“A Magnificent Love”, Ch. 08 (PG-13): Some Enchanted Evening December 30, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #683)

“A Magnificent Love”, Ch. 08 (PG-13): Some Enchanted Evening December 30, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #683)

(an original story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace; All rights reserved) [(1) story logo, left]

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story with my dream cast of: Richard Armitage for Richard Thorne, Sigourney Weaver for Richard’s mother Elise Thorne, Jennifer Jason Leigh for Edith Thorne Burke, Haley Atwell for Christina Gilcrist, James Slattery for Frederick Burke, Harrison Ford for Prof. Percy Gilcrist, Franco Nero for Count Victor Renaldi, and others]

Author’s Mature Content Note: “A Magnificent Love” is story with mature themes (D for drama and S for sensuality) of love and relationships. Most chapters will be PG or PG-13. However, if you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read that chapter. This is my disclaimer.

Author’s recap from the previous chapter: Though Richard Thorne and Christina Gilcrist seemed to be heading for a mutual relationship the weekend after Christmas, they stalled after Richard proposed that Christina become his mistress–her being no one’s plaything as a carefully brought up and sheltered lady of 30 years of age. The 43 year old Richard realized his error when his brother-in-law Frederick revealed that a woman and lady such as Christina–and like his wife Edie, Richard’s sister–are to be cherished if a man is so fortunate to gain their love. Though Christina would not speak with Richard when he came back to her Sunday afternoon begging her forgiveness for his boorish behavior, he left a heartfelt note for her that she considered thoughtfully.

Then Monday, December 29th brought the news that Christina’s trust fund of 50 million dollars had almost all been embezzled by their long time family advisor–who was now in custody with the federal government. And Richard was the one who had to delicately break this news to Christina and her father–while trying to assure them that they would hopefully receive part of the money back in restitution, even if Richard had to secretly fortify their finances from his personal wealth, whether or not Christina would take him back. At the moment, Christina is feeling favorable toward Richard–which is ecstatic news for Richard’s mother Elise Thorne who adores Christina as her potential daughter-in-law! But there is still a courtship period and a proper engagement proposal to be navigated by Richard and Christina. Let’s just hope that Richard doesn’t louse it up.


“A Magnificent Love”, Ch. 08 (PG-13): Some Enchanted Evening

The next few days after the announcement of Bruce Conroy’s embezzlement of the trust funds of five prominent families–including Christina Gilcrist and her father Prof. Percy Gilcrist–are a media frenzy as Richard Thorne dreaded might happen. Though Richard tries to shield Christina as much as he can through heightened physical security at their estate Bellhurst in the country, her working at Barnette Chicago quickly becomes unmanageable with the curious as well as the media turning up and she has to take a leave of absence for the next one to two weeks–in the hope that the interest will die down by then. Richard has been by her side every day–with taking her out to lunch the first two days she still tried to work in Chicago, as well as private Thorne-Gilcrist-Burke family dinners each night at the Thorne family mansion Ravenwood that is but five miles away from her own home Bellhurst.

It is the night of Wednesday, December 31st, and the extended Thorne and Burke family–that now includes Christina and her father–are having their own family New Year’s Eve at Ravenwood. Adults and children are dressed up in their evening gowns, party dresses, and tuxes as if they were attending the huge society bash in Chicago that they normally do. The Burke kids are playing Trivial pursuit with their parents Edie and Frederick, Grandmama Elise and her gentleman companion Count Victor Renaldi forming one team. And Prof. Gilcrist and the Burke kids forming the other team–with Prof. Gilcrist turning out to be the prize team member for the kids team–because the Burke kids know popular culture and Prof. Gilcrist knows everything else. And Prof. Gilcrist is actually having a pleasant evening.

With the kids and their elders happily engaged in spirited play, this allows Richard Thorne and his hoped for intended bride Christina Gilcrist–who is not allowing him to propose to her properly until they have courted for a while–to slip away from the boisterous family gathering to find a quiet corner in Ravenwood’s Solarium filled with all manner of plants and cushioned seating arrangements–a respite from Winter’s starkness. However the Solarium’s floor to ceiling windows on one wall of the octagonal room jutting out from the mansion, provide a glimpse of the snowy environs just outside.

Richard is quite charmed by Christina wearing her silk Maid of Honor gown with a black on Christina-isHayleyAtwelarticle_233x536Oct2412idailymailukwhite flocking birds Japanese print culminating in a demurely black bodice encasing her voluptuous womanly curves [(2) right]. He hopes that her selection of this gown to wear tonight–from the wedding she participated in–might be a subconscious nod to her being agreeable to his courtship of her.

Richard has resolved to reign in his libido out of respect for Christina’s status as a lady whom he hopes to wed, and due to her possible virginity–the thought of which leaves Richard chastened and honored to potentially be the man to guide her into loving intimacies. But he has, as of yet, not had a moment to see if he can ascertain her wishes nor to clarify her status–let alone determine how he might broach such a delicately personal topic with her. For once, Richard Thorne is at a loss for what to say–but what comes from his heart.

Richard: “You look exquisitely beautiful this evening, Christina.” Richard sighs longingly.

Christina: “Thank you Richard.” Christina smiles shyly. “You look very handsome yourself.”

For Richard is also wearing the fitted tuxedo [(3) right] he wore to Susan Gilcrist’s wedding RichardThorne-intux-isRichardArmitageinEsquireUK-Dec2013-4_Nov0713ranet-cropwhere Christina was her Maid of Honor. Perhaps his evening attire is Richard’s subconscious nod to his matrimonial interests in her, thinks Christina.

They walk hand in hand as they take a turn about the 80 foot octagonal circle that is the solarium. Then, they stop at a point where the moonlight sends a shaft of light into the solarium via one of the several skylights in the roof. Richard turns to face Christina as he clasps her other hand in his, gently squeezing both of her hands and gazing deeply into her eyes as their forms are bathed in a lunar glow.

Richard: “Christina, with all that’s going on, how are you holding up? Really?” He asks softly, his deep voice caressing her heart as if a velvet rose were brushed across it.

Christina: “Truthfully?” Christina asks hesitantly. Richard nods with a warmly encouraging smile. “If I didn’t have you and Daddy and your mother and family lending their caring support, I think that I would want to just crawl into a hole to live and never come out.” Christina gazes up at him with tears brimming in her eyes.

Richard: Not wanting to sound patronizing, Richard gently teases her. “That’s very forward thinking of you. Geothermal housing units are the wave of the future.” Christina playfully swats at his shoulder with a tentative smile. It is good to see her smile again. Then he asks her bemusedly, his eyebrow raised in a saucy salute. “And is that a hole built for two? Or should I employ the estate bulldozer to enlarge it so that I may join you?”

Christina: “We’ll see.” She replies cryptically.

Richard smiles. Then he holds up his left index finger and walks over to an occasional table–taking a cd player out from the lower shelf and placing it on the top shelf. Clearly, Richard has planned ahead.

Richard: “I thought that we might like some music.” He smiles at her and pushes play.   The crystal clear sounds of Eric Clapton playing electric guitar as he begins to sing “You Look Wonderful Tonight” [(4) play video below as you continue reading]. Richard holds out his hand invitingly and smiles. “Dance with me, Christina?”

Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight (Official Live Video)” by Warner Bros. Records was found at

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUSzL2leaFM ; or http://youtu.be/vUSzL2leaFM

Christina smiles and slowly raises her hand to Richard as he guides her to an open area in the Solarium and they begin to slow dance. Richard holds her hand close to his chest, with his other hand resting lightly around her waist at her hip as they gently sway and turn.   Christina’s other hand rests upon Richard’s broad shoulder. They both close their eyes and Christina nestles her head into Richard’s chest as Richard kisses the top of her head–giving themselves up to the romantic music and to this shared quiet moment of perfect bliss. They slowly sway and turn about the Solarium ever so slightly as their steps match each other perfectly.

As the music ends, Richard pulls back a bit from Christina as he tilts her chin up to him–her eyes are still closed. Richard gently encloses Christina’s face with his hands as he lowers his mouth to her lips in an achingly tender petal soft kiss as their lips touch once, twice, three, and four times. Christina is caught up in Richard’s hypnotic seduction of her as she kisses him back.

Though Richard’s and Christina’s kisses could become more heated and passionate rather quickly tonight–as their earlier heated barn stall and sleigh ride kisses became last weekend–Richard restrains himself, letting Christina’s response tonight guide him as to how passionate they will become. Richard senses Christina’s loving response to him, but still, she holds back–and so does he. Richard will woo his lady Christina with gentleness and love.

Richard returns to embracing Christina as they continue to sway a bit–even without the music–Christina’s head once again nestled against Richard’s chest. It is a perfect beautiful moment between them.

Richard: “I love you, Christina–with all of my heart.” Richard whispers in a deep hush and he kisses the top of her head again.

Christina feels the truth of Richard’s confession as his deep voice vibrates his chest where her head rests–and she hears the beat of his heart through his dress shirt, resonating through her soul.

Christina: “I love you, Richard.” Christina lifts her head from Richard’s chest and gazes at him with sweet adoration. This man has given her every kindness, without expecting anything from her. But with their bodies molded so closely together–such that not even a whisper could pass between them–Christina can feel Richard’s arousal. “Richard, I’m not ready to … I have never …” She stops blushingly. For she does love her Richard so.

Richard gazes at Christina in awakening understanding of her virginity.

Richard: “Ohh!” Richard smiles tenderly at Christina as he runs his index finger caressingly from her forehead to her cheek.   “I understand. We can take things slowly–very slowly.” Richard gently kisses Christina’s forehead and then he lifts her hand to his lips and kisses it. “Sometimes, love is worth waiting for.” He raises his eyebrow with a adoring smile.

Christina: “Thank you for understanding.” Christina smiles sweetly up at Richard. Relief calming her concerns as her body relaxes even more–her not realizing that she had been tense earlier in the evening, her not knowing what Richard expected from her during their courtship, nor  what she expected of him.

Richard: “Of course.” Richard smiles warmly at Christina.   “Now perhaps we should return to the others–before your father sends out a search party for us–and in case we are needed to bolster the Trivia teams.” Richard suggests contentedly

Christina nods and they slowly walk hand in hand out of the Solarium, their calming oasis from life’s cares.


Their private dance in the Ravenwood Solarium New Year’s Eve had been a turning point for Richard and Christina’s relationship. Richard maintains a respectful manner in Christina’s presence–even during their most private moments of hand holding, shared kisses, and gentle embraces. But no more.

Though over the next several weeks as Christina becomes more comfortable with the intimacies of she and Richard embracing as she snuggles up to him–when they sit on the couch before the fireplace, at the movies, even lying together on the hammock in her much smaller Bellhurst mansion Sunroom–she finds herself more and more seeking his tenderly chaste caresses and kisses, craving them and him.

Richard, also, finds his and Christina’s growing intimacies both sweetly exhilarating as he cherishes the gift of her trust in him, and a tad frustrating.   Richard has never gone this long without lovemaking–over fourteen months since he had parted from his previous girlfriend.   If Richard could marry Christina tomorrow, he would. But first, he has to propose to her–and prior to that, get permission from Christina’s father to do so.

On the 30th of January, a Friday–five weeks after meeting and beginning to court Christina Gilcrist–Richard Thorne decides that it is now or never. And he makes an appointment to meet with her father, Prof. Gilcrist, at his home for lunch on a day that Richard knows that Christina is working at Barnette Chicago. Though Richard and Christina usually have lunch together on the week days she works in the city, he begs off today, fibbing that he had a business meeting to prepare for and he has to work through lunch.

However as Richard’s limo drives him from Chicago to the countryside an hour away at the Gilcrist’s Bellhurst mansion, Christina decides to surprise Richard at his office and bring him lunch. But she is told by Richard’s Assistant Harold that Mr. Thorne is eating lunch out for three hours, but the particulars are not on his calendar. Then Christina realizes that Richard is most certainly not prepping for a business meeting. He lied to her.  Why? Who could he be with that he could not tell her about, she wonders?

A cold chill makes Christina tremble as she thinks that maybe Richard has gotten tired of waiting for her and that he has resumed a relationship with one of his old mistresses. Christina is heartbroken as she walks out of Thorne Medical Inc. Corporate offices hurt and confused–tossing the sack of sub sandwiches she had brought for Richard in a trash bin before she returns to finish her day at Barnette Chicago.   She will skip going home with Richard today and take the metra rail home, then call for a taxi to get her from the station to home.

However at this same moment, Richard is sitting in Prof. Gilcrist’s Bellhurst breakfast nook–a place Richard spends much time in with Christina. But Richard is getting a grilling from her father.

Prof. Gilcrist: “I suppose that I should be grateful that you have courted Chrissy this long. However, marriage is a big step–it’s forever. And five weeks is hardly enough time to truly get to know a person.”

Richard: “But I believe it is enough time, Sir. Christina and I see each other every day. She and I commute together into Chicago weekdays in my limo, and we are either here or at my Mother’s place on the weekends. We are as much in each others’ company as we could possibly be–unless we were already living together.” Richard realizes that this last argument is poorly chosen as Prof. Gilcrist lashes out at Richard.

Prof. Gilcrist: Wagging his finger, Prof. Gilcrist chides Richard. “You better not have compromised my Chrissy!”

Richard: “No Sir!”Richard states forcefully. “We have not done anything beyond hand holding, embracing. and kissing.”

Prof. Gilcrist: “Even that is more than I wanted to know.” Prof.Gilcrist shakes his head. “Before she died, Chrissy’s mother entrusted my daughter’s care to me. And I must be certain that you will always care and love Chrissy before I will give my permission for you to propose to her.”

Richard: “Hhhhh!” Richard sighs in frustration. “Please Prof. Gilcrist, Christina and I love each other. I will make her a good husband and one day, I hope, a good father to our children. I love Christina with all of my heart.”

Prof. Gilcrist: “I’ll have to think on it, My Boy.” Is all that Prof. Gilcrist will allow. He is in full on curmudgeon mode today.

But Richard thinks, at least Prof. Gilcrist is back to calling me, My Boy again.

Richard: “Very well. But I’m not going to give up just because you are trying to delay me, to delay us.”

Prof. Gilcrist: “I wouldn’t expect you to give up.   Come for dinner at 6pm tonight. Pick up Italian–spaghetti with meatballs, the tomatoey kind. Not that creamy crud.”

So Richard is in charge of tonight’s take out dinner at the Gilcrist’s. Richard really can’t wait until he and Christina are married and living at Bellhurst and employing a full time cook to make them more varied and nutritious meals.

Prof. Gilcrist waves his hand dismissively as he walks out of the kitchen and heads back to his study–leaving a nonplussed Richard Thorne in the breakfast nook. Richard’s audience with Christina’s father is over. Richard gathers his coat and gloves from the breakfast nook bench and he heads back to his waiting limo.

Richard has his limo driver take him back to Chicago. After stopping in the office to pick up some business papers that he has to read tonight–not seeing his assistant Harold in the few minutes that Richard is there. So Richard doesn’t know that Christina stopped by earlier and found him out, contrary to what he told her earlier were his plans. Then Richard heads to pick up Christina at Barnette Chicago to bring her back to Bellhurst. It’s a lot of riding around for Richard today, but he couldn’t see any other way to speak to Christina’s father privately.

However when Richard finally arrives at Barnette Chicago around 4:30pm–him having already purchased the tomatoey Italian spaghetti meal requested by Prof. Gilcrist for tonight’s dinner, Richard is told that Christina has already left for home via the metra rail. Richard pulls out his mobile to check to see if he missed getting a message from her–if she had to leave early. Nothing. And when Richard tries to phone and then text Christina, she does not respond. All Richard can do is to try to quickly head to Bellhurst to find Christina and see what is going on.

Christina arrives home at Bellhurst by taxi from the metra train station around 5:00pm and she puts the fried chicken that she picked up for dinner in the oven to stay warm. Then she heads up to her bedroom and quickly showers–putting on her comfy blue stretch blouse over old faded jeans. Usually, Christina stays dressed up for dinner–because Richard is with them, and he is wearing a suit. But tonight, Christina doesn’t care. If Richard has taken up with one of his past mistresses–or found someone new–then she, Christina, is old news.

Still, a nagging hope that she is wrong consumes Christina, and she supposes that she should turn on her phone in case Richard is trying to reach her, but she is too hurt and angry to talk to him right now. How could he do this? After all their lovely time spent together and hoping to become engaged soon, and then married? How could she have let him fool her again? She chastises herself for being so trusting as she walks into her father’s study. She finds him asleep again in his favorite chair.

Christina: “Daddy?”   Christina gently shakes her father’s shoulder to wake up him up. “Daddy?”

Prof. Gilcrist: “What! Oh! Chrissy Dear. Are you home already?” He asks in a sleepy daze.

Christina: “Daddy, it’s nearly quarter to six. I picked up your favorite for dinner, fried chicken.” She tries to smile, even though her heart is breaking.

Prof. Gilcrist: “But I told Richard that I wanted tomatoey Italian spaghetti with meatballs. Don’t you two talk to each other?” Prof. Gilcrist shakes his head in annoyance, him thinking this miscommunication is an example of why they are not ready to marry yet. However, the miscommunication is mostly coming from Prof. Gilcrist.

Christina: “My phone battery died, Daddy.” She fibs. Christina doesn’t want to get into the details of Richard’s possible betrayal with her father tonight.

Christina and her father walk back to their kitchen’s breakfast nook and begin to eat their fried chicken dinner. But Christina isn’t particularly hungry and she just pushes her food around on her plate.

Then the door bell rings at 6:00pm. Christina wonders if it could be Richard. But if he had an assignation earlier today, why would he turn up here tonight? Her curiosity gets the better of her as a now emotionally numb Christina opens her front door. And Richard is there. He rushes in, giving her a big bear hug. Christina remains frozen in his arms.

Richard: “Ohhh! I’m so glad to see you, Christina. I was worried when Barnette Chicago said you had left for home on the metra rail.

Christina: “Yes, well, you seemed to be busy this afternoon.” Christina sneers–or as much as the sweet and lovely Christina might sneer.” So I didn’t want to disturb you.”

Richard: “Oh. My meeting broke up earlier than I expected.” He smiles and leans in and kisses her cheek.

Richard is fibbing to maintain his cover story about where he was when he was appealing to Christina’s father to allow him to propose to Christina.   But Christina knows that Richard is lying–just not what about.

Christina:   “That’s it? That’s all you’re going to say about where you were today?”

Richard: Furrowing his brow, Richard looks at her in confusion. “Yes?”

Christina: “Unbelievable!” She throws up her hands and stomps upstairs to her bedroom. She wishes she could cry, but she doesn’t have the heart for it.   So she just lies down on top of her bed and grabs her Raggedy Ann fabric doll from her childhood and hugs it close.

Richard isn’t sure what is going on. But he is definitely going to find out. He walks back to the kitchen with the tomatoey Italian spaghetti dinners he brought for dinner. Prof. Gilcrist looks up at him.

Prof. Gilcrist: “You’re late! Chrissy already brought home fried chicken. You two really need to learn to communicate better if you want to get married.”

Richard: “I don’t’ understand. Is Christina mad at me for some reason? She let me in and then stomped upstairs to her bedroom.”

Prof. Gilcrist: “She said nothing to me when she came home. What did you do this time?”

Richard: “Me? I didn’t do anything.” Richard shakes his head in disbelief.

Prof. Gilcrist: “Well maybe that’s your problem. You need to do something.”

Christina walks down to the kitchen using the back stairs. Seeing Richard, she asks petulantly.

Christina: “Why are you still here, Richard?”

Richard: “Christina, are you alright? You’re acting very strangely.”

Christina: “I’m acting strangely?”

Richard: “Most definitely.

Prof. Gilcrist: “I’ll just leave you two to discuss things.”

Christina: “Stay where you are, Daddy. Richard and I have nothing to say to each other that you can’t hear.”

Richard: “Okay.” Richard looks at Christina quizzically. “Are you mad at me for some reason?”

Christina: “Mad?   Why should I be mad at you?   I’d have to care first!” She spits at him.

Richard: “Now I know something is wrong with you, Christina. You’re not making any sense. And you’re really scaring me.I think we should take you to the emergency room and get you checked out.” Richard reaches for her arm.

Christina: “Don’t touch me!” Christina recoils from Richard in disgust. “I am not sick.”

Richard: “Prof. Gilcrist, has Christina been like this since she arrived home today?” Richard asks worried about the state of Christina’s health.

Prof. Gilcrist: “Not like this per se. Are you feeling alright, Chrissy?”

Christina: “Daddy! Don’t take his side!”

Richard: “Side? I have a side?”

Prof. Gilcrist: “I don’t know what you did this time, My Boy, but as I told you earlier this afternoon, you’re clearly not ready to propose to my daughter.” Richard rolls his eyes for his secret meeting with Christina’s father about wanting to propose to her being revealed.

Christina: Christina’s eyes widen. “What did you say, Daddy? Richard was here?”

Richard: Turning to Prof. Gilcrist, Richard says drolly. “I can tell that you’re not a poker player, Prof. Gilcrist.”

Christina: “Stop! Speak English! Explain yourself, Richard. Were you here earlier today? And if so, when?”

Prof. Gilcrist: Walking over to the breakfast nook bench, he picks up a winter scarf and tosses it to Richard “You left your scarf here at lunch time today.”

Christina: Turning to Richard, she asks point blank. “So you were here with my Daddy, and not with your mistress?” Christina asks him hopefully, and apologetically.

Richard puts up his hands in protest.

Richard: “I don’t have a mistress.   You and I are going to be married, eventually. I was here with your father, asking his permission for me to propose to you. Why would you think I had a mistress?” Richard looks at Christina incredulously.

Christina: “Well, you have been such a gentleman with me and not taken any liberties when we kiss, and such. And well, you haven’t proposed yet. So I thought that you were getting tired of me.”

Richard: “Christina! I’m a gentleman with you because I respect you and I want you to be my wife–if your father will ever let me propose. I’m not getting tired of you . Can’t you tell how much I want you when we’re together, even though I control my urges.”

Prof. Gilcrist: “I don’t want to hear about your urges with regard to my daughter, young man.”

Christina:   “But I’m 30 years old! It’s nice if Daddy agrees to our marriage–because I want him to walk me down the aisle–but I would marry you even if he didn’t approve, Richard.”

Richard: “You would?”

Christina: “Of course! Especially now that I know that you don’t have a mistress on the side.” Christina rolls her eyes and shakes her head for the monumental misunderstanding between she and Richard today.

Richard has been wracking his brain for how to propose to Christina. And now is just as good a time as any.

Richard: Taking Christina’s hand in his, he firmly says. “Come with me.” But Richard hasn’t thought that far ahead and stops in his tracks, wondering where he can take Christina to propose in the middle of Winter.

Christina: Smiling, now Christina gives the commands as she tugs on Richard’s hand. “Follow me!”

Christina pulls Richard up the back staircase of her home.

Prof. Gilcrist: “Hey!”

Christina: Glancing over her shoulder, Christina admonishes her father. “Daddy just eat your dinner–you’ve caused Richard and I enough problems today.


Richard and Christina dash up the back stairs and she guides him into her bedroom suite, shuts the door, and locks it. Richard blanches.

Richard: “I feel like I’m in a convent, or some other sacred place.” He gulps.

Christina: “Thank you, I think. Ha!”

Christina helps Richard off with his suit jacket, folds it, and lays it across the back of a nearby chair.  Richard stands there, politely.

Richard: “Nice bedroom.” Richard compliments lamely and nervously, seeing the sitting area adjacent to the bed area, and just beyond it is an en suite bathroom.

Christina smiles up at him and loosens his tie and removes it. Then she unbuttons his shirt, one button, two buttons.  Usually it is Richard that does the seducing. But right now, for a virgin, Christina is doing a very credible job of it, he thinks. He stays her hands and looks down at her quizzically.

Christina: “What? I thought that you said you wanted me?” She teases, then she leans in and kisses his chest where the chest hair peaks out of his open shirt collar.”

Richard: “I do. I really do. But not like this–not with your father downstairs.” Richard winces. Close proximity of family is a real romance killer in Richard’s eyes. “And, I want our first time to be on our wedding night, special.”ChristinaGilcrist-isHayleyAtwell-6sitting crosslegged_Dec3014officalfanproboards-crop-sized

Christina: “Oh. So you’re not eager for me?” Christina pouts and goes to sit on her bed [(5) right]. “What does a girl have to do around here to get some passionate kisses?”

Richard: “Now that, I will do. Your wish is my command.”  Richard smoulders as his gaze devours his lovely Christina.

And with that, Richard leans over Christina at the side of her bed and then gradually lays her down upon it. No more Mr. Nice Guy–as Richard proceeds to adore Christina so passionately, his seduction falls just one step shy of ravishing her. But Richard leaves his precious love Christina in no doubt about his love and his desire for her.

And each of them needs to take several moments to collect themselves–and straighten RichardThorne-isRichardArmitage-asJohnPorter-inSB1ep3hd_036_Dec3014ranet--sized-shrtbland rebutton their clothing–before returning downstairs to see Christina’s father about their engagement. Because somewhere in Richard nibbling on Christina’s neck [(6) right] as she pulled open his shirt to stroke his broad muscular shoulders, they became engaged. And from the amount of panting going on, they vow to marry soon.

To be continued with Chapter 9 (End)


“A Magnificent Love”, Ch. 8 References for Wattpad, December 30, 2014, Gratiana Lovelace (Post #683)

1) The “A Magnificent Love” story cover by Gratiana Lovelace is a composite of images I capped from   the video “The Hobbit Star Richard Armitage: Exclusive Interview on The Hobbit” by Glamour UK

found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAfBKuDo5sg :
a) the cropped background of Richard Armitage on street for Glamour UK 2013 Photo Shoot Dec1714 Bright Box Productions; and

b)the masked image of Richard Armitage on street for Glamour UK 2013 Photo Shoot Dec1714 Bright Box Productions.


2) Christina Image is that of British Actress Haley Atwell found at a 2009 Daily Mail article



3) Image of Richard Thorne in tux is Richard Armitage in Esquire UK-Dec 2013-pix4 saved Nov0713ranet-crop

4) “Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight (Official Live Video)” by Warner Bros. Records was found at

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUSzL2leaFM ; or http://youtu.be/vUSzL2leaFM

5) Christina Gilcrist image (sized, cropped) is of HayleyAtwell-6 sitting crosslegged_Dec3014 found at officalfanproboards

6) Richard Thorne image is Richard Armitage as John Porter in the 2010 v miniseries Strike Back and was found at   RANet (richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/StrikeBack/album/series1/Episode3HD/ep3hd_036.jpg)



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