Digital Theatre Presents The Crucible Starring Richard Armitage as John Proctor Available for Download on March 17th! March, 17, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #720)

Our patience is rewarded and The Old Vic’s production of The Crucible starring the Digital-Theatre--TheCrucible-avail-Mar1715_Mar1115DigTheCrucible-GratianaL-sized-added-textexquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage is available for download today starting at 9am EST (New York) from Digital Theatre.



  1. FAQs from Digital Theatre about the Download

The most pertinent issues for me are cost and size off the download. In tweet replies from Digital Theatre and others, it seems that an SD version of the file would be about 3GB–so clear up some space now on your hard drive. And below is the cost structure from the FAQ l ink (I am buying not renting)”
Here is the cost structure from Digital Theatre:

GBP (£) USD ($) EUR (€)
Rent 3.99 5.99 5.49
Buy (SD) 8.99 12.99 11.99
Buy HD 10.99 15.99 14.49


And some important how to watch info from the Digital Theatre email FAQ’s:
“Can I keep The Crucible forever?

Yes, if you purchase an SD or HD download, The Crucible will remain in your library forever.

How do I watch The Crucible?

To watch The Crucible you must be a registered user of Visit to sign up now. More details about how to watch are available here: .”

And here is the link for downloading the Digital Theatre Desktop Player for both online and offline viewing of your downloaded items. Though, the player is not required to view your downloaded versions. You may view them in the cloud via your browser.

  1. The Digital Theatre Interview of Richard Armitage(images right and below by Johan Persson):dDigTheCrucible--JohnProctorWary-isRichardArmitage_Mar0615theatremania

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Hobbit Star Richard Armitage on the Digital Theatre Release of The Crucible

“Armitage played John Proctor in Arthur Miller’s drama when it ran at London’s Old…by Theatre Mania.”

Thanks to RANet for the link to RA’s tweet about his interview with Theatre Mania regarding the release of the filmed The Crucible production!


  1. Finally to leave you with, Isabelle shared online a lovely The Crucible fan art that she came TheCrucible--ElizabethandJohn-fan-art-byCro-gall-on-tumblr_Mar1615viaIsabelleacross that was attributed to Cro-gall on tumblr. I also found the image here (right) after a google image search.The image of Proctor and Elizabeth partially engaged with each other is evocative for me of  figurative relationship and literal dance metaphors. In dancing, the partners generally hold hands to keep themselves in sync with one another–notice Elizabeth reaching for John and he turning back toward her.  In relationships, couples  must also hold on and stay in sync if couples hope to last. And Proctor’s back to Elizabeth betokens to me their estrangement giving way to greater understanding and reunion. And though there might be some dance/relationship moves away from each other, the dance inevitably brings them back together again–just as in the end of The Crucible, John and Elizabeth come together again at last.


At 9am EST, I will be at work. So I will wait to do my download Tuesday night. It will be a long day of anticipation for me, to finally be able to view Richard Armitage and his colleagues bring The Crucible to vivid life.  Enjoy!

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  1. March 17, 2015–Thanks for liking this post!

    Herba and Servetus


  2. Mar.17, 2015–Digital Theatre (Thanks!) tweeted another link for an FAQ’s ina slightly different graphical format, but still the same info:


  3. Mar. 17, 2015–And here is Digital Theatre’s (Thansk!0 link again for the short clip about the Richard Armitage Intervie wthat will be included with the download:


  4. March 17, 2015–Thanks for this lovely post (see link below) by Michaela Servetus to those of us, like myself, who are on the cusp of experiencing Richard Armitage portraying John Proctor in The Crucible via the download! Fingers crossed that all goes well with the download transmission.
    And a definite YES to Richard Armitage having a brilliant future as an artist and storyteller!


  5. Mar. 17, 2015–Andrew Novialdi made a stunning The Crucible wallpaper with Proctor quotation:


  6. Mar. 17, 2015–The Crucible Director Yael Farber also tweeted (Thanks to RANet for the link!):


  7. Mar. 17, 2015–Obscura at her Ancient Armitage blog is ready to hit play on The Crucible:

    P.S. And there is a clever little poem, too.


  8. Mar.21, 2015 (Saturday)–With more time in a block today, I decided to tackle The Crucible downloads:

    1) Digital Desktop Player download, check! I also had to download Adobe Air for this and Digital Theatre had a link for that. Check!

    2) “In Conversation with Richard Armitage” about The Crucible, check! Although it took me submitting a trouble ticket to Digital Theatre and then they “kickstarted” my download after it sat idle at 0% for 1.5 hrs. That did the trick! And the interview was fabulous! Richard Armitage’s comments about his character of John Proctor and the casts’ preparations were so insightful. And they pointed me to a few things to focus upon in the production when I watch “The Crucible”.

    3) Started the download of the HD version of “The Crucible” 1 hour ago. Again, after it sat idle at 0% download after 30 minutes, I submitted a trouble ticket to Digital Theatre and they kickstarted the download. But with the HD version bing 6.5 GB–that is giga bytes–the download is going to take a while. Ha! I just hope it finishes before bed. Sunday is earmarked for writing and a little work from home. So Monday night might be my first chance to start watching “The Crucible”. Fingers crossed!

    Cheers! Grati ;->


  9. Mar. 21, 2015–Perry on her Armitage Agonistes blog writes that “Richard Armitage has the Midas Touch” with regard to “The Crucible” and other projects of his that we can download:


  10. Mar. 21, 2015–Servetus at her “Me and Richard Armitage” blog shares links to 2 blog stories. But start with the comments to Servs post for both inspiRAtion and despair about downloading “The Crucible”:

    P.S. My “The Crucible” download is at 31% right now, after 3.5 hrs. And I’m heading to bed in 30 minutes. So I will be letting the download run over night–hoping that it does not run afoul of other nighttime scheduled computer processes. Fingers crossed.


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