Thespian Thursday: The reviews are in! “Richard Armitage Captivates …” in Love, Love, Love! October 20, 2016 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #986)

The Guardian:  “Richard Armitage Captivates…” in Love, Love, Love!
“The play begins in 1967 when the Oxford students Sandra (a ferociously good Amy Ryan) and Kenneth (Richard Armitage, making a captivating New York debut) meet in London. … ”

l to r:  Richard Armitage and Amy Ryan



Variety:  “(The Hobbit Actor Armitage, born to play comedy)”

“The adventures of Kenneth (“The Hobbit” actor Armitage, born to play comedy) and Sandra (Ryan, sublimely witty) begin in 1967, when young people could taste the changes in the air.  “The laws are constantly being overthrown,” Kenneth announces, “the music’s exploding, the walls collapsing.”  Sandra couldn’t agree more. “The world’s going to be a different place in ten years,” she predicts. And off they go into that brave new world.”

Off Broadway Review: ‘Love, Love, Love’ With Amy Ryan, Zoe Kazan

Love Love Love OFF BROADWAYDRAMA LAURA PELS THEATRE 111 W. 46TH S., NEW YORK, NY 10036 Sparked in the haze of the 60s, Love Love Love explores a relationship charred by today's brutal reality, paranoia and passion. Starring: Richard Armitage, Alex Hurt, Zoe Kazan, Ben Rosenfield, Amy Ryan Director: Michael Mayer PLAYWRIGHT: MIKE BARTLETT

l to r: Zoe Kazan and Amy Ryan


NY Times:  “I had a swell time at “Love, Love, Love”!”

“Now here’s a couple who know how to grow old in style. Portraying a pair of soul mates in selfishness in Mike Bartlett’s “Love, Love, Love,” which opened on Wednesday night at the Laura Pels Theater, Amy Ryan and Richard Armitage advance from the ages of 19 to 64 with a galloping satirical wit that pulls you along, happy and appalled, through the decades.”

l to r:  Richard Armitage, Amy Ryan, Ben Rosenfield, and Zoe Kazan


The Telegraph:  “Richard Armitage shows impressive range in his U.S. theatrical debut Love, Love, Love!”:

“Armitage shows impressive range as he ages Kenneth upwards, channelling his hawkish charisma into more darkly funny places than his screen roles allow. He’s a louche, petulant but winningly playful 19-year-old, an exasperated working father of two and, finally, a smugly retired businessman, cracking open expensive wine while his resentful daughter struggles to pay her rent.”

Thanks to Guillermina Rivas for tweeting the link!:


l to r:  Richard Armitage, Amy Ryan, & Alex Hurt


Wall Street Journal:  “Not since Stoppard. Mike Bartlett skewers the Baby Boomers in the best comedy since The Real Thing”

“The Roundabout has missed a trick: “Love, Love, Love” really should have opened on Broadway, and I trust it will transfer there once a theater is free. Yes, it’s gloriously funny, but it’s also an important play, one whose harsh message deserves to be heard far more widely. Regional theaters, take note!”

This is the second review that I have read that waxes poetic about Zoe Kazan’s performance.  Since as one of the “kids”, she appears in Acts 2 & 3, but not Act 1, she seems to have made an impression on the reviewers.

Thanks to RANet for sharing the WSJ link below:

Image:  Ben Rosenfield and Zoe Kazan







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  1. October 20, 2016– Thanks for liking this post! I’m glad that you enjoyed it!

    discovermarche & Hariclea


  2. October 20, 2016–Thanks to Jassy2101 for sharing this and other Love, Love, Love opening night party pix on her tumblr of star Richard Armitage and playwright Mike Bartlett


  3. October 20, 2016–Thanks to Chrissy Lampard for posting this image on FB of the print version of the NY Times review of Love, Love, Love–a whopping whole page!!!


  4. October 20, 2016–Thanks to Chrissy Lampard again for this link to a Broadway World video interviews with Love, Love, Love (in order of interview): costars Richard Armitage & Amy Ryan, Director Michael Mayer, playwright Mike Barlett, and costar Alex Hurt, Ben Rosenfield, and Zoe Kazan:

    [video src="" /]

    I especially love Richard Armitage’s smile at the beginning of this interview:


  5. October 20, 2016–Thanks to Ultra Veloce for tweeting sharing a gif of the Love, Love, Love cast curtain call to a standing ovation!:


  6. October 22, 2016–Actress-Comedienne Caroline Rhea posts a selfie-with Richard Armitage taken at the Opening Night Part and she highly recommends seeing “Love, Love, Love”!


  7. October 22, 2016–Thanks to @mooseturds for tweet sharing the New Yorker review of Love, Love, Love! They liked Richard Armitage, but not the play and direction, it seems.


  8. November 25, 2016–Ahhh! Found it! The Love, Love, Love, Act 3 dancing sequence! The Roundabout Theatre Company shared a montage sequence of clips of their current play starring Richard Armitage: Love, Love, Love. Thanks to Perry for pointing me to the youtube link!


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