Mix it up Monday!  Happy Halloween among other things, October 31, 2016  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #992)

Today is Halloween in the U.S. and elsewhere, the time when people dress up, sometimes seek treats, watch scary movies, and see monsters in the night.

To that last one—monsters—we had a visitor Sunday night.  We live in a subdivision surrounded on both sides by cornfields, then tree groves and the lake is about five miles North of us.  So in other words, critters abound.

Although foolish wild rabbits are plentiful—I have mentioned before that we have two house dogs that go outside regularly—lately, we have been beset by opossums [below].  The animal looks almost cute with its pink nose and mouth.  But when you focus upon the sharp pink toe nails on it, the animal looks downright menacing to me.


And then another opossum came around Sunday night—or maybe it was the previous opossum, testing his luck.  And our dogs had a tussle with it underneath our wooden deck out back.  The noise of barking and growling and scratching animals had all manner of visions pop into my head of our poor doggies—our beagle at 25 pounds and the hound mutt at 60 pounds—getting scratched and bitten in the close quarters below the deck.

The images that I conjured up made the opossum seem scary—appropriate to the Halloween holiday.  So I manipped the wiki opossum image above in photoshop to bring out that scariness visually (below):

Filter Poster Edges        Filter Grain                   Filter Sprayed Strokes
330px-opossum_2_oct3016wiki-bkgrnd-mask1-filter-posteredges   330px-opossum_2_oct3016wiki-bkgrnd-mask1-filter-grain   330px-opossum_2_oct3016wiki-bkgrnd-mask1-filter-sprayedstrokes

So which opossum do you think looks more menacing above?  For me, the face on picture on the far right has beadier eyes—which seem more menacing to me.

In the end—and it was an end—the opossum, wasn’t playing opossum.  Dogs 1, opossum 0.  *winces*  But our doggies seem to have avoided getting scratched or bitten—and they are all up to date on their shots and such.  So hopefully no ill effects to them.  The scary episode is past, but there are more opossums out there, somewhere.  *shivers*


With this scary mayhem on my mind, I began to troll around for Halloween images—mine and others:
1)  The vampire costumes diptych below is one such Halloween image from Halloween 2015–fangs to Richard Armitage (with Yael Farber).  And no, I am not in the RA for vampire Matthew Clairmont role fan group.  Ha!



2) And Teresa A. (Thanks!)  reminded me of this spooky Tannni Tani Halloween image below left.  And then I found this other Richard Armitage Halloween image by Tannni (below right)—replete with a demonically grinning jack-o-lantern and zombies!  You’ll find more of Tannni’s wonderful Richard Armitage graphics, here.

zholiday-halloween-2016-tanni-spooky-ra-ghost-hoodie-graphic_viateresa-and-grati   halloween_ra-wpumpkin-and-zombies_oct3116bytannni

3) And then I remembered my own Spooky Tale:  Lucas North, Nightwalker (PG-13, V and S; but more Edgar Allen Poe scary) (below) (in 3 short chapters, with ) on Wattpad from 2013. And I had my own Richard Armitage as vampire image that I manipped (below middle).  I have started a sequel, but it isn’t too far along.  So maybe, I’ll have it ready for Halloween 2017.  Ha!  And a few years back in 2012, I had made a Halloween Sir Guy manip (below right) with poem (below that):

aLucasNorthNightwalkerLogoDrkOct1913GratianaLovelace   sirguy-vsomeonewickedlyhandsome-ra-assirguy_oct3112bygratianalovelace-big-wo-poem


So if you celebrate some form of Halloween, Day of the Dead, All Hallows Eve, etc., I hope that you have a great one!


And—if you’re willing to share–what might you wear as a costume to a Richard Armitage Halloween Party? Cos play is allowed. Ha!

I’ll/Grati start with detailing my last real costume effort from 15 years ago for our then first home’s neighbors’ Halloween party for adults–they had a garage “scary house” for the kids earlier, with strobe lights, creepy ghosts jumping out at the kids, and mood music.

I was dressed as a Fairy Godmother. I used my wedding dress’ poofy petticoat crinolines for my skirt.  I was not able to button it closed by then, but my over blouse (which I can’t remember) covered it.  Ha!  I wore a rhinestone like tiara that I had gotten as a kid. And I made my own wand by taking an ivory crocheted  3D Christmas star ornament, putting it on a stick/wand, and dashing everything with opalescent glitter–including my hair and face. I was very sparkly. Ha! Wish I had a picture of that to share, but I don’t.

P.S. Our neighbor lady hosting the party wore a Xenia Warrior Princess costume–complete with boobs bursting out of her bustier. I didn’t know where to look, at first–until she told us the boobs were a plastic fake chest. Ha!


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  1. LadyGrayse says:

    Happy Samhain!
    I dressed as Mrs. Thornton last year, all in black. I have a Victorian skirt in black, which I wear over a crinoline (blasted thing – the skirt – weighs about 5 pounds). And I found a lovely black blouse to wear with it. Black boots completed my ensemble, but I can’t remember if I wore my spider brooch or not.
    I wore this to our local Halloween on-the-square here in Hiawassee last year. Haven’t decided yet about this year.

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  2. October 31, 2016–Thanks for liking this post! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Cheers! Grati ;->



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