Spy Day Friday:  Richard Armitage tweeted links for viewing Berlin Station, Episodes 1 & 2, September 09, 2016 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #966)

berlinstation-2016-newofficialposter_aug0416viafernandamTo begin with, I will give no spoilers from my having watched Berlin Station Episodes 1 & 2– courtesy of producers EPIX releasing them ahead of schedule.  And thanks to Richard Armitage for tweeting—in character as Daniel Miller, left (via Fernanda, Thanks!)–the Vanity Fair online article with the links for the EPIX produced Berlin Station episodes!

But I will say that a common phrase or apt piece of advice relevant to Berlin Station is “to begin as you mean to end.”  Or perhaps a rather Pinter like, to begin with the end.  But is it an end?  Or, is it a beginning?


And just for fun, see if you can spot the exquisitely  talented British actor Richard Armitage’s Daniel Miller move that you will *love.  *wink*


Enjoy!  P.S.  However, be forewarned, the episodes’ maturity ratings are not kidding and likely to be rated R in a movie theatre for nudity, language, and violence.


Berlin station, Episode 1 (update Sept. 10, 2016, the YouTube version)


Berlin Station, Episode 2 (update Sept. 10, 2016, the YouTube version)


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  1. September 09 & 11, 2016–Thanks for liking/starring this post! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Cheers! Grati ;->

    discovermarche, crystalchandlyre, & nellindreams

    P.S. And another special thanks to cyrstalchandlyre for liking several of my additional Berlin Station links posted in comments below!


  2. September 09, 2016–Richard Armitage tweeted his Facebook post link with more Berlin Station viewing dates and such.


  3. September 09, 2016–I had hinted about a *love moment in Berlin Station epi 1 & 2 regarding Daniel. Did you spot it?

    Here’s another clue:


  4. September 09, 2016–Various Berlin Station behind the scenes clips were surfacing since yesterday. Loved this foodie one shared by Leland Orser who plays Deputy Chief Robert Kirsch:

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  5. September 09, 2016–And Leland Orser (Thanks!) also shared Berlin Station’s tweet (below) of a video character clip for Richard Armitage’s character Berlin Station:

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  6. September 09, 2016–He had me at “Fredricka?” Sighhh!

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  7. September 09, 2016–Richard Armitage Net reveals that the Vanity Fair streaming site for the Berlin Station episodes is predictably offline at the moment, due to the trend of Richard Armitage crashing web sites when he premieres:

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  8. September 09, 2016–Thanks to FernandaM for sharing this Richard Armitage as Daniel kissing Claudia in Berlin Station gif! Sighhhh!

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  9. September 11, 2016–Love this Ultra Veloce (Thanks!) gif of Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller!

    Richard looks so charming in his suit and with his smile. And the little wiggle he gives is so adorkable. Sighhhh!


  10. September 11, 2016–Thanks to Valentina A for sharing the link about the Sept. 29th Berlin Station LA premiere that Richard Armitage will attend!


    Thursday, September 29 2016 EVENT


  11. September 21, 2016–Guylty had posted about a less than positive review of Berlin Station, which garnered a log of ensuing discussion:


    Among many comments there, I thought Esther had made a good point:
    “Cardboard cutout? Fine, send that cardboard cutout to my house, I’ll put him up.🙂
    Yeah… critics… there used to be a certain critic in a newspaper here that I read voraciously because I always knew: when he hated something, I knew I would love it. Critics are just persons giving their opinion and being paid for it, doesn’t make their opinion more or less valid than other opinions.

    Anyway, yeah, not everyone is going to love BS and that’s fine. I just hope bad critiques won’t be the downfall… The show may have it’s faults but truly, BS is not really as bad as that, is it? I already like it more than I ever did Spooks…”

    And this was my response to Esther:

    I agree with you, Esther, that Richard Armitage is no cardboard cutout. He tends to immerse himself in his roles for me. And as for his role of Daniel, Guylty is right that the script needs to be there for any actor. But Richard usually rises above his scripts anyway. Look how he turned Sir Guy around from a “cardboard cutout” baddie to the star of the show with his portrayal. Ha! For the characterization of Daniel, I sense a conflicted persona with many facets that will be revealed over time–perhaps a less vulnerable seeming Lucas and an edgier Porter, but with something else that is, as yet, undefinable.

    And I watched episode 1 again last night [Tuesday, Sept. 20th]–specifically trying to look for clues and hints in the story and characterization that I may have missed in my first viewing. Three [corrected ha!] things sprang to mind:
    1) Daniel’s face immediately darkened after he saw Claudia into her apartment buildling after they first met and kissed. It gave me chills–my sensing an edge of steel to his character, that I then noticed elsewhere, such as the Panama scene in retrieving the flash drive earlier.
    2) The shower scene–I particularly looked around the room for clues. And yes, I had to do the rewind because his handsome backal view was distRActing again. Ha! But I noticed that Daniel’s suitcases were open–and clothes still in them, not put away, making me think that he wanted to have a quick getaway if needed. Also, his room was very bare, nothing on the tall shelf by the bed. So Daniel had not personalized it–lending again, that sense of impermanence.
    3) Also noticed that episode 1 began and ended with a death, and we know that there is at least one other death implied in episode 2. So this series is likely to be a bloodbath.

    P.S. And I would add one more thing *now*: Daniel’s seemingly visceral response to Claudia’s death when referring to Thomas Shaw as a murder–and Daniel Miller’s subsequent vehemence about the journalist Ingrid’s culpability in putting Claudia at risk (in epi 2)–makes me think more and more that the character Daniel has built walls around the tragic moments in his life. And as a spy, him being exposed to the tragic comes with the territory. How does an individual cope with that? I look forward to seeing Daniel’s psyche and motivations unfold in future episodes.


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