“A Magnificent Love”, Ch. 01: The Giver, December 25, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #675)

“A Magnificent Love”, Ch. 01: The Giver, December 25, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #675)

A-Magnificent-Love_Story-Cover-256x401_Dec1714GratianaLovelace(an original story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace; All rights reserved)

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story with my dream cast of: Richard Armitage for Richard Thorne, Sigourney Weaver for Richard’s mother Elise Thorne, Jennifer Jason Leigh for Edith Thorne Burke, Haley Atwell for Christina Gilcrist, Harrison Ford for Percy Gilcrist, Franco Nero for Count Victor Renaldi, and others]

Author’s Mature Content Note: “A Magnificent Love” is story with mature themes (D for drama and S for sensuality) of love and relationships. Most chapters will be PG or PG-13. However, if you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read that chapter. This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Scheduling Note: I began writing this story a few days ago, my wanting to develop a contemporary Christmas season love story. I am hoping to have it be one of my shorter stories–perhaps to conclude before the new year. So I plan to post one or more chapters per day over the next week. I am already 25 pages into writing this story. And if you read my stories with any regularity, you know by now that anything can happen when my muse takes off. So I hope that you enjoy this story–however long or short it ends up being. Ha! Holiday Cheers! Grati ;->


“A Magnificent Love”, Prologue

Richard Thorne was groomed from infancy to be his father Xavier Thorne’s successor in their family’s global medical supplies company Thorne Medical, Inc. (TMI). Handsome, intelligent, charming, hardworking, wealthy and philanthropically minded, Richard Thorne in his early forties epitomizes everything that any woman might aspire to for her life’s partner. But Richard Thorne has a flaw that has not allowed himself emotionally bond with any woman for more than mere dalliance–though he has remained friends with many of his past loves, such is his allure.

Richard Thorne’s flaw is that in everything he does, he seeks perfection–professionally and personally. His parents had what he deemed a perfect loving relationship. And Richard will accept nothing less for himself. But he has yet to find perfection in any woman, other than in his loved and respected mother, Elise Thorne. But perfection–like beauty–is in the eye of the beholder. And Richard will find that his definition of his perfect mate changes as he seeks to find a magnificent love.


“A Magnificent Love”, Ch. 1 (PG-13): The Giver

Walking briskly down Michigan Avenue–Chicago’s Magnificent Mile [(2)] –through the RichardThorne-isRichardArmitageinGlamourUK2013Video02_Dec1714GratianaLovelaceCap-crop-sizedthrong of the Christmas holiday shoppers in Chicago this blustery Tuesday, December 23rd, Richard Thorne [(3) right] is oblivious to all but his purpose as he hones in upon his destination, Barnette Chicago.   It is his mother’s birthday tomorrow as well as being Christmas Eve. It would be unforgivable of him to fail to provide her with a gift equaling her patrician beauty, poise, and elegance. Thank goodness his sister Edith called to remind him that it was his turn to do the gift selection this year for their annual family gift to their mother. It had completely escaped his mind due to the press of business. But now he was on a mission.

Thorne’s Assistant having alerted the Barnette Chicago jewelry store about his imminent arrival, the greeter guard graciously opens the locked store entrance for Mr. Richard Thorne without him needing to slow down his pace. Richard is perhaps not a monthly customer of  Barnette Chicago, but his purchases are of such distinction that he is viewed as one of their more valuable clients. Richard quickly scans the exclusive jewelry store and observes the Sales Associates standing ramrod straight at their various stations. There is only one other customer in the establishment–an elderly looking lady with an oversized hat and copious strands of pearls–no doubt real–around her neck. Richard masks the sneer that he feels for the lady wearing her wealth so ostentatiously.

By contrast, Richard’s mother is a different lady of quality altogether. An heiress in her own right when Elise was a young woman of twenty-one just graduated from Wellesley 44 years ago–before she married Richard’s late billionaire father Xavier Thorne who died two Elise-isSigourney-Weaver-10_Dec1714SigourneyWeaverNet-sizedyears ago–Elise Thorne is the epitome of grace, poise, beauty, elegance, and exquisite taste. Richard’s favorite portrait of his mother was taken when he was ten years old and she was in her early thirties–maturing gracefully and beautifully [(4) right], as she still does to this day thirty years later. And in that portrait, Elise Thorne wears not a single item of jewelry–except her wedding ring set which is artfully hidden by her clasping her hands together. And as a mature woman of now almost 65 years, Elise can still pass as woman much younger–due to her carefully maintaining her skin and diet. No chemical peels or surgeon’s knife is needed to enhance her perfection. Elise relies on the best organic facials and skin care products that all of her millions can buy.

In fact, when Richard escorts Elise to charity functions sponsored by the Thorne Family Edie-isJennifer+Jason+Leigh+at-Book+Mormon+Broadway2011_Dec2414zimbiocom-sized-bkgrndFoundation, Elise Thorne is often thought to be her son Richard’s slightly older half sister–from her then widowed husband Xavier’s first marriage–by the few who do not know her, or know of her through her charity sponsorship and such. That is, were Richard’s now 51 year old half sister Edith Thorne Burke [(5) right] much in public life, her poor health due to painful arthritis severely limiting her attendance at public functions in recent years. And Edith remains a mostly private person, tending to her children–two sons in high school and a daughter in grade school, Richard’s nephews and niece.

So upon her marriage, Elise Thorne became an instant mother to the small 7 year old girl Edith. And it was not an easy task to forge a new marriage and help her husband Xavier heal the sorrows of losing his first wife–and help her new then young stepdaughter get through her grief of losing her mother at so young an age. Only 14 years older than her new stepdaughter, Elise did not try to mother her after a few attempts were rebuffed with fits of crying, tantrums, and acting out by Edith. But gradually, as they lived together and Elise gave Edith her space–and encouraged her husband Xavier to spend time with his daughter–Edith realized that her new stepmother Elise was not the enemy. And they became friends especially after Elise dubbed her stepdaughter with the nickname Edie–which sounded then so much more youthful than her given name of Edith to the young girl. So Elise and Edie bonded over girl outings together of shopping and manicures, Elise attending Edie’s private school functions when Xavier could not join them and bringing cookies to class on Edie’s birthday, doing charity work together, and eventually Elise and Edie became just a mother and daughter–no steps needed in their relationship label.

It was into this newly harmonious family that Elise bore her and Xavier’s only child together, their son Richard Thorne some 43 years ago. Of course, Xavier was ecstatic to have a son and heir to his fortune and empire. And Edie was delighted in having her new little brother–almost like her own baby dolly come to life.   Elise was a hands on mother to baby Richard–to a point. She was not that keen about diaper changing–but she did it if Richard needed refreshing and one of the two fulltime nannies they employed was not in the room. But feeding, bathing, dressing, and playing with her son Richard and his older sister Edith were Elise’s delight. Elise had grown up as an only child, so she was especially thrilled that her children had each other to grow up with–despite the eight year age difference between the siblings.

Richard Thorne was groomed from infancy to be his father Xavier Thorne’s successor at Thorne Medical, Inc. (TMI) From temporary bandages, to surgical equipment, to MRI machines, and pharmaceuticals, Thorne Medical, Inc. is a world wide conglomerate in the medical field. And through its Thorne Family Foundation, it benefits medical schools and scholarships for promising doctors and nurses, and medically underserved regions of the world. Edith who had trained and worked as a nurse until the pain from her arthritis became more severe, serves as Chairwoman of Thorne Family Foundation jointly with her brother Richard as Chairman. Elise is equally proud of her two children’s philanthropic endeavors.

Destined from birth to helm his father’s company Thorne Medical, Inc., Richard Thorne attended suitably exclusive private day schools in Chicago–Elise could not bear to be parted from him were he to attend an elite private boarding school. Then he double majored in biology and business at the University of Chicago, and he completed a master’s degree in public health, as well as earning an MBA from Harvard. Spending his college Summers working as an intern in various divisions at his father’s company–doing anything his supervisors required of him, even the grunt work of poring through inventory reports and tracking down seemingly missing items in the warehouse–prepared Richard for becoming a junior executive upon his graduation from college with his MBA. Richard started at the bottom of the corporate ladder. Of course, he had a lot to prove–to himself and to the employees of TMI. So Richard never took his position as son of the owner and CEO Xavier Thorne for granted, nor did he use it for special favors.

Richard Thorne earned the same salary as what the other junior executives earned–him having intentionally deferred his trust fund payments during those early years–and he learned to live within his means. But he was not averse to seeking redress when he thought that it was warranted. Richard had thought TMI’s own employee medical plan adequate until he developed a staff infection from the gym and the specialty medical visit was all out of his own pocket costing hundreds of dollars–no lesser employee copay–which taxed his junior executive salary at the time. So he lobbied with other junior executives to have all Thorne Medical, Inc. employees company medical insurance plans upgraded to include what later become business standard doctor, specialist, and outpatient medical procedure prorated copays. Richard and his colleagues argued to management that as a medical company, they should be the leader in employee healthcare–and TMI became said leader when the policy changed to their proposal of upgrading the employee health insurance plans.

And Richard Thorne was by no means then, nor is he now, an unassuming man. Regally RIchardThorne-isRichardArmitageinGlamourUK2013Video03_Dec1714GratianaLovelaceCap-crop-sizedtall, athletically fit, and self possessed at 6 ft 3inches, with broad shoulders scaffolding his muscular physique honed from vigorous exercise–and stints in various Thorne Medical, Inc. warehouses during his college days–Richard’s stature [(6) right] is clearly monolithic as he gazes out the floor to ceiling windows of his executive office suite. Richard also has a handsome angular face with a long and sleek roman nose, a strong jaw, and piercing blue eyes. Yet it might be said that for all his stern scowling looks of concentration, Richard Thorne is a compassionate gentleman–part of the noblesse oblige that he was schooled in from birth, to whom much is given, from whom much is expected.

Spying what looks to be the youngest Sales Associate, hovering near 30 years–and less made up or bejeweled–of the lady Associates at Barnette Chicago, Richard strides over to her to seek an appropriate birthday and Christmas gift for his mother, Elise. Without preamble or introduction, Richard states his purpose.

Richard: “Miss, I seek to purchase a gift for a lady.” Richard stresses the word lady as he narrows his eyes, waiting for her to accede to his request cum command.Christina-isHayley-AtwellOct2412ferola

Christina: “Certainly Mr. Thorne, Sir.” Christina [(7) right] smiles cordially at him. “I will be happy to assist you.”

Christina nods, ready to attend to him. He notices that she is of middling height–5 foot 7 inches in low heels were he to measure her, still quite a bit shorter than his 6 foot 3 inch height–and she possesses pleasing womanly curves, not stick thin. He sees that her hair is sleekly pulled back into ponytail running down past her shoulder blades. He’ll grant that she looks crisply professional and stylish–if a little blandly dressed. And she is a darker brunette than his usual type of blonds and red heads, but then he doesn’t usually date Sales Associates either–even from Barnette Chicago. And he thinks that she smiles too much. Thus is Richard Thorne’s 30 second general assessment of the lady before him. With only a cursory glance at her surface details, it is no wonder that he is still single.

Richard: Richard’s eye brow raises at her addressing him by his name. “Have we met before, Miss?” He wonders if she has seen his image in the social pages and she might try to cloyingly latch on to him as a meal ticket. He is very cautious about anyone wanting to attach themselves to him, because of his wealth and position.

Christina: “No, Sir.” She smiles politely. Richard looks at her waiting for an explanation. “Our manager, Mr. Kline, informed us of your imminent arrival for your gift selection.” Richard raises his other eye brow, waiting for her to continue–and she does. “And, well, you attended my cousin Susan’s wedding a few weeks ago.”RichardThorne-intux-isRichardArmitageinEsquireUK-Dec2013-4_Nov0713ranet-crop

I admit sheepishly to myself, thinking that Mr. Thorne had looked so handsome at the elegant evening wedding in his formal tux, despite the scowl on his face [(8) right]. One does not forget a man like him, ever.

Richard: “Susan Gilcrist is your cousin?” I ask with some incredulity. For why would an heiress’ cousin work as a Sales Associate, even at Barnette Chicago?

Christina: “Yes! Susie and I are distant relations, second cousins. But we grew up together almost like sisters–hence the reason I was her Maid of Honor. I am Christina Gilcrist.”

I state my social credentials a bit pridefully to counter what I believe to be Mr. Thorne’s overbearingly smug attitude. Though my cousin Susie paid for my $1,500 Maid of Honor silk gown that was beyond my ability to afford–in lieu of her giving me a gift for being her Maid of Honor–I still gave Susan and her husband a very nice gift of a place setting of their fine dining china that set me back $500, well $300 after my Barnette employee reciprocal discount with Royal Doulton.

Richard: “Oh, yesss.” I reply with an arresting memory of the lovely lady who served in that capacity for Susan–as her Maid of Honor.

But the stunning Maid of Honor I remember had her hair down, falling in romantic curls Christina-isHayleyAtwelarticle_233x536Oct2412idailymailukabout one shoulder [(9) right] over her womanly curves hugging floor length Japanese silk print gown with a delicate pattern of flocking birds merging into a pleasingly demure black bodice with ½ length sleeves.   Oh yes, I had noticed her. And the lady–or Barnette Chicago Sales Associate before me–has her hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail, making her seem all business professional, similar to the other lady Sales Associates. So is it any wonder that I did not recognize the Christina before me to be the sultry siren from her cousin Susan’s wedding? The question is rhetorical–especially since I am asking it of myself.

The manager walks over thinking that Mr. Thorne is not being attended to properly since he has not asked to look at any jewelry yet. And with Mr. Thorne’s gaze seeming to rest fixedly on Miss Gilcrist, Mr. Kline plans to intervene if necessary. Barnette has a strict policy of no client and Sales Associate fraternization. Though of course with most of the Sales Associates being past their sixties at this point, their being hit upon by clients is not a problem. However, the young and lovely Christina Gilcrist has been a different matter altogether since she became employed by Barnette Chicago over a year ago. Her seeming to be a magnet to which gentleman of quality seem drawn to–such as Mr. Thorne might be. However, Miss Gilcrist’s interactions with Barnette Chicago clients has been professional only and above reproach, thinks Mr. Kline. Except that she does seem to take her time with assisting Barnette Chicago clients. So, it only falls to him to move the sale along.

Mr. Kline: “Miss Gilcrist! Have you assisted Mr. Thorne in his gift selection, or perhaps I can? He is a busy man, you know?” He asks officiously. Then he turns to Richard Thorne. “I am Barnard Kline, the Director of Barnette Chicago.”

Christina: My eyes widen in embarrassment as I turn to my superior. “We were just getting to that Mr. Kline.”   Please don’t fire me, I think. I need this job. “We …”

Richard: “Yes we were. If I may, Miss Gilcrist?” I gesture toward her as I intercede for her with her boss. She nods once. “Mr. Kline, Miss Gilcrist and I discovered that we recently attended the same function a few weeks ago–her cousin’s wedding.”

Christina: “You remember, Mr. Kline. Susie and her husband Talbot Hoffman bought their wedding ring sets here.” I say to try to smooth things over with Mr. Kline. Classic fail.

Mr. Kline: “Yes, using your employee discount.”

He sneers. But it was the least I could do since Susie paid for my Maid of Honor gown.

Richard: “Yes, well. I have a gift to buy as a birthday slash Christmas present for my mother. Her birthday is tomorrow, Christmas Eve.” I look at Miss Gilcrist and wave away her supervisor.

Christina: Hoping to make amends to the Director after Mr. Thorne essentially dismissed him, I smile deferentially to him as he turns to leave. “Thank you, Mr. Kline. I will assist Mr. Thorne.” Then I return my attention to Mr. Thorne. “So, Mr. Thorne. Did you have something in mind for your mother?”

Richard: I gaze smoulderingly at Christina [(10) right]–thinking that appellation suits RichardThorne-isRichardArmitage-onstreet-forGlamourUK--PhotoShoot_Dec1714BrightBoxProd-Grati-crop-mask2-sizedher.   Then I entreat her enticingly with my deep seductive voice. “Now Christina, I think we should at least be on a first name basis since we attended the same wedding a few weeks ago. Please call me Richard.” I say oozing charm. And despite her hair being held hostage by the ponytail, I notice that she does have an attractive face, quite beautiful, actually. Her rosey cheeks form the apples of her sweetheart shaped face, with her deep chocolate brown eyes peering out from under very long lashes. Oh yes, she is a beauty.

Wary from Richard Thorne’s change in tone–and not wanting to be condescended to, nor hit upon–Christina blanches.

Christina: “That is kind of you, Mr. Thorne. But inside Barnettes, you are Mr. Thorne and I am Miss Gilcrist.”

Richard: “Hmmm.” The lady has spunk.   My left eyebrow raises imperceptibly. Intriguing. Usually women are fawning all over me–especially when they know I am wealthy, which she presumably does. But she is not trying to fascinate me–how refreshing, and quite out of the ordinary. “I wish to gift my mother with something special, one of a kind, befitting her uniqueness and timeless beauty.

Christina:   “Ahhh!   Lovely! Now I recall your mother to be a very elegant and discerning lady who wears fine jewelry, but sparingly.”

Richard: I blink in astonishment at her accurate observation. Has she seen my mother at another function? “Just so. My Mother always wears pieces of quality, but not ostentatiously.” I unconsciously glance over again at the elderly lady trying on some tear drop diamond earrings. Miss Gilcrist follows my eye line and smiles slightly, but she does not say anything about the elderly lady’s tastes–which demonstrates discretion on her part.

Christina:   “Hmmm.” I think as I peer down into our display cases. “Well, since you are giving your mother a combined birthday and Christmas gift, you might want to consider something in a matched set.”

Richard: “Oh?” I smile teasingly. “And I suppose your commission on the sale is greater if you sell me two items rather than one?” It was a catty remark, beneath my dignity and hers. But I couldn’t resist baiting her for some reason–mischievous devil that I am when I am intrigued. And she intrigues me.

Christina: Bristling at his presumption, I stand up straight again and respond through my gritted teeth. “Mr. Thorne, our employee salary structures are private–but the commissions are minimal, if you must know. Barnette Chicago offers the highest quality gems in stunning settings destined to become cherished family heirlooms.” I tout the Barnette Chicago’s unspoken mantra. “It does not pad its prices to pay its staff bonuses.” I close my mouth and purse my lips primly since I had tried to maintain a polite tone. I failed.

Richard: Sensing that I have overstepped my bounds and breeched propriety–usually hard for me to do since everyone acquiesces to me–I try to make amends. “My mistake, my apologies.” I bow my head ever so slightly. She nods curtly back at me. We have a truce, for the moment. “Now what would you suggest as a gift for a unique woman like my mother?” I look at her cordially.

Christina: I regroup. He is trying to find his mother a gift and I will help him do that. “Something austere, but uncommonly beautiful would be my guess about what might please your mother.” He nods. I walk four feet over to the next display case and bring a jewelry set on to the glass counter top for Mr. Thorne to view up close. “This earring and pendant set are exquisite diamants leger. One carat each in D flawless brilliant cut diamond gemstones set in Italian gold with a modern setting.”

I show him the lovely diamond set [(11) right]. Then I wait expectantly for his response. ElisesGift-ofCartier-earring-and-pendant-diamants-leger-against-velvet_Dec1714cartierThey are not the most expensive items in Barnette. But they really are a stunningly beautiful set. I gaze at them longingly–they are well beyond my ability to purchase. However, I have several family heirloom pieces that are just as stunning–if a little more traditional in their styling.

I examine the jewelry set before me with a critical eye. I must admit that they are a tasteful and beautiful choice. Then I peruse the rest of the jewelry in the display case as she waits for my response–perhaps taking a bit longer than I should, to build the anticipation. There are several lovely pieces with larger gem stones, or gem stones in more traditional settings or more intricately designed settings. And of course there are no prices in Barnette Chicago–because if you have to ask for the price, you can’t afford it.

Richard: “I don’t know. I am uncertain about the pendant chain’s length. My mother has a long swan like neck–similar to yours. Might you oblige me by modeling the pendant for me?” I ask with a twinkle in my eye. I am flirting shamelessly with her. No harm in having a little fun–especially since I am out of practice.

Christina: “Well, I …” I feel flustered since I don’t normally model the gems that I am selling.

Richard: “Please?” I ask nicely. She slowly nods her head. I lift the pendant from its velvet cradle. “Please turn your back to me and I will clasp the pendant around your neck.” I say in my deep voice, trying not to smoulder–well not too much.

I step out from behind the counter and turn my back to him as Mr. Thorne requests–my face wincing from embarrassment, I’m sure. I can feel the eyes of the other Barnette Chicago Associates upon me–not to mention, Mr. Kline. Mr. Thorne lifts the necklace chain ends over my head, then he waits. I guess his dilemma and move my ponytail by reaching behind my head and placing my long hair over one shoulder. He clasps the necklace together and lifts my ponytailed hair out so it can hang down my back again.

I can feel the delicate pendant chain upon my neck, its diamond pendant resting warmly upon my skin. No, diamonds encased in a gold setting are not cold. I think that at least he does not touch my neck. I might tremble if he did–and I do not want him to believe that I am attracted to him, though I am. Though what I do not see is his unwavering gaze over my shoulder at the pendant around my neck–and where it rests.

Christina: I turn around to face him. “There. What do you think of the chain length?”   I ask, trying to calm my nerves so that my voice doesn’t quiver.

I am transfixed by her–perhaps because I have been bereft in lacking a congenial lady friend for the past year. That is unusual for me. Though my past relationships had never tended toward marriage–at least not on my part–they were satisfying. And the reason for my serial monogamy is always the same. After a few months, the ladies all begin to want a commitment from me. But I just don’t feel that eternal connection to them that I believe that I need to marry someone. So the lady in question and I part company–peaceably, amicably, often smoothed over by some expensive bauble that I gift them with–and then I move on.

And Christina Gilcrist has made quite an impression upon me–earlier at the wedding and now today. She has impressed me with her poise as well as with her beauty. She has such a lovely long neck and creamy shoulders–with the pendant diamond resting in the hollow at the base of her neck. As she breathes in and out, the diamond undulates in its peach flesh resting place. I am quite entranced–by her and the necklace.

Richard: “Exquisite.” I say in a hushed whisper. Then she blushingly turns her back to me again, and I remove the necklace and return it to its velvet home. Then I make my decision. “These earrings and pendant are simple, yet elegant. Mother will love them! I will take them, Miss Gilcrist. Thank you for your help in selecting them.” I state genuinely. “Please wrap them festively for me.” I hand her my black credit card and id and such with a smile.

Christina: “Certainly, Mr. Thorne, Sir. It will just be a moment.” I smile cordially, happy to have assisted him successfully. And glad to be able to put a little distance between myself and him as I walk to the back room where purchases are finalized and wrapped. Wrapping gifts is rather soothing and I need its calming effects right now.

After processing Mr. Thorne’s purchase, I return with his gift wrapped festively in one of our Barnette Chicago Christmas gift bags, and I hand it to him with his credit card. He signs for his purchase with barely a glance at the $15,000 price.

Richard: “Thank you, Miss Gilcrcrist.” I nod cordially. I am pleased that the purchase price seems reasonable. Though I usually share part of the cost of the gift with my sister and her family, I still prefer value for my money.

Christina: “My pleasure. Thank you, Mr. Thorne. I hope that your Mother will love them. And if I may say, sir, she is most fortunate to have such a thoughtful son as yourself.” I am not so impressed by the cost of his jewelry gift for his mother, as I am that he chose such a lovely understated earring and pendant set.

Richard: “Of course.” I smile knowingly. Now, I predict smugly, is when she will slip me her phone number so that I may call her for a date–which I do not intend to do.  But it is amusing to have such unsolicited attentions from some women. The seconds tick by as I gaze at her. She is quite fetching, actually. Maybe I wouldn’t mind taking her out for a date–or something. I smile thinking of what that something might be as I peruse her lovely curves again, imagining my hand gliding along them, framing her womanly curvy silhouette in my memory.

Christina: I am uncertain as to why Mr. Thorne seems to be lingering after we concluded our sale. “Is there something else that I may help you with, Mr. Thorne?” I ask politely.

Richard: Jolted out of my sensual reverie, I respond to her. “Oh! No! Mother will love these.” I hold up the festive Barnette Chicago bag. “Thank you again, Miss Gilcrist.”

Christina: “You’re welcome, Mr. Thorne.” I nod politely.

I wave goodbye at Christina Gilcrist as I leave the Barnette Chicago and she waves back at me. I’m not certain why I waved when I don’t normally wave at Sales Associates. But I suppose there is something more intimate about purchasing a gift for one’s mother, than say purchasing socks, or even ties. In hindsight, I feel rather sheepish for waving to her. She showed no interest in me beyond assisting me with my purchase. Then it dawns on me.

Of course, she would not be so obvious as to slip me her phone number in Barnettes. Though I do look in the gift bag after I slide into my limo that I had summoned while waiting for her to return with my mother’s gift. Nothing, I note with a nagging disappointment born of feeling dissatisfied with the women whom I have dated over the years–wondering if I will ever find the one, my perfect soul mate.

However, Christina Gilcrist has my contact information since she processed my credit card and I gave her my business card and driver’s license at the time. So she will probably contact me in the next few days, I deduce with some satisfaction. And, I might even arrange to meet her–due to the extent to which her intriguingly not impressed with me demeanor both challenged and charmed me.

Then holding the gift bag in my lap, I turn my thoughts to this evening’s festivities that I am heading toward–my mother Elise Thorne’s birthday party at my sister Edie’s home.

To be continued with Chapter 2


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Gratiana Lovelace is my nom de plume for my creative writing and blogging. I write romantic stories in different sub genres. The stories just tumble out of me. My resurgence in creative writing occurred when I viewed the BBC miniseries of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel North & South in February 2010. The exquisitely talented British actor portraying the male lead John Thornton in North & South--Richard Crispin Armitage--became my unofficial muse. I have written over 50 script stories about love--some are fan fiction, but most are original stories--that I am just beginning to share with others on private writer sites, and here on my blog. And as you know, my blog here is also relatively new--since August 2011. But, I'm having fun and I hope you enjoy reading my blog essays and my stories. Cheers! Grati ;-> upd 12/18/11
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4 Responses to “A Magnificent Love”, Ch. 01: The Giver, December 25, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #675)

  1. Dec. 25, 2014–Thanks for liking this new story chapter post!

    LadyButterfly and ania- zrysiowana


  2. Dec. 25, 2014–My Wattpad link for Ch. 1 is found at:


    P.S. I will post Ch. 2 here on my blog in the next 20 minutes.


  3. Kitty says:

    Just started reading tonight. Got some catching up to do. I love your stories.


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