The Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies WOWED! August 06, 2016 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #949)

Like many of you, I was riveted to my computer screen watching the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics (below) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil–in my case, via an NBC stream through my cable provider.
2016RioOly--OpCere-Fireworks1_Aug0515viaGannett-cdn  2016RioOly--OpCere-performers-blue1_Aug0515viaGannett-cdn  2016RioOly--OpCere-red-leaves_Aug0515viaGannett-cdn

Earlier, I had read an Olympics preview somewhere which indicated that the Rio Olympic Organizers were going for simplicity with the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Games.  That article was wrong.

Dazzling, mesmirizing, inspiring, and exhilirating, yes!  Simple no!  The key feature of the Opening Ceremonies show was the floor/stage that was a large screen projection system (below) that wowed (projecting the Amazon tropical rain forest in image below)!  Money well spent!  Definitely!

There were dazzling colorful and geometric displays of images upon the floor screen every second!  And the floor also morphed into rising blocks that the performers scaled or other props that twirled.

Other stage sets appeared as if out of nowhere–I especially liked the crystalline strings that the performers wove into intricate shapes and below also  from the Olympics page.

2016RioOly--OpCere-crystal-ropes1_Aug0515viaGannett-cdn   2016RioOly--OpCere-crystal-ropes2_Aug0515viaGannett-cdn   c_rio-olympics-opening_green-crystal-rope-woven2_Aug0516nbcolympiccoverage_ap

The Summer 2016 Rio Olympics Opening Ceremonies theme focus was upon Brazil’s diverse cultures and diverse ecosystems.  The show ended with the five Olympic Rings being represented by large circles of green leafed trees:

Coupled with the many performers and their synchronized choreography, musicality, and heart, the Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games Opening ceremonies were among the most wonderful I have ever seen.  To the citizens of Rio de Janeiro and of Brazil, I say muito obrigado!

I also loved watching the promenade of athletes of each country entered–with Brazilian children carrying 2 foot high trees that will be planted in an Olympic forest, to further stress the green ecosystem theme–whether it was the red, white, and blue of the USA (left, below) or the more exquisitely cultural costumes of countries, such as Indonesia (right, below):
2016RioOly--OpCere-US-Athletes-promenade_Aug0515viaGannett-cdn   2016RioOly--OpCere-Indonesia-Athletes-promenade_Aug0515viaGannett-cdn

It is so wonderful to see everyone with hopeful faces, striving to do their best, and coming together for a common purpose of peaceful competition.  That is always the most heartwarming aspect of any Olympics for me, the unity of nations around the world.

In opening the games, Rio 2016 Olympic Organizing Committee President Carlos Nuzman  eloquently spoke these words below:

“In this Olympic world there is one universal law for everybody. In this Olympic world we are all equal. In this Olympic world we see that the values of our shared humanity are stronger than the forces which want to divide us.

“So I call upon you, the Olympic athletes: Respect yourself, respect each other, respect the Olympic Values which make the Olympic Games unique for you and for the entire world.”

And then, just before the Opening Ceremonies section with the torch lighting, my NBC stream cut out–again, for the umpteenth time last evening.  I’m not sure if it was that so many people streaming were making the NBC servers crash, or becomes my modem was on its last legs.

But for me and anyone else who might have missed parts of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies, here are some handy links:

USA Today’s “5 Things you should know from Olympic opening ceremony” (where many of the pictures I shared above are linked from)

The main Olympics website for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

And finally, that Torch lighting ceremony’s last leg:

The Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games Opening Ceremonies was spectacular!

My best wishes to all the athletes from all of the 207 countries represented–including a special Refugee Team of disenfranchised athletes that roused a standing ovation from the audience.  Let the games begin!


P.S.  And though NBC was highlighting key Olympic histories of athletes and nations from each of the 207 countries competing in the Olympics, they also shared a really cute pre-taped USA swim team car karaoke video:

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  1. August 06, 2016–Inspiring courage and bravery touted in news online article about Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Refugee Team athlete Yusra Mardini who along with her sister swam for 3 hours pushing a sinking dinghy filled with 18 other fleeing refugees:


  2. August 07, 2016–Thanks for liking this post! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Cheers! Grati ;->



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