FunDay Sunday: Happy International Women’s Day! March 08, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #715)


Today is International Women’s Day (image above c/o United Nations)!

Today is about women–and the men, husbands, fathers, brothers, friends, and colleagues IntlWomensDayHeartGraphic_Mar0815Angelikawho support them.  Thanks to Angelika for the graphic, right.

No matter your gender, you had and/or have a woman in it somewhere–as mother certainly–and perhaps, sister, wife, daughter, friend, and/or colleague.

You cannot escape us!  See?  Even the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage agrees!  I couldn’t resist a little RA humor there (RANet & Fitzg image credit below, my crop).

British Actor Richard Armitage

But seriously, International Women’s Day   reminds us that though women comprise more than half the world, some women’s voices and lives are still not heard or valued–and  women also suffer violence.

So we ladies who are blessed and privileged and safe should never take our pleasant circumstances for granted.  Nor should we fail to help other women and children in need.  We can become informed (see the United Nations link for IWD), volunteer, and donate our pennies, etc.  I have and I do.  And I know you have and do as well.

So often women are taught to be demure, don’t be “pushy”, let others have the limelight and take credit.  We need to stop doing that.  We are strong and capable ladies.  We give life and we sustain it.  People depend upon us and we come through for them.   Here are some examples of Women of Courage from around the world who inspire us (and image below from the March 6, 2015 ceremony):
And here is the video “Bad Romance – Women’s Suffrage” with the Lady Gaga song to also inspire us:

So today, let us celebrate ourselves, the women in our lives, and women around the world who make a difference!  We deserve it!

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