“Love in the Great Pine Woods”, Ch. 10 (PG-13, S): The Impatient Patient, December 16, 2015 by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #844)

aaa-Love-in-the-Great-Pine-Woods_story-cover_Nov2415byGratianaLovelace_256x401rev3(An original story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace; all rights reserved) [(1) story cover, left]

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story characters with: Richard Armitage as Sam Wakeforest, Marcia Gay Harden as Sam’s older sister Tessa Wakeforest Shoop Delaney, and Emily Deschanel as Tessa’s sister-in-law Olivia Delaney, Viola Davis as Pauletta Perkins, Cicely Tyson as Nellie Newton, and Anna Sophia Robb as Alice Trent, Kevin Spacey as Roger Delaney, Sam Heughan as Todd Wakeforest, Idris Elba as Dominic Perkins and others as noted.]

Authors Content Note: “Love in the Great Pine Woods” is a mature love story with dramatic themes of love and relationships. It will mostly be at the PG and PG-13 movie levels. Specific chapters or passages may have a further rating of: L for language, D for dramatic emotions, and S for sensual themes. And I will rate the chapters accordingly. If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide for a chapter, then please do not read that chapter. This is my disclaimer. And as is my habit, I will summarize the previous chapter’s events at the beginning of the next chapter.

Authors Recap from the Previous Chapter: Sam Wakeforest’s car accident swerving into a tree on the way home from staying with his brother Todd at Valleyview Hospital after his operation on Wednesday, December 2nd was a wake up call for him. And Sam wasted no time in proposing to his love Olivia Delaney from his hospital bed.   Though the hospital was not romantic like the Delaney garden gazebo in snow atmosphere that Sam had planned, he still had his mother’s diamond solitaire engagement ring that he placed on Olivia’s ring finger. The thirty five year Olivia has been in love with Sam for a long time, so she eagerly said yes–and they hoped to fast track their wedding. But as the Yiddish proverb says “Man plans and God laughs”.

“Love in the Great Pine Woods”, Ch. 10 (PG-13, S): The Impatient Patient

The Wakeforest County Hospital doctors insist upon keeping Sam Wakeforest overnight for observation to monitor the effects of his concussion from the accident this Wednesday, December 2nd. They are worried that Sam could have a possible stroke, or worse–bleeding in the brain that could cause death if they don’t operate swiftly to relieve the pressure, however rudimentary brain surgery is in 1955. And Sam obliges the doctors by acquiescing to staying overnight in the hospital. He doesn’t feel all that well anyway, given the throbbing pain inside his head and on his forehead with his yet to be stitched up gash.

And equally determined to stay by his side is Sam’s new fiancé, Olivia Delaney. With the rest of the extended Delaney-Wakeforest family leaving the hospital around 7:00pm Wednesday evening, Sam and Olivia eat light dinners of Swanson turkey tv dinners [(2)] in convenient foil trays–there being only a limited hospital kitchen staff at night–since Sam’s being admitted to the hospital was technically after the 5pm dinner hour had been served. Then Sam is helped by an orderly to the bathroom down the hall to pee–Sam will not allow Olivia to assist him back and forth to the bathroom as a point of manly pride. And the nurses take his vital signs again and gave him a slight sedative to ease his pain and to help him sleep.

Finally, Sam’s hospital room is very quiet for now around 9pm Wednesday evening–but for the constant hum of the heated air blowing out of the wall register. Sam is dozing and Olivia sits in a chair next to his bed–her arm weaves through the bed rail so that she can touch his arm and have some contact with him. She is sitting in a rather awkward and not very comfortable position for her–with her face leaning on the metal railing, pressing a groove into her cheek.

But that slight discomfort is nothing for Olivia. She knows that she could have lost Sam in the accident today, and Olivia trembles reliving the accident as if she had witnessed it. She has flashes of an altogether different result–in which Sam did not survive. She tries to push that vision out of her mind. But it lingers forebodingly. Olivia can, perhaps, be forgiven for her somewhat fatalistic worries considering her mother died when she was so young–with Olivia just barely in college. The shock and grief of her mother’s passing has never really left Olivia–it is a hole in her heart that can never be filled, until she has her own children.

Sam: “Are you alright, Olivia?” Sam asks sleepily, without opening his eyes, but feeling her restless movements.

Olivia: “Sam! I’m fine. I’m sorry to have woken you. I’m just still shaken by your car accident.” Though distressed, Olivia is breathing normally and not in danger of fainting.

Sam: “Me, too! And dang it! My car was only a year old–and they don’t make that color of charcoal gray anymore.” He mutters drowsily with annoyance.

Olivia: “I know that losing your car is an inconvenience–and an expense. But I’m so glad that you’re going to be okay!” She gushes and squeezes his hand in hers.

Sam: “It would seem so. That tree was 1 for 2–it totaled the car, but not me. Ha ha ha!” He chuckles.

Yet, at forty five years old, Sam finds that he doesn’t spring back from injuries quite so Sam-is-RichardArmitage-inProjectMag04RArmvgct-July1511-sizedreadily as he did when he was in his twenties. Though Sam Wakeforest is a man definitely in the prime of his life–with him being tall, lean, and muscular and athletically fit and healthy [(3) right]–when he isn’t bedridden, as he is now.

Olivia: “Yes.” She smiles wanly at his small attempt at humor.

Sam: “Are we alone, Olivia?” He asks–because he still hasn’t opened his eyes.

Olivia: “Yes.” Olivia responds shyly. Then she asks in concern. “Do you need something? Are you warm enough? I can fetch you a blanket.”

Sam: “Another blanket would be nice. And then, umm …” He hesitates. “uh … why don’t you join me in the hospital bed here to sleep for the night. That chair can’t be comfortable for you.”

Sam’s request is bold and audacious at best. Ladies simply do not lie abed with men who are not their husbands–nor even their bethrotheds. Well, not ladies like Olivia Delaney.

Olivia: “Oh I couldn’t, Sam!” Olivia shakes her head vehemently in her best prim spinster voice. “Certainly not with the nursing staff coming and going regularly.”

Sam: “Oh come on, Olivia. You cuddled with me on Sunday at my house. And your honor is considerably safer with me sedated now than you were on Sunday when I was tired, but fully alert.” Sam cajoles a tad wickedly, causing a delicate blush to creep up Olivia’s chest, neck, and face. “When you’re getting the blanket, you can see if they nurses are done with me for the night. Then if they are, please come back and cuddle with me. I will sleep better if you’re with me.” He rationalizes.

Olivia: “Sam, be serious. What would it look like if we were discovered lying together and we are not married?”

Sam: “We’re engaged.” He whines. “And I am being serious. I could have died today, and all I want is a little bit of cuddling to help me sleep and relieve the pain I’m in.” He pouts like a little boy.

Olivia: Olivia squeezes his left hand caringly, then she agrees haltingly. “Alright. I’ll check with the nurses. But I’m not promising anything!” She clarifies. Sam nods his head.

So Olivia retrieves the extra blanket and returns to Sam and covers him with it. He pouts and she relents.   So Olivia removes her dressy pink plaid jacket and her snow boots before sliding into bed to join him while still wearing her black cocktail dress and silk stockings. Whilst Sam is only wearing his t-shirt and the hospital’s regulation male underwear that he had been issued.

Sam: “That’s better.” Sam puts his arms around Olivia and rests his chin on the top of her head as she cuddles into him by embracing him around his chest.

Having Olivia in his arms feels so right, and just like after their Sunday morning nap–except then Sam had to hold himself in check from ravishing her on Sunday. And today, he is too sleepy with the sedation to do anything about it–were he to be of a mind to. Sam respects Olivia, and he doesn’t want to compromise her–nor does he want to convince her to do anything that she isn’t ready to do. If Sam has to wait until their wedding night for them to fully share their love with each other, so be it. A sedated Sam can be patient. Whether the non-sedated Sam can be as patient, remains to be seen.

Later that night around 3am Thursday morning–when Sam and Olivia are well and truly soundly asleep, and lying in each others’ arms in Sam’s hospital bed–a nurse on rounds checks on Sam’s vital signs again. Then returning to the nurse’s station, she makes an observation to her nurse coworker.

Nurse 1: “That Sam Wakeforest is certainly a charmer.” She winks.

Nurse 2: “Well he is quite handsome. But he must be asleep by now–I hope so, poor man.”

Nurse 1: “There is nothing poor about that man.” She smirks. “Neither with his wallet nor with his ability to charm respectable women–or almost respectable women, it seems.” She sneers.

Nurse 2: “What do you mean?” She asks cautiously.

Nurse 1: “That prim Olivia Delaney who is staying in his room–supposedly keeping vigil over her fiance–has left her post.” Her coworker looks at her quizzically. “She is no longer sitting in a chair, but lying in bed with him!” She whispers wide eyed, but in hushed tone. Gossip is best conveyed whispered–and she wouldn’t want her shift supervisor down the hall to catch her spying on a patient and breaching their privacy.

Nurse 2: “They’re engaged. And cuddling while sleeping doesn’t mean anything else happens.”

Nurse 1: “Whatever you say.” She rolls her eyes.


Sam is released from the Wakeforest County Hospital midday on Thursday, Dec. 3rd. But he is not allowed to go home by himself–there is still the concern that Sam’s concussion could worsen with either bleeding on the brain or a stroke. And so it is best if Sam is surrounded by people–family and his soon to be bride, in this case. And Roger Delaney will not let his sister Olivia stay with Sam at his home–even if they are engaged, or even because of it. Roger doesn’t want anyone to speak ill of Olivia’s devotion to her fiancé Sam’s recuperation.

So Sam ends up as a guest of his sister and brother-in-law for a week at Delaney Manor. And this arrangement has its benefits for Sam–in that he and Olivia will see each other every day, and every night. Sam had cajoled Olivia to join him in bed that first night in the hospital and every night since–under her brother’s roof! But their cuddling was always chaste–Sam is still not in any condition to do anything strenuous–doctors orders to Sam are for him to take it easy for a week and rest.

So Sam’s younger brothers Kevin and William are manning their family’s XMAS Tree Farm sales by themselves until further notice–with Kevin having returned to Wakeforest from their brother Todd’s bedside at Valley View Hospital–after Kevin learned of his brother Sam’s car accident. Their brother Todd will be released next week to recuperate at home for his ankle injury.


After Sam’s car accident on Wednesday afternoon, Olivia didn’t go back into work at the orphanage until Saturday afternoon–due to her caring for Sam–with Tessa watching over Sam for her on Saturday. Orphanage Director Pauletta Perkins has been very understanding about Olivia’s wish–and frankly her need–to care for her fiancé Sam at this time.  It is just that Pauletta had an important church meeting to attend Saturday afternoon–and they were short staffed at the Orphanage. So Pauletta needed Olivia at the orphanage to supervise their other teacher’s aides working with the children.  And Olivia gladly helped out.snowy-pine-forest_Nov2315pinterest

Though Wakeforest is rather a small and quiet community since they are surrounded by the grandeur of nature’s beauty being situated at the foothills of Wakeforest Mountain [(4) right], they do receive some breaking national news–even if it is through informal networks such as churches.   And the struggle for equality and equal treatment under the law on the minds of its  minority population.

And after the Negro lady Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus to a White man in Montgomery, Alabama last Tuesday, Dec. 1, 1955 and she was arrested [(5)] — the day before Sam’s car accident — Pauletta and Dominic Perkins and the small but growing Negro Community of Wakeforest have been waiting and wondering what will happen in response to this injustice.

They and the nation will find out that a few days later that a Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott [(6)] by all Negro citizens is planned by ministers and community advocates as a peaceful nonviolent protest to the discrimination and disrespect suffered by persons of color, now called Negroes [(7)] in 1955–but in future years of the early to mid 1960’s when the Civil Rights movement gains momentum, individuals will call themselves Black or African American, or some variant.PaulettaPerkins-isViola-davis-zoom_Nov2515viaUSMagazine-sized

The Perkinses–wife Pauletta [(8a) right top] an educator and social worker administrator at the Wakeforest Orphanage, and her husband Dominic [(8b) right bottom] a bank loan officer and Junior Vice President–are professional, Dominic-at-bank-isIdrisElba-atWhitehouse_Dec1515pinterest-Grati-sized-manipbkgrnd1-cropeducated, upper middle class Negroes who are continuing to pave new pathways for themselves and others.

And though the city of Wakeforest is far removed by distance, time zones, and elevation from Montgomery, Alabama, it too will see a symbolic peaceful demonstration with the lighting of a Friendship Christmas tree in the city park at the center of town. Each year different civic organizations decorate the various Christmas trees in the park–each vying for the honor of being named the prettiest Christmas tree. But this year, the best tree might not be the prettiest, but it will be remembered in future years as marking a turning point for race relations in their community. So this year the tree lighting ceremony the week before Christmas will be even more meaningful–for the Perkinses and others.


Sam’s third night in the Delaney home, Saturday night December 5th, he and Olivia say their fake goodnights again early around 9:00pm as she goes to her bedroom to change for the night. Somehow, Roger has been satisfied that Sam is still too injured to take advantage of his sweet sister Olivia. However, Sam is not entirely without romantic tendencies as he is no longer under sedation and more alert.

As on the other two nights, Olivia waits until the house is quiet around 11pm. Then she slips out of her bedroom and down the hall into Sam’s bedroom. Olivia is wearing her snowflake pajamas with a matching robe–clearly not sexy should she be caught. But Sam thinks that Olivia is completely adorable.

And this night, he finally pulls her into his embrace for a proper goodnight kiss gazing into the moonlight before they retire to bed to sleep.

Holding back the drapery shears, Olivia and Sam can see a blanket of new fallen snow covering the back garden — glistening from the electric lighted walkways.2015--Prague-in-snow-at-night_Dec1415viaJasminaV-Grati-sized

Sam: “The Delany home is so beautiful! And this snowy nighttime scene reminds me of the old world city of Prague when I visited at the end of the war. The roof tops of the five hundred year old buildings were dusted with snow–lending the scenery a mutedly elegant touch. And the city lights glistened their golden auras everywhere.” [(9) right]  Olivia-isEmilyDeschanel-asBones_Dec1515goggle-Grati-sized-crop-clr-crop2-flip

Olivia: “It sounds beautiful.” Olivia says in a reverently hushed tone. “I have never been to Europe.” She states apologetically [(10) right].

Sam: “Then we should think about taking a delayed extended honeymoon there.   Maybe in the Summer?” Olivia smiles and nods.

They then they lie down together in bed and sleep. Though Sam has to count to 150 before his fatigue kicks in and he feels truly fatigued, his Olivia’s trust as they slumber chastely is a gift he cherishes and will not misuse–however impatient he is to make love with her.

And Olivia relishes having Sam to pamper, with her caring tending of him each day–and them getting to know each other better and better.

The Sunday morning Dec. 6th following Sam’s accident–after cuddling as they slept together again, chastely–Olivia walks back into Sam’s guest room with a large tray of breakfast foods for the two of them. Olivia is skipping church today to tend to Sam. Though Tessa, Roger, Alice and baby Bobby all go to church. And Olivia had slipped out of Sam’s bedroom earlier–as she has done every morning since they came back home on Thursday–and gone back to her own bedroom and showered and changed into her dressier day clothes, thanks to her sister-in-law Tessa’s influence.

So Olivia is wearing casual but feminine micro weave gray corduroy trousers and a dusty rose sweater set knit top. A kitchen servant assists Olivia with the breakfast by carrying the coffee and juice carafes and placing them on a nearby table before leaving the room.

Olivia: “Are you awake, sleepyhead?” Olivia teases Sam in a hushed tone–in case he really is dozing and her not wanting to wrest him from it.

Sam: “That depends.” Sam cheekily opens one eye to gaze at Olivia–with a smile curling upon his lips.

Olivia: “Upon what?”

Olivia smiles at Sam’s playfulness. She has never had this before, a romantic relationship.   So even the smallest details of their waking and eating together each day are new experiences for her. And their ease and friendliness is similar to what Olivia has observed between her brother Roger and his wife Tessa, Sam’s sister–which helps Olivia feel more settled at the quick pace their courting and almost immediate engagement occurred. For her, Olivia has been in love with Sam Wakeforest for ten years. But Sam has only realized his love for Olivia within the past week–and then they became engaged.

Sam: “Well, I was having this lovely dream of you cuddling with me in my sleep.”

Olivia: “Hmmm.” She smiles knowingly. “Now if you were asleep, how could you know of anything happening in the room?” Olivia’s eyebrow raises mockingly. She is definitely forging new territory for herself–adding teasing and mocking to kissing and cuddling in her relationship repertoire.

Sam: “Well, my bed is a more localized area.” Then he holds his arms wide. “Anything within my reach is something that–or someone whom–I can feel.” He ends with a husky voice.

Sam is on the mend and finally feeling frisky. Dammit, he thinks, how many other men could sleep–just sleep–with their luscious fiancés? He thinks that they would have to have the patience of a saint. And Sam is no saint.

Olivia: “Well try this bacon in your localized area.” Olivia plops the bacon into Sam’s mouth, even as she side swipes his grasping hands as he chews and swallows.

Sam:   “Hold on! Is there the possibility of pancakes or waffles and syrup with this?” He takes a sip of coffee. “I like my sweet with my salty–I always have.” He grins sheepishly–like a forty-five year old little boy. But Olivia likes that about Sam, his youthful playfulness.

Olivia: “Et voila!” With a flourish, Olivia removes a serving warmer cover over a plate of eggs, pancakes, and more bacon.

Sam:   His eyes widen. “Excellent! You spoil me, Olivia! I should have become engaged to you long ago.” Sam remarks facetiously with a wide grin. However, his somewhat mocking comment about their still new relationship being based on her tending to him–rather than their finding each other compatible and loving each other–has an unintended effect upon Olivia.

Olivia smiles, but their flirty banter has hit a nerve with her–that she has loved Sam from afar for ten years, more strongly the past two years when they became family with her brother Roger and his sister Tessa married each other and seeing each other more often at family gatherings–but that Sam has only recently come to think of her romantically, to love her, he says. It has all happened so fast–maybe too fast, she thinks.

Olivia: “You would have had to have noticed me sooner for that to happen.” Olivia replies dryly, but her seeming indifference masks an underlying insecurity and lack of self confidence. For all the good that having Sam as her fiancé this past week has done for Olivia, there is still much cherishing that she will need from Sam for her to truly transform into a person who feels worthy of his love.

And like a clam closing up its shell in self defense, Olivia retreats back into her reserve, as she goes through the motions of placing the standing breakfast tray over Sam’s lap, pouring more hot coffee into his cup, and then placing the crisply ironed Sunday morning newspaper on the side of the bed for him to read later, before she goes to sit down at the small table desk in the corner. Olivia takes up her pen and writes a thank you note for a get well card that Sam received. And there are several more thank you notes to do. Olivia is already perfectly performing her wifely duties, but she is not yet a wife.

Sam watches this unwelcome transformation in Olivia with confusion. She goes from his flirty and smiling fiancé, to the shy wall flower he had known previously–with confusion. What just happened, he wonders?

Sam: Asking gently, Sam queries her. “What is wrong, Olivia? You seem sad all of a sudden. What troubles you so?”

Olivia stares at Sam for a good minute. She’s not really good with people unless they’re under 4 foot tall and one of her students at the orphanage–or so she has always believed.

Olivia: “It is nothing. Please eat your breakfast while it is hot.”

Sam: “But aren’t you joining me for breakfast?” Sam gestures to the still covered plate that is obviously her breakfast.

Olivia: “No thank you. I’m not hungry. I’ll save mine for tomorrow.”

Sam: “But you have to eat, Olivia.” Sam reasons logically.

Olivia: “Sam, you are the patient here. You need to eat to regain your strength after your injury.”   Olivia looks down at her recently manicured hands–Tessa had Olivia’s nails manicured after they bought her clothes last week. But having her outward appearance change is only a small part to her changing her inner thoughts and feelings.

Sam: Setting aside his breakfast tray, Sam pulls back the bed covers and stands up carefully–him not walking much the last three days due to his balance also being shot–then he walks around the bed to Olivia. “And yet, you seem like you are in need of comforting.

Olivia: Looking up quickly upon hearing his approach, Olivia admonishes him. “Come on, Sam, get back to bed. You need to rest, or you’ll never get well.”

Sam reaches for Olivia and she flinches slightly in nervousness. But Sam is undeterred.

Sam: “Somehow, I think it is you who is in need of caring.” Sam guides Olivia to stand up, and then he pulls her into his loving arms. “Olivia, you can’t think that I love you only for what you do for me. Actually, I’m quite embarrassed to have you nursing me, waiting on me all of the time. If I hadn’t been injured, I would be wooing the heck out of you with romantic candlelight dinners, strolls to the gazebo, …” Sam cheekily raises his eyebrows up and down. “… and movie dates where we can kiss each other with abandon like teenagers in the balcony.”

Olivia: Olivia doesn’t look into his eyes to prevent him from seeing her tear up, but she replies stoically. “You shouldn’t be embarrassed. You were injured and must rest to get well. I am happy to help you.”

Sam: “Look, Olivia, I don’t want to marry you because you nurse me when I’m injured and you bring me great breakfasts.” His hand caresses her cheek and then his finger brushes away a tear. “I want you because I love you–every quirky, shy, snarky, kind, loving, generous, and funny aspect to you. You dazzle me.” Sam relates in reverent tones. “I had given up on finding loving, then you hit me like a thunderbolt!”

Olivia: Embarrassed, she sighs. “Hhhh! But why should we marry so quickly, before the new year? One month is barely enough time for me to find a wedding gown I like, let alone to have it altered.”

Sam: “A ha! This is all about the dress.” He teases. “If you want to push back our wedding date a little, I will understand. But let me be plain, we will marry soon. Nothing will move me from that.”

Olivia: “But why me?” She looks up at him beseechingly.

Sam: “Because you affect me like no other.” She looks at him quizzically–he has been a gentleman in their night time slumber cuddling. “And yes, I want to make love with you–very much so.” Olivia’s eyes widen, but she does not look up at him. So Sam places his finger under her chin and raises her face to his. “Are you afraid of making love with me for the first time–for your first time?”

Olivia pinkens in embarrassment, and she barely nods her head yes.

Olivia: “A little.” She manages to squeak out.

Sam: Sam pulls her into his arms and kisses her tenderly while still stroking her back. “I will let you in on a little secret–so am I.” Olivia looks at him quizzically. Then he explains. “It has been rather a long time since I made love to anyone–years. And though pleasurable, it wasn’t satisfying.”

Olivia: “Lola?” She brings up a sore subject–for her, Sam’s past lover.

Sam: “Yes, two years ago–and then it had been three years before that. I realized that with Tessa finally marrying again, that she and Roger had it–that loving spark that was missing from my life. And for the record, I have long thought you as being attractive and desirable. I just didn’t think that I was the type of guy you wanted.”

Olivia: “My type of guy?” She asks him incredulously.

Sam: “You know, professional, the kind of guy who wears a suit and vest to work every day like your brother Roger. I gave that up with relinquishing my law practice before the war. I’m more of an outdoorsy guy. And I’m afraid that my plaid flannel shirts are here to stay.”

Olivia: “I like that about you.” She smiles slightly.

Sam: “Well good, because I couldn’t go back to being a stuffed shirt even if I tried.” Then Sam pulls Olivia to him close again and kisses her temple as they embrace. Then he whispers lovingly into her ear. “We will take our intimacies slowly, Olivia. You need not fear me on our wedding night. I will be gentle and patient.” Sam sweetly and slowly peppers her face and neck with his gentle kisses. “And we will stop if you want to–we need not rush things. Making love should be mutually pleasurable and joyous for both of us. And we will have all the time in the world to find our way together as a loving couple.”

Olivia trembles in Sam’s arms with his soothing and anticipatory words. And she stays in his arms as they tenderly kiss each other for several minutes.

Then with Olivia’s fears assuaged for now, Sam invites her back to his bed–well, to join him for breakfast in bed, the possibility of crumbs in the sheets be damned. And they take turns eating and feeding each other as they talk animatedly about their wedding plans–now back on for them getting hitched before New Year’s Day, they hope. Sam and Olivia will have to be patient just a little while longer for their coming together as one body, one heart, and one life.

To be continued with Chapter 11


“Love in the Great Pine Woods” Ch. 10 by Gratiana Lovelace, December 16 2015 (Post #844)

1) The “Love in the Great Pine Woods” story cover is a composite of two images by Grati:
a) the Richard Armitage portrait is from the 2011 Project Magazine photo shoot and article interview, that was found at http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/Richard/Promos/ProjectMagJuly2011/album/slides/ProjectMag-05.html;
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10) Olivia Delaney image is Emily Deschanel found at https://www.tumblr.com/search/bones%20rpg


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