Thespian Thursday! Coming Richard Armitage AttRActions! June 09, 2016 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #922)

With two cameo scenes of him portraying King Oleron AliceThroughtheLookingGlass--2016--RichardArmitage-asKingOleron-byAniarafan2_Jun0816viaMezzmerizedbyRichard (postage stamp edit at right by Ania Zrysiowana, via MezzmerizedbyRichard) in the recently released film  Alice Through the Looking Glass—which I have yet to see–the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage  has more films in post and pre-production than a bumble bee flitting from flower to flower.

Actually, the bee analogy is rather apt.  Richard has been busy as a bee with filming nowRA-Pilgrimage--asRaymond-deMerville_Jun0816ranet completed but yet to be released film projects ranging from—in my viewing preference order–Pilgrimage (right, via RANet) to Urban and the Shed Crew to Brain on Fire and to Sleepwalker.  I will make a beeline to my local cinema to see these films.  Then there are film projects where Richard’s prior participation has been announced, but filming has yet to be scheduled—and interest level for me yet to be determined film projects–such as Bridget Cleary, Summer, and Clearance.

And of course, we have Fall 2016 to look forward to with a 10 episode season of the newBerlinStation--2016--brown-logo_May2516via-jahoe1960tumblr EPIX television spy show Berlin Station  (right). And the hive of intrigue inherent in a spy thriller project lends itself to riveting cliffhanger plots. Think of it, watching a new Richard Armitage storytelling performance on a weekly basis.  Sighhhh! Just please don’t let him die in this project.  Otherwise, the techie term spy drone might take on an altogether different connotation.  That is, of course, if Richard’s Berlin Station character Daniel Miller has a love interest or her posse who kills Daniel after he impregnates her.  Of course, the Clematis70 Tumblr gif below–of a stalking/predatory Daniel Miller (portrayed by Richard Armitage)–is rather ominous and dark in its tone.  TV noir at its best!


I missed Richard’s other recent tv outing.  So it has been a really long haul for me with no new Richard Armitage film or tv project viewings since the December 2014 The Hobbit:  The Battle of the Five Armies release.  Oh, Richard Armitage’s recent Audible audio book narrations such as Hamlet, Classic Love Poems (and below), and David Copperfield are very nice.


However audiobooks lack the visual experience that seeing Richard perform live action TheCrucible-poster_folio_print-3-RichardArmitage-amend[1]-1_Jun0914JayBrooksnet-sizedprovides—though I love them, too, listening might be likened to watching bees make honey without eating some of it. No pun intended there—I’ve had a sore throat of late, and honey in hot spiced cider is very soothing.  Anyway.  Richard Armitage is an explosive presence on screen and on stage—and should not be missed.  But of course, I was tided over somewhat in that regard with Richard Armitage’s 2014 The Crucible theatrical triumph (poster image right by Jay Brooks) and my delight in being able to watch his and everyone’s stellar performance via the Digital Theatre filmed version.  This was a wonderful boon for those of us who could not afford the thousands of dollars it would have cost to travel get to see the play live in London, England at the Old Vic Theatre.

2015-10-31--YaelFarber-andRichardArmitage-vamping-forHalloweenAnd Richard Armitage so enjoyed his experience working with his TC KimBasinger-Screen-Shot-2014-02-04_Jun0816-viaMadPeachesdirector Yael Farber so much, that there has been teasing speculation that Richard and Yael might team up again soon for another play.  Hmmm.  Somehow, I don’t think the Halloween 2015 image left was a clue as to their play choice in that regard.  Though I’m sure that the Matthew Clairmont vampire tales fans loved it. Ha!  I’m thinking something more angsty—a classic play involving issues of fate, abandonment, patricide, mother love—Oedipus!  I wonder 62 year old Oscar winner Kim Basinger (right) is available to play the luscious older woman wife/mother Jocasta to a 45 year old Richard Armitage’s King Oedipus?

But right now, everyone is abuzz with the speculation that Richard might be doing a film called Mid Life Crisis about aging teen garage band mates now in their forties who strike gold by entering a UK Talent Contest and winning it.  Okay, based on the film’s premise, RAPortrait--2016--RichardArmitage-wElecGuitar_May2616RCATweetI’m not sure where the crisis part of that film title comes into play, but Richard Armitage singing with musical instruments (right)   gets my attention right away.  Check out Perry’s Armitage Agonistes blog for updates and analyzed speculations.

And, to keep things humming, there is also speculation about Richard possibly being a musical/play with a 60’s and 70’s music era theme.  I had joked earlier elsewhere that anything that put Richard Armitage in skin tight spandex or leather, a bare chest revealing shirt, and long hair has to be a good thing.  It would be like having Guy and Porter (for the copious bare chest moments) wrapped into one–and singing.  Maybe his cool rock star name could be Stinger.  Bzzzt!

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  1. June 09 & 10 & 11 & 16, 2016–Thanks for liking/starring this post! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Cheers!

    discovermarche, Hariclea, ania- zrysiowana ja, vickgoodwin, & Esther


  2. June 09, 2016–Esther at her blogpost Book of Esther also shares some Mid Life Crisis Musings–and a ripped trio of middle aged male go-go dancers that have to be seen to be appreciated:


  3. June 09, 2016–Perry at her Armitage Agonistes blog share Chrissyinwm’s Love, Love, Love play news tweet question that RA liked. Hmmmm!


  4. ania- zrysiowana ja says:

    Thank you for putting my stamp here ((yes, I also have an account on Tumblr ;-)). And thanks for the link to my post with messages from Mr. Kennedy.

    I think this year will definitely be a year of Mr. Armitage. I really like the king of Oleron, his costume fits perfectly to the RA, but the film is not of the kind that would encourage me to watch it in the cinema. I look forward to the “Berlin Station” and “Pilgrimage”. “Mid Life Crisis” is not yet confirmed, but I’d really like to see RA in the comedy, singing and maybe dancing.:-)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Ania, Thanks for you lovely comment! And you’re welcome about my sharing your stamp and tumblr. Love them! And I’m with you on my viewing choices–Alice isn’t my usual fare. Maybe I’ll wait until the inevitable clip reel video comes out. Ha! And a romantic comedy would be delightful! Maybe he could even sing a lullaby. Cheers! Grati ;->


  5. June 10, 2016–Richard tides over his fans until a formal announcement is made about his next project. Such a teaser! Ha!


  6. June 10, 2106–And “Brain on Fire” writer Susan Cahalan confirmed that the film about her illness–starring Chloe Grace Moretz as her and Richard Armitage as her father is moving forward:


  7. June 22, 2016–jholland at her Preoccupied with Armitage blog muses about Richard Armtiage’s upcoming projects–and her recent ones:

    P.S. My comment on her post:
    Love the kitty, red mohawk, and lake reflection! Wow on beautiful Colorado! And I’m “love-ing” the possibility of a stateside Richard Armitage project that has enough advance notice that I might be able to see it. I’m checking the Amtrak schedules now. Ha!


  8. June 11, 2016–Perry on her Armitage Agonistes blog shares some of the quirky plot pretzels for the yet to be released RA film”Sleepwalker”:

    P.S. My comment on her post:
    Who updates these IMDB pages anyway? Ha! The first vibe I had when I heard about the “Sleepwalker” film initially, was that it kind of had a Hitchcockian “Spellbound” feel to it–with twists and turns aplenty. Fantasy is okay–a la a similarly premised “Dreamscape”. But sci fi? Horror? Hope not. Ha!


  9. June 11, 2016–Perry at AA shared about former Prince John in Robin Hood actor Toby Stephens being cast in Mid Life Crisis comedy film–with a screenshot of his tweet. Here is Perry’s post link:

    P.S. My Comment on her post:
    Oooh! If Richard Armitage is also cast in Mid Life Crisis, then Robin Hood fans would have a Prince John and Sir Guy “buddy” revival going on. Ha!

    Afterall, loathing occurs among the best of friends–speaking of the characters Prince John and Sir Guy.


  10. June 11, 2016–Cyn Dainty shared a cool Beatles graphic edit for the hoped for Love, Love, Love play Richard Armitage is speculated to be possibly participating in. No word yet, though.


  11. June 12, 2016–It looks like an announcement for RA starring in the UK film “Mid LIfe Crisis” with Toby Stephens is getting close. I’m keeping an eagle eye out on Monday on the Mid Life Crises Twitter account. Though, I’ll be at the office, I’ll put up the announcement here whenever I see it.

    And thanks to Perry at her Armitage Agonistes blog for pointing me to the tweet!


  12. June 12, 2016–I saw this favorite RA Portrait on Tumblr and had to reblog it there. Richard Armitage’s impish smile seems so appropriate as we await to hear news about his next project (s):


  13. June 13, 2016–No firm casting news yet on the film “Mid Life Crisis”–except for Toby Stephens mentioning his participation:


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