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aaaa-Love-in-the-Great-Pine-Woods_story-cover_Nov2515byGratianaLovelace_3inchesTallrev4(An original story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace; all rights reserved)  [(1) story cover, left]

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story characters with:  Richard Armitage as Sam Wakeforest, Marcia Gay Harden as Sam’s older sister Tessa Wakeforest Shoop Delaney, and Emily Deschanel as Tessa’s sister-in-law Olivia Delaney, Viola Davis as Pauletta Perkins, Cicely  Tyson as Nellie Newton, and others as noted.]

Authors Content Note: “Love in the Great Pine Woods” is a mature love story with dramatic themes of love and relationships.  It will mostly be at the PG and PG-13 movie levels. Specific chapters or passages may have a further rating of:  L for language, D for dramatic emotions, and S for sensual themes.  And I will rate the chapters accordingly. If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide for a chapter, then please do not read that chapter. This is my disclaimer.  And as is my habit, I will summarize the previous chapter’s events at the beginning of the next chapter.

Authors Recap from the Previous Chapter:  The younger Wakeforest brothers tease their eldest brother Sam about Olivia fainting into his arms–to which Sam sternly reminds them not to tease the shy Olivia about it when they go to the Wakeforest Orphanage to deliver their XMAS tree.  However the boys are a little saucy–to which the Orphanage Administrator and Grade School Principal stares a stern warning.  Sam helps Tessa bring down the tree stand and other decorations from the attic. Then an orphanage kid on the stairs holds some plastic mistletoe over their heads shouting kiss–then all the kids chime in.  And when Sam leans down to Olivia, he whispers that he wants them to be in private when they have their first kiss together.  Then Tessa calls the Orphanage looking for Sam and wanting him to pick up some plum pudding for Thursday’s Thanksgiving meal–and  she suggests that Olivia go along with him.  She does, but both Sam and Olivia know that his sister Tessa is trying to play matchmaker. And Sam counts the lunch that he plans to treat Olivia to as their first date–to her amusement.  Sam lets Olivia know that he is interested in her romantically. And surprisingly, Olivia doesn’t faint, but she does let Sam know what she wants from a relationship–love and marriage.


“Love in the Great Pine Woods”, Ch. 4 (PG-13, S)–Thanksgiving Day

Nellie Newton is the Delaney family’s 83 year old retired Negro housekeeper and cook, living out her twilight years with the Delaneys–her only family.  Thanksgiving morning around 8:00am before her own pajamas breakfast, Olivia Delaney dashes down the back servant stairway from the second to the first floor in her candy cane patterned thermal pajamas and robe.  She knocks on Nellie’s bedroom door just off of the kitchen.

Olivia:  “It’s me, Olivia.  May I come in, Mrs. Newton?”

Nellie: “You may, Miss Olivia.”

Peeking my head into Nellie’s bedroom, I smile seeing her sitting up on the fluffed up pillows  in her queen sized bed–Tessa has obviously already been here earlier since I see the breakfast tray on the side bed table.  It looks like Nellie ate well this morning–only leaving one slice of toast uneaten. Nellie is so frail these days that she doesn’t get out of her  bedroom much.  At 83 years old, her health is failing due to her heart problems–as her now stark white hair and wrinkled face attest. I dread when she is no longer with us. I have known Nellie all of my life, and I know I’m greedy to want her to live longer and to be with me always.  But I can’t help it, I love her.

Olivia:  “Good morning.” I smile and go to sit on Nellie’s bed and kiss her cheek.

Nellie: “Good morning, My Livvy.  And what is with all this formality.  I’m just Nellie, child.Nellie-and-aYoungOlivia-representation-isCicelyTyson-inFriedGreenTomatoes-film_Nov2615pinterest-sized That’s what you called me when you were little.”  I touch the picture on my nightstand of the two of us thirty years ago when Livvy was just 5 years old  [(2) right] . The poor child lost her mother when she was so young–her first year of college, when Livvy was still learning how to become a woman. I tried to fill the void for Livvy, but at most I am like a grandmother to her. That was why I was so glad that her brother Mr. Roger remarried after his first wife died. This wife, Mrs. Tessa, I like.  His first wife was too snooty and skinny–no babies for her.   And the first wife didn’t get to know and become friends with Livvy, like Mrs. Tessa has.  And Livvy needs a loving woman’s guidance–so Mrs. Tessa is like an older sister to Livvy.

Olivia: “I know.”  I shrug my shoulders sheepishly.   “But that was only because I was little and I didn’t know that you had another name.  It’s more proper for me to address you as Mrs. Newton.”  Nellie will always have my love respect and admiration.  Next to my own mother, Nellie has been the most important woman in my life.

Nellie: “Well at my age, it confuses me–and I might not realize that you’re talking to me. Ha ha ha!”

Olivia: “Ha ha ha!”  I chuckle with her, then I persist.  “But it’s how I address Mrs. Perkins, the Wakeforest Orphanage Administrator and grade school Principal when we are in front of other people.”

Nellie: “Yes, and that is proper.  Mrs. Perkins has got her education and she is an important person–when all the education I have is through the 6th grade.”  I got taken out of school to work to help feed my younger brothers and sisters when my Pa took sick.

Olivia: “You’re important to me.”  Nellie opens her arms wide and I nestle in, sitting next to her on the bed as she strokes my hair like she used to when I was a little girl.

Nellie:   “Now, My Livvy, tell me what you’ve been up to since we chatted the other day. I hear that that fine looking Mr. Sam Wakeforest was here for dinner Tuesday night, and that you saw him yesterday as well?”  I watch Livvy to see how she reacts to Mr. Sam’s name.  I know that she has a little crush on him. It was so obvious at Mr. Roger and Mrs. Tessa’s wedding celebration last year.

Olivia:  “Yes.  I suppose that Tessa told you that I fainted into his arms.”  I roll my eyes.

Nellie: “I must have my spies if I am to keep on top of things in this house.”  I smile.  “And how did yesterday go with Mr. Sam.”

Olivia: “Fine.”  I blush.

Nellie: “More than fine, I would say.  Now tell old Nellie all about it.”

Olivia: “Well, the orphanage kids wanted us to kiss–because we were standing under the mistletoe.  One of the kids was holding it over our heads, while we stood under the upstairs railing.”  I roll my eyes.

Nellie: “And did you?” I smile hopefully for My Livvy.

Olivia:  “No. He kissed my cheek.” I reveal.

Nellie:   “Oh! That’s too bad.”

Olivia: “Not really.”  Nellie tilts her head in curiosity.  “Sam said that our first kiss should be private, and be when both of us want to–not because of some silly mistletoe.”  I sigh at the romantic way he said that, whispering it into my ear with his ruggedly masculine deep voice, before he kissed my cheek.

Nellie: “And I see that you don’t mind that–waiting.”  Livvy shakes her head with a shy smile.   “Well, if I know Mrs. Tessa, she has mistletoe decorating every room in this house.   So you had best be ready to pucker up your lips today.”  Livvy winces. Then I have a brilliant thought. “Child?  Take Mr. Sam out to the gazebo out back to peek at the fox den just beyond it in the pine underbrush in the snow.  You can kiss each other there, with no one the wiser.”

Olivia: “Nellie!”  I squeal and clap my hand over my mouth trying to hide my blushing grin.

Nellie:  “That’s better.  I’m just old Nellie.  Now you heed my advice, Child.”  I smile knowingly as I wave, my arthritic finger at her. Then I close my eyes to rest a bit.  “You and Mr. Sam will get married yet.”

Olivia: I smile at her prediction–however faulty that it might be.  “Will you be joining the family  for Thanksgiving luncheon today?”  I look up at her hopefully as she lies in her bed looking peaceful and serene.  For Nellie is a part of our family.

Nellie:  Still keeping my eyes closed, I reply sleepily.  “Not today, My Livvy.  I’m very tired.  Mrs. Tessa said that she would bring me a food tray later.  She’s such a nice lady.  You’ll have her when I’m gone.”

Olivia: “Please don’t talk like that, Nellie.”  I gently hug Nellie as I tear up.  Then I say in a small voice.  “You can’t die yet.  I want you to see my children, someday.”

Nellie: “I will see them–either here or when I’m in heaven. ‘We know neither the day nor the hour’.” I quote scripture [(3)].  And I hear Livvy whimper.

Olivia: “Hmmm.”

Nellie:   “There there, Livvy.  If I promise not to die today, will you have a nice Thanksgiving for me?”

Olivia:  “Alright, Nellie.” I sigh.

Nellie:    “And you let Mr. Sam know that you are sweet on him, too.”

Olivia: “I couldn’t!”  I sputter anxiously.

Nellie: I open my eyes and look cherishingly at My Livvy.  “Child, time is a wasting–and will be gone before you know it.  So you had best get on with your life while you can still enjoy it and have kids and grandkids.  You and Mr. Sam will suit each other.  I can feel it.  Now you run along and let me rest.”  I close my eyes again.

I stand up from Nellie’s bed.

Olivia:  “I’ll try.   Shall I come back later to kiss you goodnight?”  I bite my lower lip.  Nellie looks so frail.

Nellie: “That sounds nice, Child.  I look forward to hearing if you and Mr. Sam kiss. I want a report.”  I smile with my eyes still closed.

Olivia:  “I will.  Sleep well, Nellie.”  But she has already fallen asleep again. So I kiss her cheek and quietly let myself out of her bedroom to go back upstairs to get dressed for our Thanksgiving Day guests–especially, for Sam.


After a hurried breakfast, Olivia helps Tessa in the kitchen Thanksgiving morning to fix their noon day meals–both for the family and for their servants. Tessa feels strongly about not imposing upon their household staff on holidays–her feeling that they should have theOlivia-shy-smile-isEmily-Deschanel-asBones-266-400_Nov2615fanpop-sized-blstoblue2 day off, paid.  Both ladies are already dressed up in their Thanksgiving finery, with Olivia wearing a new but still demure high neck blue satin blouse over a navy wool pencil skirt [(4) right] .  Olivia’s softly curled hair and her little bit of extra eye make-up is because she is making an effort since Sam Wakeforest is expected for their Delaney-Wakeforest families Thanksgiving meal.

Olivia is in charge of making the onion and sage dressing casseroles. Each casserole contains  one chopped onion, a loaf of slightly toasted dried sliced bread, three stalks of celery, one large can of sliced mushrooms, two eggs,  hot chicken broth, various seasonings of powdered sage, poultry seasoning, salt and pepper–with butter wedges interspersed throughout on top. Then bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 hour–give or take, until the center is firm and not mushy, and so that the outer edges aren’t burned.

Tessa had earlier put on three 15 pound turkeys in the large commercial ovens in the Tessa-isMarciaGayHarden-2011+Winter+TCA+Tour+Day+3+-k0m4V09k94l_Nov2115viaZimbio-sized-deletedmic-dressmanipDelaney’s large kitchen–two for the 16 Delaney and Wakeforest family members (including nieces and nephews), and one turkey for the Delaney’s  8 household and grounds staff.  Yet for one in charge of feeding this army today, Tessa looks surprisingly unruffled in her black crystal beaded scoop neckline party dress–and not a fashionable hair out of place [(5) right] .

Tessa is so glad that one of the first things that she did as the new lady of the house was to upgrade the kitchen to all new modern appliances–with double wash up sinks, double refrigerators, double stoves, and double ovens.  And Tessa’s husband Roger gradually accepted his wife’s wisdom that the upgrades were well worth the expense.  They entertain quite a lot for business and community events, so they needed to make that investment in their home’s kitchen.

There are still other meal sides to be made–with chopping of vegetables and such. So Tessa readies the two green bean casseroles–one large dish  for the family, and one smaller dish for the staff.

Then with neither of us noticing–so busy in our cooking tasks–Tessa’s brother Sam slips Sam-isRichardArmitage-inGray-inRecognise-7BW_Nov2615ranet-Grati-crop-sized-colorizedinto the kitchen unnoticed, leans against the near wall, and just watches us work without announcing himself [(6) right].    Then Tessa looks up and instantly commandeers her brother Sam to help Olivia with the chopping.

Tessa: “Sam!  There you are, just in time!  Be a dear and help Olivia with chopping the rutabaga.  It needs someone strong like you to do it.” Tessa smiles sweetly–while drawing attention to her brother’s muscular physique–for her sister-in-law Olivia’s benefit.

Sam: “Oh!  Okay.” I stride purposefully over to where Olivia is standing stirring a saucepan on one of the butcher block counters.   She is wearing a lovely demure blue satin blouse and a stylish wool skirt that frames her womanly hips below it.  “You look lovely, Olivia.”  My voice smoulders deeply.

Olivia:   My cheeks pinken up, I’m sure.  “Thanks, Sam.  You look handsome, too.”  He is wearing a sophisticated gray silk dress shirt with his muscular arms well defined.  No tie, per usual.  And he must have left his suit jacket in the living room, because it looks like he is wearing dress trousers again–not that I am looking at Sam’s pants.  I touch my cheeks in embarrassment.  His attire today is a far cry from the dungarees and plaid flannel shirt wearing lumber mill owner and forestry agent that he usually wears.

Tessa: “What am I? Chopped liver?” I say to the room as I continue with my food preparations.

Sam: Without looking away from Olivia, I compliment my sister. “You look lovely, too, Tessa. Thanks for having us all for Thanksgiving.”

Tessa: Noticing my brother’s focus upon Olivia, I mutter with a smile.  “Uh huh.”

Sam leans over Olivia’s counter where she is preparing something that smells sweet.

Sam:   “Okay Olivia.  Now what is a rutabaga?  Tessa is introducing us to all kinds of new foods. I had only just reconciled myself to having to taste the plum pudding.”  I smile.

Olivia:   “The rutabega is in the turnip family.  The British call them swedes.”  Sam wrinkles his nose and makes a face.  “No, it’s good, really. You boil cubes of rutabega in water, then mash it up with butter–like potatoes.   Here!”  I hand him a wax covered purplish rutabaga and a heavy gauge carving knife.

Sam: I turn over the offending rutabaga in my hand to examine it.  “I think I would rather taste what you’re making.  It smells good.”

Olivia:  “It’s the brown sugar glaze for the plum pudding.  I just took it off the heat after it started to bubble. I have to keep stirring it so that it doesn’t congeal and turn rock hard.”

Sam:  I hold up my index finger–poised over the brown sugar glaze sauce pan.  “May I?”

Tessa: Having watched Sam’s and Olivia’s exchange with glee, I interject quickly. “Not with your finger, Sam!  You would burn yourself.  And I don’t want your germs in my Thanksgiving Day food.  Please get him a small spoon, Olivia.”   Sam pouts–as usual.  Really!  Men!

Olivia:  I nod.  “Here you go.”  And I take a clean tea spoon and dip it into my brown sugar glaze mixture, then I bring it up to Sam’s lips. “Sam, blow on it before you try it, or you’ll burn your tongue.”

I do blow on the spoon, then I let Olivia feed it to me rather than taking the spoon from her hand.  We smile at each other.

Sam:  “Hmmm.  That’s good.  May I skip the plum pudding and just have the glaze?”  My eyes twinkle mischievously.

Olivia: “You may not!  I think you’ll be surprised at the tastiness of the plum pudding.  And remember, it’s made with brandy.”  I put the glaze mixture saucepan back on the stove top to stay warm, but not directly on a burner.

Sam:  “Alright.  For you, I’ll try it.  I’ll focus on the brandy part.”  Olivia looks at me with a small smile.

Tessa:  Stirring my cream of mushroom soup into a mountain of cut green beans for the green bean casseroles, I call over to Sam and Olivia again. “Sam, please start chopping the rutabega.  It’s a hard vegetable and it will take you some time to chop it.”

Sam:  I pick up the rutabaga and survey it critically.  It doesn’t look that tough–but it does feel heavy. “How do you want me to cut it, Olivia?”

Olivia:  “Pare off the outer covering until you get to the tan colored middle. Then chop it into cubes and we’ll boil it in water with butter to cook it.”

I start chopping. And this rutabega is tough to cut.

Sam: “This is as hard as oak. I’ll need an axe to get through this.”

Tessa: “See?”  I nod my head, then continue with the casseroles.

Sam:  “I can’t believe that we’re going to eat this.” I look askance at Tessa, then at Olivia.

Olivia: “Don’t be fooled. The rutabega will cook down and then we mash it like potatoes. It has a subtle flavor–much lighter than a yam or a carrot.”

Sam: “Oh?   So are you our culinary expert, Olivia?”  I’m wondering if she is a great cook who makes good meals, or if she is a good cook who has a few great meals.  Well, they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Olivia: “Now, behave, Sam.”  I look up at him shyly.

Sam:  “What is my reward if I do?”  I smirk teasingly at her.

Olivia:   “Well, …”I ponder. Then I remember what Nellie said.  “We do have a new fox den that we can peek at from the gazebo out back, if you’re interested later.”

Sam: “Just you and I, away from all of boisterous nieces and nephews for a few precious minutes?” She nods shyly.  “I am very interested in that.” I smile tenderly as I whisper my reply.

Tessa:  Making a match between my brother Sam and my sister-in-law Olivia is one thing. But we have 24 mouths to feed today.  “Come on, everyone. Chop Chop!  There will be time for you to chat later.”

Sam: “Yes, Maam!”  I roll my eyes at my sister, Tessa. Then I smile again over at Olivia as we finish preparing our meal.

And I am pleasantly surprised that Tessa’s brother Sam doesn’t mind helping out in the kitchen.  I can’t imagine my brother Roger helping. But I really like that Sam does.


Happily, our Thanksgiving meals were cooked, baked, and boiled to perfection–and we gave our compliments to the cooks, Tessa and Olivia.  I especially appreciated that Tessa sat Olivia and I together at the adults dining table–so with my siblings and their spouses, everyone was partnered up this year for a change, including Olivia and I.  My three brothers’ six children ranging in ages from 4 to ten were at the pushed together card tables next to us–so their parents could keep an eye on them.

Tessa had once again also outdone herself on the holiday decorations–starting early with the XMAS themes–with copious amounts of pine boughs, holly berries, mistletoe, and such interspersed through her and Roger’s lovely home.  Despite its large mansion size, it also seems very cozy and inviting–that is Tessa’s doing, as are, no doubt, all of the hanging mistletoe in the doorways. You can’t miss them.

Except Olivia seems to be quite stealthy and avoids being kissed under the mistletoe. So I wonder if she is just shy, or if she has a general aversion to kissing.  And I think that I am soon to find out which, when the kids and their parents are engrossed in a heated game of team monopoly, and Olivia motions for me to follow her.

Olivia:  I start to put on my Winter coat, and Sam chivalrously helps me. “Did you want to come see the foxes den before the afternoon light fades?”  I ask Sam nervously–since I am basically following Nellie’s advice about seizing the moment.

Sam: “Yes!” I smile and reach my large dressy tan camel hair Winter coat out of the coat closet. “There is nothing that I would like to do with you more.”  Well, there is.  But, I’m taking our relationship and intimacies slowly with the shy and reserved Olivia.

Sam and Olivia also pull on their warm Winter gloves to keep off the Winter’s chill. Then they walk out the back terrace, hand in hand, toward the gazebo that is now covered in snow.  For Tessa, the bracing freezing cold air is a bit of a shock. She had been in the house all day cooking in a hot kitchen.

Olivia puts her gloved finger to her mouth–intending to indicate to Sam that they need to be quiet as they approach the gazebo so that the fox family isn’t scared off before they can see them. However, all Sam can think about are Olivia’s two plump lips, ripe for kissing.

They enter the gazebo that is enclosed on three sides to keep out the biting Winter winds–Sam-isRichardArmitage-inCamelCoat-from2011ProjectMagazine-interview-and-photosbyMattHolyoak-27_Nov2615ranet-sized-bkgrndblurin Spring and Summer, the two temporary sides are removed to allow airflow to cool things down.  Sam leans on the one permanent brick wall of the gazebo with a small knowing smile [(7) right] .  He likes to do that, lean while watching Olivia move gracefully across the gazebo.  Olivia motions for Sam to follow her to the other side where a window opening will allow them to peer at the fox den–hopefully without being seen by the foxes.

At first, they don’t see anything as their eyes accustom themselves to the darkening lighting conditions.   Then a furtive movement of a flicking furry red fox tail draws their attention as the fox further encloses its fox den with a protective covering of another fir tree branch [(8) below] . These are Douglas fir pine trees, whose branches are densely foliaged conifers, also referred to as evergreens [(9)] –providing an excellent hiding place.
red-fox-in-the-snow_p_Nov2615wolf-rpg_sizedOlivia: “Oh!  We can’t see anything now.” She shivers from the freezing cold.

Sam: “I wouldn’t say that.”  Sam smiles tenderly at Olivia.  “And I like what I see.”

Olivia:  “Hhhh!”  Olivia sighs tremblingly with Sam’s smouldering implication.  But she also shivers again from the cold.

Sam:  “Come closer.” He motions to her.  She hesitates.  Then he opens his Winter coat. “We need to share body warmth if we’re going to stay out here for any length of time.”

Olivia: “Oh?”  She takes one step forward and stops.

Closing the short distance between them, Sam envelops Olivia in his Winter coat and in his arms.

Sam:  “That’s better. Hmmm?”  Olivia nods, but her teeth are chattering.  “Here, let me warm you up.”  Sam buttons up his coat around her and then rubs her back up and down several times.

Olivia: “It’s colder than I thought it would be.”  She looks up at him wincingly.  Olivia realizes that the dead of winter is not a great climate for kissing.

But then, again ….

Sam:  Sam leans his head down to almost touching his lips to Olivia’s lips.  “Is this alright?   May I kiss you?” Normally, he doesn’t ask, he just kisses.  But with Olivia, it feels different.

Olivia:   “Yes, but ….”

Sam’s lips descend upon Olivia’s lips–gently at first, and then sucking them into his mouth and enjoying their softness and warmth, despite the chilly environs.  Olivia is startled with this new sensation.  And she is surprised how soft his lips are–despite his scratchy beard surrounding them.

Sam: “Hmmm.”He growls seductively.  Then he lifts his lips off of her lips for the briefest of moments.

Olivia:  “… I don’t …”  She continues trying to apologize for her lack of kissing skill.

Sam’s lips hungrily capture Olivia’s lips again, taking more of her into his mouth–as his kisses drink her in.  But no tongues, not yet.  He doesn’t want to frighten her by getting too fast, too soon.

Olivia: “Hmmm.”  Olivia forgets what she was trying to say as she gives herself up to Sam’s kisses and she wraps her arms around his torso underneath his winter coat.  These are her first kisses, ever. And Olivia doesn’t know if she is doing it right.  But she likes Sam’s kisses–a lot.

Sam: “Oh, Olivia!” He sighs, then he kisses her some more.

Olivia: “Sam!”  She sighs contentedly.  Then reality sets in. “I can’t feel my feet.  I think they’re frozen.”  Olivia looks up apologetically at Sam.

Sam: “Well, we can’t have that.” He smiles. “Let’s get you back to the house to warm up.”  She nods and they head out of the gazebo.

Once Olivia begins walking back toward the house, her circulation starts returning. And once inside, she and Sam doff their coats and now snow laden boots and pad to her brother Roger’s back of the house study where there is a roaring fire blazing in the hearth.  They sit down on the heavy couch close to the fire as they try to warm up their feet–with Sam in dark dress socks and Olivia wearing shimmeringly sexy silk stockings from Tessa’s store Elle.

Sam also takes Olivia’s chilled hands in his and rubs them between his palms and blows on them to warm them up. Then he brings her hands to his lips and he kisses her fingers, and then her up turned palms, and finally, he kisses the soft skin of her inner wrists.  Olivia is feeling very warm now as the tingles from Sam’s kisses travel up her arms.  Then Olivia shyly returns the gesture–by kissing Sam’s hands, and then his palms, and finally the soft skin of his inner wrists.  Olivia doesn’t know what she is doing, but she guesses that since she liked it when Sam kissed her that way, that he might like her kissing him that way.  And Sam does like it, he really does.  No lady has ever so sweetly kissed him like this before, as Olivia is kissing him now.  And he is quickly becoming entranced with her.

And then Sam and Olivia lingeringly kiss one more time on their lips, then they nestle into each other and doze off on the couch. All that Thanksgiving turkey and then the fresh Wintry air has made them sleepy–despite the rather passionate kisses that they just shared.

And there in Roger’s study is where Tessa and Roger find Sam and Olivia sleeping a quarter hour later, when they had gone looking for them–with Sam and Olivia chastely cuddled together on the couch, and holding hands in their sleep, Sam holding Olivia’s hand to his heart as her head rests on his broad shoulders.  It is a sweetly poignant moment, and Tessa will not spoil it by waking them up.  Tessa puts her finger to her lips, and she and Roger quietly back out of the room– leaving Sam and Olivia sleeping contentedly, after their first kisses, and their second kisses.

And later that night, before she heads to bed, Olivia knocks and then enters Nellie’s bedroom.  But Nellie is asleep.  So Olivia kisses Nellie’s cheek and whispers to her sleeping form.

Olivia: “Sam and I kissed each other today, Nellie.  Hhhh!”  Olivia sighs.   Then she quietly exits Nellie’s room and Olivia goes to bed herself–dreaming of Sam and his kisses.

Tomorrow will be Friday, the Day after Thanksgiving.  And the children at the Orphanage are so looking forward to their trip to the Wakeforest XMAS Tree Farm–with its indoor and outdoor activities.  And Olivia knows–well, she hopes–that she will see Sam there.

To be continued with Chapter 5


“Love in the Great Pine Woods”  Ch. 04, by Gratiana Lovelace, November 26, 2015

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a) the Richard Armitage portrait is from the 2011 Project Magazine photo shoot and article interview, that was found at http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/Richard/Promos/ProjectMagJuly2011/album/ProjectMag-05.jpg;
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Gratiana Lovelace is my nom de plume for my creative writing and blogging. I write romantic stories in different sub genres. The stories just tumble out of me. My resurgence in creative writing occurred when I viewed the BBC miniseries of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel North & South in February 2010. The exquisitely talented British actor portraying the male lead John Thornton in North & South--Richard Crispin Armitage--became my unofficial muse. I have written over 50 script stories about love--some are fan fiction, but most are original stories--that I am just beginning to share with others on private writer sites, and here on my blog. And as you know, my blog here is also relatively new--since August 2011. But, I'm having fun and I hope you enjoy reading my blog essays and my stories. Cheers! Grati ;-> upd 12/18/11
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4 Responses to “Love in the Great Pine Woods”, Ch. 04 (PG-13, S):  Thanksgiving Day,   November 26, 2015 by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #835)

  1. Hi Grati,

    Another cracking instalment, thank you. I love the vivid imagery of the wrist kissing, beautiful. BTW, I find the inside of a man’s (that man’s?) thigh even more erotic! Ha ha.

    Anyway, enough of my nonsense. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you and yours have had the best of days. I will carry on reading, enjoying and maybe one day I will be able to comment again, without censure – lol.

    Wishing you and yours the best of everything,

    P.S. I believe that the generosity of the universe is infinite so anyone can have anything that is good and kind, and doesn’t control another.

    Yours in respect and admiration, as always




    • Hi snowlightmagic “Gen”,
      Thanks for your nice note about Ch. 4. I’m glad that you enjoyed it–and especially the inner wrist kissing scene! Restrained love scenes are very sensual to me.

      And hey there as you noted yourself, ixnay on the “erotic” suggestions. Ha! You will discover in my stories, that I don’t go there. My love scenes are not an anatomy lesson. I believe in letting my readers’ imaginations fill in for them.*wink*

      Thanks also for your Thanksgiving well wishes! Hope you had a lovely day, too.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


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