WCW: Bawdy Richard Armitage and “A Pocket Full of … Miracles?” October 28, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #821)

Obscura at her Ancient Armitage blog delightfully shared her thoughts about  Richard Armitage’s recent Empire article interview’s rapid Q & A response to his startling lac2014--AnnaMadeley-andRichardArmitage-atTheCrucible-on-screen-premiere-pix1byDavidJensenOct2715ranet-sizedk of milk affinity, with great humor. In fact, she and I exchanged several sisterly comments about dairy products in our respective states. Her state’s impressive dairy tonnage won out over my state’s artistic dairy sculpture. Ha!

Then in my reading the Empire article scan more closely, I noticed that we were once again treated to the bawdy side of the very gentlemanly projecting (my perception) Richard Armitage (right with his on stage wife from The Crucible, Anna Madeley)–when he responded to what was in his pocket. Read it for yourself. Ha!

But what’s a guy/RA to do when his interviewer asks him inane and obviously salacious questions about his tush furr and his pocket contents? Play along, of course. Here’s another example of Richard going with the flow during an Into the Storm interview at WonderCon 2014 (around 0:55 to 1:24) where he talks about him needing to grab his underpants in weather emergencies:

However, I have to say that I find it blushingly humorous when Mr. Armitage comes out with saucy statements–unprompted. Remember The Hobbit reading (or ADR?) clip in one of the video blogs, when Richard responded to a direction that Thorin and Bilbo go for a chat? Mr. Armitage responded in a deeply serious voice and demeanor to the room “Is this post-coital or pre”? Everyone cracked up–as I do every time I watch that. In fact, here you go:

In my mind, I consider Richard’s occasional bon mot wicked wit to be amusing and mirthful. And I’m sure that with my prim persona, I am the last person anyone would think that I would like that sort of thing. But then, they say that still waters , run deep. *wink*

In fact, when I was smooched rather firmly–closed mouth by each of us–by my very best gay male friend Brad from my college years at a college reunion recently, I quipped when he finally released my lips after 10 seconds or more, “What, no tongue?” It was a retort born partially of my being bemusedly startled by his kiss.  And the fact that it had been 33 years since he and I had had such a lingering lip lock. Ha! The private banquet room we were in was too dark to see if I was blushing with shy embarrassment.

So I wonder if RA’s pocket musings–and perhaps other of Richard Armitage’s deliciously naughty witticisms over the years–might have some of their basis in embarrassment camouflage, as mine did. Misdirection, if you will. Only Richard Armitage can say for certain. But it is fun speculating–however far off the mark I and others might be.

And finally, I find Richard Armitage endearing when he laughs through his naughty quips–especially about his sword, and naming it. It makes him seem so adorkable. Sighhh! And here is that vid clip again:

So, what’s in your pocket?

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18 Responses to WCW: Bawdy Richard Armitage and “A Pocket Full of … Miracles?” October 28, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #821)

  1. Esther says:

    Ah yes, I love all of these too and yes, especially the pre- or post-coital one! :)

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  2. October 28 & November 04 & 10, 2015–Thanks for liking this post! I’m glad that you enjoyed it!

    Esther, Guylty, obscura, ania-zrysiowana ja, & Servetus


  3. October 28, 2015–The naughty man. *wink* And he looks so innocent and sweet faced here. Ha! Image via Terri, Thanks!


  4. October 28, 2015–Here is that Empire article scan shared by the Wastingyourgum tumblr (Thanks!) if you can’t see it via the hyperlink:


  5. LadyGrayse says:

    Thank you for this. I’ve gotten a good laugh or two from the article & even more from the online uproar it’s caused on Facebook & Twitter. Apparently he has some fans who think he’s not supposed to be witty and all his interviews should be quite serious. A pox on them, I say. Let the man have a bit of fun!!

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    • Hi LadyGrayse, Fiddles sticks if anyone gets their nighty in a knot over RA’s humor. Ha! Thanks for weighing in on the side of those of us with a sense of humor. *wink* Cheers! Grati; -)


  6. jholland says:

    I thought it was a fun interview and he didn’t exactly set the tone… the questions did! I would have been disappointed if he didn’t respond in kind. He cracks me up! =)

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  7. November 01, 2015–Guylty, at her Guylty Pleasures blog, shares her artistic vision for a new RA “pocket” Shrine (RAPS) so cute that I’m tempted. Ha!


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  9. Servetus says:

    I read the interview and fell down laughing and then noticed that there were indeed people who were ______ [insert negative reaction]. I mean, what can you do when you’re asked to participate in something like this? Refuse? Doubt that would go over well. I guess some things in fandom are eternal (even though I assumed at some point they would go away), such as prudery.

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    • Hi Servetus,
      I never actually saw any negative comments–I only read about others commenting about them. Ha!

      And I’m still trying to figure out what the cultural reference is for male parts in the pocket. With there being a bronze statue with a “full pocket” (see the link for Perry’s Agonistes post in a comment above)–and then some–there has to be something behind it. So to speak. Ha!

      Then again, I’m still palpitating *fans self* after RA’s response to the butt cheeks question. Cause really, unless you have a very elaborate mirrored sideways periscope, a person would need that “vantage point” to be photographed by another in order to ascertain the condition of smooth or furry. But I missed seeing the visual evidence on RA. Ah well! C’est la vie. Ha! However, he has a very nicely rounded tush–as one of this fangirl’s “Armitagenous Zones”. *wink*
      Cheers! Grati ;->


  10. November 14, 2015–Just the levity we need right now. Where Servetus of the Me and Richard blog would like to kiss Richard Armitage–the pocket edition:



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