THUD Thursday! Richard Armitage Disheveled DistRActions! October 22, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #818)

I may have mentioned that I am quite enamored of a certain exquisitely talented esquireuk-dec2013-4brichardarmitagesittingunderstainedglassnov09ranet-crop3-shrpBritish actor named Richard Armitage. *wink*

And Mr. Armitage’s all dressed up formal portraits are divine (Esquire 2013, right).

But I also have quite a hankering for his mussily disheveled scruffy looks as well–with wrinkled or mismatched clothes, hair unkempt, some stubble, and/or shoes optional. Sighhh!

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Gloriously glistening muscular biceps aside when RA portrayed John Porter in 2010’s Strike Back (below), sweat doesn’t turn me on–unless that person plans to march right into the shower, etc. Ha! Miss Kitty, this one’s for you. As near as I can tell, the dirt on Richard Armitage’s torso only serves to help define his musculature. Well done there! And the dirt must have also acted like a great sunscreen, because he didn’t seem to tan or burn at all during the filming. Ha!


And for some new to me sexily scruffy Richard Armitage pix, Noemi and Teresa A–Thanks Ladies!–pointed me to an Instagram site called Thorin Only. So below are some of the Richard Armitage pix that I particularly liked from it:

Only the t-shirt would count as scruffy here. But I’m not complaining. Oh those biceps! Sighhh!


The shoeless feet and wrinkled shirt are so sexy!


And below, is the scruffily handsome Richard Armitage pix that was the catalyst for this post for me. The hair long enough to run your fingers though, the beard needing a trim, the unflattering plaid shirt opened too low and showing a hint of chest hair (purrrr), etc. And though this picture breaks my preferences for liking a shower clean scruffy man–with his glistening sweat being evident–there is always a shower handy somewhere. Ha! And Richard Armitage’s mirthful smile and dancing eyes are oh so appealing. Sighhhh!


So how is a lady supposed to concentRAte with all of this Richard Armitage handsome scruffiness around? NOT! Ha!

Image thanks not hyperlinked above are to: Eagle Mother,  Laura D., Marianna, RAFrance, RANet, and Velvet as noted in each picture’s filenames!

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11 Responses to THUD Thursday! Richard Armitage Disheveled DistRActions! October 22, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #818)

  1. ConcentRAting is a relative word when it comes to this gorgeous man. When I saw yesterday pictures emerging from BOTFA EE, I went completely deaf for anything around me. And that last pics had knocked the air from me – was totally blown away <3 it wens straight to desktop and cell phone cover. His eyes are just so expressive and you can tell how he is feeling by just looking at them. I am so mesmerised by those eyes!!!!!!!!! <3 And how I envy those earphones!! :THUD: *don't expect to recover any time soon*

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  2. Kitty says:

    He cleans up nicely but when a person can be this smokin’ hot in a plaid western shirt, with cave man neck hairage and that CHEST, who needs designer suits and ties that match?

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  3. October 22 & 23, 2015–Thanks for liking this post! I’m glad that you enjoyed it!

    jholland, Carolyn, Esther, & Servetus


  4. October 22, 2015–FYI. I had a little bit of a glitch for my Wattpad site story links in my blog sidebar here–Wattpad is where my story chapters are contiguous, for ease of reading flow.

    But I have fixed the sidebar links and you should be able to link to my stories on Wattpad just fine now. Thanks for your patience!


  5. I’m revising my thoughts–the shine to RA’s face in that last picture is not sweat. He’s just well scrubbed. Ha!


  6. October 22, 2015–There is still time for you to visit Mat Khal’s page commemorating the 5th anniversary of the announcement of Richard Armitage being cast as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit films. And she has put up lots of resource links to enjoy today. Thanks to Mat!


  7. October 24, 2015–jholland at her Preoccupied by Armitage blog also shared her thoughts about the handsomely dissheveled Richard Armitage pix:

    And she shares a link for an uncropped version of the image!!! I didn’t know there was more to it! Thank you jholland! RA has his arm around a lady–a fan or film creative? Not sure.So I’m putting the link as jholland did–rather than the image–in case the lady is just a private person and wishes to remain so. [dot] jpg


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