“Love in the Great Pine Woods”, Ch. 14 (PG-13, S): Navigating to Their Honeymoon,   January 02, 2016 by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #854)

0a-Love-in-the-Great-Pine-Woods_story-cover_Dec2915byGratianaLovelace_180x297rev5(An original story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace; all rights reserved)  [(1) story cover, left]

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story characters with:  Richard Armitage as Sam Wakeforest, Marcia Gay Harden as Sam’s older sister Tessa Wakeforest Shoop Delaney, and Emily Deschanel as Tessa’s sister-in-law Olivia Delaney, Viola Davis as Pauletta Perkins, Cicely Tyson as Nellie Newton, Anna Sophia Robb as Alice Trent, Kevin Spacey as Roger Delaney, Sam Heughan as Todd Wakeforest, Idris Elba as Dominic Perkins  and others as noted.]

Authors Content Note: “Love in the Great Pine Woods” is a mature love story with dramatic themes of love and relationships.  It will mostly be at the PG and PG-13 movie levels. Specific chapters or passages may have a further rating of:  L for language, D for dramatic emotions, and S for sensual themes.  And I will rate the chapters accordingly. If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide for a chapter, then please do not read that chapter. This is my disclaimer.  And as is my habit, I will summarize the previous chapter’s events at the beginning of the next chapter.

Authors Recap from the Previous Chapter:   Sam Wakeforest and Olivia Delaney share a lovely wedding ceremony with their closest family and friends on  Wednesday, December 30th.  After having cake and punch at their church wedding reception, they head back to Delaney Manor for a private family dinner wedding celebration before the happy couple heads off to their honeymoon destination.  And Sam still has one more sentimental heirloom belated Christmas gift for Olivia–but she will have to wait to receive it on their wedding night.


“Love in the Great Pine Woods”, Ch. 14 (PG-13, S): Navigating to Their Honeymoon 

Sam had a surprise waiting for his new wife Olivia when they exited the church around 3:00pm after their wedding and wedding reception on Wednesday, December 30th.  Sam’s middle younger brother William Wakeforest has horses and gives sleigh rides at their Wakeforest Family XMAS Tree Farm.  But today, William is all decked in Victorian carriage driver finery–including top hat–with the carriage festively decorated, to take Sam and Olivia on a leisurely open carriage ride back to Delaney Manor for their private family dinner and wedding celebration.

And owing to the thankfully above freezing but still cold weather conditions, William supplied the newlyweds with several heavy blankets, a fur rug blanket, and a hot brick–which is period accurate for Victorian area comfort.  However, the newlyweds are so engrossed in kissing each other that William thinks that they are probably creating their own heat. And the nieces and nephews–including foster niece Alice–had supplied the hand made with crayons Just Married sign and tin cans on ropes hanging behind the carriage and dragging the ground with a clatter as they ride the five miles out of the town of Wakeforest to the Delaney Manor estate.

Once inside Delaney Manor–where their family in motor powered vehicles had naturally beaten them to it–Sam, to his chagrin, gets separated from Olivia as his sister Tessa whisks her upstairs to her old room to shower and change into her traveling clothes.

After Olivia showers–including washing her hair since it had been pinned and hair sprayed to within an inch of its life–Tessa tries to have a much delayed womanly chat with Olivia as she dries her shoulder length hair and puts on her makeup.  At first, the loud hair dryer makes hearing difficult.

Tessa:  “You looked so beautiful today, Olivia.”  Tessa [(2) right] begins gently, a little Tessa-isMarciaGayHarden_Nov2115theplace2ru-cropuncertain as to how much information she will need to convey to Olivia–so that Olivia is not caught unawares as her wedding night unfolds.

Olivia:  “Thanks, Tessa.” Olivia is bent over in her under wear with her long wet hair hanging straight down as she dries it.

Tessa:  “Is there anything you want to ask me about … well about tonight?” Tessa tries to ask delicately while speaking more loudly over the din of the hair dryer.

Olivia: “What?” Olivia replies loudly. She can’t hear very well with the hair dryer at her ears.

Tessa:  “I said.”  She repeats herself more loudly.  “Do you want to know anything …” Olivia turns off her hair dryer, but Tessa is still speaking loudly “… about making love?”

Just then Tessa’s and Roger’s fourteen year old foster daughter Alice knocks quickly on the partially opened door to Olivia’s bedroom and she walks inside. Both Tessa and Olivia are startled and their faces turn red with embarrassment for the topic of conversation that they were on the cusp of having.

Alice:  “Oh?  Are we making dinner in the oven, Mommy Tessa?  I thought that we were making ham sandwiches.” Alice chirps, her blessedly–thinks Olivia–not having heard clearly what her foster mother Tessa was saying.

Tessa:  Tessa’s eyes go wide and she smiles hard at Alice.  But then she regroups. “That’s right, Alice. We are making ham sandwiches for dinner.” Alice looks at her quizzically. “But … we might want to melt our cheese by toasting our sandwiches under the oven’s broiler.”

Alice:  “Oh!  Okay!” She bobs her head agreeably.

The three ladies look at each other–especially so at Alice.

Olivia:  “Was there something that you wanted, Alice Dear?”

Alice:  “Oh!  Right! Daddy Roger wanted me to let you know that  Mrs. Newton has gone back to her bedroom to rest.  She is too tired to join us for dinner after the excitement of the wedding.  But she does hope to see Olivia before she leaves.”

Olivia: “Thanks, Alice!  I’ll finish drying my hair and makeup.  And then go down to see her before we eat.”  Olivia brushes out her hair and parts it–only the ends are still partially wet.

Tessa: “But what about … our conversation?”

Olivia: “Well, I …?” [(3) right] Olivia-isEmilyDeschanel-asBones_Dec1515goggle-Grati-sized-crop-clr-crop2-flip

Both Olivia and Tessa turn to look at Alice, who just stands there smiling. Alice has already changed out of her junior bridesmaid dress and into jeans and sneakers. So she looks even younger than she is.  But Olivia can’t ask the questions on her mind in front of  the fourteen year old Alice.

Tessa:  Putting hand on Olivia’s arm, she says caringly–but rather obliquely. “Sam will guide you, Olivia Dear.”

Alice:  “Guide her? Is Uncle Sam going to blindfold Aunt Olivia so she won’t peek about their honeymoon destination?”

Alice asks eagerly. Because her Uncle Sam will not divulge to the family about where he and Olivia are spending their wedding night tonight–even Olivia doesn’t know–nor even where they are going for their honeymoon.  He doesn’t want any marauding midnight wedding visitors banging pots and creating general prankish mayhem and spoiling the moment.

Tessa:  Putting her arm around her foster daughter, Alice, Tessa smiles minxiously.  “Never you mind, Alice Dear.  We’ll see you downstairs in the family room for dinner soon, Olivia?” They are going to sit around on the sofas and chairs and eat their meals.  The crumbs be damned!  That’s what vaccum cleaners are for.

Olivia:  “Yes.” Olivia nods with a blushing smile.  “But after I visit with Mrs. Newton, first.”

Tessa: “Alright, Olivia Dear. I’ll just have Burt take your suitcases downstairs and put them in Sam’s car for you.”  Burt is the Delaney’s heavy lifting employee who has duties similar to a footman in the period romances that Olivia likes to read from time to time.

Olivia: “Thanks, Tessa.”  The two sisters-in-law–now doubly so by marrying each others’ siblings–smile loving at each other, then embrace each other in caring hug.

Alice sheepishly stands off to the side.  That is, until Tessa motions to her.

Tessa: “Get over here, Alice. Group hug!”  And Alice eagerly joins the Delaney-Wakeforest family hug.


For his part earlier, when they arrived at Delaney Manor, a still in his wedding tuxedo Sam Sam-inHisWeddingShirt-isRichardArmitage-inz2013EsquireUKvideo--Closeup2Jul1014TeresaA-sized-brt[(4) right] decides to ditch his tie and finally remove that dang cummerbund. Then he joins his brothers and brother-in-law Roger Delaney for a stiff drink with manly conversations and pool in Roger’s study while Olivia has her shower and such.

Sam: “Well boys!”  He rubs his palms together gleefully.  “Shall we continue our billiards bet from earlier before the wedding?  I’m on a new husband roll.  Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Kevin:  “You’re fleecing us!”

Sam: “Hey!  I’ve got to pay for our honeymoon somehow.”  Sam raises a saucy eyebrow with a gleam in his eyes.  Sam is actually thinking about their wedding trip number two next Spring or Summer when he takes Olivia to Europe as he promised her.

Roger: “By the by, where are you taking my sister for your wedding night and honeymoon?”  I look at Sam questioningly.

Sam:  “Far away from all of you!  Ha ha ha!”  Sam points at his brothers and brothers-in-law standing around the pool table–or sitting, in the case of his still recuperating brother Todd.

Todd:  “So you chose a mid week Wednesday wedding for the great train vacation get-away deals?” Todd asks as he sits in a chair with his foot and ankle propped up on a pillow on the coffee table.  He is still healing from his rabbit claw trap injury. So standing around playing pool is out for him at the moment.  He is still using his crutches for only his most necessary movements.

William: “And here I thought that he wanted the tax write off for being a married couple to also count for the 1955 tax year.”  He smirks.

Roger: “Surely not!”  Roger gasps in horror.  The staid banker Roger Delaney is a little too literal sometimes.

Sam:  “Roger, Will is being facetious.”  Sam raises his eye brows in feigned incredulity.

Roger: “Oh!  Well!  That’s alright then.”  Roger nods sheepishly–for falling into the trap of one of his brothers-in-laws jests yet again.  Then it occurs to him to ask.  “Then why did you want to marry Olivia so soon, Sam? Apart from your saying that your car accident was the impetus for you to ask Olivia to marry you?”

Todd: “Yes, Sam. Do tell us.”  The youngest Wakeforest brother grins lewdly.

Then the other three Wakeforest brothers bust up laughing:  “Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Sam: “No comment.”  Sam has a placid expression on his face–like one of those granite rock Mount_Rushmore_stamp_3c_1952_issue_Jan0116wikiMount Rushmore presidential visages [(5) right] .   Steely eyed and taciturn, Sam is the soul of discretion and decorum–and he zealously guards his own and Olivia’s personal privacy.

However Sam’s next eldest brother intervenes for him before the boys get too rambunctious.

Kevin:  “Leave Sam alone, guys.  Afterall, as the last Wakeforest bachelor standing, it has been a long time coming for him getting married.  Congratulations again, brother!”  Sam and Kevin shake hands again.  “Olivia is a fine lady, and a great gal!”

In Kevin’s mind, there is a distinction.  Lady’s are rare and to be respected–and the term does not solely refer to Olivia’s virginity, but to her sensibilities as a person of compassion, great warmth, personal accomplishment, and civic mindedness.  Whereas a gal is someone who can be a companionable friend- or sister-in-law in the case of Olivia–and who is an all around good person.

Sam:  “You can’t praise Olivia too highly to me.  She is a gift to my life beyond measure.  Her happiness will be my life’s goal.  And I give you my solemn vow, that I will cherish her always–till the day I die.” The room has become very quiet and rather sentimental at so poignant a tribute by Sam for his Lady.

Roger: “Thanks, Sam.  I would not entrust my sister’s happiness and welfare to a lesser man than you.”

The two brothers-in-laws shake hands, that then ends up in the equivalent of a male hug–with slaps on their backs and all.

Sam:  Sam smiles at his brothers and brother-in-law.  “So!  Any sage words of marital advice from you long standing married guys?”  Sam asks impishly.  He thinks, whatever they say, I will do the opposite. Ha!

Then the good natured ribbing starts.

Kevin:  “Gosh, Sam!  I wouldn’t think that you would need a birds & the bees talk at your age.” Kevin nudges his big brother Sam with his elbow.

Todd: “Not him. Sam’s the one who told me all about it.  Quite an education he gave me.”

Sam: “Guys!”  Sam rolls his eyes and blushes to have his brothers speak so bawdily in front of his new wife Olivia’s brother Roger.  Sam’s hand covers his mouth to hide his bashful smile.

William:  Taking the high road and being serious, he says. “Never go to bed angry with each other.  Mend it, or a hurt or disagreement will spiral out of control.”

Sam: “Speaking from experience, are we William?”  He asks questioningly.

William:  “Let’s just say that I have learned my lesson.” The two brothers nod.

Roger: “And Sam, for what it’s worth, just remember, your wife is always right.”

Sam: “But what if I am right?”  Sam counters.  As a mature forty five year old man and head of the Wakeforest family and their mill business, Sam is confident and self assured in all spheres of his life.

Roger:  “Actually, men are rarely right.  We might think we are.  But when it comes down to it, cloaking myself in a grandiose sense of male superiority doesn’t soothe my soul–nor keep me warm at night.  Tessa does both for me.”

Todd: “Roger, you old dog!  I never knew you had it in you! Ha ha ha ha ha !”

Roger: “Neither did I, frankly. But my Tessa is my  wondrous and beautifully lady.”  Roger smiles that small self satisfied smile of a man who loves and who is loved.

Sam:  “Well, thanks for the marital advice, everyone. I’m going to check on Olivia and see how she is getting on.”

Todd Wakeforest starts to say something ribald again, but his brother Kevin clamps his hand over Todd’s mouth from behind and shakes his head.


Sam stuffs his wedding tuxedo tie into his pocket, but he leaves the cummerbund behind. Sam thinks that maybe Roger and Tessa can use it for a table hot pad–or maybe for a coat for their dog.  Sam had bought his wedding tux, so there is no need for him to return it to the store–intact or otherwise.  Then he goes in search of Olivia.  Sam pitstops at the first floor bathroom back by the kitchen. And afterward, he sees Tessa who lets him know that Olivia’s bags are packed and in his car already–and that Olivia is saying goodbye to their retired housekeeper, Mrs. Nellie Newton in Nellie’s bedroom.

Sam nods and kisses his sister Tessa on her cheek, then he crosses through the kitchNellie-and-aYoungOlivia-representation-isCicelyTyson-inFriedGreenTomatoes-film_Nov2615pinterest-sizeden to get to Nellie’s bedroom.  He pauses at the slightly ajar door, him not wanting to intrude upon their private conversation–but he can’t help hearing their hushed voices.  The eighty three year old Nellie is lying in bed with her eyes closed, but she is still awake.  The picture [(6) right] of she and Olivia as a child has pride of place on her nightstand bed table–representing their close personal bond.

Nellie: “You were a beautiful bride today, My little Olivia.”  Nellie squeezes Olivia’s hand holding hers.

Olivia:  “Thank you, Mrs. …” Olivia pauses when she sees Nellie wrinkle her nose. They have had this conversation before about Nellie Newton wanting to just be known as Nellie.  “…Nellie. I’m so glad that you could be there.”  Olivia gushes.

Nellie: “Me, too!  Now you and Mr. Sam have a fun honeymoon and a happy marriage!”  Nellie half admonishes and half congratulates Olivia.

Olivia: “We will. I love him so much, Nellie. Becoming Sam’s wife is like a dream come true.” Olivia gushes.

Sam smiles upon hearing that.  And he thinks that Olivia is a dream come true for him as well.

Nellie: “Well I expect he feels the same about you, Livvy.”  She smiles to Olivia. Then in a louder voice she says.  “Isn’t that right, Mr. Sam?”

Smiling sheepishly as he walks into Nellie’s bedroom, Sam mutters bemusedy under his breath as he goes to Olivia and kisses her forehead.

Sam:  “Nothing wrong with Nellie’s hearing.”

Olivia: “No there isn’t. Ha ha ha!”  Olivia giggles.

Nellie:  “Nor my smeller. Olivia gave me a whiff of the fancy cologne she bought you for one of her Christmas gifts to you–and you’re wearing it now. Lordy!  Leave some in the bottle the next time, boy.  Or you’ll be going through it so fast, you’ll be like setting fire to dollar bills, it was so expensive.”

Sam looks curiously at Olivia.  He never really wore cologne before, but he is wearing it now to please Olivia.

Sam:  “Really?  How much did it cost?”

Olivia:  “Saaaam.” Olivia whines in frustration.   “It’s not polite to ask.”  Olivia states primly, but smiles prettily bashfully.

Nellie: “Well then I’ll tell him for you, honey.  It was five dollars an ounce!”

Sam:  “Olivia!  You bought me $25 of cologne?  That’s too much!”  Sam instantly realizes that he has caused Olivia offense when he sees the hurt look on Olivia’s face.  And he remembers the married fellows’ advice–always mend a rift, and she is always right.  Taking Olivia into his arms, Sam apologizes. “I’m sorry, Olivia.  I didn’t mean it to come out that way. I’m just not used to people spoiling me. It’s the older brother syndrome–I’m the one who spoils everyone else.”  He explains.  Sam smiles, then matches Olivia’s pout with his own teasing pout in an attempt to bring her out of her funk.  And finally, she smiles again.  “That’s my girl!”  They kiss sweetly on the mouth.

Nellie:  “Children, you had best be heading to your wedding night or you’ll be stuck here at the manor with the coming snow.”

Sam:  “Snow isn’t in the forecast.”  He shakes his head quizzically.

Nellie: “Are you arguing with a woman on death’s door, boy?”

Olivia: “Oh Nellie! Please don’t say that.  You’re going to feel better when Spring comes and it is warm out again.”  Olivia pleads with her long time grandmother substitute and caregiver–for whom Olivia is now the caregiver.

Nellie: “That’s right, Livvy.  Now you take your man and have yourselves a nice honeymoon.  Where are you going?”

Olivia: She looks back and forth between them. “I don’t know. Sam says it’s a surprise.”  Olivia smiles sweetly up and Sam and he smiles smugly back at her.

Nellie: “Well he better tell somebody– in case you need to be plowed out of the coming blizzard.”

Sam wonders how Old Nellie could have guessed where he is taking Olivia for tonight and the rest of their honeymoon. Let alone, her predicting a blizzard when there isn’t even any snowfall in the four day forecast.

Sam: “Well we had best be on our way then.”  Sam humors the longtime Delaney family retainer.  Then after Olivia kisses Nellie goodbye and stands up from the bed, Sam leans in and kisses Nellie’s cheek. Then he whispers.  “If you must know for peace of mind, Olivia and I will be going to my, now our Wakeforest Mountain cabin for a few days.” Nellie nods.

Olivia strains to hear what Sam said to Nellie, but she couldn’t

Nellie: “Now run along children.  And be sure and take extra candles with you.”  Nellie says as she drifts off to sleep.

Then Sam and Olivia walk back into the kitchen.

Sam:  “Candles?”

Olivia: “For when the power goes out, or to have the wax as fuel to start a wood burning fire.”  Olivia explains.  Then just in case, Olivia rushes over to the kitchen’s utility closet–where they keep the excess cleaning supplies locked up along with light bulbs, batteries, and emergency candles–and takes out one of several packages of short round candles and a box of  matches.  Sam looks at her bemusedly. “Well, you never know.” Olivia sheepishly shrugs her shoulders.

Sam: “Alright, let’s grab a sandwich or two to go on our way to the car.  We’re leaving now.”

Olivia: “But everyone is expecting us to stay for dinner.”  Olivia is surprised and she looks searchingly into Sam’s eyes.

Sam: “Somehow, I think they will understand.”  He smiles caringly at Olivia.  Then she nods in agreement.

And a smiling Tessa glimpses Sam and Olivia packing up their meals in the Delany Manor kitchen and then heading out the back door to Sam’s car.

So as Sam drives his new wife Olivia to their wedding night and honeymoon destination around 4:30pm late Wednesday afternoon, the sun is already setting–even though the days are starting to get longer.  So Sam and Olivia are wise to get a move on.  They have only a five mile drive.  But where they are going in the dark–with no street lamps to light their way–navigating could get a bit tricky.  But Sam has been there hundreds of times and could probably drive there blindfolded.

And now, nothing stands in the way of Sam’s and Olivia’s wedding night–their first night of sharing their love with each other.  Sam will be guiding the shy Olivia into loving intimacy with him–her first time.  So apart from Sam wanting to adore Olivia passionately tonight with every fiber of his being, he also knows that he will need to be patient, tender, and gentle with her.  And though a man of the world, Sam is beginning to feel a little nervous about he and Olivia making love tonight. Afterall, it has been a few years since he last made love–although he was not in a love relationship then, as he is now with Olivia, his new wife.  So the experience of making love with his Olivia is bound to be more wonderful than before.   And he hopes that all goes as well as it should with regard to his body working as it should.

And Sam still has one more sentimental heirloom belated Christmas gift for Olivia–but she will have to wait to receive it tonight, on this, their wedding night.

To be continued with Chapter 15


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  1. Evie Arl says:

    Lovely as always Grati,
    I think we could all do with a Nellie in our loves, I know I miss my grandma every single day. Still I try to remember the things about her that make me smile, like the time she flagged down a policeman to post a letter for her because “she was after all just a little, fragile old lady and the post box was half way through the village and all the way up the really, really steep hill” Gladys was under 5ft, did tai chi every day and was probably the most determined, wonderfully stubborn woman I was privileged to know.

    This was a wonderful start to 2016, for so many reasons. Thanks Grati.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Evie,
      Thanks for you very kind note about Ch. 14! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it!

      And Nellie is a character reflecting the warmth of love and the gift of mentoring. While she also embodies a life lesson in respecting all people–regardless if their circumstances/position/status or heritage, etc., are different from our own.

      And thanks for sharing the priceless story of your feisty little grandmother! She sounds like a delight! And I hope that that police officer mailed her letter for her. Ha!

      Cheers! Grati ;->


  2. January 02, 2016–Thanks for liking this story chapter post ! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Cheers!

    Evie Arl & Hariclea


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