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aaa-Love-in-the-Great-Pine-Woods_story-cover_Nov2415byGratianaLovelace_256x401rev3(An original story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace; all rights reserved) [(1) story cover, left]

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story characters with: Richard Armitage as Sam Wakeforest, Marcia Gay Harden as Sam’s older sister Tessa Wakeforest Shoop Delaney, and Emily Deschanel as Tessa’s sister-in-law Olivia Delaney, Viola Davis as Pauletta Perkins, Cicely Tyson as Nellie Newton, and Anna Sophia Robb as Alice Trent, Kevin Spacey as Roger Delaney, Sam Heughan as Todd Wakeforest, Idris Elba as Dominic Perkins and others as noted.]

Authors Content Note: “Love in the Great Pine Woods” is a mature love story with dramatic themes of love and relationships. It will mostly be at the PG and PG-13 movie levels. Specific chapters or passages may have a further rating of: L for language, D for dramatic emotions, and S for sensual themes. And I will rate the chapters accordingly. If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide for a chapter, then please do not read that chapter. This is my disclaimer. And as is my habit, I will summarize the previous chapter’s events at the beginning of the next chapter.

Authors Recap from the Previous Chapter:   With the revelation that a rumor had been started about her brother Sam Wakeforest and her sister-in-law Olivia Delaney were lovers before they are due to wed, Tessa Wakeforest Shoop Delaney went into overdrive to defend both of their honor against such slander. And Tessa would have tussled with the gossiping woman but for the refereeing presence of Mrs. Brent, the minister’s wife. Then in finding out that the gossiping woman and her children were destitute needing food and proper shelter for their cold winter climate, Tessa offered to pay for her food, and then promptly hired her as the Wakeforest County Orphanage’s new live in cook. The desperate lady, Mrs. Coffey, accepted gratefully. And when Mrs. Coffey met the kind and cheerful Olivia Delaney as she and her children were shown their lodgings at the Orphanage–and the friendly Sam Wakeforest who was there fixing a door hinge–Mrs. Coffey came to realize that what she had heard as gossip was untrue. These were good people, honorable people. And Mrs. Coffey felt shame for gossiping about them. And she resolved not to so besmirch anyone every again. Of course though Sam and Olivia are not lovers, they have lain abed with each other–albeit chastely. So with Sam eager to express his love for the shy virgin Olivia, their impending nuptials coming up Wednesday, December 30th, 1955 are coming none too soon for him.

“Love in the Great Pine Woods”, Ch. 12 (PG-13, S): Cars, Cummerbunds, & Christmas

Sam Wakeforest loves Olivia Delaney dearly. But him not having a car of his own–since his burned up in his car accident–is driving him nuts. Olivia is a good driver, but Sam is accustomed to coming and going when he likes–not waiting for someone to drive him. So the week he returns to living back at his house–what is the Wakeforest family home that he and his siblings grew up in–Sam convinces Olivia to take him car shopping. Of course, Olivia’s reward will be Sam helping with some wedding planning for their Dec.30th wedding–as well as Christmas shopping and such.

So on Saturday December 12th–after visiting their family XMAS Tree Farm and pulling their foster nephew eighteen month old baby Bobby delightedly around on a sled as promised–Sam and Olivia go car shopping. It is the first day after they spent a night apart–since Sam went home to sleep Friday night. And they both feel the loss of their tender but chaste intimacies now with the constraint of Sam living elsewhere until they are married. So, they hold hands since that is all they are permitted when they are out in public car shopping.

And shopping by men is different than shopping by women–and vice versa. You see, though men profess to be more technically oriented–wanting certain specifications or minimum standards met on any item that the purchase–it really boils down to what they like and want, logic need not apply. Whereas women freely admit that their shopping habits are born of wanting clothes, or furniture, or even cars that make a harmonious fit to their lives and bring them joy. And though men can sometimes be easily swayed with regard to the status symbolism of an item–be it a car, tractor plow, or house–they will never admit it.

And with Olivia accompanying Sam as he car shops, finding Sam a new car might be the first test of their romantic relationship. Though the weather is freezing cold, Sam insists upon walking up and down the rows of new and used cars as he examines their features and price tags. Olivia cried uncle after twenty minutes of this and was ushered inside the dealership for some hot cocoa by a sales man who does not want the lady balking and make him lose a sale.

Olivia sits in the car showroom waiting room, decrying the lack of interesting magazines to read. The fare is mostly on the line of Popular Mechanics and Car and Driver. But then she lucks out and finds a Readers Digest–common ground reading between men and women. So she sits and reads it for about ten minutes. Then Sam comes inside to discuss with her his two car choices.

Sam: “Okay, Olivia. I have narrowed my new car preferences down to two choices. Do you want to take a test drive with me?” He smiles expectantly.

Olivia: “If you like.” She tells him off handedly.

Sam: “What? Don’t you want to see what I might be buying? After we’re married, it will be one of our cars.”

Olivia: “Yes. You will have a car and I will have a car.”

Sam: “But you never know if you might have to drive my car sometime. So we need to make sure it works for you, too.”

Olivia: “Oh! Okay.”

Olivia looks at Sam agreeably. But she thinks amusingly that Sam is like any little boy with a new train set or bb gun. He just wants to show it off. And she thinks how different Sam is from her brother, Roger. Roger just makes a decision–with little input from others. Even the Nash Rambler car that she drives was Roger’s selection–since he bought it for her. Though he did allow her to pick the light blue color. But being a decision maker was Roger’s big brotherly way when they were growing up–since he is so much older than she is.

And when Olivia walks outside to test drive the first car Sam is interested in, she finds that it is the same model as the one he had a car accident in–an Oldsmobile 88 sedan, in black.

Sam: “Isn’t she a beauty?” Sam asks expectantly. “Hop in. We’ll take it for a spin.”

However for Olivia, this type of car now holds terrifying memories. And she is not good at hiding her aversion to the vehicle.

Olivia: “Are you sure this car is what you want, Sam?” Olivia asks him hesitantly. Her way of persuading someone is not through argument, but rather, through asking probing questions that leads the other person to her desired outcome. It is the teacher in her she supposes.

Sam: “You don’t like it?”His brow furrows.

Olivia: With the salesman standing nearby, Olivia has to temper her response. “Well, it’s just that …” Her voice trails away.

Sam: “It’s just that what?” Sam looks at her in confusion.”

Olivia: “Are you sure it’s safe? Afterall, you had your car accident in one of these cars.”

Sam: “That is your only concern?”

Olivia nods shyly–her not wanting to appear overly emotional. It is just a car, after all–and a very fine car at that.

He gazes at her intently. He likes that Olivia is concerned for his welfare. Sam has gone from independent bachelor to an attached affianced man who mutually consults with his love on big and small matters–whether it is bacon, night time cuddling, or cars.

Olivia: “What is your other choice?” She asks interestedly

Sam: “A Chevy Bel-Air” [(2a) right] .   Sam grins broadly. You see his way of car shopping or 1955-Chevy-BelAir-red-and-white_Dec2415ebayguiding others to his way of thinking is to put out a red herring first–in this case, the Oldsmobile 88 choice–and then adopt the second choice.

Olivia: “It’s red and white.” She looks at Sam quizzically–as if to suggest that a two tone color scheme looks odd on a car.

Sam: But Sam will not be moved from his choice. “Let’s just take the Chevy out for a test drive. Hmmm?”

Olivia nods agreeably. And they are soon driving around the parking lot. The car handles well and Sam is pleased with it. So much so that he decides to buy the car on the spot. At a cost of $2,031, the Chevy Bel-Air Sam has chosen is well within his affordability range [(2b)].   He does own a mountain–well, with his family. And the Wakeforest Lumber Mill is very lucrative–even with their conservation forestry methods. But there are some logistics to work out as to getting proper license plates for driving the car around and such. And they have to wait until Monday, December 14th, 1955 when the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is open in order to finalize the car purchase.

So for a little while longer, Sam will car pool with Olivia. And she will relish this time spent with Sam in the weeks leading up to their marriage.


Since Sam cajoled Olivia into them having an early December 30th wedding date–of this year!!!–their wedding planning is on high alert for the remaining two weeks they have until that date. Sam’s sister Tessa is in charge of the reception by mutual consent–in terms of Sam and Olivia both knowing that if they do not give Tessa an occupation with regard to their wedding planning that she will drive them nuts on making the other wedding planning selections. As it is, Sam and Olivia want a low key wedding–which to them means a church reception rather than a served meal at the Wakeforest Country Club, though they will be wearing formal wear for their vows.

And though Olivia is keeping mum about her wedding gown, she has very specific opinions wedding-planning-1955-Oscars-Frederic-March-inWhiteTie-andTails_Dec2415viaWashingtonPostabout what type of formal wear she wants on Sam. Unfortunately, Sam is not enamored of the white tie and black tails jacket of a conductor with a white satin vest over a dress shirt that Olivia has her heart set on for him to wear. She had seen the actor Frederic March wear such an ensemble in a picture from the past Spring’s Oscar Ceremony and she feels that it looks very elegant [(3) right] .

However, Sam feels that he would be teased by his brothers for such a display of affluence. Though the Wakeforests are a wealthy family. They eschew ostentation and prefer to be understated. So Sam’s idea of formal wear is more akin to a double breasted black tuxedo with a white shirt and black tie. He even has such a formal tuxedo suit handy, since he bought one that he wore for Tessa’s wedding to Roger a year ago.

But first, Sam has to endure Olivia’s formal wear suggestions at the tuxedo rental shop in town the afternoon of Friday, December 18th.

Sam: “Olivia, Remind me why we are here for me to try on tuxedos when I have a perfectly good one at home?” He winces slightly.

Olivia: “Now Sam, I know that you like the simpler style of your old tuxedo. But I think that you will look very handsome in tails.”

Seeing that Olivia does not want to budge about him not wearing the tuxedo that he wore to Tessa’s wedding, Sam tries to compromise with her.

Sam: “Okay. I will consider other types of tuxes.” Olivia smiles gleefully. “But … I want a short tuxedo jacket with tails to be deleted as an option.” He insists and she pouts.
Olivia: “Why? I think that you will look very handsome.” She has dreamed of her wedding since she was a little girl. And she wants it to be elegant. And Olivia equates a short tuxedo jacket and tails with elegance.

Sam: “I will look pretentious–and like a symphony conductor. I know, I lived in New York City for years when I attended musical galas when was a lawyer before the war.”
Olivia: “But tails will emphasize how very tall you are. How wonderfully tall you are.” She smiles hopefully. She hopes, by comparison, to seem less tall–and less gangly. She has always felt a bit awkward as the tallest girl in school. There weren’t really many taller boys a round then. But Sam at over six feet two inches tall is five inches taller than Olivia–making her feeling more delicate.

Sam: “I will look tall in whatever I wear. I can’t help it. I am tall.” He looks at her plaintively.

If it were up to Sam, they would elope today and get right to their wedding night. But it is not solely up to him. Even thinking about that just now–their wedding night–causes Sam to ache in ways that he hasn’t ached in for a long time. And he thinks that in requiring men to jump through tuxedo hoops that women set a high price to pay for surrendering their virginity. Heck! He’s surrendering his … abstinence to her. Well, his recent celibacy wasn’t really a conscious choice of abstinence–more a lack of … opportunity and a partner he wished to surrender to. And then along came Olivia, and he finds himself capitulating like a love sick puppy–which, of course, he is.

Olivia: “Please?” Olivia pleads. She clasps her hands together in front of her, almost looking like she is praying.

Sam: “Hhhhh! Alright. I will try one on. But I know that I won’t like it.” He grumbles.

Olivia: “You might like it, you know.” She suggests liltingly. After all, Sam acquiesced to her wish for him not to get his hair cut before the wedding and it has grown out a bit–which she likes very much, something to hold onto when she runs her fingers through his hair as they kiss. And he has trimmed his beard for her to more of a stubble–less scratchy for when he kisses her.

Sam: “I won’t. But then once we have established my dislike of tuxedo tails, I want to try on other tuxedo jacket styles.” He bargains.

Olivia: “Alright. As long as you’re willing to try the tails on.” She thinks, even if she is the only one who will ever see him in white tie and tails, that she will have that memory to savor.”

So Sam tries on the tuxedo with tails–which he does not like, too drafty for his tastes. And what does a fellow do if he has to go to the bathroom for number two? Risk dunking the tails in the toilet? Of course, Sam could remove the jacket. But then he feels that others in the john would then know what he is doing–regardless of other indicators. Nope! No way is Sam being married in tails.

Then Sam tries on a tuxedo ensemble with a cummerbund [(4a) right] . And Sam feels like he Sam--Wedding-Planning-tux2--0EsquireUK-Dec2013-4-RichardArmitageStanding-atStairsNov0713ranet-crop2is wearing a hernia support garment because the cummerbund has no useful purpose, other than to get in the way.   Besides, though Sam is forty-five years old, he is quite fit and doesn’t need a girdling effect that is one aspect of the cummerbund [(4b)]. No, Sam cannot bounce a quarter off of his abdomen as he used to be able to do when he was in his twenties. But, he doesn’t need a cummerbund. Although, he admits that the rest of the tuxedo is fine, fitting him like a glove. And he notices Olivia’s appreciative stare.

Sam: “Olivia, will you still not give me a hint about your wedding gown’s design?” He tries to distract her from tuxedos. However, it only reinforces her preferences.

Olivia: “I will not! It is bad luck.” She smiles coyly. “Just know that your being elegantly attired in a suitable tuxedo will complement what I am wearing.” She smiles confidently. Olivia is ecstatic to finally be a bride–especially for her to be Sam’s bride. And her own stomach does a flip flop thinking about the wedding night–and that she and Sam will explore the wonders and mysteries of wedded bliss. She pinkens up contemplating it.

Sam: “You’re blushing!” Which makes Olivia blush even more. He leans in and whispers in her ear. “Will you at least let me know if I will need to unfasten an alarming number of pearl buttons down your back in order to remove your wedding dress from you on our wedding night?” His deep baritone voice is smooth as silk. Sam almost purrs and Olivia’s breathing quickens–due to her nervousness and to her excitement. Sam will delight in the sweetness and innocence that is his Olivia on their wedding night when they are finally and tenderly united as husband and wife.

But of course, these momentary thoughts of sensual delights cause now both of their breaths to quicken. Oh how Sam wishes that he was still living at Delaney Manor–then he could at least relish cuddling with Olivia, and spooning with her. Though on second thought–given the wayward thoughts that are now possessing him–maybe their inability to have even chastely intimate moments is for the best. After all, a man can only restrain himself so much–and then he must have his sensual release.

After they take a moment to regain their respective composures, Sam tries on his third and Sam--Wedding-Planning-Tux3-2013--EsquireUK-RichardArmitage-slouching-inChair_Nov0515viaSimonne-sizedfinal tuxedo. He likes it best of all. But Olivia is fond of the second tuxedo–with the cummerbund. So Sam plops down in a nearby chair feeling ornery [(5) right] . However as he and Olivia are paying for his tuxedo–the second one that she liked–he regroups and silently vows to convince her to let him not wear the cummerbund.   Or he will ditch the cummerbund somewhere at the last minute on his way to the church–and claim that he lost it. He thinks that maybe some fox would like to line their Wintery den with the cummerbund for added warmth.


However, by Christmas Eve–Sam’s and Olivia’s first together as a couple–all thoughts about discordant car purchases, or even tuxedo tussles are forgotten. Sam proudly escorts Olivia to Midnight worship services–which really start at 11pm, it is just that they get out around midnight. With his large hand on the small of Olivia’s back as she wears a stunning black velvet dress that hugs her womanly curves, Sam has to keep silently telling himself six more days, six more days–then they will be married.

And since the Wakeforest and Delaney extended family tradition after Christmas Eve XMAS-tree-and-ornaments-CLS_Dec1415viaTeresaAservices is to all sit down for breakfast together and open one present each, they invited Sam to stay over in a guest room at the festively decorated Delaney Manor [(6) right]–so Sam won’t have a snowy drive after to his home a few miles away closer to town. So the two couples, Sam and Olivia, and Tess and Roger have a light breakfast of omelets and coffeecake in the kitchen. Foster kids Alice and baby Bobby were too tired to go to the late services, so they are already in bed asleep.

The family being so large now, the adult Delaney and Wakeforest siblings and their spouses pull names out of a hat as to which adult to buy a present for.  So Sam’s gift to Roger is a cigar humidor. The man had been dropping hints like boulders for weeks, according to Tessa–who kindly passed along that information to Sam. Roger was thrilled–even more so because Sam had kindly stocked the humidor with some of Roger’s favorite cigars. Then Sam received from Roger an equally well received gift–a pair of new cross country skis. Then the girls shared their gifts with each other–French perfume for Tessa from Olivia, and a delicate small pearl heirloom necklace for Olivia that had belonged to Tessa’s and Sam’s grandmother. Tessa had the jeweler restring the pearls–making sure to knot in between each one for stability–and then had them add a new small diamond clasp. The pearl necklace is delicately exquisite and will complement Olivia’s wedding gown–her something old. The two women embrace with tears in their eyes as their husband and fiancé look upon them with love.

And Sam having to say goodnight to Olivia at her bedroom door Christmas Eve Night under the watchful eyes of his sister Tessa and Olivia’s brother Roger in the hallway, is wrenching for Sam, because he wants to be able to kiss and embrace her with all the love in his heart–in the privacy of being inside her bedroom. But Sam, knows that if he were to start to tenderly kiss Olivia, that he might not be able to stop. So they kiss briefly on their lips in the hallway, and then Sam impulsively kisses each of Olivia’s hands that he is holding onto. Then they reluctantly part for the night–with the added decoration as Tessa explained of jingle bells hanging from the door knobs on the outside of everyone’s bedroom doors. So there will be no clandestine creeping about into each others’ bedrooms for Sam and Olivia tonight.


Sam and Olivia also plan to give each other presents on Christmas.   So after a surprisingly restful sleep that night, Sam and Olivia give each other their presents the following Christmas morning while still in their jammies before another breakfast–this time tree shaped pancakes with sausage. The formal Christmas family dinner at lunch time around 1pm for all of the extended Wakeforest and Delaney family members will be held at Delaney Manor–since it is the only home with a big enough dining room to accommodate several tables of adults and children.

Olivia has chosen a cashmere scarf and leather driving gloves for Sam, that she knows he will look stunning in–as well as provide him warmth from the cold. However, Sam’s present to Olivia is too big to wrap and put under the Christmas Tree. And her present from Sam is not even in Delaney Manor. So after a somewhat raucous Christmas morning of present unwrapping as Tessa and Roger gleefully watch their foster daughter Alice’s eyes widen with each gift she unwraps–while foster baby Bobby delights in ripping up the wrapping paper–the whole extended family of the Delaney and Wakeforest’s show up at Delaney manor for a scrumptious Christmas dinner of ham with pineapple slices, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie with whipped cream topping.

Then after playing board games after their Christmas dinner, everyone returns to their own homes in the late afternoon. And it is time for Sam and Olivia to drive in his new car to his home, in order to discover Sam’s present to Olivia. Roger and Tessa drive in their car to Sam’s home to act as chaperones–Tessa and Roger are still very protective of Olivia’s reputation. And Sam finds no fault with that and does not take offense. Olivia will be his in five days. Sam prides himself that his gift for Olivia is both a practical gift , as well as, a romantically sentimental gift. No one has a clue as to what her present is. Though Sam keeps urging Olivia to guess what her present from him is on their drive over to his home.

Olivia: “Is my gift something to do with the house?”

Sam: “Yes, and no.”

Olivia: “This is maddening!” She cries in mock exasperation. Olivia was never good at being patience for surprises as a child–and she is still that way as an adult.

Sam: “And yet, when you have your gift, I think that you will like it.” He smiles smugly.

Then as they get out of Sam’s car–having beaten Tessa and Roger there by about five Olivia-isEmilyDeschanel-smiling_Dec0615minutes–Olivia changes her tactic and tries to beguile Sam into telling her what her gift is with a winning smile and some unabashed coquetry [(7) right] . Olivia’s natural beauty has blossomed with the tender love of her fiancé Sam. And Sam can barely keep his hands off of her he is so smitten with her, but he does–him thinking five more days, only five more days until we are married.

Olivia: Walking her fingers up Sam’s coat, she winsomely asks him. “Please won’t you give me another hint while we wait for Roger and Tessa?”

Sam: “A hint? Hmmm.” He ponders teasingly. Him adjusting the cashmere scarf that she Sam--isRichardArmitage28byRobertAscroft-forPromos2012_June0113ranet-sized-cropgave him [(8) right]. “I suppose that you have been very patient.”

Olivia: “I have.”

Sam: Smiling wickedly, Sam asks. “And patience should be rewarded, don’t you think?” However Sam is speaking more of his patience now–and Olivia knows it as she blushes.

Olivia: Then she has a burst of inspiration.   “What material is it made of?”

Sam: He thinks for a moment. “Mostly of wood.”

Olivia: “Is it furniture?” She looks at him expectantly.

Sam: “Hmmm. Possibly.” He nods with a deviously wickedly smile.

Then Tessa and Roger show up. So Sam ushers them into his home. The Wakeforest family home is a comfortable two story home with five bedrooms. It certainly does not equal the size and grandeur of Delaney Manor. But it is still a large home–with room to accommodate little ones as Sam and Olivia have their hoped for children in the future.

Tessa and Roger and Olivia exchange quizzical looks as Sam takes them on a winding tour of the first floor. What could her gift be?

Roger: “Alright Sam, we could now walk your first floor layout blindfolded. But what is Olivia’s present?” He asks in slight annoyance. This teasing game may be fun for Olivia, but her brother Roger is not a games player.

Sam: “Patience, patience. Alright, now let me blindfold Olivia before I show her my gift to her.” Sam smirks as he removes the scarf she gave him and gently ties it around her eyes. “No peeking mind.” He says mock sternly, but he gives her shoulders a gentle squeeze.

Sam puts his finger to his lips to indicate to Tessa and Roger not to reveal the gift when they come upon it. Then Sam carefully guides Olivia and the others back through the kitchen and then outside into the brisk afternoon air of his backyard. Roger and Tessa exchange knowing smiles as they see the gift, but they say nothing as Sam requested.

Olivia:   “Sam. Are we going to freeze before we find out what my gift is?” She is thinking patio furniture now. It’s not very romantic, but then it will still be nice to have and to use.

Sam faces Olivia toward her gift, then he slowly unties the scarf.
Sam: “You may open your eyes now.”

Olivia opens her eyes to see almost an exact replica of her Delaney family home’s gazebo sitting in the back yard of what will become her home when she marries Sam.

Olivia: “Eeeeeee!” Olivia squeals in delight for Sam’s romantic gesture. They had shared their first kiss in the Delaney gazebo. Then Olivia turns around and embraces Sam with her arms around his neck as she kisses him firmly on his lips.

Sam: Coming up for air from their kissing, he asks her facetiously while grinning from ear to ear. “So you like it?”

Olivia: “Like it? I love it!   I love you, Sam Wakeforest!” Olivia kisses Sam some more and he willingly responds to her.

After a few moments while Sam’s sister Tessa smiles gleefully, Olivia’s brother Roger makes a few discreet coughs that bring the happy couple out of their kiss fest. Then after touring the inside of the gazebo–and Sam kissing Olivia again there as well–they all troop back inside the house for some hot chocolates to warm them up.

All in all, it was a very fine Christmas Holiday for Sam and Olivia and their extended Wakeforest and Delaney families. Though the thoughtful gifts that they gave each other showed care and consideration, the real gift of Christmas is them all being together–especially with eldest Wakeforest brother Sam’s dangerous car accident and their younger brother Todd’s distressing injury from a rabbit claw trap. Either of these incidents could have been fatal, but people intervened to help them and bring them to safety and to essential medical treatment.

And the Wakeforests and the Delaneys do not view these blessings as their being deserving of them. Rather, this large extended family daily seeks to help others in need–as the County Orphanage and the children in its care, and Tessa and Roger’s foster children Alice and baby Bobby, and more recently Mrs. Coffey and her two children have benefited from. And there are many others whom they help. Life is a gift of love. And when our love and caring is given freely to others, our capacity to love expands and grows. So our love and caring for each other makes the world a better place–for everyone.

And there is actually another, related romantic Christmas gift for Olivia from Sam. But she will have to wait for their wedding night on December 30th to receive it.

To be continued with Chapter 13


“Love in the Great Pine Woods” Ch. 12 by Gratiana Lovelace, December 25, 2015 (Post #848)


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