“Sir Guy’s Atonement” (Book 3), Ch. 3: A Boon and a Betrothal, Part 2, February 02, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #697)

“Sir Guy’s Atonement” (Book 3), Ch. 3: A Boon and a Betrothal, Part 2  February 02, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #697)

avaaSirGuysAtonementStoryCover-image-isRichardArmitage-inRH3epi5_086RanetJan2415GratianaLovelace-180x280sidebarsize[An Original Fan Fiction adaptation of the characters from the BBC’s Robin Hood; & a Sequel to “Sir Guy’s Dilemma” (Book 2) by Gratiana Lovelace]
(All Rights Reserved; No copyright infringement intended)

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story with my dream cast of: Richard Armitage as Sir Guy, Clive Standen as Lord Archer of Locksley, Emma Watson as Lady Roseanna Gisborne, Tommy Bastow as the young Seth Gisborne, Lucy Griffiths as the spectre of Lady Marian, James McAvoy as Lord George Middleton, Toby Stephens as Prince John, and Dakota Fanning as Lady Caroline Havorford, etc.]

Author’s Mature Content Note: “Sir Guy’s Atonement” is a story of romance and intrigue set amidst Medieval times. As such there will be some passages in this story involving heartfelt love scenes (S) and some passages involving highly dramatic moments (D). I will label the maturity rating of those chapters accordingly. Otherwise, the general rating for this story is PG or PG-13 due to some mature situations and topics. If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read the chapters with those labels. This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Recap from the previous installment: On Saturday, March 23, 1199, Sir Guy learned from his brother-in-law Lord George in an estates planning meeting that he, Sir Guy, is to be made a Baron by King Richard’s decree for his service to the crown. And Sir Guy gently teased his ten year old son Seth about having a secret on their ride home from Middleton Hall. However, Seth was also focused upon his Aunt Lady Mary’s younger eleven year old sister Lady Caroline’s current visit–Seth having dodged running into her that day–annoyed with the little Lady Caroline of his memory of two years ago when last they met fawning over him and wanting to marry him. Sir Guy thinks and hopes that Seth might change his mind–because Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna hope to betroth their son Seth to Lady Mary, if all parties are agreeable. And when they arrive home, Sir Guy also discovers that his wife Lady Roseanna had been told of his upcoming elevation to a Barony by their sister-in-law, Lady Mary, who learned of it when her husband talked in his sleep. So the Gisbornes and Middletons and Locksleys will travel to Leicester for Sir Guy’s investiture by Prince John. And Seth will have to see if he can still escape from Lady Mary.


“Sir Guy’s Atonement” (Book 3), Ch. 3: A Boon and a Betrothal, Part 2

The following six days at Middleton Manor for the Gisborne family–and at Middleton Hall for the Middleton family–are a whirl of travel preparations for adults, children, and a small retinue of servants to travel with them to Leicester on Friday, March 29th, 1199 for Sir Guy’s investiture as Baron on April 2nd. This travel will be made doubly difficult because Lady Mary is now in her seventh month of pregnancy with their third child. So whereas Lady Roseanna is a blur of activity in her own house hold for travel preparations, Lady Mary sits tiredly and somewhat directs their preparations–as her husband Lord George takes as much of the burden from her as he can. Lord George thinks about going to Leicester by himself as the family representative to spare his wife the two hour trip over uncertain and bumpily jostling roads, but Lady Mary will not hear of it. She proclaims that the mild fatigue she feels is to be expected with her pregnancy and she is young at 20 years old, eager for some excitement before she must confine herself to home to await their third child’s birth–her hoped for baby daughter to join their two sons Edward and Nigel.

Upon arriving at Gordon Castle, the seat of the Oxbridge family and the Middleton’s cousin GordonCastle-aerial-view-isArundelCastle_Jan3115ArundelCastle-sizedthe Earl of Leicester [(2a) right] in the afternoon, the Gisbornes , Middletons, and Locksleys–who had journeyed all day from Nottingham at dawn– are immediately struck by the grandeur of this imposing castle home and fortification. Whereas Lord George’s home Middleton Hall is stately and quite large with 30 bed chamber suites, it cannot accommodate a garrison of 200 knights, as does Gordon Castle. Of course, Lord Archer’s domain as Sheriff of Nottingham is slightly bigger than Gordon Castle, he notes with a smirk.


The Gisbornes, the Middletons with Lady Caroline in tow, and the Locksleys are graciously GordonCastleSmallBedChamber-isinArundelCastle_Jan3115ArundelCastle-sized-masklamps-wcandlesinstalled in three adjacent two bed chamber with sitting room suites in the family bed chamber hallway. So each married couple shares a small bed chamber [(2b) right], while their children and attendants of nannies/nurses, ladies maids and valets sleep together on extra cots in the other slightly larger arranged bed chamber of each suite. Though tight quarters for the children and servants, they are at least all together.


And the remaining bedchamber space in the guest wing is consumed with the Prince GordonCastleArmory-isinArundelCastle_Jan3115ArundelCastle-sizedRegent Prince John’s scaled down entourage of twenty five nobles and ladies–Lady Rebecca informed Prince John by messenger that she only had ten proper single guest bed chamber with small sitting room suites to offer Prince John and his nobles and their ladies and their servants–with some unattached London knights and nobles having to bunk in the large and imposing armory hall [(2c) right] on makeshift cots, with pallets on the floor for their servants. Gordon Castle’s own complement of knights overseeing the garrison and castle as a fortification, already consume ten bed chamber suites in the military wing of the castle fortifications.

After they have settled in, Lady Rebecca Oxbridge, Lady Leicester, grGordonCastleLibrary-istheLibraryinArundelCastle_Jan3115ArundelCastle-sizedaciously provides later afternoon refreshments for her family guests–which include Prince John minus his nobles–in the library [(2d) right]. Some refreshments are also being served in the Armory for the rest of Prince John’s entourage. Although Sir Guy was grateful that Prince John his entourage, and his toady Sir Jasper would not be housed near them for the duration of their stay, Sir Guy feels that he can tolerate them for shared meals or refreshments.LadyRebecca-isaPortrait-Painting-Girl-with-cherries-800x1024_Jan3115vintageprintable

Lady Rebecca arrives in the library after her family guests have been seated. She is a golden haired lady of sweet temperament and pleasing countenance [(3) right], when she smiles. Lady Rebecca is, perhaps, no great beauty, but her kindness and refinement imbue her with an inner quality of attractiveness and grace.

Lady Rebecca: “Dear Family,” She greets them cordially. “I trust that I find you well after your long travel this day.”

Lady Roseanna: Walking forward and gently embracing her cousin by marriage as they kiss cheeks, Lady Roseanna replies sincerely and warmly. “You have given us a most gracious welcome, dear cousin. We are grateful for your hospitality for the momentous occasion of my husband, Sir Guy’s investiture as a Baron.” Sir Guy bows to Lady Rebecca and she curtsies. “Pray let me acquaint you with some of our newer and extended family members.”

After introductions of the children and reminders of spouses are made–with Lady Rebecca being less acquainted with Lord Archer and Lady Saline and their family since they live so far away in Nottingham–they all partake of refreshments and talk in clusters about the room. The ladies and children on one side and the gentleman are on the other side.

Prince John: “Well, Gisborne! Are you ready to receive my brother’s boon of a Barony?”

Prince John smirks [(4) right] with a smile that never reaches his eyes. For it was not his PrinceJohn-smirking-isTobyStephens-inRobinhood-series3-epi6-pix0094_Jan3115ranet-crop-sizedidea to elevate Sir Guy, but it is a command that he must abide as Regent and not as King. And frankly, Prince John cannot fathom why King Richard would do such a thing. In reality, Sir Guy cannot comprehend his upcoming ascendancy to a Barony at the behest of their sovereign King Richard either. But one does not refuse the bestowal of an honor such as a barony, without seeming churlish.

Sir Guy: “King Richard is most gracious, My Liege. I cannot account for his recognition of me thusly.”

Prince John: “Nor can I presume to know the thoughts of my brother–regarding your service to the crown.” For Prince John knows as well as Sir Guy, that Sir Guy had been sent to assassinate King Richard in the Holy Land six years ago, but failed.

Prince John narrows his eyes suspiciously. And he continues to refer to his brother King Richard as only his brother, not wanting to cement that Richard is the King, when as Regent, Prince John aspires to be King one day. But his brother is as healthy as a horse. So only if King Richard goes into a serious battle and is wounded would that ever happen. But with King Richard currently in France, Prince John enjoys free reign as the Prince Regent.

Lord Archer: “Nay Gentlemen, I can think of a thousand reasons that King Richard should wish to recognize my esteemed brother Sir Guy with a Barony.” The taller than Prince LordArcher-inFineClothesOval-isCliveStanden-inRH3_Feb2012manip-grati-sized-clr-squareJohn Lord Archer [(5) right] is surreptitiously confident in teasingly referring to the undiscovered Nottingham Treasure. Then he dissembles by saying. “And it is represented by the soon to be finished rebuilding of Nottingham Castle and expanding of its fortifications to encompass a 1,000 yard perimeter wall around the castle and near village and farms, as well as other modifications that are due to my brother Sir Guy’s vision and expertise.” Sir Guy bows his head in thanks to his brother Archer.

Lord George: Then Lord George chimes in as well in praising his brother-in-law, Sir Guy. “And Guy’s estate management skills are unparalleled! He has completely reorganized the Middleton and Gisborne-Oxbridge-Middleton estates into greater production and prosperity.” Sir Guy bows his head again in thanks, this time at his brother-in-law.

Prince John: “High praise, indeed, Gisborne! Georgie, if your are so profitable, I might have to raise your tribute portion.” Lord George blanches.  “What have you to say regarding your soon to be elevation, Sir Guy?”

Sir Guy: Sir Guy bows again, this time at Prince John. “I am humbled, my Liege. But I will Guy-Head-bowed-isRichardArmitage-inRH3epi5_015_Jan3115ranet-sized-hairmanip-shrp-crop2strive to endeavor to be worthy of this honor that King Richard so graciously bestows upon me and my family.” Sir Guy remains cautious and he will not rise to Prince John’s bait. And Sir Guy is truly humbled by the honor [(6) right].

Prince John: “Hmm.” Prince John flicks his fingers in annoyance. Sir Guy of Gisborne and his family are a tight lipped lot and Prince John obtains precious little information from them. Most vexing is the topic of the Nottingham Treasure that has yet to surface. “Well! And with the Nottingham project to an end, I hope that revenues from it will commence to the crown.” Prince John asks pointedly while glaring at Lord Archer. Of course, the crown that Prince John refers to rests upon his head as Prince Regent.

Lord Archer: “That is my hope as well, My Prince. Becoming Sheriff of Nottingham five years ago has only succeeded in draining my coffers, not filling them.” He moans. For without being able to touch the Nottingham Treasure for fear of its discovery and repatriation to Prince John–which would have been disastrous in giving Prince John more wealth and power–Lord Archer has not been able to save much from year to year, him having to invest in Notthingham and its citizens. “And I have a growing family that I must expand our manor for.”

Prince John: “Is that so? And here I thought that you have been lining your pockets at my expense.”

Sir Guy: “Nay Prince John, my brother Lord Archer is too modest regarding his careful stewardship of Nottingham. The town and surrounding area are just beginning to thrive again–after being pilfered by Sheriff Vasey.” Sir Guy blanches, remembering that he was the agent for the late Sheriff Vasey who executed said pilfering. “A thriving community will serve the crown much more so than one that is squeezed and drained of every cent it has.”

Lord George: “I concur!” Lord George familiarly claps Sir Guy’s back–with his weak arm hangs in a sling.   “We are all doing the best that we can, Johnny–given the limited resources and needed long term planning for the health and longevity of our lands into the future.” Then seeing his dear wife Lady Mary clutching her belly again, he departs to join her and tosses over his shoulder. “Excuse me gentlemen. My lady seems to be in some distress.” Lord George’s exit is aptly timed to avoid his cousin Prince John’s ire at being disagreed with.

Prince John: “Georgie seems quite the family man. I never would have thought it.”

Sir Guy: “My liege, Lord George is rightly concerned for the welfare of his wife. Lady Mary is in her seventh month with child and she should have stayed home–but for her insisting that she join us for this occasion.”

Prince John: “Oh! I thought that she was merely enjoying her meals rather more than she ought.” He says flippantly and Sir Guy and Lord Archer quickly share a look of disdain before resetting their faces to neutral expressions.


Lord George goes to his sitting wife Lady Mary’s side where the ladies are all clustered around her and he kneels down before her.

Lord George: “Mary are you unwell? Would you like to return to our guest bed chamber to rest, My Love?” He asks her solicitously.

Lady Mary: Her hands holding her pregnant belly, Lady Mary shakes her head–almost like a child not wanting to go to bed when it should. “I … I am alright. It is just the baby kicking.”

Lord George lays his hand to rest on her belly and the baby kicks. He smiles up at her.

Lord George: “Still, with the long travel we did this day, you both deserve a rest–and I will join you.” He adds as further enticement.

Lady Rebecca: “He is right, Lady Mary. When I was carrying my little Rachel she would not be still.” Lady Rebecca smiles compassionately at the young Lady Mary.

Lady Mary: “Oh? So do you think that I might be having a baby girl? I long so for a daughter.”

Lady Roseanna: “You will know soon enough, Mary–you have but two months to wait.” She smiles.

Lady Saline: “Go on, Mary. Rest up before tonight’s feast.”

Lady Rebecca: Seeing Lady Mary torn between needing rest and not wanting to miss any fun, Lady Rebecca promises. “Yes, please rest. We promise not to do anything interesting until you may join us for the dinner feast. Hmmm?”

Lady Mary nods with a sheepishly grateful smile. They have convinced her. And Lord George assists his wife Lady Mary to their bedchamber–with their sons four year old Edward and two year old Nigel following after them.


However, Lady Mary’s younger and blossoming sister Lady Caroline Havorford [ (7) LadyCaroline-age11-isDakotaFanning_Jan2815moviefanatic-sized3right]remains behind with the rest of the family. Lady Caroline has a sweet countenance with golden hair, blue eyes, and a charming smile. She also seems quite shy and demure.   The eleven year old Lady Caroline is nothing like her scrappy, pushy, and impulsive six year old self. She has not blossomed fully yet–her form is still slight, with her hips and bosoms yet to flower into their womanly curvy fullness. But she is a comely lass, and considered to be a very attractive prize on the nobles marriage market with her connections to the royal family through her sister Lady Mary’s marriage into the Middleton family and Lady Caroline’s 10,000 pound dowry.

And Seth Gisborne [(8) right] gazes with newly interested admiration at the clearly Seth-intheLibrary-isTommyBastow_Jan3115ArundelCastle-andListalBastow-manipbyGratiLmatured Lady Caroline Havorford. With his mouth opening slightly in appreciation of Lady Caroline’s sweet face, one might almost think that he is gaping at her. And though Seth’s ten year old self does not recognize his changed feelings toward Lady Caroline as those of a nascent romantic nature, he does believe now that he looks forward to spending some time getting to know her. He no longer wishes to escape from her. And Seth is not without his appeal for Lady Caroline either–in addition to his Middleton family connections to the royal family. With Seth just beginning to have a growth spurt–the first of many–he currently stands at five foot 6 inches tall a bit taller than the petite Lady Caroline. So Lady Caroline has to look up to see into Seth’s eyes. She likes that.

But with Lady Caroline having been told by her sister Lady Mary that her childhood pursuit of Seth was viewed by him as being unwelcome and too forward, Lady Caroline has decided not to express–nor to display through her behavior–her preference for Seth Gisborne, or any of the young knights present who have looked her way. She will wait and observe to discern her suitors’ intentions, giving each man or boy a thoughtful reflection–as her Mama and Papa bade her to do. Marriage is a lifelong commitment, so she wants to make the right choice for herself.

Seeing her ten year old son Seth shyly standing off to the side with his brother boy cousins, Lady Roseanna calls him to join the ladies.

Lady Roseanna: “Come here please, Seth.” She beckons and he walks over to his Mama with widening eyes. “Lady Rebecca, you remember our eldest son, Seth. And Seth, cousin, Lady Leicester, is also our hostess for your Papa’s investiture celebrations .”

Seth: “My Lady.” His voice quavers in nervousness to be so close to Lady Caroline. He coughs to clear his throat. “Kkhh. It is my pleasure to see you again.” He bows as he has been taught–then he steps forward, lifts Lady Leicester’s hand to his lips and briefly kisses it. “Lady Leicester, I thank you for your gracious welcome of our family.”

Everyone applauds Seth’s courtly manners–even eleven year old Lady Caroline smiles at him.

Lady Rebecca: Lady Rebecca nods her head in acknowledgement. “Master Seth, since last I saw you at Christmas tide, you are growing into a fine young man–a credit to your parents.” Seth smiles pleased with her praise.

Lady Roseanna smiles broadly with motherly pride. Though Seth is not a son of her body–him being Sir Guy’s son from a previous relationship–Seth is her son in her heart, her having raised him since he was three years old.

Lady Saline: Then noticing Seth’s short hair, his Aunt Lady Saline asks. “Seth, are you to set the style for men having short hair now?”

Seth grins sheepishly. And before he can reply, Lady Caroline does.

Lady Caroline : “Lady Saline, I believe Seth’s short hair is due to my sister Lady Mary. She wanted to cut my nephews’ hair, but they were afraid of the blade. So Seth set the example for them–so my sister told me later.” She smiles sweetly, but not hard, at Seth–who grins back at her.

Lady Roseanna: “Ha ha ha! Yes! Though Lady Mary intended only to snip a few hairs, she ended up completely chopping off his long curls.”

Seth: “It will grow back, Mama. That is what Papa said to say.”

Lady Caroline: “Short or long hair on Seth, does not matter.”

Seth pouts, believing that Lady Caroline does not think him to be handsome.

Lady Rebecca: “I agree. Seth, you look very handsome with your short hair. I might cut my son Graham’s hair to that length–so much cooler for him during the soon to be hot Summer months.” She smiles cordially.

Lady Caroline: Realizing her possible gaffe, she apologizes. “I am sorry Seth, I did not mean to imply that I do not think you are handsome.” Lady Caroline smiles sweetly. For her to say any more would be displaying an excess of the emotions than what a lady should share in public,

Lady Saline: “Hmm. Lady Caroline? How goes the betrothal market? I hear that your father, Lord Havorford, is seeking a husband for you–with our cousin Prince John over there gleefully looking forward to his dowry tax.”

Lady Saline is delighted in her marriage and glad that her Papa was amenable to her wishes in her marrying Lord Archer, rather than honor her childhood betrothal to Lord George. With Lady Mary Havorford having been her husband Lord Archer’s original intended, the couples happily swapped partners and all have happy marriages. Of course, no nobles can escape the marriage dowry tax imposed by Prince Johns.

All eyes turn to Lady Caroline–whose own eyes widen in astonishment at so bold a question. But Lady Saline is ever forthright in her thoughts and in her conversations.
Lady Caroline: “Yes.” Lady Caroline hesitates. “Papa has introduced me to many families and their sons these past months. And as he continues on his travels, he is allowing me to enjoy an extended visit with my sister Lady Mary, since her being with child does not allow her to travel much.”

Interested in this line of conversation since she and her husband Sir Guy hope to approach Lord Havorford about a betrothal between Lady Mary and their son Seth, Lady Roseanna inquires delicately.

Lady Roseanna: “Have you met anyone to tempt you into matrimony, Caroline Dear?”

Lady Caroline: “Papa and Mama have not informed me of whom has made offers for my hand in marriage. Though I believe that three gentlemen nobles are currently being considered.”

So, thinks Lady Roseanna! She and Sir Guy have competition for the suit of seeking Lady Caroline’s hand in marriage for their son Seth.

Lady Saline: “Well, I hope that your parents will also consider your feelings, Mary. Our boys are only three years of age, or we might consider proposing a match.”

Lady Saline steals a glance at Lady Roseanna, for Lady Rose has shared with Lady Saline her wish to betroth Seth to Lady Caroline. Meanwhile, Seth listens patiently, but is a little perturbed that Lady Caroline might choose someone older than he–someone other than he.

Lady Rebecca: “Just so. That is also the case with our Lord Graham–at three years, he is too young for you, Mary.” Then she continues more sadly. “And until his Papa returns home from the crusades, I do not feel that I can presume such an undertaking as his betrothal.”

Lady Caroline:   “It is my hope that I will get to choose my husband–as my sister Lady Mary did in choosing my brother-in-law Lord George to be her husband. But she was older than I will be when she was betrothed. So, Mama and Papa might select my betrothed for me.” She shrugs her shoulders.

Seth: “I would not want to marry anyone that I did not choose for myself.” Seth offers without being asked. Then he smiles tentatively at Lady Caroline. She is certainly very pretty these days. But he does not know her all that well–however he now wants to get to know her. He has forgotten his escape plan completely.

Lady Caroline: “Ah! But you are a man, Seth–well almost.” The ladies titter with laughter, and Seth pouts. “And you get to choose your life partner, whereas ladies do not.”

Seth: “But my Mama chose my Papa, he said so.” He gestures to Lady Roseanna.
Lady Roseanna’s eyes widen and her eyebrows rise, wondering how much Sir Guy might have revealed to their son Seth about their betrothal and early days of courting–not to mention, their secret marriage.

Lady Roseanna: “Yes, I was most fortunate.” She replies briefly in hope of squashing any further inquiries about the nature of the beginnings of the relationship between her husband Sir Guy and herself.

Lady Rebecca: “Yes you were, Rose and Saline–as is Lady Mary. My marriage was an arrangement between our parents. Of course I was honored to be wed to my husband, Lord John, and to become his Countess. He is a most agreeable person. And I am fond of him for giving me our children. But we were only wed a little over a year before our son Graham was born and my husband left to join King Richard on the Crusades. He does not even know that we have a daughter, Rachel. So, my husband and I have not had the blessing of years of wedded life together to get to know each other better.” Lady Rebecca speaks a bit revealingly, but most of the time, she is without company with whom she might share her most intimate thoughts. So she is glad to have her kinswomen near her over the next several days.

Lady Saline: “Hopefully, the next few days we are here will allow Lady Caroline to widen her acquaintance. Perhaps a young and handsome knight will tempt her to become his betrothed. Hmmm?” Lady Saline smiles teasingly. Lady Caroline merely smiles shyly and fidgets with her empty punch cup.

Lady Roseanna: “Indeed. Lady Caroline? Would you like more punch? Perhaps Seth can fetch it for you.” Lady Roseanna says encouragingly, realizing that she needs to throw her son Seth and Lady Caroline together if they are to win the betrothal competition. Though there are other ladies with larger dowries, they feel that Lady Caroline and Seth are better suited to each other–especially given Lady Caroline’s earlier crush on Seth, and his now seeming admiration of her

Seth: Seth holds out his hand to Lady Caroline. “It would be my honor to refill your punch cup for you, My Lady.” Seth says courteously with a bow. He is at turns shy and eager to fulfill this task.

Lady Caroline: Shyly, Lady Caroline holds out her punch cup to Seth. “Thank you, Seth.” She curtsies to him with a smile. He bows again with a smile, then he attends to his mission of getting her more punch.

Lady Roseanna smiles. She will have much to relate to her husband Sir Guy when next they are alone. And though the extended Gisborne, Middleton, and Locksley families are present at Gordon Castle in Leicester for the happy occasion of Sir Guy’s elevation to a Barony, not all nobles and knights present are there to celebrate.

To be continued with Chapter 4


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