Best Wishes to Richard Armitage and Colleagues in The Crucible, on Stage Tonight at The Old Vic Theatre at 7:30pm London Time (2 hrs from now), June 21, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #587)

I am so excited for the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage to have the lead RichardArmitageinTheCrucible-vid-promo-May3014GratianaLovelaceCapin Arthur Miller’s prestigious play, The Crucible, as John Proctor. Icing on the cake is that he is performing in the early home of the British National Theatre, The Old Vic Theatre.   Mr. Armitage is walking in the footsteps of Olivier, Gielgud, Richardson, Redgrave (various ones), and others.

dTheOldVic-Theatre-in-the-round_2411-fitandcrop-1200x1200_Apr1514TheOldVic-crop-sizedMr. Armitage may have looked at the stage on his way to his dressing room as the theatre sits empty now–but soon to be filled with eager patrons for tonight’s performance that begins in 2 hours at 7:30pm London time. It is 11:30am in Illinois as I write this.


What could be going through Richard Armitage’s mind at this moment? I’m guesTheCrucible--RichardArmitage-asJohnProctorPoster_June1214OldVic-twitter_Jun1614ranet-sized200x319sidebarsing that he is in his dressing room already, concentrating, perhaps running lines, vocalizing to stretch and warm up his voice, stretching his body, etc.   He is preparing himself for what is certain to be another watershed artistic project in his long and varied career to date.

So if there is a collective karma of good thoughts among Richard Armitage’s fans/admirers,I am certain that we all send them to him.   May he be brilliant tonight! Of course! May the theatre in the round format prove not too daunting with the traffic jam of actors in the ensemble cast. And may tonight be all that “he” wishes it to be.

Love & Hugs!   Grati ;->

P.S. And we look forward to those who can attend tonight’s and upcoming performances sharing their experiences with us.

Images: RANet ( or my caps.

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17 Responses to Best Wishes to Richard Armitage and Colleagues in The Crucible, on Stage Tonight at The Old Vic Theatre at 7:30pm London Time (2 hrs from now), June 21, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #587)

  1. June 21, 2014–Thanks for liking this post!

    Servetus, guylty, richardtreehouse, and Marie Astra


  2. June 21, 2014–Was able to check Twitter briefly on the way home from a family party out of town with the new phone. Lots of glowing The Crucible posts by those who attended the performance tonight. Here are some highlights:

    1) Standing Ovation; everyone was pumped
    2) The play was almost 4 hours long
    3) RA was shirtless at some point, lovely sparse chest hair in evidence (as seen in pix below)
    4) RA signed autographs at the stage door after; and took several pictures with fans, too
    5) Neckage and wearing some long necklace pendant

    Debbie Gilpin w RA (long shot):

    Valentina with RA (He has a great smile!):

    Be sure to visit the Share the Crucible Experience web site where we hope people will share their stories:


  3. June 21, 2014–The Share the Crucible Experience website has a picture of the minimalist stage setting tweeted by a John Clarke:

    See? The Share the Crucible Experience website will have lots more stuff posted on it.So be sure to check it out!


  4. June 21, 2014–Kitty (Thanks!) pointed me to a great review of the play.

    Reformatted with line blanks for paragraph spacing, excerpting just the bit about Richard Armitage:

    In the orIginal formatting and the full review:


  5. June 22, 2014–Fabolaktuko shares Valentina’s lovely experience of meeting Richard Armitage after The Crucible opening on Saturday night:


  6. June 22, 2014–RAFrenzy shares Meg’s lovely story about seeing The Crucible

    P.S. Oh, if only I had some disposable income, I would forget my fear of flying and go to see Richard Armitage in The Crucible at The Old Vic in London. I hope they bring the play to Broadway. I will be there in a heartbeat.


  7. June 22, 2014–The Share the Crucible Experience blog shared a link to a list by All Things Armitage that compiles the Saturday The Crucible play tweets and reactions, the list is found on the tumblr “Most Things RA (and then some)” :

    Here also is the link for the Share The Crucible Experience blog sharing the link above:


  8. June 22, 2014–RANet has collected the various The Crucible news and fan items links into their news for today:


  9. June 23, 2014–Perry on her Armitage Agonistes blog shared a link shared by Katharine D with a glowing review of The Crucible, Richard Armitage (with and without his shirt), and Samantha Colley (making her professional debut):
    “Verdict: Fantastic play with stunning, powerful performances. Just remember to wear as little clothing as possible and bring plenty of water.” (no air conditioning in the building made it very hot)

    Here is the link to Perry’s blog post:


  10. June 23, 2014–RANet posted a Twitter link of John Obert’s different angle photo of the theatre before it filled up. The theatre looks even more stunning!


  11. June 23, 2014–And RANet also posted this Twitter link for a final dress rehearsal view from a high balcony at The Old Vic (love the fog):


  12. June 23, 2014–The Share the Crucible Experience website shared the “Til I Follow in Love” tumblr’s experience (she loved it, and she even had a prop hit her):

    Share the Crucible link:


  13. June 23, 2014–The Armitage Effect blog shares a fan’s experience seeing The Crucible:


  14. June 24, 2014–I was just scrolling through what is titled as CrucibleOldVic tumblr (a fan project?) for the crucible and came across this tweet they shared:

    “Richard as John Proctor.”

    (The image has “by etymakeup”) on it

    He looks beat up by a she devil. Wow!

    Here is the tumblr link, courtesy of Michaela Servetus (Thanks!):


  15. June 24, 2014–Judiang shared a lovely little ficlet about opening night jitters:


  16. June 25, 2014–AngieKLong created a fabulous The Crucible fan made poster!


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