They are all Our Children, UNHCR trying to Help Starving Syrian Refugees, January 09, 2016 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #858)

Though bloggers and others have already voiced their support for aid to Syrian refugees–and I applaud their efforts and made an earlier donation–I wanted to add my blog voice to this effort, as well.

Seeing the news pictures yesterday of starving Syrian children–emaciated to the point of being literally skin and bones–was and is heartbreaking.

The Times of London tweet about starving Syrian children:

The Times of London article by Tom Coghlan begins:

“Starving children in the Syrian town of Madaya are being fed cough remedies and other medical syrups that are the last source of sugar in the local medical facility, aid workers said yesterday.

The 42,000 inhabitants of the town besieged by Assad’s forces, where at least 23 people have already died from starvation, learnt that aid is unlikely to reach them before Monday. …”

Children and families should not have to endure such deprivation. Children, especially, are among the most vulnerable in our society and world–and they should be protected at all costs. For if as a society, we fail to protect a child, we fail as a society.

When peoples and nations of the world finally act as if every child and every family, is our child and our family–and supports and nurtures them–then we will all live in a much better place.

Until then, we have pockets of organizations who try to help as best they can. The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) is one such organization. Its appeal for donations to assist with its aid relief efforts relies on the premise that in working together, we can put our smaller donations to work and have a big impact. My hubby and I have made a donation again for Syrian relief and aid. Here is how you can, too.

The UNHCR int’l site for making donations to Syrian Relief (it will redirect you to your country’s donation site as it detects it):

The UNHCR site for U.S. donors;

So today and always, I pray for Syrian children and families in danger due to political and military battles–and anyone else in dire need. Please let humanitarian aid reach these children in time to save them from starving to death. Nothing else is more important.


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  1. Evie Arl says:

    Well said Grati. Let’s hope, well let’s just hope. Friends and family here received donations to charity for their Christmas presents this year (to mixed responses but hey, I couldn’t justify buying that latest nail polish or aftershave when so many have so very little). I realise that this may sound preachy or like I’m looking for recognition, please know that neither of these are meant. Last year, with all it’s awful moments, made me realise that even with everything that happens, I am still so very lucky. I have all that Maslow describes as the most basic of things on our hierarchy of needs. I guess, in my own stupid and pretty meaningless way, I am trying to say I am totally, totally with you on this one.

    Wishing you the best of everything as always.

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    • Hi Evie Arl, Thanks for your very nice note! Good for you in making donations in lieu of gifts! Brava! And I know what you mean about eschewing gifts for ourselves at XMAS. We are blessed with having our needs taken care of through our work income. So my hubby gave me a pink coat scarf and I bought him thick brown knit gloves. And in addition, we donate to charities.
      However we do give XMAS cash and gifts to our nieces and nephews, and to our littlest grand nephew. It’s so much fun looking for their gifts! Cheers! Grati ;->


  2. January 09 – 10, 2016–Thanks for liking this post!

    Evie Arl, Guylty, Servetus, Herba, Esther, Hariclea, & Obscura


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