WCW: Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield is our Reigning King, July 01, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #777)

Forget Jack Dawson with arms spread wide shouting “I am king of the world!” Jack who you ask? See! And I’m not going to hyperlink it for you. Ha!

The exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage who portrayed Thorin Oakenshield, the King Under the Mountain, is now the King of the World with his recent prestigious acting award, and yet Richard Armitage is still also the King of our Hearts!

Richard Armitage’s win for Best Supporting Actor–at last Thursday’s 41st Annual Saturn Awards –for his searingly epic portrayal of Thorin Oakenshield in the finale of the trilogy, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, is still being celebrated several days later by his world wide fans–including me!

So below are a few more celebratory musings and graphics congratulations the exquisitely talented Richard Armitage for his artistic achievement:

1) The Hobbit Movie (finally) tweeted their congrats to Richard Armitage with an image of him portraying Thorin Oakenshield leading the Dwarves out of the fortress of Erebor to fight their enemies in a charging chevron shaped column of brute strength and brave hearts.

Oh and congrats also to THBOTFA filmmakers for the film’s Saturn Award win as Best Fantasy Film Release.

2)  Terri on Twitter shared an extreme closeup of Thorin and a restrained but jubilant award winner Richard Armitage

3) But I think the Thorin of Erebor designed “King Under the Mountain” wallpaper at right 2014--BOFA-Thorin-isKingUndertheMountain-RichardArmitage_Jun3015byThorinofEreboris the most stirringly poetic fan made Thorin art that I have seen so far–with its juxtaposition of ethereal mountains and a contemplative Thorin gazing backward at them, denoting a lack of future for himself. Symbolically, this artwork speaks to me of a great king, a lost kingdom, and a lost future that was regained for others, but not for him.

Thorin gave his life–literally and figuratively–in service to his people. The sacrifice and the burden of legacy weighed heavily upon Thorin’s broad shoulders.
And Richard Armitage is the only actor, and the only man, who could have portrayed Thorin with such unflinching honesty about Thorin’s flaws and weaknesses, yet rally us to believe in his cause to “reclaim our homeland”, and for us to hope for Thorin’s victory. Yet as with most victories, Thorin’s victory was bittersweet. The future of the Dwarves of Durin and of Erebor–and for the peoples of Middle Earth–would be secure, purchased by Thorin’s sweat, by his toil, and by his blood with his sacrificial death in killing Azog. And when the extended version of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies comes out, I will be the be spellbound to watch Thorin’s valorizing funeral–to see the Arkenstone placed over his heart in the center of the mountain of Erebor–which should have been the ending to the film. IMHO.

Richard Armitage’s searingly epic portrayal of Thorin Oakenshield has brought this legendary character to vivid life for generations to come. Dignity, “loyalty, honor, and a willing heart” are more than mere words–they are the touchstones of greatness to strive for.  And now, Mr. Armitage has finally and momentously been honored and recognized for his artistic achievement with a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor.   Bravo Mr. Armitage! Bravo!

P.S. And just to remind us of the greatness of Thorin Oakenshield, Richard Armitage, and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, here is that video trailer again for us from The Hobbit movie site:

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  1. I could not agree with you more about everything you said (I am referring about 3rd bellow comment about the wallpaper). When one sees how much Richard gave himself to Thorin – to bring this character to life – he should have received numerous awards. In the book, I could not get the whole Thorin: i disliked him more than I did like him. Though I am a fan of Tolkien, I would have preferred he gave Thorin more space, I mean describing Battle and more dialog on dying bed with Bilbo. That part was just too ”quickly” written – gotten over it. So I do thank PJ from the bottom of my heart how he handled it for the movie giving Richard to show us his acting skills and actually show us how Thorin should have been.

    And can’t imagine no other Thorin than Richard – for his eyes and face expressions are priceless. He should have been among nominated for the Oscars. Shame on you, Academy!

    And about that what you wished for last scene to be. Yes, that would be an awesome ending, no matter how much oceans would rise at the lakes spilling from our eyes. And I would add one thing: on the left: Bilbo sitting on his bench and gazing in direction of Erebor upon his return while we see, on the right, Thorin’s tomb with gleaming Arkenstone upon his breast. *blurred eyes, must stop thinking of it*

    Richard, you will always be our King! And may many awards in future head your way! You certainly deserve them <3

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  2. July 01 & 04, 2015–Thanks for liking/starring this post!

    Esther, LadyButterfly, Servetus, & Carolyn


  3. July 01, 2015–Armitage Global tweeted “withanaccent”‘s pix of RA hoisting his award high:

    And here is “withanaccent”‘s Saturn Awards post page link AG shared:


  4. July 01, 2015–Thorin of Erebor created another lovely Thorin wallpaper,with poem quote:


  5. July 01, 2015–And Thorin of Erebor shares a smouldering (Sighhh!) Thorin image by The Arkenstone ck Tumblr:


  6. July 01, 2015–Love this video excerpt of the 2012 THAUJ Japanese Premiere press conference where Sir Peter Jackson praises Richard Armitage as an actor and as a noble, dignified, and honorable man:


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