WCW: Richard Armitage’s Other Worldly Selfie–With Beard, June 17, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #768)

Two thoughts sprang to mind when I saw the talented British actor Richard Armitage’s2015--RichardArmitage-Selfie-looking-other-wordly_Jun1615RCA-sized recent BW other worldly looking selfie (right):
1) Shroud of Turin photo negative. But that was a dead end thought wise. However, the curves and straight lines in RA’s selfie photo are a nice geometric otherworldly touch–especially the background composition with the building spire pointing to the corner of the image. Nice cropping and rotating there, Mr. A!  And I love your adorable smile. Sighhhh!


2) Theremin made space music. RA even looks like he is wearing a space suit bubble helmet.  “Danger, Will Robinson!”     Well, sort of. Then I went in search of said theremin made space music and found two examples–a video with an alien being creating the music (here), and one music video referencing the classic spacey movie , The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951 version, of course, starring Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, and Sam Jaffe) (below):

And with RA’s head seeming to float in the image, then I thought of the space movie spoof “Mars Attacks!” –wherein aliens invade Earth, only to be imploded by the high pitched falsetto of Slim Whitman yodeling “Indian Love Call” .

But then Teresa A who shared the recent RA selfie (Thanks!) pointed out that Richard Armitage is still sporting his “Pilgrimage” whiskers. Rather than the smooth skin of otherworldly aliens–or even futuristic humans, a la, “The Fifth Element” film–well maybe, a teeny tiny goatee.

And I wondered why depictions of so called aliens seem to be devoid of facial hair? Or any Worf--MichaelDorn_Jun1615startrekcom-and-platypionlinecomhair really? Well, I guess, except for Klingons from the Star Trek series. And Michael Dorn’s character of Star Fleet Officer Worf in the tv spin off series “Star Trek the Next Generation” was mighty fine in character (near right) and out of character (far right) –with Klingons getting a forehead makeover by that point as a further species distinction, looking rather like tectonic plates converging.

I wonder how Richard Armitage Might look as a Klingon? Hmmm.





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5 Responses to WCW: Richard Armitage’s Other Worldly Selfie–With Beard, June 17, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #768)

  1. Esther says:

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Michael Dorn without Klingon make-up. Kinda blown away at how very handsome he is! Which is silly really, because why wouldn’t he be? The Klingon forehead is fake after all…

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    • Hi Esther,
      Thanks for your nice note! Yes, Michael Dorn is very handsome! And his tall and muscular physique worked well for his character of the warrior Klingon Worf–whose fierceness smouldered just under the surface of his Starfleet Officer commanding presence.
      And I did see one makeup side shot of him mid session–getting both his forehead and top of head affixed. So that must have been quite a demanding process each filming day to be transformed into the Klingon Worf.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting! Cheers! Grati ;->


  2. June 17, 2015–Thanks for liking this post!

    Esther, nellindreams, & Servetus


  3. June 17, 2015–Love this Richard Armitage portrait series by Sarah Dunn! In the context of my RA as Alien post, might we RA caption the poses as (left to right):

    1) I usually wear onesies spacesuits. How do you keep your bottoms from falling down?
    2) My personal storage space on my home planet is limited to what will fit between my hands thusly.
    3) You confuse me with your predilection to …everything you humans do confuses me.
    4) Simon says pat my head? To what purpose? Who is this Simon? And why does he give commands of such a nature?


    • An alternative set of captions I came up with and tweeted was:

      RA captions left to right:
      1) ready to rumba;
      2) my carry on bag fits, really it does;
      3) water in a desert scene?;
      4) calling your bluff!


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