Tuesday Musings: Richard Armitage THBOFA LA Premiere Prep Checklist, December 09, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #669)

Hi RA Fans/Admirers, THBOFA--Dec0914LAPremiere01-Invitation_Dec0814TheHobbitMovie-sized

Tuesday/today will no doubt be filled with press events for The Hobbit folks as they prepare for tonight’s Los Angeles Premiere(right) of “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”.  Red carpet arrivals begin at 5:30pm (PST, LA time).

If I find a livestream link for the Red Carpet, I will post it.

Update, 5:15pm PST (LA Time):  The One Ring Net has a live feed going from the press pit–with the Happy Hobbit girls. Ha!  Note that their feed is choppy:


But what must go through the exquisitely talented British actor who portrays Thorin Oakenshield, Richard Armitage’s mind as he preps for his THBOFA premiere Tuesday night?

In 2012 for THAUJ’s World Premiere inWellington, New Zealnd, I proposed an RA ficlet.  
In 2013 for THDofS, I loved viewing the LA World Premiere Black Carpet livestream and shared my caps of several pictures–including a devastatingly handsome, you know who.

For 2014’s LA Final Premiere in LA, I propose for Richard Armitage a fun male grooming Premiere Prep Checklist–based on his prior stated preferences:

1) wash pitts, check!EsquireUKDec2013Photospread-vid--RichardArmitage-buttoning-shirt_Dec0814TeresaACap-sized
2) barely shave, stubble-rrific, check!
3) put on underpants, socks, handkerchief, cellphone, room card, check!
4) brush teeth, then gargle–with wine, or Thorin Cocktail, check!EsquireUKDec2013Photospread-vid--RichardArmitage-buttoning-shirt_Dec0814TeresaACap-GratianaL-sized-sepia
5) smile in the mirror, oops pull clothing tag off sleeve as I adjust cuffs and cuff links, check!

It’s showtime!

(Image from 2013 Esquire UK photospread video, capped by TeresaA (Thanks!), right top . Grati’s sepia tone edit, right bottom.)

And just for fun, here is that Esquire video again–courtesy of Kathleen Evans:


Of course my burning question for Mr. Armitage is, can your LA BOFA premiere suit/tux z12TH3BOFALondonPremiere--RichardArmitage-Suit02_Dec0114tycat-tweet-sizedtop your sartorial splendour with your London World Premiere of THBOFA vested suit?   Perfection!   Sighhh! (image right, courtesy of tycat tweet)


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies will be coming to a theatre near you soon. And don’t forget to check for RA Fans planning THBOFA events–such as the Chicago December 20th gathering to view the film, and have some fun in the Windy City.

Have a gReAt day and evening to all of The Hobbit cast and creatives–and to their fans like me who can’t wait to see the film!


Cheers!   Grati ;->


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  1. Dec. 09, 2014–Ooh! The Hobbit Autograph maker sent another Thorin Autograph–and you can never have too much of a good thing!


  2. Dec. 09, 2014–TORN tweeted a pix of the BOFA LA Premiere Black Carpet:


  3. Dec.09, 2014–Per RAC (Thanks!) TORN is doing a live stream from the BOFA LA Premiere Black Carpet:



  4. Dec.09, 2014–William Kirchner = Bifur


  5. Dec.09, 2014–Marlise Boland to the rescue


  6. Dec. 09, 2014–More from Marlise:


  7. Dec.09, 2014–Tweet From Marlise Boland

    TheAnglophileChannel ‏@AnglophileTV 5s6 seconds ago

    .@RCArmitage in the house! Everyone is stopping off to see the fans first… Which I think is very classy!


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  13. Dec. 9, 2014–Just now, someone became my 360,000th view with this blog post! Yayyy! Thank you so much!

    Nitey nite!


  14. Dec.9, 2014–Photographer Kevin Winter took this great shot of Evangeline Lily and Richard Armitage at the BOFA LA Premiere tonight.

    Embed from Getty Images


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