Fan Fic Friday: Sir Guy of Gisborne in “Rebel Mine”, a New Novel by Charlotte Hawkins, December 5, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #667)

I initially came to know about the character portrayals of the exquisitely talented British Actor Richard RobinHood-series1-promopix03-RichardArmitageasSirGuy2006_Dec0414ranetArmitage through his honorable and true portrayal of John Thornton in the BBC’s 2004 production North & South, in 2010–a book by Elizabeth Gaskell published in 1855.

So it was a shock to my senses to later find another character of Mr. Armitage’s be the complete polar opposite of JT–in the person of Sir Guy of Gisborne in the Robin Hood long running BBC One television program (right) (from2006-2009). Richard Armitage portrayed Sir Guy as self seeking, cruel, violent, libidinous, and generally dishonorable–and he stole the show!

I guess we do love our bad boys. And even more, we love our reformed bad boys. Sir Guy became a project in my mind and in many others–a troubled man whom we could mold into a good man, if he could just find the right woman to love and to be loved by. Of course, I have my own Guy tales that I write.

But today, I’m talking about another author of Sir Guy of Gisborne fan fiction, Charlotte Hawkins, aka @Charlotte1194 on the Wattpad story site (below). She writes wonderful stories about the continuing saga of the reform of Sir Guy into an upstanding citizen, honorable man, loving husband, and doting if stern father. Perfection! And she has a new story in progress in the series that I am currently reading–her in progress tale, Rebel Mine.


So below are story links in chronological order–within the context of the storytelling–to Charlotte’s Sir Guy story series on Wattpad (some of which can also be bought on Amazon for your Kindle for PC, as I have also done)–all stories are complete, except “Rebel Mine” which is in progress:

“The Tempest Revisited” (right)– Charlotte revised this story a bit from an earlier published TheTempestRevisited_Dec0414CharlotteHawkinsversion, enhancing an already great story about how Sir Guy of Gisborne came to be on his road to finding his true path in life–that had been thwarted with a childhood trauma and his environment–and the woman who helped him find that path.

“The Gisbornes, a Novelette”  (right)–tells the early history of the young Gisborne family.TheGisbornes-a-Novelette_Dec0414CharlotteHawkins Seeing Sir Guy as a father was a revelation! And Charlotte showcases society’s pressures for Sir Guy to maintain his aloof masculine presence as supreme master of his domain–juxtaposed with the reality of the Gisborne’s delightfully unconventional (for the social norms of the time period) and sometimes chaotic family life.

“Rebel Mine” (in progress, right) –is currently being serialized by Charlotte. The story delves  RebelMine_Dec0414CharlotteHawkinsinto the adolescent and young adult lives of the younger Gisbornes, and their parents’ reaction to the inevitable reality that their children will grow up one day. In particular, the story focuses upon their brash eldest daughter Thea’s bethrothal and courtship–and her father’s stubborn denial that her marriage should ever come to pass.

“My Lady Gisborne”  (right)– follows the lives of the younger Gisbornes as young adults MyLadyGisborne_Cover_Dec0414CharlotteHawkinsforging new paths for themselves. Yet Charlotte manages to seamlessly interweave the lives of the aging Sir Guy and his wife amongst them. This story is probably my favorite of Charlotte’s Guy tales because the central character of the obedient daughter Evelyn and her courtship is so charming–and also so frought with difficulty to keep you on the edge of your seat.

“The Baron’s Lady” (right)–was my first introduction to Charlotte’s Sir Guy tales, then TheBaronsLady_Dec0414CharlotteHawkinsI quickly read–and reread–her other books. In this tale, another young Gisborne family member finds that he must fight against society if he is to win the lady who holds his heart. And again, we see an aging Sir Guy not wanting the future to come knocking at his door so insistently, but Sir Guy sagely and wisely providing guidance and counsel to his son.

Here is a quick bio about Charlotte Hawkins as shared on her Wattpad site:

“I’m a Guy of Gisborne fan and a hopeless romantic. My favorite books is Jane Eyre,. “(Don’t et me going on it. I might not stop. I’m a movie nerd. Heck, I’m just a nerd in general, but I’m not ashamed of it. Writing is my passion, but I also love gardening and the outdoors. I enjoy a quiet life in the country.”

And I have come to know Charlotte across the miles as a warm and friendly person whom it is my privilege to be acquainted with and call friend.

So I encourage you to start reading at the beginning with “The Tempest Revisited” and go on the journey that Sir Guy of Gisborne takes under the accomplished writing of Charlotte Hawkins. Her stories have literally had millions of reads, they are that good. You will be glad you did take time read one of her stories. And do get comfy as you read. Because once you start reading her Guy Tales, you won’t be able to stop. Cheers!

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  1. aj daisy says:

    I have all Charlotte’s printed books she tells a brilliant story and her Guy is one of my favourites.

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    • Hi aj daisy, Thanks for your nice note! I concur wholeheartedly about Charlotte’s wonderful storytelling about Sir Guy. I also own her books on my Kindle for PC. Thanks for visiting and commenting! Holiday Cheers! Grati ;->


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