Super Dad Sunday! Richard Armitage collage as Gary Fuller in 2014’s Into the Storm! May 29, 2016 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #917)

I love the riepu10 tumblr collage of Richard Armitage as Gary Fuller in 2014’s Into the Storm as shared by Guylty (below)!  Thanks, Ladies!


The “Into the Storm” film was shot in 2011 when the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage was 40 years old–five years ago—on a break from his The Hobbit trilogy filming.

Richard was the right age to play a Dad and a high school vice principal, career wise.   He also had the somewhat loping yet stodgy/responsible vice principal demeanor and a Midwest accent down pat—without a false nasal twang that other actors might employ.  He was subtle in both regards to his character’s portrayal.

The film came out in August 2014, after about 50 million dollars in special visual effects were added via CGI.   A bunch of us in the Midwest of the U.S. got together to see the film.  Most were from Illinois, Wisconsin, or Minnesota/South Dakota.  And with an RA lady fan from Florida attending a Chicago conference anyway and joining us, we were from all over the map!  Ha!  Other areas of the U.S. and Canada also did similar RA Fan meet ups to see the movie.

I reviewed the “Into the Storm” film here.  In the end, for me, the human story of a Richard Armitage as a widowed Dad trying to rescue his headstrong kids from nature’s wrath (below) from nature’s wrath was better than any CGI.

So thanks again to riepu10 and Guy-lty for sharing Richard Armitage “Into the Storm” images that jogged a nice memory for me!

P.S.  And speaking of fan meet ups to see a Richard Armitage film.  Who is up for some RA Fangirl road trips if upcoming Richard Armitage films yet to have release dates start showing in U.S. Cinemas—such as period film “Pilgrimage”, societal critique “Urban and the Shed Crew”,  thriller “Sleepwalker”, and the medical drama “Brain on Fire” —and you live within easy traveling distance of Chicago, which I hope will show one or more of them?  Here are my top two Richard Armitage film hopefuls:

Pilgrimage--2016-wallpaper--RichardArmitage-asRaymond-deMerville_Jan3016byFMPMviaFernandaMataisEvocative “Pilgrimage” wallpaper by Fernanda Matias


2014--UATSC-Friel-Armitage-Kelly_Jul0715CandidaBrady-sized-shrp“Urban and the Shed Crew” film still by Alistair Morrison (of Anna Friel, RichardArmitage, and Fraser Kelly), as shared by Director Candida Brady

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6 Responses to Super Dad Sunday! Richard Armitage collage as Gary Fuller in 2014’s Into the Storm! May 29, 2016 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #917)

  1. Wendy says:

    Hi Grati, enjoyed your post as usual I liked into the Storm contrary to the critics reviews. RA is a much better actor than portrayed in this film, OK tho. The effects were amazing as I never watch this genre usually. This film had me on the edge of my seat couldn’t take my eyes from the screen. The two films I really want to see are Urban and Sleepwalker. I can’t imagine why Urban is not being released, possibly treading on toes. The book was brilliant if very confronting.

    Have a good week ahead I am going to see Alice this week (I hope).
    Hugs Wendy.

    PS did you ever write a story about Lucas North for Wattpad

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    • Hi Wendy,
      Thanks for your very kind note! I agree with you about Richard not getting to show all of his “acting chops” in “Into the Storm”. But then, it was him stretching his wings to a different CGI genre–and being in a non Hobbit related big budget studio movie, a strategic move on his part. As always, Richard was gracious and promoted the film and its merits.
      And “Urban and the Shed Crew” needs to find a distribution deal. Over on Perry’s blog Armitage Agonistes, I believe that she had a post about the film having a company for distribution, but we having seen anything yet. Ah! I googled Perry’s site for UATSC and this post was one that came up:
      You have a good weekend, too! I’ll have to wait to see Alice, I’m still coughing and sneezing something fierce in day 10 of this respiratory flu.
      Cheers! Grati ;->

      P.S. And thanks for reminding me about my fan fic “Lucas, True North” that I had shared an initial snippet of here a ways back. I have a beginning and and end, now I have to write the middle. Ha! And this is a story that I would rather have most of it done before serializing it–rather than writing it as I go. Though I’m always tweaking chapters up to posting them. I’ll have to take a look at it on Monday, since we have a long Memorial Day Holiday Weekend.


  2. I finally saw Into the Storm last Thursday. Since I love this genre, it was fun for me.Yes, screenplay is somewhat week, but who cares when Richard is in XD (tornado, what tornado??!! XD). I was having fun making snapshots while watching it. And I will see Alice in 4 hours time XD, and I am only seeing it for him. But I hope I will have fun at the end.

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    • Hi Andrea,
      Thanks for your lovely note! Glad that you enjoyed ITS! It had its moments. It was a good popcorn in the movie theatre movie.
      Enjoy Alice! I’ll have to wait until I’m well to see it–or I’ll just view the inevitable compilation footage that will end up on You Tube. Snap! I didn’t see the first Alice film so hopefully this one doesn’t have too many inside references to leave me perplexed if I do see the current film. Ha!
      Cheers! Grati ;->


      • I haven’t seen first Alice either, but as far as I could see nothing of inside references, if you do not count the same characters XD Movie lasts 1h 45 mins, and Richard/Oleron is on screen for, roughly, 3 mins (about 50 mins from the start). Throne scene is so perfect <3 , and his voice, and his eyes. God, he truly is a king, that robe suits him perfectly. And there is one more scene after the throne one, watch carefully!

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        • Hi Andrea, Thanks for the heads up! With longish movies, it’s tense to know when to dash out to the ladies. At least we won’t miss Richard’s scenes! Ha! And Richard in velvet robes sounds so sexy! Sighhh! Cheers! Grati ;->


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