“N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons”, Ch. 69 (PG-13): Returning to Airlie Estates in Scotland, July 05, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #596)

“N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons”, Ch. 69 (PG-13): Returning to Airlie Estates in Scotland,  July 05, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #596)

aaaN&SJohnThorntonLoveLessonsFanFicCoverDec2913GratianaLovelace-256x401(An original fan fiction copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace;   All rights reserved; Based on the Elizabeth Gaskell novel, North & South and its 2004 BBC adaptation; No copyright infringement intended)

[I will illustrate my story using my dream cast from the 2004 BBC production of “North & South” and other actors for additional characters:   Richard Armitage for John Thornton, Daniela Denby-Ashe for Margaret Hale, Lesley Manville for Mrs. Maria Hale, Tim Pigott-Smith for Mr. Richard Hale, Sinead Cusack for Mrs. Hannah Thornton Ogilvy, Jo Joyner for Fiona/Fanny Thornton Ogilvy, Brendan Coyle for Nicholas Higgins, Graham McTavish as Dr. Cameron Ogilvy, Holliday Grainger for Angharad Ogilvy MacIntosh, Simon Woods for Baird Ogilvy, and Emma Ashton as Mrs. Dillard, John Light as Henry Lennox, Tim Faraday as Watson, Gillian Anderson at Carlotta Quint Watson, Jeremy Northam as Dr. Miles Houghton, Gerard Butler as Lord Jamie Ogilvy, and Juliette Lewis as Lady Thistle Ogilvy, etc.] [(1) story logo]

Author’s Mature Content Note: “N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons” is a story with mature themes of love and relationships set within a period drama of the 1850’s. As such there will be heartfelt moments of love and sensuality (S)–as well as other dramatic emotions (D), including some violence (V)–and I will rate those chapters accordingly. If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read that chapter. This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Recap from the previous chapter: In late August 1851–after baby Audrey Grace’s christening just after her two month birthday August 21st–Margaret and John are finding their way through their grief over Margaret’s parents the Hale’s passing. Their eased minds are mostly due to the joy they feel with their little baby. And finally, Margaret and John renew the passionate lovemaking in their marriage–taking care not to get Margaret pregnant since Baby Audrey Grace’s delivery was so difficult for Margaret. But that is not to say that there won’t be more babies in the Thornton family as both John’s mother Hannah and his sister Fiona/Fanny await the births of their babies.


“N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons”, Ch. 69 (PG-13): Returning to Airlie Estates in Scotland

The Autumn months of 1851 fly by with a flurry of science and technology highlights as The Great Exibition ends in mid-October, two new moons of the outermost planet Uranus are discovered and named (Ariel and Umbriel), and telegraph cable guarded by submarines is laid [(2)]. So it should be no surprise to anyone in the Thornton-Ogilvy family that Fiona Thornton Ogilvy has taken it upon herself to have the most modern, most technologically advanced, and most pampered pregnancy and delivery on the planet.

Hannah and Cameron Ogilvy had travelled to Airlie Estate in Angus, Scotland in late October since Hannah’s due date is late November to early December and they want their baby to be born on Scottish soil–it thus having dual citizenship. And technically, the heirs of the Airlie line–be they son or daughter–are proscribed to be born on Scottish soil. And the issues of the Heir Presumptive Baird Ogilvy must also be born in Scotland. So  in late November, Fiona and Baird also travel to Scotland–since Fiona’s due date is somewhere in January 1852. Then the rest of the family will gather in December to spend Christmas at Airlie Castle.

Cameron takes a large enclosed carriage to the Angus, Scotland train station on Friday, November 21st to collect Baird and Fiona. And per Baird’s telegraphed request, a large wagon trails behind for their trunks and such. Cameron is a little on edge to be away from his wife Hannah even for a few hours since as an older woman of fifty being pregnant, she is likely to deliver early. However, upon greeting Baird and Fiona at the train station, it is Fiona whom Cameron develops a watchful concern–since at being nearly eight months pregnant, Fiona has quite surpassed even her mother’s full term pregnant size.

Due to her delicate condition, Baird had engaged a private train car for his wife Fiona to travel to Scotland in style–and they also claimed a good deal of the cargo baggage area for their luggage and other items. While his valet Kirby oversees the unloading from the train of everything but Lady Fiona, Baird steps down to the platform by himself to find his Father.

Baird: “Fatherrr? We arrre overrr herrre!”   Baird calls out to get his Papa’s attention.

Cameron: “Bairrrd!”   Cameron smiles broadly and with open arms walks toward his only son and heir. The two men embrace warmly–the present Earl of Airlie and his Heir Presumptive.   “Ye look well! Wherrre is Fiona?”

Baird: “Thank you, Papa. And you look well also. Fiona is resting in our private car.” Baird gestures to the train car that is like a hotel suite. Cameron’s eye brows rise at the expense of a private train car for only a six hour train trip. Seeing his father’s questioning look, Baird explains as they walk back toward the train car to enter it. “Papa, Fiona has been so uncomforrrtable of late with herrr prrregnancy that I wanted to insurrre her trrraveling home to Airrrrlie without incident.”

Cameron:   “Incident?   Has she been unwell?”

Baird: “No Papa. But Fiona has quite outgrrrown the size of everrry prrregnant woman whom I have everrr seen–who werrre basically Angharrrad and Marrrgaret. But Fiona is verrry sensitive about herrr weight gain–aparrrt from the discomforrrt that she feels. So please tell herrr that she does na look so very larrrge as she does.” Baird pleads. He is trying to be sensitive, but with his father he speaks rather frankly.

Cameron: “Underrrstood!   Now let me to herrr and we will both convey herrr to Airrrlie Castle.”

Baird: “Thank you, Papa. I fearrr that it will take both of us to help Fiona disembarrrk frrrom the trrrain.”

Cameron blanches at that thought–wondering what state he will find Fiona in–as they climb the train car steps and enter the sitting area of the private car. And there sits Fiona on a sette–wearing what can only be describe as a satin tartan tent dress in pink and blue plaid, Fanny-isJoJoyner-inNorth&South-11h03m52s71-Jan1214GratianaLovelaceCap-crop-sized-brt-crop2sml-clrwith a sash tie for adjusting the fit of the dress [(3) right]. Baird had not been exaggerating about Fiona’s pregnancy girth. Her face and hands look only slightly fuller, but her abdomen is quite large due to her pregnancy. Fiona’s normally heart shaped face is now rounded–and her hands and fingers and ankles and legs are also chubby. But her expertly coiffed ringlets and sweetly smiling countenance are clearly in evidence. Lady Fiona Ogilvy might be uncomfortably pregnant–but stylishly so.

Cameron: Moving to his daughter-in-law, Cameron smiles warmly at her as he embraces her and kisses her cheek. “Fiona, me dearrr! Ach!   Ye arrre a sight for sorrre eyes, Lassie.” Cameron smiles broadly and wiggles Fiona’s little chin as if she were a little girl. Baird rolls his eyes at his papa’s phrasing. “We had hoped to see ye both soonerrr.”

Fiona: “Hello, Papa. Thank you. You look good, too.” She smiles sweetly.

Baird: “Hhhh!” Baird sighs out the breath he had been holding while waiting to see if his wife Fiona took his Papa’s greeting favorably. She did. “We had to wait until all of Fiona’s new orrrderrrs arrrrived beforrre we set off frrrom London, Papa.”

Fiona: “Yes! Ordering what one needs can be so tiresome.” She sighs as her arms and hands rest protectively upon her very pregnant belly.

Cameron: “Welll. Ye arrre herrre now. So let us get you to the carrriage before this trrrain deparrrts for its next destination.”

Baird: “Oh Papa, that can na happen. I have alerrrted the Conductorrr not to deparrrt until I give him leave to do so–since Fiona must move carrrefully these days.” Baird smiles lovingly at his wife while holding her hand and kissing her forehead.

Cameron nods his head, impressed with his son’s foresightand planning.

Fiona: “I long to see Mama again. Is she well? Any signs of her baby coming yet?”

Cameron: “Very! And no, na yet.” Truth be told, Cameron is getting a little anxious–hoping that his and Hannah’s baby is not too big. He does not want her to strain too much, given her being fifty years of age. However, strain is a consequent aspect of giving birth–as they witnessed all too alarmingly with Margaret’s child birth of Audrey Grace last June. And the longer Hannah’s baby’s birth delays, the bigger the baby is likely to be.   “But let us get you out of herrre and into the carrriage. We can talk on the rrride home to Airrrlie Castle.”

Fiona and Baird nod. Then the men have the delicate and strength requiring task of lifting Fiona to her feet and then conveying her to the carriage nearby beyond the station. They are in a bit of a quandry as to how to exit her from the train since their private car does not have a train platform level egress. So they slowly walk to the next train car and its hallway, knock twice then enter a private compartment, offer their apologies to the startled but gracious occupants as they walk in front of them, and then they step out onto the train platform.

Once Fiona is safely on the train platform–her being fatigued from even that small exertion–it is decided that Fiona should be transferred to the carriage by a wheeled conveyance. But finding none available–and their own wheel chair already packed away in the Airlie wagon–Baird commandeers a luggage cart. Fiona gamely stands on the luggage cart base and leans back onto the vertical support. Baird straps her in, and then he tilts the luggage cart backward. The change in attitude startles Fiona and she gasps, but she is not afraid of falling since Baird procured the larger and roomier luggage cart for her.

After navigating through the crowd at Angus Station–with Fiona cheerfully waving at children and their parents who recognize her as Lady Fiona Ogilvy–Fiona is carefully assisted into the Airlie carriage for the trip. And then Fiona is assisted out of the carriage again when they reach Airlie Castle around tea time Friday afternoon. And by this time, everyone needs refreshment.


A gloriously pregnant Hannah waits patiently impatient to see her daughter Fanny/Fiona again in the spacious and elegant Airlie Castle Drawing Room. Hannah has improved it with a few decorating enhancements–such as some fabric reupholstering and new drapes to lessen the Ogilvy tartan pattern overpowering the room, and removing the majestic but off putting hunting trophies to Cameron’s large study. The overall effect in the freshened Airlie Castle Drawing Room is comfortable elegance, with a nod to tradition.

Hannah turns with an expectantly joyful expression on her face when she hears footsteps in the outer hallway. She had last seen her daughter and son-in-law at her granddaughter Audrey Grace’s christening three months ago. Fanny was showing her pregnant state then. And now? Hannah masks her surprise at Fiona’s pregnancy size with a smile of loving greeting as she stands.

Hannah: With arms outstretched, Hannah walks forward to greet her daughter. “Fanny!” Mother and daughter embrace.

Fiona: “Mama!” They embrace and kiss cheeks. “Remember, I’m Fiona now, Mama.” Fiona whispers as she tilts her head and bats her eyelashes cutely.

Hannah: Hannah smiles.”Of course! But you were my little Fanny first, my Dear.” Hannah caresses her daughter’s cheek, then they both sit on the sette.

Cameron and Baird each kiss their wives cheeks then sit on opposing chairs next to the sette and surrounding the low table in front of it where a tea tray had been placed just minutes ago by the efficient Airlie Castle staff after being alerted that the Earl and his guests were arriving.

Cameron: Gently clasping his wife Hannah’s hand in his, he asks. “How do ye feel, Hannah My Love?” With her due date so near a little over a week away–he does not like to be away from her for even an instant–let alone the hour the trek to the train station and back again required.

Hannah: Smiling warmly at how her husband Cameron dotes upon her [(4) right], Hannah Hannah-and-Cameron-areSineadCusack-in2004N&S-andGrahamMcTavish-at2012LondonPremiere_May2414GratianaLovelacepats his hand and shakes her head–not even a twinge of pre-labor. “I am fine Cameron, especially now that I have my daughter with me again.”

Baird: “Have John and Marrrgarrret and the baby na yet arrrived?”

Hannah: “No! Nor have Angharad and Alistair and the children. But we expect them all on next Friday’s train. However Jamie and Thistle and their children will join us for dinner this evening.”

Cameron: “Aye!   We will have a castle full again.” Then turning to Baird, he asks. “Can we na convince ye both to stay in Airrrlie Castle for yourrr Christmas stay?”

Baird: “Nay, Papa.” Baird replies reluctantly–because he would rather be where his physician father his with Fiona being so pregnant. “Fiona and I arrre eagerrr to see ourrr home. And the items we brrrought with us will na fit herrre.   Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Cameron: “They had nearly a wagon full.” Cameron nods to Hannah. Then he turns to his son Baird and asks.   “What is it all that ye brought with ye frrrom London?”AnneHathawaysCottagewhereWmShakespeareWooedherApr1314TheAnglophileChannel-sized

Cameron remembers that his former home–where Baird and Fiona reside in when they are on the estate–as being quite comfortable already [(5) right]. But Fiona answers first.

Fiona:   “Oh, Papa! It is for my comfort being pregnant and for when I give birth.”

Baird: Leaning into his Father, Baird says sotto voce. “Waterrr seems to be an integrrral theme of many these contrrraptions.” Baird rolls his eyes.

Hannah: “Water?” Hannah asks with polite interest.

Fiona: “Yes! Water! I have read and read and read about pregnancy and child birth to prepare myself.”

Cameron: “Is that so?” As the medical pratictioner in the family, he wonders why she did not simply ask him.

Fiona: “Yes, Papa. Modern child birthing tracts seem to point to lessening the impact of gravity and it causing back pain during pregnancy with watertubs–and then conversely using gravity with birthing chairs or birthing tubs during the birth itself.” Fiona has an air of confidence about her well informed state. Perhaps Fiona’s thoroughness is her reaction to her having witnessed and participated in Margaret’s harrowing birthing experience. But having this birthing knowledge has calmed Fiona’s fears because she feels almost prepared for her birthing trials to come.  “Mama, you should come to our home one day this week to try out the water tub. It is a marvel!” Fiona kindly suggests.

Hannah: Looking at her daughter with a skeptical eye, Hannah demures. “I thank you for the kind offer, Fanny, … Fiona.” Hannah corrects herself. “But we have tubs aplenty here, thank you.” Hannah rolls her eyes for her husband Cameron’s benefit and he stifles a small smile.

Cameron: “And what was that larrrge rrrubberrr bundle I saw? Another waterrr pool?” He asks Fiona in jest.

Fiona: “Oh no, Papa!   That is a water mattress!” Fiona smiles gleefully. “It is so wonderful for the back as well–whether one is pregnant or not.” She smiles innocently. Well, Fiona looks as innocent as a much loved married woman about to give birth to their first child can look.

Baird:   “Kkkhhh!”   Baird coughs in slight embarrassment and begins to turn crimson. The water mattress and its undulating motion if it is not filled too full was a boon in their early lovemaking–in terms of accustoming his wife Fiona to the rhythm of lovemaking. And until Fiona’s seventh month–last month–the water mattress allowed Fiona’s back to feel quite comfortable, despite the slightly varying lovemaking positions they engaged in. And yet, Baird still has hopes of them thinking creatively with regard to maintaining their love life.

Hannah looks at Baird’s discomfitted state and wonders for its source. Baird’s Father Cameron merely raises an eyebrow and smiles knowingly at his son–who blushes further. Cameron has heard of water mattresses–and their many uses.

Hannah: “May I offer you more tea, Baird Dear?” Hannah asks solicitously with her arm outstretched to receive his tea cup and saucer.

Baird: “Kkhhh! Yes, thank ye, Mama.” Baird hands her his teacup, which she fills.
Their delightful tea continues for another fifteen minutes before Baird sweeps Fiona back to their home to rest before dinner back at Airlie Castle.


That evening’s dinner at Airlie Castle is perhaps a trifle early at six o’clock than one normally hosts dinner–a nod to the two pregnant ladies and Baird’s and Fiona’s having to travel from London today. And it is a smallish Ogilvy family gathering with Hannah and Cameron, Fiona and Baird, and the towering six foot six inch Lord Jamie and his spitfire of a wife Lady Thistle and their children nine year old Hamish and five year old Blythe.

As soon as Lord Jamie and Lady Thistle and their children arrive, the ever dainty little Blythe-is-a-paintingbyPaulEmileChabas-portrait-of-a-young-girl_Apr2214oceansbridgecom--sized-brtLady Blythe with her blue silk beribboned hair [(6) right] makes a quick cane assisted walk–to balance her gait–into the Airlie Castle Drawing Room. Blythe has become an intrepid walker now that she has a playmate in Lissa Dillard who encourages Blythe to play outside more–despite Blythe’s shorter leg impairment adjusted with a thick heeled shoe. And this increased activity gives Blythe more stamina and confidence.

Blythe: “Nana Hannah!” Blythe calls out, using her friend Lissa Dillard’s affectionate address for Hannah, Lady Airlie.

Hannah: “Ah! Blythe, dear!”   Hannah smiles warmly at her and opens her arms, where Blythe nestles into her embrace.

Other greetings ensue as Baird claps young Viscount Hamish on his shoulders.

Baird: “Are ye to challenge me to a game of chess after dinner, Hamish?”

Hamish: “I will, if you wish it cousin Bairrrd.” Hamish smiles pridefully for being singled out by his tall and commanding cousin who will one day be the Earl and head of their family.

Cameron: “I have set out me alabasterrr chess set overrr therrre in the bay window in case therrre would be a rrrematch.” Hamish beams a thankful smile to his cousin, the Earl of Airlie, and head of their branch of the Ogilvy family.

Jamie: “Ye will have to play skillfully, Bairrrd. Ourrr Hamish’s chess playing has advanced grrreatly.” Lord Jamie states proudly.

Baird: “Indeed.”

And Lady Thistle greets Lady Fiona warmly while the men converse about chess.
Thistle: “Fiona, my dearrr, ye look so beautifully prrregnant.” Thistle leans down to the sitting Fiona and they kiss cheeks.

Fiona: “Thank you, Thistle.   I had to have all new dresses made to fit my growing pregnancy.” She smiles as she strokes her light blue satin covered belly.

The square neckline of Fiona’s gown this evening has a narrow lace edging that still cannot hide her pregnancy voluptuousness from her husband’s appreciative gaze. That is, until his little cousin Hamish tugs at his jacket sleeve and draws Baird’s attention back to the game of chess.

Hannah holds Blythe’s hand as they walk over to Fiona and Thistle.

Blythe: Blythe sees how very round her cousin by marriage is. “Are you having your baby tonight, cousin Fiona?”    Blythe asks curiously. It is a fair question, given Fiona’s size.

Hannah, Fiona, and Thistle: The ladies laugh lightly. “Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Fiona: “No, Blythe Dear. I must wait until January until our baby is born.” Just then, the baby kicks or stretches–and Fiona startles. “Oh! He or she is active tonight. It must be the long train trip we had today.”   Noticing Blythe staring at her pregnant stomach, Fiona asks. “Would you like to feel the baby kick, Blythe?”

Blythe: “Ooh! May I?”   Little Lady Blythes eyes light up in wonder as she gently places her hands where Fiona shows her to. Then Blythe rests her head on Fiona’s belly even as her hand is still touching it. Blythe hears the woosh of blood and she feels the baby move–at both her cheek and at her hand on the other side of Fiona’s belly. “Does the baby moving around so much hurt?”   Blythe asks caringly.

Fiona: “No Sweetheart. But it can sometimes be uncomfortable and fatiguing.” Indeed, Fiona is feeling quite tired tonight.

Blythe: Lifting up her head from Fiona’s belly–but now placing a second hand on her abdomen–Blythe suggests. “Maybe your baby will come early. Then you will feel better.   The lamb I helped be born came early and its mama sheep felt better after.”

Hannah: “You helped a lamb be born?” Hannah asks quizzically.

Blythe holds up her little hands and wiggles her fingers gleefuflly.

Blythe:   “I reached in and pulled the lamb out.” Blythe states quite pleased with herself.

Jamie: Gently placing his hands on his daughter’s shoulders, he says proudly.   “The lamb was too young to find its own way out of its motherrr’s womb. So Blythe played midwife–since herrr hands werrre so small–and she helped the baby lamb out.”

Fiona looks shocked, then contemplative. And Thistle rightly worries that Fiona is remembering when Fiona had to assist Margaret’s baby in being born.

Thistle:   “Jamie, we need not talk about that now.” Thistle gently admonishes her husband wincingly. Jamie nods his apologies. “I’m sorry, Fiona, dearrr.”

Hannah caringly clasps her daughter Fiona’s hand in hers, even as Baird leans over the back of the sette and softly kisses his wife Fiona’s temple in tender solicitude.

Fiona: “I am fine everyone. No need to worry or fuss.” Fiona smiles bravely as the first time mother to be.

Then Fiona takes little Blythe’s hands in hers and squeezes them gently and caringly as she gazes fondly at her little cousin by marriage. Then Fiona’s gaze lowers and she looks more closely at Blythe’s very small hands in hers. And Fiona looks back up into Blythe’s sweetly smiling face–with a wondering and hopeful expression on Fiona’s face.


After dinner that evening, Baird and Fiona settle into their bed chamber in their home on the Airlie Estate. Baird changes into his sleeping attire in his dressing room with the assistance of his valet, Kirby. And with the assistance of her ladies maid Clara, Baird’s wife Fiona changes into her ivory silk nightgown with a pink ribbon sash under and supporting Fiona’s now even lovelier fuller bosom. The newly made nightgown was a gift from her brother John and sister-in-law Margaret Thornton who had found a similar design very comfortable and feminine during her own pregnancy.

As Baird enters their shared bed chamber, he finds his wife Fiona sitting at her vanity table on her cushioned bench. Baird removes his robe to reveal his bare chest over his night pants. He places his robe on a chair at his bedside, then places a tentatively hand upon their bed– the water mattress undulates slightly, and Baird raises a wicked eye brow.

Baird: “I see that ye have yourrr waterrr matrrress alrrready installed tonight, Fiona My BairdOgilvyComp-isSimonWoods-head-asBingley-in2005Pride&Prejudice-and-neckasOctavius-in2007RomeApr2714GratianaLmanip-filpLove.” His voice deepens huskily matching his smouldering gaze [(7) right] as he walks over to her and tenderly places his hands upon her bare shoulders–seductively rubbing his thumbs up her neck and back down to her shoulders again. His Fiona might be nearly nine months pregnant, but her carrying his child has made her even more beautiful to her loving husband Baird.

Fiona: “Yes. My ladies maid Clara said it took the manorful of servants to get it filled in time for us to sleep on it tonight.”   Fiona’s cheeks pinken, she smiles shyly, and she only briefly glances up at her husband’s reflected smiling smirk in her vanity table mirror.

Baird leans down and softly kisses his wife’s exposed neck, as he places a gently caressing hand upon her pregnant belly. Fiona trembles. The baby kicks.

Baird: “Ach! He kicked me!” Baird sighs and kneels down beside Fiona, placing his ear against her belly as she strokes his hair.

Fiona: “He? Ha ha ha! You know our baby may very well be a girl.” Then she becomes quiet and bites her lip

Baird: Sensing her distress, Baird lifts his head up and kisses his wife Fiona’s lips. “What is wrrrong, Fiona?”

Fiona: “Baird? Will you be very upset if our baby is a little girl?”

Baird: Smiling, he reassures her. “Nay, My Love. As long as ourrr bairrrn is borrrn healthy, I will be happy.” He looks at her with discernment. “You want ourrr baby to be a little girrrl?”

Fiona: “I do.” She tilts her head wistfully, and she bites her lower lip fretfully at the thought of possibly displeasing her loving husband.

Baird: “Well, we arrre young. And I darrre say that in time we shall both have ourrr wishes fulfilled forrr a son and forrr a daughterrr.”

Fiona: “I would like two of each! So that they may be playmates with each other.” She strokes the chest hair at the base of his neck as she remembers sadly her lonely childhood when they had been reduced to poverty by her father’s death. But for the loving attentions of her much older brother during those difficult times, Fanny/Fiona would have felt quite bereft of any society.

Baird: “Two of each! My! Ye arrre a demanding Lassie.” He growls seductively. “But I shall endeavorrr to assist in grrranting yourrr wishes, me dearrr.”

Baird captures Fiona’s lips in a tender kiss that quickly deepens. Baird has joyfully found that his loving wife Fiona’s desires have become even more heightened as her pregnancy has progressed. And he is ever wanting to shower her with his loving ministrations–however creatively they end up going about it since Fiona’s baby tummy precludes her from being comfortable in certain lovemaking positions. However, this night Baird and Fiona share a loving romantic interlude before blissfully falling asleep in each others’ loving arms.

And in the week ahead, Baird and Fiona look forward to more family joining them in Scotland–with John and Margaret and the baby arriving, as will Anghard and Alastair and their children–as the extended Ogilvy-Thornton family prepares for Hannah’s and Cameron’s baby being born and then celebrating a family Christmas together in Scotland. At least, that is their plan.

To be continued with Chapter 70


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