Sexy SatuRdAy: Reblog of It’s an RA World: Richard Armitage Photos in Digital DA MAN Magazine, November 29, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post#664)

We have all been delighted with the new portraits of the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage for the cover interview article in DA MAN magazine. And I have joked that Richard Armitage looks so handsome that they might consider renaming that issue “DA-AMN!” As in, he is so fine!

For those of us without a subscription to DA MANthough you can buy single issues here (as I hope to do)Richard Armitage Central has kindly obtained and shared the digital article scans and pix.

And Lady M at her It’s an RA World blogspot (Thanks!) has helpfully shared the RAC images that I have reblogged below.

“Richard Armitage Photos in Digital DA MAN Magazine” posted November 28, 2014

The digital issue of DA MAN magazine became available today with our handsome Richard Armitage on the digital cover and in between the digital pages. The photographer of the photo shoot is Mitchell Ngyuen McCormack.

The pictures in this post come courtesy of Richard Armitage Central.

Nice shot!”


Grati: For the rest of the photos and the article scans–plus Lady M’s asides, Ha!–please visit her original post at:


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  1. Nov. 29, 2014–Ania also shares larges images of the new Richard Armitage portraits in DA Man Magazine


  2. Nov. 29 & Dec. 1,2014–Thanks for liking this post!
    Lady M of Gisborne and crystalchandlyre


  3. Nov. 30, 2014–Fun Day Sunday: A tale of two RA portraits.

    I couldn’t resist making a little graphic when it occurred to me that these 2006 (Sunday Times) and 2014 (DaMan) images had similar poses. Either way, Richard Armitage smoulder is in evidence. Purrrr!

    Orig images courtesy of


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