“Love in the Great Pine Woods”, Ch. 25 (PG-13, S):   Spring Forward, March 07, 2016 by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #883)

0a-Love-in-the-Great-Pine-Woods_story-cover_Dec2915byGratianaLovelace_180x297rev5(An original story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace; all rights reserved)  [(1) story cover, left]

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story characters with:  Richard Armitage as Sam Wakeforest, Marcia Gay Harden as Sam’s older sister Tessa Wakeforest Shoop Delaney, and Emily Deschanel as Tessa’s sister-in-law Olivia Delaney Wakeforest, Viola Davis as Pauletta Perkins, Cicely Tyson as Nellie Newton, Anna Sophia Robb as Alice Trent, Kevin Spacey as Roger Delaney, Sam Heughan as Todd Wakeforest, Idris Elba as Dominic Perkins  and others as noted.]

Authors Content Note: “Love in the Great Pine Woods” is a mature love story with dramatic themes of love and relationships.  It will mostly be at the PG and PG-13 movie levels. Specific chapters or passages may have a further rating of:  L for language, D for dramatic emotions, and S for sensual themes.  And I will rate the chapters accordingly. If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide for a chapter, then please do not read that chapter. This is my disclaimer.  And as is my habit, I will summarize the previous chapter’s events at the beginning of the next chapter.

Authors Recap from the Previous Chapter:   After a frantic Monday, February 22, 1956—where the state police try to seize custody of  Tessa’s foster daughter  and foster son, Alice and Bobby Trent—semi-practicing attorney Sam files an immediate injunction staying the seizure.  That injunction, coupled with Wakeforest County Orphanage Director and Social Worker Pauletta Perkins’ detailed fostering records—including standard foster reviews and a previous Wakeforest County custody agreement—Alice and Bobby can stay put with their foster parents Roger and Tessa Delaney.  And with this good news, the impending birth of Sam’s and Olivia’s Wakeforest baby in September is also announced.   The future looks bright for the extended Wakeforest and Delaney families.


“Love in the Great Pine Woods”, Ch. 25 (PG-13, S):   Spring Forward

As Winter gives way to Spring 1956, the crocuses are the first flowers to push through the zPurpleCrocusFlowers-inSnow-800px-Krokusse_im_Schnee-byThomasWolf_Mar0616wikiresidual snowy remnants from Winter [(2) right] on Wakeforest Mountain and its surrounding community.  That renewal of life is evident everywhere on the mountain—from the greening of the grass under the snow, to the animals emerging from their burrows more often, to the winding down of the ski season in favor of the hiking and camping season, and to the Wakeforest Family Mill’s preparations for mountain conservation with new plantings even as they strategize the best and least invasive ways to harvest lumber from the Mountain.     The crocus flowers herald new beginnings, and it feels that way for the Wakeforest and Delaney families.

Olivia Delaney Wakeforest and the Wakeforest County Orphanage Director and School Principal Pauletta Perkins have had a successful month of fundraising for the newly established Eleanor Newton College Scholarship for students of color.  They hope to grant their first awards with this coming May’s high school graduating classes in Wakeforest County schools.

And while she is still recovering from her leg injury and surgery, Olivia has begun home tutoring of her foster niece Alice Trent in the afternoons—with Alice’s English, history, and literature humanities studies—after Alice is taught math and science in the mornings by Mrs. Perkins.   Alice is being put through a rigorous curriculum to bring her up to speed to enter regular 8th grade in the Fall of 1956.  Alice’s history unit on the Montgomery Bus Boycott will become an interactive school exhibit with Olivia’s help–so that the children of Wakeforest can better understand the socio-political issues surrounding it.

And during the last three weeks, now that she is well into March 1956 and almost past her morning sickness—with her being nearly three months pregnant–Olivia Delaney Wakeforest is feeling a bit more chipper in the mornings when she has breakfast with her husband before he heads out to the mountain.  So this Monday morning of March 28th, Olivia smiles brightly across their cozy breakfast table tucked into the bay window alcove in their kitchen.  Cook won’t begin her shift until later in the morning to prepare lunch and dinner. So breakfast is courtesy of themselves–the nearly three months married Sam and Olivia Wakeforest.

Olivia: “Don’t burn the omelet, Sam!” Olivia frets as she sits at their breakfast table booth buttering their toast and pouring their juice and coffee.

Sam:  “I’m on it!”  Sam snaps his fingers and turns off the gas burner, then he flips their ham and cheese omelet over one last time—for extra melting on the cheese.   “Olivia, do we need anything else for the table?”

Olivia:  “Would you grab the blackberry preserves, Sam?  I’m in a berry mood this week.”  Olivia-isEmily-Deschanel-crop-sized_Jan2316fanpopcomOlivia smiles sheepishly [(3) right].  Her pregnancy cravings are just starting now that her morning sickness is ending.

Sam:  “Will do!”  Sam salutes his wife, dashes to the icebox and grabs the glass jar of blackberry preserves, before setting it down upon their breakfast table. Sam adores his wife Olivia—never more so than this morning when she looks so sweetly sexy with her wavy hair and red ruby lips.  Sam is momentarily mesmerized as he just stares at her.

Olivia: “The omelet!”  Olivia points to the hissing pan with her finger poking the air agitatedly.  She will admit that Sam is getting better at cooking their breakfast meals, but singed is a perpetual and diplomatic description of their morning eggs when he is cooking.  And since cooking requires standing, Olivia still only does that in short bursts as her leg is still healing.

Sam:  “Damn!  I turned the burner off!”  Sam mutters to himself as he scrapes the singed omelet from the frying pan and places it on a plate that he takes over to Olivia and sits down joining her.  “Breakfast is served, Madam.”  Sam smiles, pleased with himself as he pushes the egg plate toward her.

Olivia: “Thank you, Sam.”  Olivia smiles sweetly.

Sam knows what comes next. Then by usual agreement, Olivia cuts herself a center third of a portion—of the less singed bit of the omelet—and she transfers it to her plate with the spatula.  Then she shares the toast from her plate with her husband Sam.

Sam:  “Getting the prime portion of the omelet, Olivia Darling?”

Sam winks at Olivia as she bites down on a small forkful of cubed ham, egg, and cheese.  He so delights in teasing her.  It is a little game they lovingly play at.  Olivia chews with her mouth closed—like the well brought up lady that she is—then she replies to him, after she gracefully takes a sip of her coffee to wash down her bit of omelet, and returns her coffee cup to its china saucer.

Olivia: “Well Sam Dear, you said yourself last week, I have to keep up my strength with our baby on the way.”  Olivia smiles sweetly again as she happily rests her hand upon her abdomen.  At only three months pregnant, Olivia isn’t showing any baby bump yet—but she hopes to look pregnant soon.

Sam scoots closer to Olivia in their breakfast nook booth and gently places his large hand and long fingers on his wife Olivia’s tummy.

Sam:  “You do.  And I’m so glad to see you eating heartily again now and feeling betSam-isRichardArmitage-in2011ProjectMagazineArticlePhotospread-byMattHolyoak-pix12_Feb0616ranet_Grati-sized-eyesbl-mask4RevGrnBkgrnd-flipter– that your morning sickness is past you.”  Sam imperceptibly raises his right eyebrow in a bemusedly questioning arch [(4) right].

Olivia:  “Well, almost past me.”  She sheepishly shrugs her shoulders.

Sam: “Oh?”  He pouts—with his lower lip puffed out as if he were a little boy.  As they continue to eat their breakfasts, Sam gazes at his charming wife with adoration and a hopefulness born of sheer need.

You see, Sam hopes that Olivia feels well—for her own sake, of course–but also since he has had to curb his romantic tendencies the last few weeks.  Frankly, Sam has felt like he was on a romantic yo-yo.  First, he has a multi-year romantic dry spell.  Then when Olivia entered his life and they married last December 30th, their first three days of wedded bliss were a sensual foretaste of their romantic life ahead of them.  Then, they had the breaks put on their lovemaking when Olivia was severely injured in the avalanche on the fourth day of their marriage.  And though after about six weeks of her recovering from surgery to repair her injured lower left leg, Sam and Olivia had returned to some gentle romantic intimacies, she was still recuperating with physical therapy and with her still using crutches.  And then just after the two month mark of them being married in late February—and Olivia’s leg feeling very much better and Sam hoping for some romantic jostling—Olivia’s morning sickness made her feel unwell most of the day.  Why they call it morning sickness [(5)], Sam hasn’t a clue.    Sam feels that they should call it all day sickness as a truer depiction—at least in his wife’s case.  But now, Olivia is almost past her morning sickness.

Olivia: “Oh, it’s nothing—just a twinge now and then.”  Olivia smiles wincingly at her husband Sam.  He has been such a good sport with her injury curtailing their love life.

And Sam notices that Olivia has a bit of jelly that is at the corner of her mouth. So he leans toward her and kisses the corner of her mouth, licking the jelly off of her mouth.

Sam: “Do you feel that twinge now?”  Sam asks huskily, hoping her reply is no.

Olivia: “No, I find a little egg with toast and jelly settles my tummy.”

Olivia blushes with her husband Sam hovering near her mouth as he kisses her cheek, and then her neck as he embraces her.  Sam kisses her chin and then captures her lips as he nibbles and sucks as he deepens their kiss.  Olivia responds shyly at first—well, they haven’t shared actual lovemaking since their honeymoon just after they were married.  But Olivia loves her husband so—Sam is her dream of happiness come true.

Sam:  “So if you don’t feel unwell this morning, might you … like to … return to our bedroom?”  Sam asks haltingly, hopefully.

Olivia: “Yes.”  Olivia sighs with her husband continuing his kissing and embracing her.  Then she jolts out of her pleasing reveries.  “Oh!  But isn’t Kevin picking you up at 9am to go to the Lumber Mill on the mountain this morning?”

Sam: “Yes, but that’s not for a while.”  Sam growls tenderly in eagerness.

Olivia:  Pulling herself away from his lips, she brings her watch up to show him. “9am is only twenty minutes from now.”

Sam: “Hmmm.”  He frowns.  Then Sam’s face brightens.  “No!  It’s not. For Kevin, it’s still an hour earlier at 7:40am.  He never remembers to spring forward his clocks for Daylight Savings Time [(6)].   Please?”  Sam pleads hopefully.

Olivia:  Her cheeks pinkening up, Olivia nods shyly, trying to stifle a small smile—which makes her lips purse and Sam leans over and kisses her again.  His kiss is tender, but insistent—and his breathing is becoming a bit ragged, as is her own.  “Alright.” She sighs.

Sam quickly gets up from the booth and he carefully helps Olivia stand up.  She is still walking with crutches to protect her leg for long distances—like the thirty foot walk to their first floor master bedroom.  But as she reaches for her crutches, Sam touches her wrist.

Sam: “Allow me!”  Sam smiles eagerly as he carefully lifts his wife Olivia into his arms and navigates around the kitchen island as he carries her and heads to their bedroom—with a spring in his step.

Olivia: “Oh!  What about your breakfast?”  Olivia gazes at her husband in worry as she points back to his half eaten omelet.  “You didn’t eat much of your omelet.  Aren’t you hungry, dearest?”

Then Sam assuages Olivia’s wifely concerns with another passionate kiss as he stands upon the threshold of their master bedroom.  Sam’s kiss plunders his wife Olivia’s mouth and their tongues entangle in sweet communion.  Olivia’s arms tighten possessively around her husband Sam’s shoulders.  Then she moves one hand to lovingly stroke and caress his cheek and to run her fingers through his hair.

Sam: “Yes, I am very hungry, My Darling Olivia.”  Sam’s voice growls seductively as his gaze at his Olivia smoulders with desire.  Then as he sets Olivia down standing next to their bed, Sam checks again for her comfort.  “Are you certain you are well, My Darling?  I do not want you to feel any pain.”

Olivia:  “I’m pain free, I took a pain pill an hour ago.”

Olivia smiles shyly as she sits on the edge of their bed and peels off her frilly blouse, revealing her satin and lace bra underneath.  Sam also peels off his bulky black sweater—revealing his bare muscular chest and arms.  Then as they quickly—but carefully in Olivia’s case—remove their remaining clothes, they fall into bed and make love with each other.  It feels almost as if it is their first time together making love together again, as Sam caressingly guides Olivia’s lush and womanly curvy body into place underneath him—his hands pausing at each of her womanly curves to commit her loveliness to his memory again.  For her part, Olivia’s hands tenderly caress her husband Sam’s muscular chest and arms—inflaming Sam’s desire even more, and her desire.

And as they join their bodies together, Sam does his best not to be too jostley—as Olivia calls it.  But some things can only be done right with some jostling.  However, Olivia’s smiles, sighs, and caresses urge Sam to love his wife completely—to their mutual joy.  Then afterward, they cuddle sweetly and doze back to sleep—snuggling together under the covers, with their bodies entangled together adoringly in a tender embrace, with Olivia’s still healing leg outside of their entanglement.  At least, they sleep until Olivia wakens an hour later and trails her delicate finger upon her husband’s muscular shoulder, which awakens him for their second romantic tryst this morning.

And Sam’s ride to Wakeforest Mountain this morning with his brother Kevin?  Well, it seems that Sam had been hopeful, and he had earlier left his brother a note on his front door.  A note which Kevin finds when he turns up at Sam’s and Olivia’s home at 10am—Kevin having forgotten about the spring forward time change as Sam predicted.

Sam’s note:  “Sorry that I missed you, Kevin.  But I’m staying home with Olivia this morning.  I will drive myself into the Mill after lunch.”

The note was short and to the point.  And Kevin Wakeforest folds the note and tucks it into his coat pocket–as he smirkingly walks back to his car and heads to the Wakeforest Lumber Mill on the mountain.

To be continued with Chapter 26


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