Spy Thriller Thursday:  Teaser Trailer for Berlin Station Episode 3 involves Richard Armitage’s …., October 27, 2016 Gratiana Lovelace (Post#990)

This coming Sunday, October 30, 2016 Episodie 3 of Berlin Station airs at 9pm ET/ 8pm CST—the last free episode on EPIX.com.  So, true to form, EPIX has released a teaser trailer (Thanks to MooseTurds for the YT link that lead me to the Vimeo link!):


 “Berlin Station: Episode 3 – Lap Dance I EPIX” by EPIX
(in upper left corner of video window, choose video 17)

Seriously?  “Lap Dance” for an episode title?  Obviously, EPIX is going for the salacious with that teaser title—or titillation—possibly trying draw in men to watch the show who want a lap dance?  I’m just guessing.  And in the clip above, I wouldn’t qualify that as a lap dance—Richard Armitage’s lap yes, dance no.  Not that I would know.  Ha!

From the clip, one might more descriptively label it Deception—on Hector’s part.  But it was a fleeting moment.  So I hope that you didn’t blink.  If you did, then just watch it again. Is Hector suspicious about Daniel?  Or is Hector suspicious that Daniel is suspicious about him?  And I’ve heard of red herrings, but that tall blond—not Hector, but the curly haired gal on Daniel’s lap—serves as major misdirection.

Hector’s actions certainly beg the question, what information does Hector think that Daniel has on his cell phone? CIA secrets?  Pictures?  Address book?  Pokemon Go level?  etc?  And would Daniel really be distracted by said curly blond on his lap—let alone, would Daniel be so foolish as to have anything sensitive on his cell phone?  He is a spy.  Wouldn’t a Spy 101 course teach them to be cautious.

But with only a 67 second teaser, it leaves many more questions than it answers.  Which is the point of teasers—to whet our appetites so that we’ll watch.

And getting back to teasers—or rather seduction, Richard Armitage Spy Styleperhaps we need a comparison?  So pasted below is the link for a fan made music video about the Richard Armitage’s previous Spy role character of Lucas North in Spooks—that ends with a scene in the Bedouin Bar where Richard Armitage as Lucas North (in Spooks series 7, episode 7) is chatted up by a bar girl—who is also very interested in his … ear—while sitting on his lap.  And then the spy Lucas has his bum saved, by said bar girl in a very teasingly seductive way.  Oh to be that bar girl.  Ha!:

“Spooks: Lucas North – Snake Charmer” by Romana 55 Productions

So which video did you find more seductive, or teasing?   The Lap Dance teaser trailer for Berlin Station?  Or, the Snake Charmer music video? *wink*  The former was intriguing, but the latter was more seductive.


And to me, seduction is part mind and part body.  And with the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage [below far left in 2013, etc], he seduces with his piercing blue eyes and gaze, his crinkles, his studied smirk or kind smile, his stubble defined chiseled jaw, his muscular neck, his broad shoulders, and his substantially muscular arms (love the fuzz, too!) giving a caring hug, and with his slightly longer hair currently, etc.    So sexy to me, does not necessarily mean actors naked onscreen.  I want romance, not an instructions manual.  Off screen?  *wink*
raportrait-2013-glamouruk-01-interview-article-richardarmitage-hottest-man-in-middle-earth_oct2516ranet         2014--DofSBerlinPremiere-RichardArmitageProfile-bang-lock_Mar2115pinterest-sized-brt       raportrait-2016-berlinstation-oct10promos-richardarmitage-inblue-clsup_oct1416viapilar-copy

2013 via RAnet         2013 via Pinterest            2016 via Pilar


raportrait-2016-richardarmitage-smiling-brightly_oct1516viaglady    raportrait-2016-berlinstation-richardarmitage-blows-his-cover-interview-cls_oct1516byanthem-copy  THUD!
2016 via Glady                  2016 via Anthem

P.S. And I just saw Guylty’s post link about this last Richard Armitage portrait. Ooof!


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