Richard Armitage’s “Urban and the Shed Crew” Trailer Link shared by RANet, June 06, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #761)

“Urban and the Shed Crew” film IMDB link, the plot in a nutshellUTSC--RichardArmitage-andFraserKelley-poutingcutely_Jul2214tweet:
A boy who needs a father, a parent, finds one in an unlikely person–a man who also finds himself in becoming the boy’s father. [behind the scenes mug shot, right:  Richard Armitage and Fraser Kelly]

Wow! This “Urban and the Shed Crew” film trailer makes me want to see Richard Armitage  and Fraser Kelly  in this film more than ever!

Thanks to RANet ( ) for RANet tweet sharing the trailer link!

Update 6:54pm: Since the initial video of the UATSC trailer has been removed by the You Tube user, pasted below is an alternative video link to the UATSC new trailer thanks to guillerminarivas, Violet Dutchblogger and Teresa A:

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  1. jazzbaby1 says:

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    Check it out!

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  2. June 06 & 13, 2015–Thanks for liking this post!

    jazzbaby1, suzy, Carolyn, & Hariclea


  3. Carolyn says:

    Now I know I have to see this!

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  4. June 6, 2016–Love this Chop opening his home to Urban screen cap shared by RANet on their “Urban and the Shed Crew” gallery page!

    Here is the link for this and more images:


  5. June 06, 2015–Sahraobsessed (Thanks!) shared the link to the UATSC “first trailer” released in March 2014–over a year ago, just after initial filming ended.

    Upon a second viewing of this earlier trailer version, it is rather text heavy with references to the book. So maybe it was less of a “film trailer” and was more for background of the story. Anyway, here is that link as well:


  6. June 06, 2015–Again, a very large thank you to guillerminarivas for tweet sharing an updated link for the UATSC new trailer!


  7. June 7, 2015–Thanks to M.I. Rogers for sharing that someone else has posted the UATSC film trailer on You Tube again:

    Here is the link to M.I.Rogers blog post:


    • And here is the excerpted description about the plot of UATSC as shared by Fairytale Love with the video:

      “Published on Jun 6, 2015

      It’s been described as a tale of heroin and cement, set in Britain’s underclass in the 90s.

      Twelve-year old Urban Grimshaw is Britain’s most runaway child, he’s even been on TVs Crimewatch. His mother is a junkie and his father might as well be dead. He can’t read or write, and he doesn’t go to school. His average day is spent sitting around a bonfire with his mates smoking drugs and stealing cars. When he meets his mother’s new friend Chop, a 37 year old, disillusioned, ex-social worker also living on society’s margins, on one of Leeds roughest estates, the two become firm friends.

      But even Chop with his own penchant for drink, drugs and hard living is shocked by the state of Urban’s life. After much soul searching he resolves to clean up his own act and save the kid. But as their friendship deepens, Urban introduces him to the Shed Crew the anarchic gang of kids aged between ten and fourteen years who spend their time joy-riding, thieving, and engaging in drugs and sex. It is only then that we see exactly how long the road to civilization really is.

      When ex-social worker Bernard Hare turned his startling experiences with a group of young delinquents into a novel it was described as one of the year’s most compelling and best selling books. Urban and the Shed Crew is a stunning piece of ethnography described by The Guardian as moving but never sanctimonious, another City of God, this time for Britain rather than Brazil.

      Category People & Blogs
      License Standard YouTube License”


  8. June 09, 2015–Here is the link for the Blenheim Films site with UATSC resources;


  9. Hariclea says:

    thanks so much for this :-) was away and looking forward to enjoy the trailer in more detail :-)


    • Hi Hariclea, You’re most welcome. Thanks for your nice note!
      I like to gather links together in a post to keep them handy as a quick reference. Glad that you like it, too.
      And I hope that the release of the UATSC film trailer means that an announcement of release dates and locations will follow. Thanks & Cheers! Grati ;->

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