Tuesday Musings: All I want for Christmas is You RA, December 23, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #674)

*facetious alert*

I have reached the age when I’m not really into receiving presents. Shocking, I know. But if you want to give me something, please make it a useful item like hand lotion, or hot chocolate, or more hand lotion–consumables are definitely the way to go with me. I don’t need any more stuff–especially if it has to find a place to sit or if it has to be dusted.

As I type, I’m looking at the clear plastic storage bin that will soon house my exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage and The Hobbit film trilogy memorabilia–cups, magazines, books, etc. At least I hope that they will all fit into one bin. Ha! Mind you, this bin won’t be packed away to be forgotten. But rather, the bin will sit in a handy corner for accessing–precluding the need for the aforementioned dusting. Snap!

But Christmas is upon us in two days. And I can’t help becoming a little giddy and giggly. And though I feel an intoxicating rush, it is not due to any spirits, because I don’t indulge–though come to think of it, it might be a blood sugar high. Ha! However, if I had my fondest wish–apart from world peace, health and prosperity for all, education and equality for women, safety and cherishing of our children, etc.–it would be for one sparkling moment to be the ingénue with the hourglass figure (when my figure can often be referred to by fruit, apples, pear, etc.), the fun, ladylike, and sassy woman who gets the tall dark and handsome shy man, in all of his many character incarnations, to dance the night away with me. Yes, that is a metaphor. And once is not enough. Ha!

You see, All I want for Christmas is You, Richard Armitage

via the video by utubeacct2008 (love this vid!)

Richard Armitage – All I Want For Christmas

Now if only someone would update this video to include some lovely Thorin, Proctor, and more current Richard Armitage images such as these below, I would be a very happy lady. Sighhhh!

zBOFA--Thorin Closeup Nov2714mirielofgisbornetumber-viarafrancefb-sized copy                HBT3-fs-348347.DNG
by Miriel of Gisborne                                                             by Live for Films


zBOFA--RichardArmitage-asThorin_Nov2614ThorinMajesticKingfb-sized                  zTheCrucible--RichardArmitageCleansingSceneBareChested_Oct0114DigitalTheatre-sized
by Thorin Majestic King                                            by Digital Theatre


z12TH3BOFALondonPremiere--RichardArmitage-Suit02_Dec0114tycat-tweet-sized                                               THBOFA London Premiere via tycat


P.S. As my good friend Kitty would say. Gawd!  Richard Armitage is one gorgeous hunk of talented man! *THUD* But alas, Richard, I already have a tall, dark, and handsome man–though my hubby swears that I must be wearing love goggles. Ha! So my fantasizing about you will have to be relegated to my storytelling–where anything can happen. *blushes* But I will still look for you under my Christmas tree, just in case. *wink*


P.S.  Update 7:26am CST:  I got my wish!!!!!   Thanks to Fernanda Matais for pointing me to Richard Armitage’s 2014 Christmas Message to his fans!   RA’s  tweet link appears below (his portrait right, by Sarah Dunn that he also shared):



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21 Responses to Tuesday Musings: All I want for Christmas is You RA, December 23, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #674)

  1. June says:

    I second the motion <3

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  2. Kitty says:

    Picked up on that hick twang, didn’t you, Girl Friend ;) . All I want for Christmas is Richard Armitage as John Porter. And some hair; I want my hair to grow back on this balding head. And plane ticket prices to come down; a flight from GSP to Nicaragua is currently over $1K. Hope Santa reads this. :D We received your lovely card in the post. Thank you, Darlin’ – unfortunately, especially for my sister who is administrative assistant to the post master and her husband who is a mail carrier, I didn’t mail holyday greetings this year. I know, I’m such a slacker. I hope your Christmas is full of joy. (((Hugs, Babe)))

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    • Hi Kitty, Thanks for your nice note! It’s impossible “not” to twang. Ha! Hope that your Christmas wishes come true. Not a problem about not doing cards. I have pared down myself in recent years. Love & Hugs & Holiday Cheers! Grati ;->


  3. Dec. 23 & 25, 2014–Thanks for liking this post!

    Herba, richardtreehouse (tree), jazzbaby1, Carolyn, Servetus, and ania- zrysiowana ja


  4. Dec. 23, 2014–Cute Thornton graphic:


  5. Dec. 23, 2014–Look what’s under Richard Armitage’s Christmas Tree, more honors and recognition for his portrayal of John Proctor in “The Crucible” at The Old Vic last Summer.

    Stephen Collins of BritishTheatre.com says that Richard Armitage was the:

    “Best performance by a male in a play

    Richard Armitage’s John Proctor in The Crucible at the Old Vic was an astonishing achievement by any measure, not the least because it was so unexpected. There were many other marvellous performances by men this year, some in large parts, some in small, but Armitage’s Proctor was mesmerising, utterly believable and thoroughly compelling. And it has stayed with me, in a way that others have not. At his most convincing in the silences, the haunted looks and profound incomprehension of the fanatical lunacy around him, Armitage also managed the howls of outrage that mark out Proctor as an extraordinary man. A shattering portrait of pain and guilt.”

    “The Crucible” production was also praised as one of the 10 best plays in London.

    Here is the link to the full article praising British Theatre:


  6. Dec. 23, 2014–the Armitage Authors Network has put together a listing of links to Christmas related RA fics. Enjoy!

    The Richard Armitage image they used in their tweet is from his 2008 promos. Purrrr! Baby, it may be cold outside, but RA warms me right up! Ha!


  7. Dec. 23, 2014–Isn’t this RA Christmas shared by Summer RAfandreamer gorgeous! She just tweeted it! Thanks!


  8. Dec. 23, 2014–Wow! This RA Christmas Card tweeted to me by Summer RAfandreamer (Thanks!) is truly spectacular!

    RA image by Sarah Dunn Photography

    P.S. And Summer shares that she found this edit on Pinterest original made by ThatsMimi on imikimi :)


  9. Dec. 23, 2014–Natascha Suttmann (Thanks!) reminds us of an important 8th wedding anniversary–of Harry and Gerry:


  10. Dec. 23, 2014–Another cute RA holiday graphic. This time by Lady Juliet (Thanks!):


  11. Dec. 23, 2014–Hands down, chin up, & chest out, this Kesler Family “Deck the Rooftop” Glee vid is my favorite holiday video!


  12. Dec. 23, 2014–Ann Boudreau does it again with another heartstoppingly gorgeous Richard Armitage Wallpaper–this time for Christmas!


  13. Servetus says:

    Hope you get your wish, at least in your dreams, Grati. Happy Holidays.

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    • Hi Servetus, Thanks for your nice note! I am looking forward to one “dream” being fulfilled Christmas Eve. But it has nothing to do with RA. Sorry fella. Ha! Hope your dreams come true, too! Happy Holiday Cheers! Grati ;->


  14. Dec. 24/25, 2014–The Anglophile Channel’s lovely and sentimental Richard Armitage Christmas interview vid. Thanks to Perry (Armitage Agonistes) for pointing me to the link:

    And Marlise gets to kiss RA on his lips–however briefly. I would have used “superglue” lip gloss. Ha!

    And here is Perry’s blog link:


  15. Dec. 24/25, 2014–And of course, one of my favorite stunningly beautiful Thorin Christmas/New Year’s graphics created by Tanni a few years ago.

    Here is the link to the direct image:

    And Tanni’s main site with all her wonderful graphics is:


  16. Dec. 25, 2014–Girl of Gisborne (Loakenshield) onTwitter posted this fun parody of Bilbo and Gandalf meeting in THAUJ–with a XMAS twist.

    Here is that tweet link: https://twitter.com/GirlofGisborne/status/548215392653824000


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