“Love in the Great Pine Woods”, Ch. 08 (PG-13, S): Awakenings, December 07, 2015 by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #841)

aaaa-Love-in-the-Great-Pine-Woods_story-cover_Nov2515byGratianaLovelace_3inchesTallrev4(An original story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace; all rights reserved) [(1) story cover, left]

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story characters with: Richard Armitage as Sam Wakeforest, Marcia Gay Harden as Sam’s older sister Tessa Wakeforest Shoop Delaney, and Emily Deschanel as Tessa’s sister-in-law Olivia Delaney, Viola Davis as Pauletta Perkins, Cicely Tyson as Nellie Newton, and Anna Sophia Robb as Alice Trent, Kevin Spacey as Roger Delaney, Sam Heughan as Todd Wakeforest, Idris Elba as Dominic Perkins and others as noted.]

Authors Content Note: “Love in the Great Pine Woods” is a mature love story with dramatic themes of love and relationships. It will mostly be at the PG and PG-13 movie levels. Specific chapters or passages may have a further rating of: L for language, D for dramatic emotions, and S for sensual themes. And I will rate the chapters accordingly. If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide for a chapter, then please do not read that chapter. This is my disclaimer. And as is my habit, I will summarize the previous chapter’s events at the beginning of the next chapter.

Authors Recap from the Previous Chapter: With Sam’s youngest brother Todd being injured by a claw trap on the mountain Saturday morning, everyone is worried about him and his impending transport Sunday afternoon to the big city of Valley View’s hospital for surgery on Monday. Sam plans to go with him, but first had to stop at home to shower, shave, and nap to rest up Sunday morning–since Sam had no sleep the night before while tending to Todd in the hospital. Tessa sends Olivia to drive Sam home–and to do his laundry for him, despite his embarrassed protestations. And after Olivia inadvertently sees Sam’s bare chest when she dropped off the first completed load of laundry, she impulsively lies down on the bed with the dozing Sam who kisses her forehead–and then she falls asleep herself.


“Love in the Great Pine Woods”, Ch. 08 (PG-13, S): Awakenings

For Sam Wakeforest the past week, dreaming of Olivia Delaney and having her in his life and in his bed has become a recurring and lovely effect of his growing relationship with her. And Sam is a man of hearty appetites–in all spheres of his life. So romance and making love are natural desires of his–albeit not exercised much the previous five years when his sister Tessa came to live with him after she was widowed–which put a crimp on Sam’s love life. And Sam had not really resumed dating since Tessa married Roger Delaney and moved out–but for Sam’s one now regretful assignation with his former lover Lola last year. So Olivia is a new romantic start for Sam.

Yet this later Sunday morning after Thanksgiving, as Sam naps in exhaustion in his bed at Sam-sleeping-isRichardArmitage-inMovingOn_079_Nov2915ranet-crop-sized-brt-clr-crop2blurhis home [(2) right] –after him having tended to his injured brother all night in the hospital–Sam feels the womanly curvy body of the sweet and lovely Olivia lying next to him, cuddled with him, and now, under him as he kisses her tenderly while tentatively rocking his body against her. Though they are both clothed–he in sweat pants and a sleeveless athletic t-shirt and she in full street clothes of a stretchy blouse over corduroy pants, underclothes, and thick fuzzy socks, with her sweater vest already removed before she joined him for a nap–these clothing barriers do not seem to be hindering their lovemaking as Olivia responds to him in her dreams and in reality.

The still also asleep Olivia dreams that her love Sam tenderly showers her with sweet and loving kisses and caresses as he molds his body to hers. At thirty five years old, Olivia has never made love before–nor has she even made out before. Though certainly some of her married girlfriends have given her broad hints as to the pleasing nature of their romantic couplings with their husbands, Olivia is not entirely aware of the particulars involved. She knows about the basics of reproduction–at the cellular level, as embarrassedly explained by her high school science teacher during a hurried lecture twenty years ago. But in her naivete and ignorance, Olivia only presumed that somehow the sperm traveled from the man to the woman in the night–but her not guessing the mechanism for that transfer. Obviously, she lived a very sheltered life with her parents and then later with her brother Roger after their parents died.

So reclusive and reserved was Olivia, that it is no wonder that Sam has only just this past week been awakened to the possibility of Olivia as a woman whom he wants to date–and possibly marry–as she has interacted with him more over the Thanksgiving Holiday.   She was too shy to consider dating anyone in high school and college–after the Todd Wakeforest attempted kissing incident at her high school prom. But when many women in their mid twenties might have at least begun to date and look for a husband, the ten years older than she was, Sam Wakeforest returned to town from having a distinguished military career during WWII–reawakening her girlhood crush.

And Olivia realized then while hearing Sam speak about his war experiences at a town reception ten years ago, that he was the one for Olivia. And since then, Olivia has pined away for Sam, but she was too shy to do anything more than to gaze at him from afar or merely to thank him haltingly for his help selecting and cutting down a XMAS tree for her for Delaney Manor. And in the first few years after his return to town, Sam was busy with learning and growing their family lumber mill business and forestry conservation–with him looking for comfort elsewhere, that Olivia now knows was a woman named Lola. It is only through the assistance of Sam’s sister Tessa–Olivia’s sister-in-law for the past two years–that Olivia has seen more of Sam, and he of her, at family functions. And now, Sam and Olivia have been thrown together over the Thanksgiving Holiday with Tessa actively match making between her sister-in-law Olivia and her brother Sam.

Sleeping contentedly on top of the covers cuddled next to Sam, Olivia still feels over warm and constricted in her clothing as she dreams of making love with Sam. Olivia begins to remove her clothes in her dream, and in reality. And the sleeping Sam obliges by helping her remove her trousers and her blouse–and he also removes his t-shirt, but retains his sweatpants since he is not wearing underwear underneath after his shower. Being in only her underwear feels better, cooler, Olivia acknowledges in her dream. And Olivia doesn’t feel shy or uncomfortable at all in being so exposed to Sam.  Olivia is wearing a petty pink matching satin and lace undies set that Tessa gave her.

Olivia feels pleasantly warm and tingly as Sam’s kisses and tender but non intimate caresses of her, touch more of her bare skin on her creamy shoulders and at the small of her back–him lingering with a feather light touch upon that indent. And Olivia also explores the expansive muscularity of Sam’s bare chest as she nestles in to him–placing kisses upon his sparse chest hair, which elicits groans of pleasure from Sam as her hands move down his abdomen to surround his hips. Sam’s hands also begin to explore below her womanly curvy feet-coversOct1012instforenergyresearchorghips. Olivia is by no means skinny, and her round hips and rump are much appreciated by Sam as he runs his hand down her side, framing her silhouette in his mind and in his heart. Their arms and legs naturally entangle with each other [(3) right] –cuddling their bodies together so closely, it is as if they are made for each other.

Then just after Sam rolls he and Olivia from him being on top, to their sides–and then having Olivia lying on top of the length of him–he sleepily fumbles with her bra hooks at the back, getting only one of the two hooks undone. He always has trouble with the hooks. It is if bra hooks were made to frustrate men in his view. If it were up to Sam, ladies bras would have snap closures for easy fastening–and easy unfastening.

But a persistent ringing sound intrudes upon the sleeping dream lovers. Then a door being pounded sound is added to the noise and Sam and Olivia slowly awaken–finding themselves in a rather compromising position of almost lovers–still clothed, but only just.

Gazing down into Sam’s eyes, with her arms around his shoulders and her fingers running through his hair, Olivia is the first to realize that their dream of lovemaking is actually happening.

Olivia: “Oh my god!” Olivia scrambles from lying on top of Sam, mortified at her brazen behavior–worried what he must think of her.

Now wide awake as he feels Olivia remove herself from him–as she unintentionally elbows him in his stomach–Sam still reaches for her.
Sam: “Uhhh! Olivia, wait!” Olivia sits primly on the edge of the bed with her back to him–well as primly as one can when sitting only in their underwear.Olivia-crying-isEmily-Deschanel-inBones_Dec0615tvline-sized-bkgrndmask-brt-shrp

Olivia: “I … I was asleep, dreaming …” She haltingly explains as she draws the bedspread around her and tears up in mortification for her wanton and unladylike actions [(4)right].

Sam: “As was I asleep. I’m so sorry, Olivia. I would never have taken the liberty …” Sam tries to wincingly apologize to Olivia.

Olivia: “What must you think of me?” Olivia buries her face into her hands and weeps–not out of shame, but of how pleasurable she found his dream kisses and caresses–her wondering if she is supposed to want to respond so eagerly.

Sam: “What must you think of me?” He counters.   “Olivia, do not blame yourself. It was I who was at fault.” This admission only makes Olivia weep louder–even as the door pounding persists. “Coming!” Sam yells out–though realizing that someone at his front door probably won’t hear him from his second floor bedroom. Pulling Olivia into his arms and kissing her again, Sam tries to reassure her. “Don’t get me wrong, I want you, Olivia–so much it hurts. And I am pleased that you also want me.” Olivia faintly nods her head up and down, but she cannot look him directly in his eyes while making what to her seems like such an unladylike admission for a woman living in 1955.

Olivia looks at Sam’s bedside clock and she sees that it is nearly one o’clock in the afternoon–the time designated to transport his brother Todd to the hospital of the larger city of Valley View an hour away.

Olivia: “You will have to travel with your brother Todd to Valley View Hospital today to get him ready for his surgery on Monday.” She sniffles and adjusts the comforter to cover her front–which dips it down in back, revealing that her bra is fastened by only one hook now.

Sam: “Yes.” Sam gently kisses Olivia’s bare shoulder–and he hesitantly rehooks the 2nd bra hook at the back for her. “Olivia, please put your clothes back on, then dash down the back stairs to the basement laundry room. I’ll meet and deal with whomever is at the front door.”

Sam puts a short sleeved gray t-shirt on and dashes downstairs barefoot to the front door, even as Olivia does as he bids her to.


The door bell ringing and door pounding continues. Taking the front stairs two at a time, Sam is on the first floor quickly.

Sam: “Coming!” Sam rushes to open the front door–to end the ceaseless pounding if nothing Sam-isRichardArmitage-in2014TheCrucibleRehearsals-9-byJohanPersson_Dec0615ranet-sizedelse. Sam opens the door wide to find his next oldest brother, Kevin, standing there. “Kevin? Is everything alright? Has Todd worsened?” Sam asks questioningly as he gasps for breath [(5) right].

Kevin: “Sam! What has kept you? The hospital has already begun Todd’s transport to Valley View Hospital, they couldn’t wait for you. I’ll have to drive you to Valley View, now.” Kevin says with some annoyance.

Sam: “Hello to you, too, Kevin! I was asleep–exhausted from being up all night tending to Todd. He had night sweats, then chills, then he was in so much pain and needed more pain killers. Tessa insisted that I come home to nap before I travel with Todd.”

Kevin: “So she told me.” He says as he steps inside. Then Kevin looks around the foyer.

Sam: “Looking for something, brother?” Sam’s eyes narrow.

Kevin: “Yes, Olivia Delaney. Her car is still here.” Now Kevin’s eyes narrow at Sam–him knowing that Sam is sweet on Olivia. “You haven’t compromised her, have you?” He growls through gritted teeth.

Sam: “Please, give me  credit for having some decency. Olivia is kindly doing my laundry for me so that I can have clean clothes to pack for the trip.” Sam prevaricates only slightly–more a sin of omission by not telling Kevin about him making out with her–since Olivia is actually doing his laundry for him. Kevin tilts his head. “It was Tessa’s idea.”

Walking up the basement stairs and appearing at the back of the front hall foyer, Olivia is carrying a basket of Sam’s clean but yet to be folded clothes. She had quickly splashed water on her face to disguise her crying–but the blushing from their almost lovemaking is still evident. Then she tries to act nonchalant as she greets Sam’s brother Kevin.

Olivia: “Oh! Hi Kevin! Is it time for Sam to go with Todd? I just finished the last load of his clothes.” Olivia smiles a little too brightly, her hoping to not be found out.

Sam: Rushing forward to Olivia to take the laundry basket from her, Sam also tries to seem unaffected by their recent make out session. “Here, let me take that from you. Thank you for doing this for me, Olivia.” With Sam facing away from his brother Kevin, Sam smiles lovingly at Olivia.

Olivia: “You’re welcome, Sam. Were you able to get some rest?” She knows the answer to that, but she doesn’t want Sam’s brother Kevin to know that. Then Olivia smiles up at Sam and they gaze longingly at each other.

Sam: “I was. Thank you, again.” Sam says politely as their hands brush against each other as they transfer the clothes basket to him.

Kevin: Interrupting his brother Sam’s and Olivia’s little exchange, Kevin states the obvious a clipped manner. “Olivia, Tessa is in my car. She requests that you drive her home and then I will drive Sam to Valley View Hospital for him to stay with our brother Todd.”

Olivia: “Of course. Thank you, Kevin.” Then she points to the kitchen. “I’ll just collect my purse and coat from the kitchen.”

Sam: “Let me help you, Olivia.” Then Sam thrusts the clothes basket into Kevin’s hands. “Please take this up to my bedroom, Kevin. I’ll be up in a moment to pack.”

Kevin: “Alright.” Kevin agrees grudgingly and he starts walking up the stairs with the laundry basket.


Taking Olivia’s hand and pulling her into the kitchen where they may speak privately, Sam first pulls her into his arms and kisses her tenderly–no tongues, but clearly he does not want to part from her today. When they pull back from their kisses, they sweetly rest their foreheads together.

Sam: “I wish I didn’t have to leave you now and be gone for the next few days. But my brother Todd needs me.” Sam caresses Olivia’s face, searching her eyes to see her understanding.

Olivia: Thrilled with Sam’s kisses, Olivia smiles shyly up at him and whispers. “I know. You must go. And I will miss you, too.”

Sam: Then Sam boldly suggests with a sly smile. “So! Shall we make ours a short engagement?”

Olivia: Stunned but thrilled, Olivia’s eyes widen. “Engagement?”

Sam: “Yes! I don’t think either of us can deny what we feel for each other after we almost made love just now.”

Olivia: Wanting her dream of marrying Sam fulfilled, but still feeling shell shocked, she retreats a bit. “That was unusual for me. I am not that kind of girl who lets a man taste her favors without the benefit of marriage.” Again, Olivia’s phrasing is reminiscent of the gothic novels that she likes to read.

Bemused, Sam clasps her hands in his and holds them to his heart.

Sam: “I know. I like that about you.” Then he huskily whispers. “I also love how passionate you are.” Then they year a car horn honk and Sam rolls his eyes, knowing it is his impatient sister Tessa. “Arrrghh! Tessa!”

Olivia: “I better go before Tessa gets too annoyed.”

Sam: “Not possible! My sister lives in a perpetual state of annoyance.”

Olivia: “Not with me. Tessa is a sweetheart.”

Sam: “You’re a sweetheart. Come, I’ll walk you out.”

And Sam helps Olivia on with her outer coat, hands her purse to her, and then he guides her to the front door. There they find that Kevin has returned–and he is holding Olivia’s sweater vest in his hands.

Kevin: “I found this on the floor of Sam’s bedroom. I thought that you might want it back, Olivia.” He holds the sweater vest out to her. Kevin knew it must belong to Olivia, because the vest was feminine and way too small for Sam. Kevin glares at Sam. And Sam glares back at Kevin.

Olivia: Blushing crimson and shakily taking her vest from Kevin, she replies politely in a cracking voice. “Thank you.”

Sam glowers at his brother. Then Sam turns a more tender gaze to Olivia and he kisses her forehead.

Sam: “Olivia, if all goes well, Todd should have his surgery on Monday and I’ll be home on Wednesday afternoon–while Kevin takes the next few days hospital shift with Todd. We can talk more about, you know, when I get back Wednesday.”

Olivia: “Alright.” Olivia smiles shyly. Sam kisses her once more–on her cheek this time–then he guides her out the door and waves at his sister Tessa sitting in the front seat of Olivia’s car.

Shutting his front door, Sam turns to see Kevin standing with his arms crossed in front of him.

Sam: “What?”

Kevin: “You know what?” Kevin hisses and swipes his hand in the air at his brother. “You and Olivia, upstairs, alone!”

Sam: “That’s between Olivia and I.” Sam stiffens disdainfully as Kevin’s older brother.
Kevin: Kevin lunges and points his finger at Sam. “Did you compromise her!?!”

Sam: “I resent your implication about my behavior being less than honorable! Olivia is a lady–a lady whom I greatly admire, and whom I am going to ask to marry me when I get back on Wednesday.”

Kevin: “Yet you clearly wrestled around with her on your bed together, despite the obvious straightening that had been done to it.”

Sam smiles, glad that Olivia attempted to straighten his bed–even if his brother Kevin was not fooled.

Sam: “Kevin, you shouldn’t make assumptions about what you know nothing about. And you will not speculate about this to anyone, because it would harm Olivia’s reputation.” Sam orders imperiously.

Kevin: “Just do right by Olivia, Sam. She’s in love with you.”

Sam: “I know that, now. Why is it everyone else knows my business before I do?” Sam throws up his hands in astonishment.

Kevin: “Well, Olivia was painfully shy and didn’t want you to know she had a crush on you. But I’ll grant you that she seems to have come out of her shell a little bit since you started paying attention to her. Just don’t muck it up, will you? She’s family now that Tessa is married to Olivia’s brother.”

Sam: “You seem to be forgetting who the elder brother is here. Me! I need no such lectures from you about what I should and should not do. Or do I need to remind you of your own single man behavior before you married?”

Kevin: “Touche!   Just be mindful of Olivia’s feelings. Tessa says that Olivia is very fragile.”

Sam: “Well I think that Olivia is stronger than anyone gives her credit for.” Sam defends Olivia. “I wouldn’t be attracted to someone who shrinks away from life. But I am very attracted to Olivia’s kind sweetness.”

Kevin: “Alright! I’ll buy that statement for now. Go upstairs and pack. Then I’ll drive you to Valley View Hospital so you can stay with Todd for the next few days.”

Sam: “Good!” Sam bounds up the stairs and changes into his street clothes.   Then he packs for a several day overnight stay in his brother Todd’s hospital room


Meanwhile, as Olivia drives she and Tessa home Sunday afternoon in her sky blue Nash Rambler, the two ladies also have a discussion about the nature of Olivia and Sam’s relationship. However, Tessa is more subtle–surprisingly so, were her brothers to observe her.

At first, Olivia merely smiles briefly at her sister-in-law Tessa as they drive home–Olivia is driving. But women abhor silence–especially Tessa.
Tessa: “So, how are you and Sam getting along together?” Tessa asks with a knowing smile Tessa-isMarcia+Gay+Harden+Boots+Mid+Calf+Boots_Nov2715stylebistrocom-crop-sized-blur-Mask2blue-crop[(6) right] .

Olivia: “Nicely, I think.” Olivia asks questioningly as she takes a right and glances at her sister-in-law. “What have you heard?”

Tessa: “Oh nothing! I just know that it is unusual for Sam to miss an appointment–let alone an important one such as traveling with our brother Todd to Valley View Hospital today, so that Todd can have his surgery on Monday.”

Olivia: “Sam must have been really tired to sleep in like that.” Olivia’s face pinkens remembering why Sam overslept his appointment time–with the two of them making out while in their sleep–but she tries to maintain a benign expression on her face.

Tessa: “Uh huh.” Tessa analyzes what Olivia is not saying. “Olivia, I know that you and Sam have kissed already.” Silence. Olivia does not respond–which Tessa takes to mean Olivia’s tacit agreement with her statement. “And if you and Sam progress in your relationship, there are likely to be further intimacies.” Still silence. But Olivia’s cheeks are getting pinker by the minute. “Is there anything you would like to ask of me?” Tessa asks delicately–knowing that Olivia has not had a kindly mothering influence for nearly twenty years.

And Tessa thinks that this conversation with her sister-in-law Olivia will be her first birds and the bees speech. But with Tessa’s new foster daughter Alice being 14years old, Tessa thinks that she will have to have another talk in the near future.

Olivia: “How do I know if Sam really loves me?”

Tessa: “Oh!” That is so not the question that Tessa thought Olivia might ask.

Olivia: Noticing the shock in Tessa’s voice–and then silence–Olivia prompts her. “Tessa?”

Tessa: “Well, Has Sam said that he loves you?”

Olivia: Olivia thinks for a moment. “Not exactly.”

Tessa: “What do you mean?” Tessa asks quizzically.

Olivia: “He said that he knows that we both have feelings for each other that we can’t deny. And he said that he wants a short engagement.”

Tessa: “An engagement! Eeeee!” Tessa squeals in delight. “So he proposed to you?” Tessa asks excitedly.

Olivia: Olivia ponders again. “Not exactly. I mean, he didn’t go down one knee or anything. Sam said that we will talk when he gets back on Wednesday afternoon.”

Today is Sunday afternoon. Wednesday afternoon is three days from now. And Olivia must wait for Sam to come back to her and propose. It will be a very long three days for both of them.

To be continued with Chapter 9


“Love in the Great Pine Woods” Ch. 08, by Gratiana Lovelace, December 07, 2015

1) The “Love in the Great Pine Woods” story cover is a composite of two images by Grati:
a) the Richard Armitage portrait is from the 2011 Project Magazine photo shoot and article interview, that was found at http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/Richard/Promos/ProjectMagJuly2011/album/slides/ProjectMag-05.html ;
b) the snowy Pine forest vertical image was found on Pinterest at https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/62/fa/ff/62faff1253d55f571eb3659cc7661e73.jpg

2) Sam sleeping is Richard Armitage in Moving On found at http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/MovingOn/album/Moving%20On/slides/MO_079.html

3) Sam’s and Olivia’s feet undercovers found Oct1012 at instforenergyresearchorg; revised May1614 crop and revised again sized2

4) Olivia Delaney crying is Emily Deschanel found at https://pmctvline2.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/emily-deschanel-bones.jpg

5) Sam Wakeforest is Richard Armitage Closeup in 2014 The Crucible Rehearsals was found at http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/Theatre/Crucible/album/slides/Rehearsals-9.html

6) Tessa Delaney image is Marcia Gay Harden at a 2008 Badgley-Mischka fashion show found at http://www1.pictures.gi.stylebistro.com/Marcia+Gay+Harden+Boots+Mid+Calf+Boots+04Zh6GnJ1wZl.jpg


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