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As reported by RANet this past week, a fan of  Into the Storm actor Nathan Kress–who portrays Trey, the son of lead actor Richard Armitage in the film who portrays Asst. Principal and Teacher Gary Morris–Twittered new production stills for the August 2014 Into the Storm:


IntotheStorm--RichardArmitage-viaNBNathanKress1-19June14_Jun2214ranet                               IntotheStorm--RichardArmitageandSarahWayneCallies-viaNBNathanKress2-19June14_Jun2214ranet
Richard Armitage as Gary Morris           Richard Armitage and Sarah Wayne Callies as storm chaser Allison Stone


IntotheStorm--RichardArmitage-viaNBNathanKress3-19June14_June2214ranet                              IntotheStorm--NathanKressandRichardArmitage-viaNBNathanKress4-19Jun14_Jun2214ranet
Richard Armitage as Gary Morris           Nathan Kress and Richard Armitage

To view all of the production stills with Richard Armitage in them, visit RANet here.

Into the Storm is a film that seeks to authentically portray the devastation tornadoes wreak upon people and their environment. It is a topic that is not for the faint of heart. It is once again tornado season where I live in the Midwest of the US, in Illinois–and we are always attuned to weather alerts and watchful in case we need to take cover.

Visit this link for the rest of the post (451 words more) at Operation Into the Storm 2014.

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