Grati’s Sir Guy Fic Trilogy Book 3, “Sir Guy’s Atonement”, to Begin Serializing on Friday January 23rd, January 20, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #692)

Dear Friends/Readers,

You have been very patient for the completion of my Sir Guy of Gisborne trilogy while I wrote and serialized several of my other stories–namely my year long “N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons” (582 pages, yikes!).

Now your wait is over for Sir Guy of Gisborne. I have returned to writing what I call, “Sir Guy’s Atonement” (Book 3) (right). And with several chapters written and edited so far–though I never stop editing, Ha!–I feel that I can begin to serialize it, and continue writing as I go.  That way, I’m ahead and can keep on my weekly posting schedule. So this Guy Day Friday, January 23rd, 2015 you will see the first chapter here and on my Wattpad site.

Here is my “Sir Guy’s Atonement” (Book 3)  Prologue/Wattpad description for a teaser:avaSirGuysAtonementStoryCover-image-isRichardArmitage-inRH3epi5_086RanetJan1815GratianaLovelace-256x398

If we could go back and change one thing in our lives–a careless thought, a hurtful remark, a devastating action–who would not wish to undo a wrong, or a mistake, or a regret? And yet, the past cannot be undone, wrongs cannot always be righted, and regrets must be lived with. And Sir Guy of Gisborne must somehow find a way to live with his pain of killing Lady Marian and his past harm of others–if not for his own sake, then for his growing family’s sake with his beloved wife, Lady Rose. But Sir Guy is getting ahead of himself, as he will soon find out.  Sir Guy’s now perfect life will be turned upside down when an old spectre from his past misdeeds returns to haunt him, and has the potential to put his and his family’s future happiness in jeopardy. And Sir Guy will finally have to atone for what he has done.


In the meantime, you may want to refresh your memories on the storylines by read0aaaaaaaSirGuysDilemmaWattpadLogo_Jan2015GratianaLovelace256x401REV2ing the earlier two books in this series–since I created significant new storylines and characters in each, especially so in “Sir Guy’s Dilemma” (Book 2).

So here are the books and my Wattpad links for them–since the chapters are contiguous there. Enjoy!

“Sir Guy’s Dilemma” (Book 2) in Wattpad (right)




abGuysRoseStoryLogoforWattpadAug1912GratianaLovelace “Guy’s Rose” (Book 1) in Wattpad (right)






Enjoy!  Cheers!   Grati ;->
Gratiana Lovelace, Something About Love


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2 Responses to Grati’s Sir Guy Fic Trilogy Book 3, “Sir Guy’s Atonement”, to Begin Serializing on Friday January 23rd, January 20, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #692)

  1. aj daisy says:

    WOW Grati I’am so looking forward to this. I’am going to read the other two again, but I’am a little worried at what you have said in the Prologue. Please don’t make me cry again I can’t bear it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi AJ Daisy,
      It is good to hear from you again! Not to worry. I like to balance the emotions in my stories–mostly because I don’t like doom and gloom all the time. And I feel that exclusively dark and repressive storylines are unrealistic. Life ebbs and flows–as does the drama and humor in my stories. I’m also rereading “Sir Guy’s Dilemma”. Ha!

      And as usual, I will concurrently post new chapters here on my blog and on my Wattpad site. Though a little tip is that though WordPress will allow me to “schedule” my Friday posts, Wattpad does not. So if I get my WordPress version of the chapter ready ahead of time, I am likely to post the Wattpad version the night before–so Thursday night in this case.

      So here is my Wattpad home page which will have the story link on it: Then on Friday morning after I wake up, I’ll post my Wattpad chapter link on my blog version of my chapter in a comment.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


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