additional characters:   Richard Armitage for John Thornton, Daniela Denby-Ashe for Margaret Hale, Lesley Manville for Mrs. Maria Hale,  Tim Pigott-Smith for Mr. Richard Hale, Sinead Cusack for Mrs. Hannah Thornton, Jo Joyner for Fanny Thornton, Brendan Coyle for Nicholas Higgins, Graham McTavish as Dr. Cameron Ogilvy, Holliday Grainger for Angharad Ogilvy MacIntosh, Simon Woods for Baird Ogilvy, and Emma Ashton as Mrs. Dillard, John Light as Henry Lennox, Tim Faraday as Watson, Gillian Anderson at Carlotta Quint Watson, and Jeremy Northam as Dr. Miles Houghton, etc]   [(1) story logo]

Author’s Mature Content Note:  “N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons” is a story with mature themes of love and relationships set within a period drama of the 1850’s and beyond.  As such there will be heartfelt moments of love and sensuality (S)–as well as other dramatic emotions, including some violence (V)–and I will rate those chapters accordingly.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read that chapter.  This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Recap from the previous chapter:  Fanny Thornton and Baird Ogilvy were wed on Saturday April 26, 1851 in a lovely ceremony attended by extended family and friends.  And though the young married ladies of Margaret Thornton, Lady Angharad Ogilvy MacIntosh, and Lady Thistle Ogilvy have shared some wifely wisdom with Fanny, the wedding night is still before Baird and his Fiona.


“N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons”, Ch. 52 (R-rated, S):  With My Body, I Thee Worship

After a public reception for their Saturday, April 26, 1851 wedding–and then a wedding breakfast for family and close friends at the Milton Mayfair Hotel where Baird and the Jamie Ogilvy family are staying on separate floors–Baird whisks his new wife Fanny upstairs to his suite of rooms at the Milton Mayfair Hotel for their wedding night beginning in the late afternoon.

Knowing the Scottish Knights must have their way, Baird and Fanny submit to their good natured ribbing as the bagpipers play loudly, walking around their large marriage bed.  But Baird and his Fiona kiss so fiercely that the Knights laughingly pack up their bagpipes and wish the bridal couple a pleasant evening.

Now that it is just the two of them, and Fanny feels more shy around Baird.  And surprisingly, Baird also feels shy around his Fiona.  They are truly alone for the first time.  And they will love each other as husband and wife for the first time tonight.

Fanny is still wearing her beautiful ivory colored wedding gown with all of its tiny buttons Fannys-wedding-gown-back-buttonsApr0612weddingbellsblog_Apr2714crop2sizeddown the back [(2) right] and on the sleeves of the lower arms.  It will take several minutes simply to unbutton her, muses Baird.  So if they do not want to take all night on incidentals, such as clothing, they had better get to it.

Baird: “You are exquisitely beautiful as me bride, Fiona, me Dearrr.  Lady Ogilvy.”   Baird smiles as he uses her new title, bows, and brings her hand to his lips for a gentlemanly kiss.

Fanny: “Oh Baird!  Thank you!”   She sighs.  “And I forgot!  I am a Lady now.”  Fanny preens ever so slightly.

Baird: “Ye werrre always a lady, Fiona. The title merrrely acknowledges that fact.”  Fanny looks at him hopefully.  “And if ye prrromise to employ ourrr Scottish titles sparrringly when we arrre in England, I will na mind if you use them frrrom time to time.”  Baird smiles indulgently.  He has learned to bend on this point.

Fanny: “Thank you!”  Fanny grins gleefully as she clasps her hands together.  “And now that I am an Ogilvy, I want only to be addressed as Fiona.  Afterall, it is more proper than my family nickname of Fanny.”  She blushes for the derivation of her nickname lovingly came from her brother Johnny years ago when she used to wiggle her little fanny when she haltingly walked as a toddler.

Baird:  Baird bows again with a gleaming smile upon his face. “It shall be as My Lady commands, Lady Fiona Thorrrnton Ogilvy.”

Fiona:  Fiona curtsies deeply to her new husband. “My Lord Baird Stuart Ogilvy.” [(3)]

Baird offers Fiona his hand and she stands up. They both pause and look about their bed chamber with shy smiles.  Wanting to be tender and considerate of his new wife who is innocent of the lovemaking they are to share this night–when the afternoon light has not begun to fade into evening twilight–Baird seeks to assure her comfort and to calm her nerves, as well as, to calm his own nerves.

Baird:  “Is there anything you rrrequirrre?” Baird’s voice cracks haltingly as he gazes uponBairdOgilvy-isSimonWoods-asBingley-2005Pride-and-Prejudice-Dec2713fanpopcom-sized-drkn-jcktclr-flip2 his beautiful bride with love and devotion [(4) right].  He clears his throat.  “Kkkhh!  Some wine, perrrhaps?”  Baird feels that the wine might relax her–as well as, himself.  He pours two goblets of red wine.

Fiona:  “Wine will be lovely. Thank you.”  Fiona smiles as he offers her a small crystal goblet of white wine and they each sip slowly.

Taking only one sip of his own wine Baird becomes mesmerized as he watches closely as his Fiona’s delicate fingers clasp the goblet stem securely, yet gracefully, sensuously.  Though Fiona has not yet the smallest notion how this simple gesture could be viewed as sensual.  And Baird thinks that his Fiona’s lips seem to caress the goblet while she sips the wine–the wine staining her lips an even deeper and becoming shade of red.  Baird wets his own lips in anticipation of kissing her endlessly this night.

Fiona notices that Baird also seems nervous. Then wanting to put her new husband at his ease, Fiona sets her wine goblet onto a nearby table. Baird raises his eye brow in curious bemusement and he imitates her action by setting his wine goblet on a nearby table.  Then she leans in to him and sweetly kisses him as she puts her arms about his shoulders.  He sweetly kisses her back for several moments.  Baird is still keeping his passion in check for her sake–he will give his Fiona nothing but patience, love, and tenderness this night as they make love.

Baird: “That was lovely.” His thumb caresses her mouth and cheek in seductive promise of their lovemaking.

Looking Baird straight in his eyes, Fiona smiles as she lovingly and soothingly strokes her fingers through the back of his hair, massaging his scalp, and her other hand upon his muscular shoulder underneath his jacket, with her thumb seeming to stroke the back of his neck all on its own.  She has never before touched him this intimately.

Fiona:  “Be at ease, my husband.  My sisters Margaret and Anghard, and my new cousin Thistle, explained it to me.”

Baird: Baird raises his eye brow in desirous want and need. “It?”

Fiona:  Fiona nods as she looks up at him expectantly, trustingly.  “That we will make love tonight.  It will hurt the first time–but after that, I will … I will … like it.”  Fiona smiles sweetly, innocently–a charming blush pinkening her cheeks.

Fiona’s guileless honesty has once again unsettled Baird.  The experienced lover Baird smiles, but his breathing deepens and becomes quick–in nervousness. He wonders how much she was told that she will like it, and what expectations he has to live up to tonight?

But Baird regroups quickly.  He realizes that his Fiona is the innocent and that he must put her at her ease.  Baird’s gaze smoulders into the depths of Fiona’s soft blue grey eyes and he says in a deeply sensual voice.

Baird:  “Yes, My Love–you will like it.”  Baird leans down and kisses the delicate skin of Fanny-in-her-wedding-gown-vlcsnap-22h57m18s52_Dec2813GratianaLovelaceCap-crop-withTiara-sizedher neck.  Then as he also goes to caress her hair, there is an impediment.   “Fiona Dearrrrest, would you like us to make ourrrselves morrre comfortable?”  Fiona nods and smiles shyly.  “Then might I help you rrremove your …  tiarrra?” [(5) right]  Baird grins impishly.

Fiona: “Oh!”  Fiona’s hands fly up to her head with her hair twistd and curled and pinned in an arrangement that complements the youthfully regal tiara.  “I forgot that I am still wearing it.  Ha ha ha!” She smiles impishly.   Fiona knows that she cannot sleep in the tiara, it might bend it. “Thank you.”

Fiona turns around to give Baird her back–now giving him a lovely view of the creamy skin on the back of her neck and shoulders peeking out of her wedding gown. Baird deftly lifts the tiara’s combs out of the back of Fiona’s hair and the tiara comes away from her head.

Baird: “There now.  I will place Angharad’s tiara in its case, now that it is no longer gracing your lovely head.”  He smiles and goes to place the tiara in its wooden case that has been brought to his suite after their wedding–along with Fiona’s trunks of clothing and other personal effects.

Fiona:  Putting her hand to the back of her unburdened head, she sighs.  “Oh my!   I did not realize how heavy the tiara was until its weight was lifted from me just now.”  She bites her lower lip.  “Baird?  Will I have a tiara of my own to wear for important functions?”

Baird: He smiles to himself, then turns around to face her.  “Yes, me Dear.  You will have your selection of any of a dozen or so of the Airlie family tiarrra’s under guard in Airlie Castle’s tower vault–many of the tiaras are just as lovely, but perhaps, lighter in weight.”

Fiona: “Ohhhh!” She sighs.  Fiona knows well enough by now not to ask how soon they might travel to Scotland for her to select her tiara–or maybe tiaras.  If she has so many to choose from, she might not be able to decide upon just one.   “That will be very nice.”

Baird:  “Aye.”  He says huskily as he smiles lovingly to her.  Baird gazes upon his beautiful wife with undisguised desire.

Fiona:  Fiona smiles at her husband shyly.  “Baird, would you …?”  She purses her delicate lips together. Focusing on her lips–so perfectly pink and ripe for kissing–Baird nods his agreement without knowing what she will ask of him. “Would you also undo the little buttons at the back of my wedding gown so that I might prepare for …   well, … that I might change out of my wedding gown?”

Baird: “Hmmmmm.”  He growls with undisguised desire.   “Of courrrse, My Love.”

Fiona turns around, giving Baird her back and showing him her buttons. Baird reaches forward to begin unbuttoning at the top of her wedding gown.  But the impulse to kiss her neck and shoulders is too great and he succumbs to that wish, placing feather light kisses along the creamy expanse of her skin.

Fiona: “Oh!” Fiona sighs with pleasure, even as she trembles while his kisses outline her neck and shoulders.  “Your lips are so wonderfully warm.”

Neither had noticed that the fire was waning and the room had become chilly.

Baird: Wanting to see to her comfort, Baird disengages from her.  “Let me stoke the firrre to warrrm up the rrroom, My Love.”  Fiona nods over her shoulder and smiles at him.  But she does not turn around, patiently waiting for him to continue–what he was doing.  Baird quickly returns to her. He slides one arm around her waist to the front of her and he pulls her back flush against his front as he returns to kissing her neck and shoulders.”

Fiona: “Hhhhh!”  Fiona is enjoying Baird’s tenderness immensely.  But Fiona is a little impatient to get to it, the lovemaking that Thistle had described to her in moderate detail.  It sounds positively brazen–and she is curious and eager to know what all well loved wives know. “The buttons, Baird?”  Fiona reminds him with quickened breaths.

Baird:  “Of courrrse.”  Baird soon has the dozen or so buttons down the back of her gown undone and he pulls apart the fabric to see the laces of her corset. He knows about corsets, too.  “Did ye need me to unlace yourrr corrrset for you, Fiona My Dearrr?”  He asks caringly.

Fiona:  “Thank you, no, Baird.  My wedding corset unhooks from the front.”  For Fiona is wearing all new undergarments of fine linen,  satin, lace, and such.

Baird: “It does?  May I see?”  He asks mischievously.

Fiona:   Fiona blushes.  “If you like.” All of her new wedding finery includes new undergarments.  And Fiona reasons that they must be made so prettily for more than just her eyes.

With her back still to Baird, Fiona lowers the bodice and skirting of her wedding gown, and Fannyshead-is-JoJoyner-inNorth&South-epi2byRANet-comp-with-WeddingCorset-whitevictorianfront1-byfashionsoftheagescom_Apr2614GratianaLManip5she also removes her very full outer petticoats and steps out of them and places them carefully on a chair in front of her.  Then Fiona slowly and shyly turns toward Baird to reveal herself covered only in her wedding corset and chemise [(6)], her under petticoat skirting [(7) right], and her wedding slippers–which she slips off and reveals her stocking covered feet and legs.

Baird’s eyes gaze upon his Fiona’s womanly curvy form.  Fiona is delicately proportioned with pleasing womanly curves to her bosoms and hips.

Baird: “Ye arrre so lovely, Fiona.”  He sighs.

Fiona:   “Thank you.”  She blushes.  “Should I select an evening gown to wear?  Are we to dine out tonight?”  She asks for clarification–her hoping that they will not to be dining out.

Baird: “Nay, My Dearrrest Wife.  I thought you might prrreferrr it if we dined alone herrre in our suite of rrrooms.  I have orrrderrred supperrr to be brrrought to us at seven o’clock.”  His voice is slow and languorous–as is his gaze.  Yes, Baird is hungry, but not for food.

Fiona:  “But seven o’clock is two hours from now.”  The words are out of her mouth before she considers what she is saying, or asking. Fiona blushes charmingly under her husband’s heated gaze.  Then she boldly asks.  “And would you also care to be more comfortable, my Dearest Husband?”

Fiona holds out her arms to take Baird’s jacket from him–in a shyly hesitant, new wifely way.  He smiles and turns around.  Then Baird shrugs his coat off of his shoulders and she folds the coat then she lays it on another chair.  Then he turns back to face her and begins to untie his cravat.  Fiona steps forward and stays his hand with her own.  They both smile.  Then Baird settles his arms at his sides, with his hands lightly resting on Fiona’s hips as she unties his cravat for him and removes it from his neck.

Fiona slowly opens Baird’s collar and his broad muscular neck and a hint of his strong BairdOgilvyComp-isSimonWoods-head-asBingley-in2005Pride&Prejudice-and-neckasOctavius-in2007RomeApr2714GratianaLmanipshoulders are revealed to her for the first time [(8) right].  Her lips twitch–she would so like to kiss his neck as he had kissed her neck.  So Fiona reaches up on her tippy toes and she sweetly kisses him upon the base of his neck, just above his clavicle.

Baird closes his eyes with the enticing feel of her tentative exploration of him.  It is taking all of his willpower not to crush her to him in a passionate embrace, then take her to his bed and claim her as his own.  But he does not want to frighten her with the newness of their intimacies they have yet to share.  So Baird will allow his Fiona to dictate the pace of their passions this night.

Fiona stands back down flat upon her hosiery covered feet and Baird leans down and kisses her tenderly, his hands gently squeezing her hips in his possession.   Fiona’s hands slide down his shirt front to the buttons of his vest.  And just as he had unbuttoned her, she unbuttons him.  To have his bride’s willing participation in their lovemaking is a dream of mutual seduction that Baird could not have hoped for.   Baird shrugs off his vest, then he also quickly doffs his dress shirt to reveal his bare muscular shoulders, chest, and upper abdomen.

Fiona has never seen a man’s bare chest–not even her brother John’s bare chest.   Baird smiles at the wonderment in her eyes as she gazes upon his chest’s nakedness.  Then he takes one step forward and they embrace and kiss each other.  Fanny’s arms go around his bare torso and she clutches at the well defined muscles of his back.  Baird may be a lawyer who works in law offices and courts, but he is an active man who rides and fences to keep his broad body athletically fit.  Baird deepens their kissing, delighting in the intoxicating feel of her little tongue twining with his tongue.  He guesses that his Fiona is shyly eager for their lovemaking, yet she is an innocent and he must treat her with tenderness.  Baird pulls back from her.

Baird: “Shall we rrretirrre to bed and rrrest until our dinnerrr arrrives?”  Baird breathes heavily and Fiona guesses that not much rest will occur.

Fiona: “Yes. But first, … may I please change into my night things?”  She asks hesitantly.

Baird smiles at his Fiona’s shyness–but at her boldness, too.  For it is still light out and she is agreeing to retire to bed with him–before dinner.   He has never had such delicious anticipation of love as he feels now.  Marriage is definitely proving delightful, Baird thinks bemusedly.

Baird: “Of course.   Ye may have the drrressing room.”  He gestures to the door to the right of their en suite bathing chamber.  No expense was spared in seeking to fulfill his bride’s comfort.   “I will change out here.”  Baird smiles and sits upon the edge of the bed and begins to remove his shoes.

Fiona: “Thank you.”

Fiona smiles at him sweetly.  She picks up her small bag packed with her night things for tonight and she walks into the adjoining dressing room.  Fiona quickly changes out of her underclothes–including removing her hose–and she dons her new night things.  Her robe is a bit overflowing with fabric, but it will keep her warm on winter nights.   Then she lets down her hair and brushes it out before returning to the bed chamber within their suite of rooms.   Fiona finds her husband lying already abed on the left side of the bed across from where she stands–his bare and muscular chest, arms, and shoulders are in full view since the linen sheet and satin comforter only cover his abdomen and legs.

Baird notices the rather grandmotherlyish robe that his Fiona is wearing.  And he wryly hopes that her nightgown is not as voluminous.  Yet, he looks forward to unwrapping his wife from her nightgown as a prelude to their making love.  Baird peels back the comforter and linen top bed sheet on her right side of the bed.

Baird: “Come to bed, My Darrrling.”  He smiles longingly at her.

Fiona clutches at her robe and breathes deeply.  She will become a woman this night, a wife in every meaning of that lovely word.

Fiona: “Baird, will you please close your eyes while I remove my robe?”  She asks timidly.

Baird: “As you wish, Fiona My Love.”  He smiles indulgently at her maidenly modesty.

Baird  lays back down upon his pillow and closes his eyes as he turns his head toward her.  However, he keeps his eyes not quite firmly shut as he sees her turn around.   Fiona looks back over her shoulder at her husband to make sure that his eyes are shut–they seem to be from her vantage point.  Fiona looks forward again, away from Baird lying in their bed.  Baird opens his eyes.  Fiona slowly unties the bow on her robe’s belt and she opens her robe.   Then she lifts the corners of the robe away from her shoulders and lowers it down her back–down her bare back.  For Fiona is nude underneath her robe–which she tosses to a nearby chair and covers her arms in front of herself, with her back still to Baird.

Baird’s eyes go wide at seeing his wife Fiona’s womanly curvy loveliness exposed to his Fannys-long-blond-hair-image-is-a-hair-model-Apr2714_COLOURBOX9648881_sizedwiderloving gaze for the first time.  He holds his breath as he notices how her long hair now freed from its pinned coiling swirls is a silky blond waterfall down her bare back  [(9) right], he follows the line of the slight tapering of her torso to her waist, that then flares out for her curvy hips over her beautifully rounded … fanny.  Baird is aroused with love for his bride in every conceivable way.

Fiona sits on the edge of the bed and Baird instantly closes his eyes before she turns to look back at him over her shoulder again.

Baird:   “Hhhhh!”  He finally expels a breath as he waits patiently for her to lie down next to him

Fiona clasps the edges of the linen bed sheet and satin comforter and brings it around to cover her as she lies down upon their bed with her shoulders peeking out of the fine linen bed sheet that she has tucked firmly around her breasts and underneath her arms..

Fiona: “Hhhh!”  Fiona exhales a small puff of air in anticipation.  “I … I am in the bed now.”  She haltingly states the obvious.

Though even were Baird’s eyes actually closed a moment ago, he could still have sensed Fiona’s slight weight making an indentation upon the cushioned mattress next to him–so perfectly attuned is he to her presence.   Baird’s eyes instantly open with a gleaming smile upon his face and he rolls onto his left side toward her, bringing his right arm to lie across her bed sheet covered torso as he gently caresses her left arm.  There is the thinnest layer of fine linen fabric bed sheet separating their naked bodies.

Baird: “Fiona, My Love!”

Baird  leans down and he kisses her tenderly and adoringly.  For though his Fiona is bold in coming to their bed nude–matching Baird’s unclothed state–she is still a maiden, for the moment.

Fiona: “Hmmm!”  She moans softly in delight for his loving tenderness toward her.

Moving his kisses to her neck and then to her creamy skin above her bed sheet covered breasts, Baird breathes heavily.  Baird gently turns his wife to lie on her right side facing him–and he tugs the sheet away as he pulls her into his loving embrace and their bare skin touches.  Her nicely rounded breasts press against his chest, even as his need presses against her lower abdomen.

Baird:  “You arrre so beautiful, Fiona My Love!”

Baird’s hands plunge into her silky golden curls, then explore the length of her back, and caress her round rump  with the palm of his hand.   Then as his kisses move lower,  he lies her on her back again as he kisses her breasts with slow lingering movements of his lips and of his tongue.

Fiona: “Ohhh!”

Fiona sighs deeply with the pleasures that her handsome husband is giving her.  She feels an exquisite tickle beginning down below.  And then Baird sensing her arousal, moves his hands to caress her there. At first Fiona clenches her thighs together to prevent him from touching her there, her not being told by Thistle that this might happen during their lovemaking.  But with his kisses returning to her mouth, Baird caresses Fiona slowly and he guides her to slightly open herself to him as his caresses find her womanly center.  Fiona trembles with the never before felt pleasing  tension of wanting something, needing something, but not knowing what that something is.

Baird: “I will give ye pleasurrre firrrst, My Darrrling.  Then we will know the delights of wedded bliss togetherrr.”

Baird returns to kissing his wife’s breasts as he caresses her womb.   Fiona clutches at her husband’s arms needfully, urging him to continue.  Baird teases, and strokes, and sucks and nibbles until Fiona’s pleasures erupt into waves of trembling rapture in her sensual release.

Fiona:  “Ahhhhh!”  She cries out in ecstatic joy as her body trembles with new found bliss.

Baird knows that his bride  is ready for him as he quickly moves to lie on top of her and he slowly joins his body with hers, then he gently pushes through her virginal barrier.   Fiona flinches in the initial discomfort of having her loving husband fully joined with her, and Baird pauses.

Baird: “It only hurts for a moment, My Love.  Then ye shall feel more joy as I have given you earlier.”  He whispers tenderly into her ear. Then he gently nibbles her ear lobe and he kisses her cheek, then he kisses her deeply again in awakening desire.

Fiona’s body relaxes as her pain subsides and Baird begins a rhythmic rocking of their bodies together, guiding her to bend her knees upward.  And then to his delighted surprise, she locks her legs about him–Thistle had told her about that.   Baird and Fiona love each other with passionate abandon as Baird’s lovemaking becomes more urgent and Fiona feels the tickle below begin to build again.  Lost in adoring his beloved Fiona, Baird is almost to the edge of his own pleasure’s release.  Again, and again, and again, and again, their bodies intertwine in their lovers’ dance until first Baird’s rapture erupts as he spills his seed within his wife and shudders with bliss and kisses her adoringly.  And then Fiona trembles with more bliss from her husband’s final powerful thrusts giving her even more joy.

They lay abed, joined together for some time, kissing and whispering lovingly to each other–with Baird elevated upon his elbows so as not to burden her with the weight of him upon her.  Eventually, they rise to refresh themselves–with Baird also wanting to give Fiona at least some time before he loves her again.  And yes, he will love her many times this night.

They put on their night clothes–he his night pants and robe, and she her wedding nightgown, finally, and her robe again.  And then they sit upon the sette embracing cozily in front of the fire, as they await their dinner to be brought up to them.

Baird: “Arrre ye feeling well, Fiona My Love?”  He asks tenderly as he kisses her hand.

Fiona: “Yes!”  She sighs contentedly.  “Well, I am a little sore.”  She blushes.   “But making love with you was so wonderful!  Will it always be like this?”  She asks sweetly.

Baird: “Always.”  He  smoulders.  Then Baird fingers the edge of her satin and lace nightgown’s capped sleeve.  “This is a lovely night gown.  I was pleasantly surprrrised that ye did na wearrr it earrrlierr.”  He smiles desirously at her boldness.

Fiona:  She blushes.   “Well.   Thistle said that my nightgown would get in the way of our lovemaking.  And that you would ask me to remove it once we were in bed.”

Baird:  “Hmmm.  Yes, I prrrobably would have.”  He smiles mischievously.

Fiona: “I thought you might.  So I practiced, last night.”  Baird’s eye brows raise in amusement.  “Trying to remove my nightgown while lying down.”  Fiona explains. “But it was so awkward.  And, well, I couldn’t remove my nightgown gracefully while lying down.”  She shakes her head and shrugs her shoulders.  “So I thought it best to do without it.”  She smiles up at him endearingly.

Baird: “Ha ha ha ha ha!”  Baird rocks his head back with laughter.  “That is a perrrfect explanation, My Love.”

Baird muses that it is just like his unique and unconventional Fiona to have a practical reason for being seductive.

Fiona: “Thank you for understanding.”  She smiles sweetly as Baird kisses her tenderly.

Baird:  “Ye arrre welcome, My Darrrling.”  Then his index finger makes little circles upon her bare shoulder underneath her robe and then dips underneath the lace edging of her satin nightgown’s capped sleeve.   “But laterrr, afterrr dinnerrr, Fiona Dearrest.  Will ye allow me the pleasurrre of rrremoving yourrr nightgown forrr you, before we retire to bed again?”   Baird asks huskily as he tempers his desire, for now.

Fiona: “Yes, Baird My Love.”  Fiona nods demurely and closes her eyes with a small smile as he kisses her adoringly again.  For now she also is a well loved wife by her beloved husband.

And Baird thinks that he will have to find a way to adequately convey his thanks to their sisters and cousin for their soothing guidance of his Fiona in her wifely concerns.

To be continued with Chapter 53


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7) Fanny in her wedding corset is a composite image of:
a) Fanny’s head  and neck image as portrayed by Jo Joyner in the BBC’s 2004 period drama North & South epi 2 (17h04m50s201)Dec2213 Gratiana Lovelace Cap-crop-sized-clr;
b)  unknown person modelling a lovely laced corset with a hook front was found at http://www.fashionsoftheages.com/Images/underpinnings/whitevictorianfront1.jpg;

8) Baird Ogilvy  image with bare neck is a composite image of:
a)  ) Simon Woods’ head as Charles Bingley in the 2005 film Pride and Prejudice found at  reginajeffers.wordpress.com at  http://reginajeffers.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/pride-and-prejudice-91.jpg ; and
b) Simon Woods’  neck as Octavius Ceasar in the 2007 miniseries Rome found at http://withfriendship.com/images/i/42909/simon-woods3.jpg

9) Image representing Fanny’s long blond hair is an unknown hair model with beautiful hair found at http://images.colourbox.com/thumb_COLOURBOX9648881.jpg


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Gratiana Lovelace is my nom de plume for my creative writing and blogging. I write romantic stories in different sub genres. The stories just tumble out of me. My resurgence in creative writing occurred when I viewed the BBC miniseries of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel North & South in February 2010. The exquisitely talented British actor portraying the male lead John Thornton in North & South--Richard Crispin Armitage--became my unofficial muse. I have written over 50 script stories about love--some are fan fiction, but most are original stories--that I am just beginning to share with others on private writer sites, and here on my blog. And as you know, my blog here is also relatively new--since August 2011. But, I'm having fun and I hope you enjoy reading my blog essays and my stories. Cheers! Grati ;-> upd 12/18/11
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