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avaSirGuysAtonementStoryCover-image-isRichardArmitage-inRH3epi5_086RanetJan1815GratianaLovelace-256x398[An Original Historical Fiction Fan adaptation of the characters from the BBC’s Robin Hood; & a Sequel to “Sir Guy’s Dilemma”(Book 2) by Gratiana Lovelace]
(All Rights Reserved; No copyright infringement intended)

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story with my dream cast of: Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne, Clive Standen as Lord Archer of Locksley, Emma Watson as Lady Roseanna Gisborne, Tommy Bastow as the young Seth Gisborne, Lucy Griffiths as the spectre of Lady Marian, James McAvoy as Lord George Middleton, Toby Stephens as Prince/King John, Dakota Fanning as Lady Caroline Havorford, Chris Hemsworth as Sir Roderick Merton, Tamsin Egerton as Lady Rebecca Oxbridge Merton, Lee Ross as Sir Jasper, Sir Derek Jacobi as Fr. Bale, Judi Dench as Mother Superior, David Harewood as Brother Tuck, Kevin McKidd as Lord John Oxbridge Earl of Leicester, and Lucy Griffiths as Lady Anne/Marian, etc.]

Author’s Mature Content Note: “Sir Guy’s Atonement” is a story of romance and intrigue set amidst Medieval times. As such there will be some passages in this story involving heartfelt love scenes (S) and some passages involving highly dramatic moments (D). I will label the maturity rating of those chapters accordingly. Otherwise, the general rating for this story is PG or PG-13 due to some mature situations and topics. If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read the chapters with those labels. This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Recap from the previous installment: Baron Guy reveals to Lady Anne/Marian who he was to her, and who she was to him–and that it was he who caused her injury, though not intentionally. And she learns that she has no family left alive to claim her. She is overcome with these harrowing facts and she faints–with Baron Guy having only a brief respite of cradling her in his arms before Lord John snatches her from him to comfort her himself when Baron Guy carries her back to the manor. But Baron Guy has even larger concerns than seeking forgiveness from Lady Anne/Marian, because he now believes that his son Seth may have overheard his confession to her and that Seth has run away.


“Sir Guy’s Atonement” (Book 3), Ch. 36 (PG-13, D):  Seth Runs Away

Seth staggers back into the forest from where his hiding spot gave him access to overhear his father Baron Guy and Lady Anne/Marian speaking with each other, when the very great secret that his father Baron Guy of Gisborne was a murderer–or nearly thus, in stabbing Lady Anne/Marian with his sword seven years ago, while also trying to kill then King Richard. Reeling from hearing his own father admit his guilt and culpability in such evil and treasonous acts, Seth is torn in two with both loving the father he thought he knew and now loathing the evil man that his father admits to being–Baron Guy’s own words damning his past actions.

And with the confirmation that his father had once loved the beautiful blue-green eyed Lady Anne/Marian before his Mama Lady Roseanna–but had still injured Lady Anne/Marian so grievously, almost unto death–shatters the pride and love that Seth had for his father.   And though tears are not prevalent for Seth’s almost eleven year old maturity, tears do fall upon Seth’s cheeks in his distress about his father’s sinful evil past.

Seth begins to run through the forest on their estate–to run hard and to run fast. At first, he does not know where he is running to–except away from his father Baron Guy–until Seth realizes that he is at his family’s stables situated about 100 yards from the manor. It is almost midday and the grounds staff and stable grooms have already headed to the manor’s back courtyard off the kitchen for the grounds and house staff meal furnished by his family. Seth is alone and he uses it to his advantage. Seth quickly saddles and mounts his horse Wildfire–the horse given to him by his Mama Lady Roseanna when they first met nearly seven years ago. Then Seth whispers his command into Wildfire’s ear.

Seth: “Wildfire, take me away from here. If my father is truly a bad man, I will know the extent of the shame of the name that I bear as his son.”

Wildfire: “Hmhmhm!” The horse whinnies then snorts as it stamps its feet upon the dirt as they exit the stables at a canter.

Then once free of confines of the fenced in area surrounding the stables to prevent horses from getting loose unintentionally, Seth gives his horse free reign to gallop as fast as he can–heading North. It is now midday. And Seth’s journey will take him nearly six hours by horse–giving his horse some time to rest. So they will arrive at their destination well past dark.


When Lady Roseanna tells her husband Baron Guy that their son Seth is missing and is thought to have headed into the forest–perhaps near to where Baron Guy and Lady Anne/Marian were speaking–Baron Guy’s anxiety increases, and all his worried thoughts about the mournful Lady Anne/Marian being comforted by Lord John Oxbridge go out of his mind. Yet Baron Guy remembers the howling of the winds sounding as if a wailing cry, and footfalls running away as he revealed to Lady Anne/Marian that it was he who stabbed her–and why. Baron Guy’s blood drains from his face in worry that Seth might have heard his admission of guilt and run away to find solace.   But run away to where?

The sins of the father are visited upon the son, reverberates through Baron Guy’s mind. He raises his hands in utter frustration and shuddering remorse.

Baron Guy: “Oh God!   No!”

A frantic search for Seth Gisborne throughout all of the 2500 acre Middleton and Gisborne Estates over the next few hours turns up nothing. Seth has not gone to his usual favorite spots to brood by himself–not the pond, not the hill cliff, and not the Gisborne-Middleton Manor’s  decommissioned dungeon that now holds the wine cellar. Baron Guy and his family are at their wits end. And it will be getting dark in a couple of hours. Baron Guy is angry and distraught, barking orders to the stable grooms to go and look for Seth again–and that is when they discover that Seth’s horse Wildfire is gone–so is Wildfire’s saddle and a saddle bag.

Then Baron Guy realizes with growing dread, that Seth has left the safety and security of the grounds of the Middleton and Gisborne-Middleton estates–Seth is truly gone away from him.

Baron Guy and everyone knows that if travel by day is dangerous, travel by night is even Seth--indaytime-tunic-manip-isTommyBastow-andMedievalTunic_Jan3015GratianaLovelace-crop2more so. Seth is only a young boy [(2) right], still just ten years old–one month shy of his eleventh birthday. Any calamity could befall Seth–from highwaymen, to wolves, even to injury since the unfamiliar path he takes might be a treacherous one for a rider on a horse. And Baron Guy will not have his son bear God’s punishment for his misdeeds. But they are at an impasse as to where to look for Seth next.

While his brother-in-law Lord George Middleton organizes the search parties to search for Seth, Baron Guy heads back into his manor to inform his wife Lady Roseanna that they are sending out five search parties along the main roads leading away from the estates–in hopes of finding Seth. Baron Guy intends to go first to Derry, to see if Seth has sought comfort with his earlier foster family. Baron Guy is like a wild animal, stalking through his manor and bounding up the grand central staircase in only a few leaps. Seth has been missing for three hours–and every minute is precious if they are to find Seth and bring him home safely.

Walking into his children’s large bedchamber sitting/play area, Baron Guy finds his Lady wife weepily cradling their fidgety two year old daughter Lady Sarah in her arms while trying to soothe little four year old Louis as six year old Lady Helen pats her brother’s shoulders. Lady Caroline Havorford is also trying to aid Lady Roseanna with the children by cradling the sleeping baby Lady Diana in her arms. At least the baby is spared any distress. However, the young Gisborne children know that something bad has happened–and that it involves Seth. Little ones understand more from seeing everyone distressed, than if they are told why the adults are distressed.

Lady Roseanna: “Guy!   Have you found Seth? Do you have any news?” She asks anxiously.

Baron Guy: “No! He is gone.” He admits in frustration.

Lady Roseanna: “Gone? Gone where?” She recoils with dread.

Baron Guy: “I do not know, My Love.” Then his voice ominously lowers. “We believe that Seth has taken Wildfire and that he has left the grounds of the estates.”

Lady Roseanna: “Noooo!” Lady Roseanna wails. She knows that Seth all alone by himself on the road is dangerous.

And one quarter feels Seth’s absence for a purely personal reason. Four year old Louis Gisborne idolizes his big brother Seth.

Louis: “Seth left without me, Papa? Waaa!” Louis begins to cry and runs to his father Baron Guy for solace, clinging to his legs.

Baron Guy pats his son’s back. Then making no headway in soothing his son, Baron Guy lifts Louis up into his arms and rocks him back and forth as the little boy’s tears spill onto his neck. And in comforting his son, Baron Guy also gains some brief comfort.

Baron Guy: “Shhh!   Shhh!   Louis, it will be alright. We will find Seth.” But Baron Guy and Lady Roseanna share worried gazes.

Then the second eldest Gisborne child with a trembling lip tellingly displaying her distress–though she is trying to follow her Mama Lady Roseanna’s example of holding back her tears from becoming sobs–as she asks in confusion.

Lady Helen: “Mama? Has Seth done something wrong? Why did he run away?”

Lady Roseanna: “No Helen Dear. Seth has done nothing wrong. He is just …” She finds that she cannot finish her sentence as she looks back at he husband Baron Guy.

They have purposely kept their children ignorant of their father Baron Guy’s nefarious past. And Lady Roseanna is loathe to spread that story to their other children. Now, they both wonder about the wisdom of that choice–with Seth gone missing.Guy-inRH3-isRichardArmitage_Oct0614nightshadowtumblr-viarafrance

Baron Guy: “Helen, Seth is … upset … with me.” He says through gritted teeth–Baron Guy’s [(3) right] somber expression revealing his worry about his son Seth.   He will give nothing away, not wanting to risk another of his children running away from him.

Lady Helen: “But why, Papa? I do not understand.” She looks questioningly between her parents.

Then they are saved from answering their daughter when Lady Caroline Havorford makes a suggestion that draws everyone’s attention.

Lady Caroline: “My Lord and Lady, if I may make a suggestion?” Baron Guy and Lady Roseanna nod hopefully–wondering if Seth might have taken Lady Caroline into his confidence about a place that they had not thought of. “If Seth is not where he usually goes when he is upset, should we look for him where he has never gone before?”

Lady Roseanna: “Hmmm. That suggestion has some merit, Lady Caroline. Thank you!” She smiles gratefully at the young girl who might one day be her son Seth’s bride. Then Lady Roseanna looks at her husband Baron Guy and they both nod with a sense of dawning awareness.

Baron Guy:   “I will go there at once!”

Baron Guy gently deposits his son Louis on the floor, and pats his head fondly, even as he also caresses the cheeks of his daughters in farewell. Then Baron Guy tenderly kisses his wife before he quickly turns and leaves to search for their eldest son Seth.

Baron Guy and his search party of two trusted stable groom guards–including a now quite grown up twenty two year old Tanner– will search for Seth where he has often expressed a desire to go, but was never permitted to go, because Baron Guy feared that Seth would learn the truth about him and he would being diminished in his son’s eyes.   They will ride North to Nottingham where Baron Guy’s brother and Seth’s Uncle Lord Archer Locksley lives and he is Sheriff in Nottingham. And Baron Guy prays that he finds Seth safe–and he also prays that Seth does not hear more about his past from any revenge seeking Nottingham residents.

To be continued with Chapter 37



“Sir Guy’s Atonement” (Book 3), Ch. 36 References, June 05, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #760)

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