Wild Eyed Wednesday! Richard Armitage Eye TheRApy for Grati!  April 06, 2016  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #896)

Just a note to let you know that I will be offline for a few days for medical reasons.  On Wednesday morning (April 06), I’m having a stem cell graft procedure done on my left eye. My left eye has the worst damage from the corneal abrasions and ulcerations, but my right eye is also problematic. And I’ll need to rest both eyes as much as possible the rest of this week–which means my not being online much, if at all, for a few days.eye-diagram_Apr0516pinterest

What is the cornea?  Well, it is the outer covering of the eye that both aids in vision, as well as, protects it from damage (eye diagram, right).  So when your cornea is damaged—mine has abrasions and ulcerations—these wounds permit other damage to the eye to occur.  So it is very important to have as healthy a cornea as you can.

The stem cells are donated from placentas of babies born through cesarean section (the brand mentioned in the link is not necessarily the one being used in my procedure).  Of course, there is the possibility that it won’t work for me.  But it is less invasive than a corneal transplant.  So, I’m willing to try it.   And the hope is that the healthy stem cells will bond with my cornea and trade places with my bad/injured corneal cells.

So I’ll have a stem cell corneal wafer patch applied to my left eye (the brand mentioned in KeiraKnight-pirates-of-the-caribbean-dead-mans-chest_Apr0516vanityfaircom-Grati-sized-eye-patch-TalkLikeaPirateWeekthe link sounds like a similar procedure as described to me by my doctors)–medicated with steroids to lessen inflammation–a contact lens bandage over that, and possibly an external eye patch (Keira Knightley Pirates of the Caribbean, Vanity Fair, my manip, right) to prevent me from using that eye. So yes, it will be “talk like a pirate” week around me. Arrgggh!  Aye matey! Ha!

Then on Friday, the doctors will remove whatever portion of the stem cell wafer hasn’t absorbed into my eye. Then after a few weeks, if my doctors observe some healing of my left eye’s cornea, then we’ll repeat the procedure at 4 – 6 month intervals–and we’ll then also try it on my right eye. This procedure won’t heal the scar tissue that is on my cornea already—but the hope is that this treatment will prevent further damage to my eyes–and prevent further vision loss.

In the meantime, here’s some talented British actor Richard Armitage Eye TheRApy from me to you.  Love his kind blue eyes!  Enjoy!  Cheers! Grati ;->  P.S.  Thanks to the ladies for the RA images, as noted below!

Porter--2010RichardArmitage-focused-stare_Jan2116viaTerri as John Porter in Strike Back, 2010, episode 3 via Terri

RAPortrait--2014--RichardArmitage-face-andblueeyes-CLS_Mar0616-viaArmitagina Richard Armitage at 2014 The Hobbit:  Battle of the Five Armies Premiere (similar image), via Vale Armitagina

SirGuy--RH1or2--RichardArmitage-CLSface-smoulder_Jan3016viaIsabelle  as Sir Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood, 2006, episode 7 via IsabelleW

Dibley--2006--Dawn-andRichard-hugging-cls_Mar3116viaLiesbethLapp  in Promo for Vicar of Dibley guest episodes, 2006 with Dawn Friench via LiesbethLapp


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  1. April 6, 2016–Love Richard Armitage’s desert green eyes here as John Porter in 2010’s Strike Back::


  2. Wendy Butler says:

    Hi Grati, prayers and hugs for a speedy recovery. Hope all goes well,

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  3. obscura says:

    Praying for a successful procedure and speedy recovery!!

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  4. April 06- 07, 2016–Thanks for liking this post! Cheers!

    discovermarche, obscura, Evie Arl, & Carolyn


  5. Hi Grati, hope all will be fine, will have you in my thoughts! Much love! Gorgeous collection of pictures, btw :)

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  6. I’m going offline now.


  7. jholland says:

    Amazing medical technology! Will hope and pray for a speedy and successful recovery, Grati. (((Hugs)))

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  8. Evie Arl says:

    Good luck Grati. Hope all goes well. PS sorry for the delay – time zones! Xxx

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  9. Irish Witch says:

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures of RA. As always thinking of your readers. May your surgery go exceedingly well and your recovery exceedingly fast! Blessings!

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    • Hi Irwi, I’m glad that you liked the RA portraits! They’re a boon to me as well. Sadly, the procedure didn’t work. And I’ll explain in more detail below. But thanks for thinking of me! Hugs! Grati ;->


  10. April 06, 2016–Update: about 4pm

    Unfortunately, the procedures didn’t work. I’m still down to one eye with the eye patch–giving me slightly double vision–but I wanted to give those who checked in an update.

    9:45am checked in to eye drs office

    10:15am first stem cell wafer inserted onto my cornea/eye, then contact lens bandage, and eye patch; I had immediate pain that they hoped would lessen

    11:15am, The doctors released me to go home. But after a 15 minute errand my hubby ran before he took me home, my pain was so intense that I went back to the drs. office;

    11:45am The doctors determined that the stem cell wafter had shifted and not adhered to my eye as it was supposed to; They removed the bandage and stem cell wafer and numbed my eye again to give me some pain relief.

    12:15pm still in pain, my doctors suggested that they try to put another stem cell wafer on my eye; claiming that the first one might have been defective (or perhaps my eye ph wasn’t complying, was my thought); I took 800 MG of Ibuprofen and it didn’t help the pain at all.

    12:45pm Doctors inserted a new second stem cell wafer onto my cornea/eye. But they kept me around for observation, and the pain got worse again.

    1:30pm Doctors removed the painfully non working 2nd stem cell wafer–after initially looking like it would adhere and stay in place on my eye, its position had shifted and was causing me pain. They added more numbing drops and a steroid drops; They had me stay around the doctors office for about 20 minutes to observe me in case they needed to intervene again

    2:00pm My hubby and I finally arrived home and I was still in a lot of pain. I continued to moisten my painful left eye every five minutes–and keep a patch over it, with my eyelid closed mostly underneath.

    4:00pm The pain is subsiding now, down to a dull nagging irritation. So that’s a very good thing.

    I won’t be attempting this stem cell wafer patch thing again. Though it works for some patients–including several of my eye doctors patients–it did not work for me. My eye doctors don’t know why it didn’t work (twice)–nor why it caused me so much pain–and they will be contacting the manufacturer of the stem cell wafers about it.

    My hope is that having these two procedures haven’t further compromised my left eye’s cornea. So I’ll still be resting my eye as much as possible for a few days. And right now, I’m still wearing the external eye patch–like a pirate. Aye Matey. Ha! But five hours of pain is fatiguing, so I”m going to try to rest a bit more now that the pain is lessening. And having that John kissing Margaret gif show to the right in my sidebar => is defintely soothing. Sighhh!

    Thanks for everyone’s well wishes and support! You never know if a new technology will work. And sometimes a lot of it is trial and error until it becomes a refined procedure or treatment. So we’ll just have to try something else for my eyes–just not soon. They need to heal a bit from the this. Love & Hugs! Grati ;->


  11. Evie Arl says:

    Hey Grati,
    So very sorry to hear the op didn’t work. I hope you are feeling a bit better now. I empathise and sympathise with you. I’m so glad to hear you have an excellent support network, not least of all in your amazing hubby.
    Keep us all updated on your progress.
    Big hugs ()


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