“Sir Guy’s Atonement” (Book 3), Ch. 14 (PG-13, D): A Cost Too Dear, March 09, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #716)

“Sir Guy’s Atonement” (Book 3), Ch. 14 (PG-13, D): A Cost Too Dear,
March 09, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #716)

avaaSirGuysAtonementStoryCover-image-isRichardArmitage-inRH3epi5_086RanetJan2415GratianaLovelace-180x280sidebarsize[An Original Fan Fiction adaptation of the characters from the BBC’s Robin Hood; & a Sequel to “Sir Guy’s Dilemma” (Book 2) by Gratiana Lovelace] (All Rights Reserved; No copyright infringement intended) [(1) story logo, top right]

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story with my dream cast of: Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne, Clive Standen as Lord Archer of Locksley, Emma Watson as Lady Roseanna Gisborne, Tommy Bastow as the young Seth Gisborne, Lucy Griffiths as the spectre of Lady Marian, James McAvoy as Lord George Middleton, Toby Stephens as Prince John, Dakota Fanning as Lady Caroline Havorford, Chris Hemsworth as Sir Roderick Merton, Tamsin Egerton as Lady Rebecca Oxbridge, Lee Ross as Sir Jasper, etc.]

Author’s Mature Content Note: “Sir Guy’s Atonement” is a story of romance and intrigue set amidst Medieval times. As such there will be some passages in this story involving heartfelt love scenes (S) and some passages involving highly dramatic moments (D), or foul language (L). I will label the maturity rating of those chapters accordingly. Otherwise, the general rating for this story is PG or PG-13 due to some mature situations and topics. If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read the chapters with those labels. This is my disclaimer.

Nota Bene: And though I may refer to some historical timelines, events, and personages, I reconfigure them somewhat for this storyline–and they should not be taken as literal historical fact.   The citation links are provided for you to find out what really happened historically.

Author’s Recap from the previous installment: After Sir Guy and his son Seth Gisborne talk at Gisborne-Middleton Manor about Seth’s early life–and Seth being born out of wedlock after an assignation his father had with another woman, Annie, who died of the plague–Seth gained some measure of peace learning that his Uncle Lord Archer was also illegitimate but then became a noble, as has and will Seth. Sir Guy’s goal was to reassure his son Seth of him being loved and of his place in the world. Since Seth as Sir Guy’s first born will inherit his soon to be awarded title of Baron Gisborne. And Seth will walk behind him in the investiture ceremony whilst carrying Sir Guy’s father’s sword. And Sir Guy is pleased to learn that all is well at home this Saturday, March 30th, 1199–primarily with the buried Nottingham Treasure undiscovered. However when Sir Guy and his son Seth return to Gordon Castle in Leicester this afternoon–with Lady Sarah’s blanket and dolly, Sir Guy’s father’s sword, and the Healer Woman Althea–they will discover to their dread that all is not so harmonious.


“Sir Guy’s Atonement” (Book 3), Ch. 14 (PG-31, D): A Cost Too Dear

Sir Guy of Gisborne vehemently slams his hand down upon the polished surface of the Oxbridge Family Sitting Room dining table. He is furious.

Sir Guy: “NO! NO! NO! There will be no discussion! If I am targeted as a means to assassinate Prince John, that is one thing. But I will not have Seth–my son and heir, or any in my family–used as a decoy to bait the conspirators out into the open. I will not place he or them in such danger!” Having been in the Holy Land, Sir Guy was naturally exposed to new concepts and words, such as assassin [(2)].

This is a nightmare for Sir Guy–to possibly not be able to protect his son or other children and wife from harm. He believes that he has attained such happiness in life, now only for it to be snatched away from him again in recompense from his past deeds. But god or the SethImage_Jean-Leon-Gerome-Portrait-of-a-Young-Boy-Oil-PaintingJan2912paintingforallflipfates want too much from him, Sir Guy fears. Sir Guy feels that his children should not be made to pay for his sins–the cost is too dear. Sir Guy’s children have his heart–especially his eldest son Seth whom it was only through the grace of god that Sir Guy was able to save Seth as a toddler and bring him home as an adorable three year old [(3) right] when Sir Guy married Lady Roseanna seven years ago.

Lord Archer: “I cannot see any other way, if we do not want to alert them that we are aware of their plot. Guy, think! They could change their plans to striking at another time–that we are not prepared for, nor could we protect our children from harm.”

Lord George:   “You must see sense, Guy.” Lord George appeals, his palms up in supplication as his arms reach out to Sir Guy. Sir Guy swats Lord George’s arms away.

Sir Guy: “Really, Archer and George?  I must see sense? It is my son who is targeted for death, not either of your sons. Therefore, you have no say in this matter!” Sir Guy waves his hand in front of them as if to dismiss the lot of them.

Lord George: “I must go see to my wife’s welfare with the Healer Woman. But I will be back soon.” Lord George has double the worry in his mind–since his Lady wife Mary is great with child and her pregnancy is not going well. After kissing his sister Lady Roseanna’s cheek and she gives him a hug, Lord George leaves the room shaking his head, not knowing what solution, if any, can be found.

Standing quietly off to the side after relating what he had over heard the night before, Sir Roderick is trying to stay out of Sir Guy’s firing line. He will not succeed as Sir Guy turns to him and points.

Sir Guy: “YOU! How do we know that what you say is true, Sir Roderick?” Then turning to Guy-isRichardArmitage-inRH3epi12_092ArcherGuyIsabellaFeb1712ranetmaskcroprevhis brother Lord Archer and wife Lady Rose, Sir Guy asks. “ Why do you believe him? Maybe he is the assassin.” Sir Guy [(4) right] has not been informed yet of the aspect of Sir Roderick’s story that Sir Roderick’s character is vouched for by Lady Rebecca.

Lady Roseanna: “Nay, Guy! Sir Roderick has close ties with our family, he would not betray us.” She dissembles. For it is Lady Rebecca’s story to tell.

Sir Guy: “Close ties? I have never set eyes upon him before yesterday. Nor have I heard anything about him.”

Stepping forward and clasping Sir Roderick’s hand in hers–and they smile at each other sweetly–Lady Rebecca says softly to Sir Guy.

Lady Rebecca: “Yes, Guy. Roddy and I were childhood playmates, and sweethearts.” She blushes. “We wished to marry five years ago–and we would have, but for the betrothal and marriage my parents contracted for me with Lord John Oxbridge. I was obligated to marry Lord John and give up my Roddy.”

Now that his love Lady Becca has spoken, Sir Roderick feels obligated to speak.

Sir Roderick: “Aye. And my parents contracted a marriage for me and packed me off to the North. Sadly my wife Gwen died in childbirth with our baby son Harold eighteen months ago.” Sir Roderick’s face is sad for this great loss and everyone pities him for it. Lady Rebecca squeezes his hand in hers to give him her support, and he squeezes her hand back.

Sir Guy: Somewhat mollified, Sir Guy remembers his manners. “My condolences to you.”

Sir Roderick: “Thank you.” He says quietly. “Though Prince John would now betroth me to little Lady Caroline–for his betrothal and dowry tax machinations–I want only my Becca, Lady Rebecca.” He turns to gaze upon her and they smile sweetly at each other.

Sir Guy: “So the revelation of your affair with the married Lady Rebecca is supposed to convince me that you are true and honorable, Sir Roderick?” Sir Guy asks sarcastically. Lady Rebecca lowers her head–not in shame, but in embarrassment for the predicament she is in.

Sir Roderick: Speaking quickly, Sir Roderick avers indignantly. “We are not having an affair. I love Becca truly. I want her for my wife–and nothing less than that will satisfy me. If her husband is dead, then I wish to be her new husband. And if her husband is alive, then I will love no other–and I will love my Becca from afar until the end of my days.”

Lady Rebecca looks up and gazes into her love Sir Roderick’s eyes. They are a true love match, if only the fates will allow them some happiness.

Sir Guy: “Hhhh!” Sir Guy sighs as he admits to himself that this Sir Roderick is, perhaps, more honorable than he has been in the past–especially with regard to his son Seth’s birth mother Annie.

Lady Roseanna: Taking her husband’s hand in hers, Lady Roseanna looks up at him pleadingly. “Guy, we must tell Prince John of the plot against his life. I care nothing for him. But the conspirators might act sooner–and we must all be on our guard. And Seth must be told so that he is on his guard as well.”

Sir Guy: “I say that we should all pack up and leave this instant! Let them plot their evil without us!”

Lord Archer: Laying has hand on his brother’s shoulder in solidarity, Lord Archer suggests. “Guy, we cannot do that. It would only thwart this week’s attempt on Prince John’s life–angering the unknown assassins, who could still come back and kill you and your family, our family. We must find out all who are involved and see them dealt with once and for all.”

Sir Guy: “Archer, losing Seth or any of my family to save me or Prince John is a cost is too dear.” Sir Guy laments. “I cannot bear to think of it.”

Lady Rebecca: Lady Rebecca steps forward with an idea. “Let me go fetch Prince John to join us so that we can tell him about the plot. He might have a solution. And as hostess and extended family, my going to seek him out will not arouse suspicions by the conspirators.”

Sir Roderick: “You should not go alone, My Lady. I do not trust anyone.”

Sir Guy: “At least on that we are in agreement, Sir Roderick. Trust no one.” Sir Guy glowers at Sir Roderick, though with only slightly less ferocity.

Lady Roseanna: “Guy, Lady Rebecca and I will both check on Lady Mary and see how she fares with Althea the Healer woman. Then we will order a family tea to be served to us here.   So we will invite my cousin Johnny to join us together.” Lady Saline is currently with the extended family’s children and all of their minders in the Locksley guest suite in Gordon Castle.

Sir Guy: “I do not want you to be without protection, My Love.” Sir Guy takes both of her hands in his and kisses them.

Lady Roseanna: “I will take Seth with me, Guy. He wants to thank Prince John for his legitimacy decree. That can be our stated reason for our private family celebration. And Johnny will not refuse being thanked and praised.” Lady Roseanna tilts her head and smirks, knowing her royal cousin as well as she does.

Sir Guy: “Very well. But if you are not back here by the time half of the sands run out, I will come looking for you.” Sir Guy kisses his wife on her lips, then turns over a large hourglass–that measures an hour’s time [(5)].

Lady Roseanna: “Come. We must make haste, Lady Rebecca.” The ladies nod at the men and leave.

Lady Rebecca and Lady Roseanna leave to check on Lady Mary while the men stare at each other trying to come up with a solution.


When Lady Roseanna and Lady Rebecca are admitted to Lord George and Lady Middleton’s family guest suite by a servant, they learn some startling news from Lady Rose’s brother Lord George.

Lord George: “Rosie!   Thank god! The Healer Woman says that the baby has turned and that Mary could go into labor at any moment.” Lord George does not understand the significance of the baby turning, just the part that the baby could come soon.

Lady Roseanna: “Oh George! I’m both happy and worried for you. How is Mary feeling?”

Lord George: “Irritated! Mary wants to be home. But the Healer Woman says she should not be moved. That even an hour’s ride over bumpy roads could precipitate the baby being born before we make it home.” Lord George’s eyes are bulging and his good right arm flails about in nervous agitation.

Lady Rebecca: “Then you must stay, of course–as long as is needed before and after the birth.” Lady Roseanna says graciously.

Lord George: “Thank you Rebecca!” He sighs. “This is just all so difficult, to have on top of the other matter.” He dissembles since his children and their cousins are milling about.

Lady Caroline, Lady Saline, and Seth walk over to the three of them.

Lady Saline: “Rose!” She hugs her friend. “Mary is quite ready to have this baby. Though she dearly wishes she were home.”

Lady Roseanna: “Saline, I can understand that. George, we will just have to see how Mary fares. Althea knows what is best.” She smiles at her brother encouragingly.

Lord George: “Who is Althea?” Lord George asks obtusely.

Lady Saline: “Althea is the Healer Woman.” Lady Saline rolls her eyes in irritation. “Honestly, George! After two children, you would think you would know her name.”

Lord George: “Back off, Saline! We have only seen this Althea a total of four days in our lives over the past five years.   Many more things take precedence.” He is so glad that he did not marry the Lady Saline.

Lady Saline: “But …”LadyRose-isEmmaWatson_Mar0815observercom-mask-brt

Lady Roseanna: “Stop it, you two!” Lady Rose slices the air between them with her hand. “We need to focus.” Lady Rose [(6) right] stares everyone down and they nod soberly.

Seth: “May I help in any way, Mama?” Seth asks hopefully. He wants to appear older and taller to the eleven year old Lady Caroline, his Aunt Lady Mary’s youngest sister. So Seth pivots up on the balls of his feet–which puts him about eye level with her forehead.

Lady Roseanna: Placing her hand upon her son Seth’s shoulder, Lady Roseanna smiles. “Yes, Seth, you may. We are inviting our cousin Prince John for tea today in the family sitting room across the corridor.” Then she adds to bolster their reason for having a private moment with Prince John. “To allow us to thank him once more for your legitimacy decree.”

Lady Caroline: “Seth’s legitimacy decree?” She asks quizzically.

Seth’s eyes widen in worry and he looks at his Mama, Lady Roseanna for help to explain to Lady Caroline discreetly the very complicated nature of his birth. However, his aunt takes care of it for him.

Lady Saline: “Oh Lady Caroline, it is just something that we have in our family–to acknowledge the parentage of fathers and sons.” She swishes her hand nonchalantly. “My husband Lord Archer has one, too–for acknowledging his late father Sir Malcom Locksley, the late Earl of Huntington. Sir Guy and Archer are brothers through their mother.” She says sotto voce. “And I daresay there are other families with similar legitimacy decrees if we were to look around.” She states with knowing smile.

Lady Caroline: “Oh!” Lady Caroline smiles and nods–but she really only half understands since they have been speaking in generalities. Seth looks at Lady Caroline hopefully and she smiles sweetly at him. She likes Seth. Caroline thinks that Seth is not as tall and knightly looking as Sir Roderick. But then, few men are as handsome and strong as Sir Roderick, she thinks wistfully.

Seth: “Thank you for explaining my Lady Aunt Saline.” Seth smiles and kisses her hand.

Lady Saline: “You are welcome, Seth.” She caringly pats her nephew’s cheek.

After briefly looking in on Lady Mary–and not finding any water broken, nor birthing imminent–Lady Roseanna, her son Seth, and Lady Rebecca head to the Great Hall to collect Prince John for their family tea–and to order the separate tea with Lady Rebecca’s servants to arrive a bit later, to give the family adults time to talk with Prince John before the children arrive before their promised tea and cakes.


Walking into the Oxbridge Family sitting room in the family bed chamber wing corridor of Gordon Castle, Prince John notices that only the adults are present–except for Lord George and Lady Mary Middleton not being present, and Seth Gisborne is present. Seething with anger and barely controlling himself, Sir Guy glares at Prince John.

However, a delayed Lord George quietly slips into the room and nods at everyone.

Prince John: “Georgie.” Prince John greets his cousin indifferently.

Lord George: “Johnny.” Lord George, returns the nickname familiarity to his cousin by marriage, Prince John

Prince John: Looking around the room, Prince John asks. “Are the children not to PrinceJohn-smirking-isTobyStephens-inRobinhood-series3-epi6-pix0094_Jan3115ranet-crop-sizedjoin us? I thought we were having a family gathering?” Prince John [(7) right] asks flippantly, though he is rather fond of the children–in his own way. “And why are you here, Merton?” Prince John looks questioningly at Sir Roderick.

Seth puffs up to be not included in the children remark, since he is present–and not considered a child by Prince John’s phrasing. Sir Roderick stays silent as a stone–him letting the Gisbornes lead the discussion. And he does not want to reveal his relationship with Lady Rebecca just yet–though they glance at each other longingly when they think no one is looking at them.

Lady Roseanna: “Before Lady Saline brings the children in Johnny, we would like a word with you.” Then she turns to her son. “Seth, will you please tell Lady Saline that she and the children may join us in about half an hour? And then you return with them?” Lady Roseanna hints that her son Seth is to stay away during this discussion as per agreement with her husband, and Seth’s father, Sir Guy.

Seth: “May I stay here, Papa?” Ten year old Seth Gisborne whines in appeal to his father, Sir Guy.

Sir Guy: “No! Seth, do as your Mama asks!” Sir Guy orders his son loudly–a bit more forcefully then he intends.

And Sir Guy’s son Seth flinches as he sees how angry his father is–Seth wondering why his father is angry. Lord Archer puts his arm around his nephew Seth’s shoulders in support.

Lord Archer: “Guy! Let Seth stay. He needs to know what is going on–it affects him.” Seth’s eyes widen in curiosity.

Prince John: “What is going on? Tell me?” Prince John looks quizzically around the room at his family members.

Sir Guy stalks over to Prince John until he is nose to nose and towering over the smaller man with a menacing gaze. Prince John leans away from him.

Sir Guy: “Well, Johnny!” Sir Guy has never called Prince John by so familiar a family name–Sir Guy not being a blood relation to him. “Shall we discuss your plans to disrupt the investiture to prevent my elevation to a Barony by having me assassinated? Or shall we discuss Sir Jasper’s conspiracy to use that plot as a ruse to assassinate you by aiming and shooting arrows at my son and I as misdirection for their actual target, you?”

Prince John: Flustered, his eyes widen, Prince John sputters. “What?”

Sir Guy: “Do not attempt to deny what we have known for a long time. You are merely going through the motions of King Richard’s decree in elevating me to a barony.”

Prince John: “How can you say that? All the effort we are going through for the investiture counters that. Why would we make such show?”

Lord Archer: “Oh? My guess is that you want to send a message to the nobles–that if they do not behave, you will have them killed also. Well, now the shoe is on the other foot. And your life is targeted for death.”

Prince John says nothing. What can he say? They have caught him.

Lady Roseanna walks up to her cousin and slaps him hard across his face, such that his head jerks to the side. He claps his hand to his cheek where he was hit and looks at her disbelievingly.

Prince John: “What was that for?”

Lady Roseanna: “For trying once more to kill the man I love–and now putting our son Seth’s life in danger, too.   If I had a sword, I would run you through myself, you weasel!” She hisses. “But then your toady Sir Jasper would take our cousin, the impressionable Arthur Duke of Brittany [(8)], in hand and rule England as his regent. And that is the only thing that is stopping me from killing you.” Her eyes have narrowed to fierce glinting orbs.

Prince John: “Have you all gone mad?” Prince John backs away from his family–right into the stone statue that is the tall and imposing Sir Roderick. Sir Roderick steadies Prince John. Then Prince John shrinks away from him and runs behind a chair. “Don’t touch me, any of you! I do not want anyone killed! I just do not want Gisborne to be a Baron!” He squeals, trying to negotiate his way out of this.

Seth: “Cousin, why do you not want my Papa to be a Baron? My Papa is a good man–noble and kind. He deserves this honor.” Seth gazes at his cousin with questioning eyes. Sir Guy gazes lovingly at his son.

Prince John: “You would not say that if …”

Lord Archer extends his arms and his hands close around Prince John’s neck–not enough to strangle him, but enough to prevent him from saying any more.

Lord Archer: “Cease! You are such a weasel, Johnny–an affectionate family nick name for you that fits.” Lady Roseanna’s eye rises.

Prince John: “Khghhh!” Prince John claws and Lord Archer’s stronger arms, but he can not pry Lord Archer off him.

Lord Archer: “Ooh! I would not anger me further, if I were you, Johnny! I might just squeeze harder.”

Lord George: “And none of us would stop him.” Lord George stands there, and with his good right arm bent at the elbow, mimics one of Prince John’s gestures of flicking his middle finger off of his thumb, then grinning creepily.

Seth: “But I would. Please let go of Prince John, my Uncle Lord Archer.” Seth says in a calm mature voice belying his tender ten years of age.

Lord Archer looks at his nephew, then at Sir Guy who nods. So Lord Archer releases Prince John from his grasp. Prince John staggers around, then plops into a wing chair as he coughs–more for effect than him actually being hurt.

Prince John: “Kkkhh! Kkkhh!” Then he looks up to see Seth Gisborne standing in front of him.   Seth looks at Prince John pleadingly.

Seth: Then Seth [(9) right] –looking far more mature than his tender ten years–says Seth-intheLibrary-isTommyBastow_Jan3115ArundelCastle-andListalBastow-manipbyGratiLresolutely, but quietly. “Prince John, I am only ten years old. I do not want to die. I want to marry Lady Caroline Havorford when I am sixteen, to be a papa to give my parents grandchildren, and to be a knight for England. Your royal decree made me legitimate so that I may do all those things and live noble life worthy of my Papa and Mama. Did you not mean for me to live my life and to be a knight?” Seth holds out his right hand to Prince John.

The minutes tick by. Lady Roseanna weeps and buries her face into her husband Sir Guy’s chest as he consoles her in his embrace, and rubbing he back. Lord Archer and Lady Saline also stoically stand together holding hands as husband and wife. And Lord George, their cousin by marriage Lady Rebecca, and Sir Roderick stand apart from them and stare at Prince John.

Prince John: “Yes, I did, Seth.” Prince John takes Seth’s hand and stands up. Then he puts his other hand on Seth’s left shoulder. “And you will be a fine knight for England some day, Seth.”

Lord George: “So Johnny, will you help us thwart this plot to kill you, Guy, and Seth? We do not know who all the conspirators are, beyond Sir Jasper and … and …” He can not remember the name.

Sir Roderick: “Someone named Roland.” Sir Roderick interjects. Prince John’s eyes dart concerningly at Sir Roderick at the mention of that name.

Lord George: “Yes! Thank you, Sir Roderick.” Lord George, also turning to look at Sir Roderick does not see the flash of recognition at the name Roland upon his cousin Prince John’s face. But Lord Archer does notice the momentary change in Prince John’s demeanor.

Prince John: “Of course I will help you.” Prince John waves his hand effusively with a broad smarmy smile, with which they are all familiar. “It would be foolish of me not to.”
The Gisbornes-Middletons-Locksleys and Lady Rebecca and Sir Roderick exchange looks at each other, wondering if Prince John is being sincere.

Sir Guy: “How do we know that we can trust you?” Sir Guy’s finds it difficult to trust others–Prince John most of all, with good reason.

Prince John: “Well, if we do not foil the plot, then my life is at stake.”

Sir Guy: “Not good enough.” Sir Guy glowers and crosses his arms in front of his chest. “We need more assurance from you–something to guarantee your loyalty.” Sir Guy sneers.

Lady Roseanna: “We want your royal signet ring, Johnny.” She holds out her hand.

Prince John: “My signet ring?” Prince John recoils and pulls his left hand close to his body, covering it with his right hand. “But I need my royal signet ring to conduct the business of state–to impress into wax on documents in addition to the great seal ink print. No document is legal without both.”

Lord Archer: “Well, the only business that I have seen you conduct here at Gordon Castle so far concerns wine, women, and song. I doubt that you will need your royal signet ring.” Lord Archer’s eyes narrow.

Sir Guy: “And King Richard’s seal and signet ring are already upon my barony decree. So that document is already legal.” Sir Guy reminds Prince John sarcastically.

Lady Roseanna: “Give your signet ring to me, Johnny. I will keep it safe.” She holds out her hand to him again. “I will give it back to you after the investiture, and before we leave for home.

Prince John: Prince John relents and removes his ring, but holds it in his closed hand. “One question.”

Sir Guy: “Name it.”

Prince John: “If I am to approve of the betrothal of Seth and Lady Caroline–assuming her father agrees, of course–what betrothal tribute donation will you give me?” He narrows his eyes, ever mindful of a revenue opportunity.

Sir Guy: Without skipping a beat, Sir Guy replies. “You will live to enjoy the dowry tax donation when the marriage takes place in six years time.”

Prince John: “Fair enough.” Prince John nods wincingly and he hands over his royal signet ring to his cousin Lady Roseanna.

Lady Roseanna: “Now! If you will excuse me. I have a baby to nurse before our family tea party.” She flounces her skirts as she turns around, heading for the door to the corridor and thence to her guest bed chamber suite across the hall. “Come Seth.”

Seth: “Yes Mama.”   Seth follows her, eager to see Lady Caroline again–and excited about possibly becoming betrothed to her when her papa Lord Havorford returns for his father Sir Guy’s investiture.

The remaining adult nobles in the room look at Prince John with disdain.

Prince John: “Come come, such gloomy faces will not do if we are to be secretive in ferreting out the conspirators.” He swishes his hand around in that mock kingly, Prince Regent way that he does.

Sir Guy and his brother Lord Archer share a mirthful look between them. Then they burst out laughing.

Sir Guy and Lord Archer: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Then Lord George catches on–as do Lady Rebecca and Sir Roderick. And they add to the laughter.

Prince John: Looking at them in confusion, he asks. “What did I say?” They only laugh more at the weasel talking about ferreting out conspirators. “Have you been into the drink?” They continue laughing at him. “My Lady Rebecca, I suggest that you serve only wine and no ale at tonight’s dinner.”

Lady Rebecca:   “Ha ha ha! And shall I inform my garrison that you prevented them their daily portion of ale? Do you want to create another faction with reason to kill you?” Then she steals a glance at Sir Roderick and they smile at each other.

Prince John: “Well, it was just a suggestion.” Prince John rolls his eyes.   Really people, he thinks, I am your Prince Regent–does not that count for something with family? Of course, they would all respond with a resounding NO.

Then Prince John notices that Lady Rebecca and Sir Roderick are standing next to each other–and they look chummy.   Hmmm. Prince John thinks that if Sir Roderick is not to become betrothed to Lady Caroline, then Lady Rebecca might do–if only her husband were not alive. Well, Lord Leicester is practically as good as dead thinks Prince John–that is if dead is good. And it is if Prince John wants another betrothal/marriage tax opportunity to ponder. Hmmm.

Prince John resolves to set the obsequious Sir Jasper the task of discovering a way to betroth Lady Rebecca and Sir Roderick and have them marry sooner rather than later–naturally dispensing with a useless and betrothal/marriage tax payment delaying mourning period. Afterall, he reasons, her husband has been gone three years. Lady Rebecca has had plenty of time to mourn him during their separation, no need to wallow. Prince John smiles and rubs his hands together in anticipation of the money he can milk out of that marriage.

And as pertains to the suspicions about Sir Jasper plotting his death, Prince John thinks, keep your friends and family close, and your enemies closer [(10)]. His late father King Henry II taught him that lesson, by example.

Standing in a huddle with his brother Lord Archer and his wife Lady Saline, and his brother-in-law Lord George, the laughter has died down and Sir Guy still views Prince John with a healthy suspicion. But in Sir Guy’s eyes, Prince John is a much more preferable devil he knows, than what a Sir Jasper as Regent for the twelve year old Arthur Duke of Brittany might be. So there is an uneasy alliance between Sir Guy and Prince John, for now.

And the next few days leading up to Sir Guy’s investiture will be full of tension–life and death are at stake–and for more than just finding out who the assassination conspirators are.

To be continued with Chapter 15


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