Thespian Thursday: Please vote for Richard Armitage to win 3rd Place in 2014 Anglo Fan Favorites Man, December 04, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #666)

I know. The BBC America’s 2014 Anglo Fan Favorites Man could have a more AnnaMadeley-and-RichardArmitageatTheCrucible-onscreen-premiere-byDavid Jensen_Dec0414ranet-sizedappealing title to entice us to vote for our favorite male thespians–in my case, the exquisitely talented British Actor Richard Armitage (right at The Crucible On Screen Premiere Dec. 2nd with his costar Anna Madeley in a photo by David Jensen)–because my favorite man is my hubby of almost twenty five years.

I’m contractually obligated to mention my hubby as being first in my heart. Ha!   And the in situ and eminently tactile nature of my love trounces a virtual dream any day. But Richard Armitage takes a close second. *wink*


Alternative Angophenia competition titles might be (vote for your favorite in a comment below, or add your own title option):

  1. 2014 Non-Brits Most Admired Brit Actor
  2. 2014 Favorite British Actor
  3. 2014 If I can’t sleep with him, at least let me drool over him Favorite Brit Actor

Okay. Well that last choice was just being honest. *ducks head and hopes my hubby doesn’t’ read this*

So though Mr. Armitage’s fans had brought him so close to being in the 2014 Anglo Fan Favorites Man finals this year, he is in a fierce competition for Third place against a newcomer named Colin Morgan, who has a very devoted fan base.

Ladies and other RA Fans, are we going to take this lying down? Oh goodness, forget that imagery! It’s too distRActing. But don’t you just love talented photographer Sarah Dunn’s portraiture of Richard Armitage (below)? The question is rhetorical.

Well wake up and smell RA’s armpits! (right) You know you want to.RichardArmitageasJohnPorter--removinghisshirt_Dec0414tumblr_m2wzarVKxK1qc5k7uo1_250

We need to start voting frequently today and into early Dec. 5th if Mr. Armitage is to rise from his current 45%, as I post this, and to best Mr. Morgan to claim 3rd place.  Why? Why not! Let’s have a go, shall we?

And here’s a more recent Richard Armitage selfie image voting graphic that I created to inspire us (right).


Go Global Team Armitage!


P.S. The above was a clearly facetious tongue in cheek post. But do please vote for Richard Armitage.  Apart from being talented, he seems like a heck of a nice guy, gentlemanly, socially aware, and compassionate via his charities that he sponsors.  So he really deserves some recognition.


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