Yearning to listen to Richard Armitage read another period romance? Well “Romeo and Juliet: A Novel” by David Hewson is coming from Audible in December 2016, September 06, 2016 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #964)

Having just finished listening again to the Audible produced Georgette Heyer triptych of the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage—with the image below of him recording Hamlet Prince of Denmark audiobook (image from Audible, circa 2014, via Simonne, Thanks!)–
RAPortrait--2014--AudibleRecording-RichardArmitage_Mar2916viaSimonneread frothy regency romance novels over the last two weekends—The Convenient Marriage, Sylvester, and Venetia —I am yearning for another Richard Armitage narrated romance to listen to.   Sighhh!

AudibleStudios-logo-4141P+xShgL._SL150_Sep0516Audible-AmazonAnd I will get my wish!  Audible will release David Hewson’s book “Romeo and Juliet: A Novel”, as an audiobook read by Richard Armitage, on December 06, 2016.

No length yet though. Yikes! I’m hoping for not more than five hours. I can easily do that in 2 or 3 sittings over a weekend—and still get in some time for my own writing.

And you can preorder the audiobook from Audible/Amazon for $19.95, here:

Or author David Hewson has a link for info on how to get the audiobook free–via weekly Saturday trivia tests that you take and save, then submit the answers November 20th:

Romeo and Juliet, narrated by Richard Armitage, will go live on Audible worldwide on December 6. But we’ve a few goodies to offer you before then.  The first is the chance to win the audiobook for free the moment it comes out. But you will have to work for it, and learn a little about the coming book along the way.”

Oooh!  I can’t wait to be immersed in the timeless story of Romeo and Juliet:  A Novel, as narrated by Richard Armitage and his amazing voice!  So much so, that I have even mocked up a CD Audiobook cover for them below:


Nota Bene:  Romeo and Juliet artwork painted by Frank Dicksee – , Public Domain,

I went ahead and preordered Romeo and Juliet: A Novel by Davie Hewson and narrated by Richard Armitage—just to make sure that I get the lower pre-sale audiobook price of $19.95 + tax.  Yet I will still have fun perusing David Hewson’s trivia contest. Ha!

So sharpen your pencils, “Romeo and Juliet: A Novel” author David Hewson tweets about the trivia contest with links to part 1 & part 2 questions:

And when I crave this or another period romance story told lushly and masterfully, then Richard Armitage narrating an Audible audiobook is my “Dear Delight” of choice.  ;->


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