Thorin Thursday: New The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Trailer to be Released at 12noonCST, November 6, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #656)

The new The Hobbit:  The Battle of the Five Armies new trailer is supposed to be released at around 10am PST (California time), which is 12noon CST (Chicago/Grati time.)  So as soon as I can find a link for the new video, I will paste it below.

In the meantime, we can enjoy this lovely new THBOFA poster showing the Heirs of Durin battling it out, courtesy of www.RichardArmitageNet:


And for the exquistely talented British actor Richard Armitage who portrays Thorin Oakenshield, King Under the Mountain, we “will follow you, one last time”:

“The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – Main Trailer – HD Official Warner Bros. UK” video by WarnerBros. UK (published Nov. 6, 2014)

 WOW!  EPIC is right!

 Thanks to Digital Spy for the trailer link above!


Here is the initial THBOFA Trailer published July 28, 2014:

“The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – Official Teaser Trailer [HD]”, a video by Warner Bros. Pictures


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Gratiana Lovelace is my nom de plume for my creative writing and blogging. I write romantic stories in different sub genres. The stories just tumble out of me. My resurgence in creative writing occurred when I viewed the BBC miniseries of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel North & South in February 2010. The exquisitely talented British actor portraying the male lead John Thornton in North & South--Richard Crispin Armitage--became my unofficial muse. I have written over 50 script stories about love--some are fan fiction, but most are original stories--that I am just beginning to share with others on private writer sites, and here on my blog. And as you know, my blog here is also relatively new--since August 2011. But, I'm having fun and I hope you enjoy reading my blog essays and my stories. Cheers! Grati ;-> upd 12/18/11
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7 Responses to Thorin Thursday: New The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Trailer to be Released at 12noonCST, November 6, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #656)

  1. Nov.6-7, 2014–Thanks for liking this post!

    LadyButterfly Servetus, and ania- zrysiowana ja


  2. Nov. 6, 2014–Here are samplings of other blogger’s reactions to the new THBOFA trailer:

    1) Servetus’ MeandRichard blog:
    My/Grati’s comment there about the trailer:
    Wow! Loved the Thorin-centric yet inclusive of Middle Earth newTHBOFA trailer!
    And all those folks who didn’t think there would be enough action and plot for a third film? They are eating their words now.

    2) Perry at her Armitage Agonistes blog:
    My/Grati’s comment there about her essay:
    Thanks for your fine analysis of the fine points of what the new THBOFA trailer reveals!

    3) Perry at her Armitage Agonistes blog:
    My/Grati’s comment there about RA’s tweet cap:
    Love RA’s tweet! RA is wonderfully gracious and ebulliently giddy at the same time!

    4) Lily Milos for the Middle Earth News blog:
    My/Grati’s comment there:
    I can’t wait to see THBOFA! From this new trailer, it looks like all of the major stakeholders–and their angsty conflicts–are aligned to collide in one heck of a trilogy finale!

    5) Lady M of Gisborne’s It’s an RA World blog:
    My/Grati’s comment there:
    Great caps and summary of the trailer. Thanks!

    P.S. If you’re a blogger with a post about the new THBOFA trailer, please share your link in a comment below so we can find it! Thanks!


  3. Nov. 6, 2014–Thorin of Erebor’s Stunning cap of Thorin Oakenshield:

    Grati: I feel like I should bow to him: Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror, King Under the Mountain!


  4. Nov. 06, 2014–A regal but tormented stunning Thorin portrait by Miriel of Gisborne tumblr as shared by Behind Blue Eyes on FB:

    And here is Miriel of Gisborne’s tweet with the Thorin portrait above and one other perspective:


  5. Nov.6, 2014–An especially poignant moment in the new THBOFA trailer is when Thorin and Kili reunite (RANet cap shared in timeline format by Teresa A.):

    P.S. Since the Facebook link wasn’t working, I saved the cap, and that appears above.


  6. Nov. 8, 2014–Another gReat BOFA poster with Kili, Fili, & Thorin (shared by The Hobbit Movie)

    My/Grati’s response was “All of it!” But especially with Thorin. The trailer was spectacular! I can’t wait to see this epic finale!


  7. Nov.8, 2014–Thorin of Erebor has created another stunningly beautiful Thorin wallpaper:


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