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Kelbel75 (Nowhere in Particular RA blog) and Guylty (Guylty Pleasure blog) have a great Thorin-contemplative_Aug2714Fortesque-tumblr_na39mfqiaw1ql524yo1_500idea about the fans of the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage (image right of Richard Armitage as Thorin, Fortescu Tumblr) sharing our love of Thorin with the man, himself, Richard Armitage.

They call it The Thorin Project:

1)  Part 1–Describing The Thorin Project

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“Guylty and I [kelbel75] thought it might be a neat idea for us to share with Richard a celebration of Thorin, and what he has meant to us. We would like to ask for submissions of fan quotes for a coffee table type book that we will compile, print, and send off to Richard in time for the premiere of BOFA. Our thought is for it to be a keepsake, a special memento for him. It is our intent for it to be a gift from the fans; not bringing attention to what any one of us might say but to express our gratitude as a collective whole, for his great work in the Hobbit trilogy.”…

2) Part 2–Just a few Notes clarifying the description of the Thorin project

Excerpt (Image right, Nowhere in Particular RA):
“keep in mind that this is a book about Thorin for Richard, not a book about Richard ThorinSmiling--Oct0714Nowhereinparticular-tumblr_mz0fpuanbv1rq829ao2_500-sized-clrfor Richard. while he certainly deserves high praise for all he’s done in bringing Thorin to life, Mr. A  can sometimes be modest and bashful, so we don’t want to make him feel uncomfortable.  for this reason we’d like to keep the focus on Thorin as much as possible; subtle nods to Richard can be slipped in here and there, but try to keep a hold on those inner fangirls.”

3) Part 3–“Not to be cheeky”, but a few more clarifications

Excerpt (Image right, Nowhere in Partiular RA):

“We want this book to be a celebration of Thorin for Richard. something that he can RichardArmitage-inThorin-costume-holding-up-his Orcrist-gift--Oct0714Nowhereinparticular-tumblr-sized-cntrstread, as a fan of Thorin himself, to look back on and remember what this character encompasses; how he (Thorin) inspires, as we share our thoughts about him with Richard. We’re all on the same level, us and Richard, as being fans of Thorin. I originally stressed the “Richard’s Thorin” because I wanted to focus on the Thorin we’ve gotten to know through the movies, not the original book Thorin. Some of your comments are mentioning what Richard has brought to Thorin, to differentiate between book and movie, and I’m not discouraging praise for Richard in this area; just try to word it in a way that doesn’t call Richard out by name.”

… “This book isn’t meant to be about Richard. We want to celebrate Thorin with Richard.”


So are you ready to participate? Then here is The Thorin Project’s forms page for you to get started:

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