Thriller Thursday—Berlin Station 360 Interactive website WOWs!   July 28, 2016  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #944)


The EPIX produced Fall 2016 tv show “Berlin Station” interactive 360 experience website is a corker ! (image cap below by TeresaA, Thanks!)


Thanks (!!!) to Ania Zyrioswana’s Richard Armitage blog post for pointing me to this new Berlin Station info!    She has several screen caps.  So be sure to check out her post!  Here is the link to the 360 interactive Berlin Station site:


I hope that EPIX will add more to this website as time goes along–especially something with Berlin Station’s star lead in it–the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller.

But my guess is that since RA’s character Daniel Miller is infiltrating the spies to see who might be making the security leaks, that his character will be revealed gradually.  Such a tease!

And happily,  a just released ET Online feature of the EPIX produced series “Berlin Station” gives us several minutes of Daniel Miller / Richard Armitage and spy crew—setting the scene and the context of their characters coming interactions.

Here is that Richard Armitage tweet of the ET Online preview feature link:

Below is my cap from the EPIX Berlin Station preview feature by ET Online —with Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller in secretive spy mode (love that RA profile!):



In addition, Facebook Friend TeresaA (Thanks!) also capped and shared other photos below from the ET Online preview of Berlin Station:
BerlinStation--2016--RichardArmitage-asDanielMiller-meetingLelandOrserChar_Jul2716viaTeresaAcap   BerlinStation--2016--RichardArmitage-atMichelleForbes-trailer-cap_Jul2716viaTeresaA
L to r:  Michelle Forbes as Valerie Edwards, Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller, and Leland Orser as Robert Kirsch, Deputy Chief of Berlin Station.  Spoiler:  And Richard Jenkins as Station Chief Steven Frost seemingly drowning in a glass tank does not bode well for that character.

“Trust no one” is what Daniel Miller is told in the previously released “Berlin Station” teaser trailer.

And from what I have seen so far of “Berlin Station”, I think it is safe to trust that this will be a gripping new spy thriller series starring Richard Armitage this coming Fall!  I can’t wait!

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13 Responses to Thriller Thursday—Berlin Station 360 Interactive website WOWs!   July 28, 2016  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #944)

  1. Carolyn says:

    I can hardly wait for Berlin Station!! It looks exciting!!

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    • Hi Carolyn, Thanks for commenting! And “exciting” is a very good descriptor! I agree! Every trailer or featurette–such as the ET Online EPIX video–just creates more and more intrigue in and increases my interest for seeing “Berlin Station”! Cheers! Grati ;->
      P.S. And we’ll have ten episodes of Richard Armitage and cast to enjoy. Let’s hope that season 2 is orderedly early! Snap!

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  2. July 28 & 29, 2016–Thanks for liking/starring this post! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Cheers! Grati

    Carolyn, Evie Arl, & ania- zrysiowana ja


  3. I explored interactive site yesterday and it was fun. I hope they will upload new stuff along the way. And i really, really can’t wait to see it <3

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  4. I was trying to think about what other things that I would like to see on there–other than having Richard Armitage in it. Ha!

    Since we see Daniel do some code breaking in the teaser trailer, etc., it might be nice to have some information about codes and encryption to bring us up to speed about spy codes. Hmm?

    What else would you like to see in an updated Berlin Station 360 interactive site?


  5. July 28, 2016–Yesterday, Twitter was aflutter with Berlin Station character/cast “dossiers”. I felt that the weights seem a bit low for the men.

    And now that we see Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller’s “dossier” listing him as 6 ft (no, he is 6 ft 2.5), 160 pounds (probably not since high school), and brown eyed (nooooo, they’re bluuuuuue!), I’m thinking that nobody thought to do a reality check.

    Ah well, theatre/films/tv do require a suspension of disbelief. I just never thought it would require a recalibration of measurements. Ha!

    Here is the RAUS (Thanks!) tweet with that RA as Daniel Miller dossier lower half with data showing:

    And below is that top half of the Daniel Miller dossier with Richard Armitage’s image–via Ultra Veloce (Thanks!):


  6. July 28, 2016–Perry has a discussion going over on her Armitage Agonistes blog analyzing an image of trysting lovers in a kissing clinch from the ET Online Berlin Station featurette.

    I capped that same image myself just now from the video and then brightened it using Photoshop. What do you think? Richard? Or maybe Rhys? I so want it to be Richard locking lips. Ha! And his costar Michelle Forbes did say off screen that Richard “equals Heaven, Full Stop”. *wink*


  7. ania- zrysiowana ja says:

    It promises to be fascinating, isn’t it?:-) Oh, I can not wait for it!! And I only hope that in my country we will be able to watch this series (and with the not very large delay ;-)). Interactive experiences with it’s really fun.:-)) Thanks for the link to my blog.

    And by the way, here is a link to a second trailer that you can watch on YT.

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    • Hi Ania, Thanks for your very nice note! You’re most welcome about my sharing the link to your blog! And I enjoyed seeing the 360 interactive on your blog. Though, I couldn’t figure out how to embed it to play in my blog, too. Ha!
      And thanks for the now YouTube link for the second trailer that I have linked above. EPIX is pretty good about getting these onto their channel after they have gone through a day’s news cycle. I’m just usually at the office when it happens. Ha!
      Thanks for visiting and commenting! Cheers! Grati ;->


  8. Wendy says:

    Hi Grati

    Wow what a great weekend of photos so many and our man gets even more handsome. How does he do it. I always like to think he is at peace with himself they say the eyes are the window of the soul. Loved the summer suit and shoes, no socks so chic and very European for summer. Hope you had a great weekend. Wendy

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    • Hi Wendy, Yes! We were truly gifted this weekend with Richard’s images–and that of his costars in Berlin Station! I thought he looked relaxed, too! And I’m guessing that an NYC to LA flight is not as jet lag causing as one from London. Ha!

      I did have a lovely weekend–saw Star Trek Beyond. Fantastic! I so look forward to seeing Richard on TV in Berlin Station. I’m just waiting to see which platform to view it on, before I change our cable plan. Ha! Hope you had a great weekend, too! Cheers! Grati ;->


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