Seamless Sunday! Richard Armitage Esquire UK 2013 Video Gifs! July 03, 2016 Gratiana Lovelace (SAL blog Post #931)

Love the gifs in the link below of the Esquire UK 2013’s talented British actor Richard Armitage Photo shoot video, as shared by cptxrogers!  Thanks & Cheers!   Grati  ;->

And thanks also to riepu10 tumblr at The Dragon’s Lair for pointing me to them via her/his reblog of it!

The great thing about gifs is that they capture the smaller moments that comprise the whole of a video or film—such as in this video with Richard Armitage buttoning his tux shirt, smoothing back his hair when checking his image in the mirror, dispelling restlessness via hand clasping, and demonstrating patience with his quiet gazing. And I really like how the video looping in the gifs is so seamless!

And, of course, I have to also reference the full video of this Esquire UK Richard Armitage photo shoot video (Thanks to Kathleen Evans for uploading it!):

Richard Armitage tying his shoes and fastening his cuff links are also nice moments in the video, allowing us a good view of his hands—but they were not one of the six gifs in that set.

However, once I figure out how to convert a video to an editable format—and find a new video editor—I might take a crack at making those two gifs.  So now that I have a 64 bit processor computer, I will have to study BccMee’s  tutorials on making gifs.  Here is the first link to this 4 part series (or 5 parts if you count part 2a and part 2b separately):

P.S.   And just as some photo shoot set designers can seem to find a tall enough chair for the tall Richard Armitage, the standing mirror in this video is way too short for him (even though it appears to be on some stand)—he is ducking his head to see himself in the mirror.  They could have at least angled the mirror a bit more for him.  He just can’t get a break.  Ha!

And I thought that my shortness was a bother sometimes—my having to hem nearly every skirt and dress that I buy.  *wink*

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  1. July 03, 2016–Here is the link to the short version on my SAL Tumblr blog: at post/146832151595/cptxrogers-richard-armitage-for-esquire-x


  2. July 03, 04, & 06 2016–Thanks for starring this post! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Cheers!

    discovermarche, Carolyn, Evie Arl, Hariclea,ania- zrysiowana ja, & Esther


  3. Evie Arl says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. xxx

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    • Hi Evie,
      Thanks for your cute note about my post!
      These gifs and vid will have to tide us over until Richard Armitage’s tv show “Berlin Station” launches in the Fall! Sighhhh! Three months to figure out how to watch it on the EPIX channel. *wink*
      Cheers! Grati ;->


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