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aEncouragement-aRegencyLovestorycover_Aug3116byGratianaLovelace_180x282(An original Regency romance  copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace; all rights reserved)  [(1) story cover, left]

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story characters with:  Richard Armitage as Lord Christian Blount Earl of Sussex, Kate Winslet and Emma Lady Hamilton as Lady Madeline Lucretia Sinclair, Dame Maggie Smith as Lady Lucretia Beckham Knott, Jessica Brown Findlay as Lady Elizabeth Blount, Crispin Bonham-Carter as Lord Harold Blount, Dame Judi Dench as Lady Catherine Blount the Dowager Countess of Sussex, Rupert Penry Jones as Lord Duncan the Viscount Lindsay, Corin Redgrave as Squire Sutton Sinclair, Amanda Root as Mrs. Russell, and others as noted.]

Authors Content Note: “Encouragement” is a frothy love story with sometimes humorous and sometimes dramatic themes of love and relationships.  It will mostly be at the PG and PG-13 movie levels. Specific chapters or passages may have a further rating of:  D for dramatic emotions, and LS for love scenes that are tenderly sensuous and not explicit.  And I will rate the chapters accordingly. If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide for a chapter, then please do not read that chapter. This is my disclaimer.  And as is my habit, I will summarize the previous chapter’s events at the beginning of each chapter.

Author’s recap from the previous chapter: After much frantic searching through the family vaults at Sussex House in London, Lord Christian Blount’s Grandmother Dowager Countess of Sussex produced a smallish jewelry box containing two layers of dainty and elegant betrothal rings.  Lady Madeline narrowed it down to two rings that she liked, and then allowed Lord Christian to decide with ring to give her.  And in the end, it was a lovely one carat round diamond in a gold filigree band setting that became Lady Madeline’s betrothal ring from Lord Christian.


“Encouragement, A Regency Tale of Love and Romance”—Ch. 16 (PG-13, L):  Revelations at Lady Lizzie’s Ball

Sussex House in London is ablaze the evening of Friday, February 16, 1816 with candles and filled with fragrant flowers to mark the occasion of my sister Lady Elizabeth Lizzie Blount’s Presentation ball.  The mansion’s beauty and elegance stuns even Lord Christian Blount Earl of Sussex as he ruminates about several matters.

I have never seen the place look so alive and elegant—since our straitened family finances have previously curtailed our entertaining for many years.  But with my marriage to Lady Madeline Sinclair next Friday, our credit with tradesmen is suddenly good again.  It seems that good news about impending dowries travels apace of even the most speedy of news gathering organizations via the usual informal networks of gossips—due to the ladies of the Ton and the dandified fops who attend upon them.

With our wedding announcement being provided to the papers and published two days prior on Wednesday—notes of congratulations have streamed in to Sussex House.  My Grandmother Lady Catherine, the Dowager Countess of Sussex, is elated.  How do I know this from her famously implacable countenance?  Why, it is due to my otherwise amusingly stingy Grandmother’s ordering of extra coals to be ordered for Sussex House to heat the bed chambers and public areas for peer and servant alike—not to mention the expensive beeswax candles everywhere.   And as my sister Lady Lizzie predicted, Lady Madeline and I have proven to be quite the popular couple at Lizzie’s presentation ball on Friday night.

And now, the cream of London society waits in the queue to be received by myself with my sister Lady Elizabeth and my betrothed Lady Madeline standing on either side of me. I bow and they curtsy as each guest contingent arrives.  The girls behave impeccably as we greet our guests, and I am a proud brother and husband to be.  I am particularly pleased that many old family friends are in attendance as an elderly couple of long acquaintance and friendship make their way to us.

Christian, Lord Sussex:  “Lord and Lady Forsyte, How good of you to join us for Lady Elizabeth’s Presentation Ball.” I smile graciously at the elderly Viscount and Viscountess who had been very old and very dear friends of my late parents.  They must be in their seventies, or even—dare I think it—approaching their eighties, an unprecedented feat of longevity accomplishment in our time.

I think that the Forsyte’s must either be very good, as they are very well liked and respected by all of their acquaintance, and thus claiming God’s favor–a line of reasoning that I do not agree with because it makes God out to be a populist—or they are a very wicked pair and denied entry to the hereafter.  I cough into my gloved hand to cover an unseemly chuckle that tries to escape my lips.  However, looking at the twinkle in the Viscount’s eyes—him noticing my mirth–I am suddenly struck with uncertainty as to which direction this long admired couple’s afterlife aspirations tend.

We bow and then the Viscount and I shake hands.  And then they both kiss Lizzie’s cheeks—and Lady Forsyte gives her a gentle embrace.  Though a frail and elderly couple, their regal bearing—and no dearth of medals and family heritage jewels upon their persons this night—mark their distinction as nobles of high rank.

Lord Forsyte:  “Enchanted, Lady Elizabeth!  You have blossomed into a lovely young lady.”  Lord Forsyte lifts my sister Lady Lizzie’s gloved hand to his lips and kisses it as she blushes. ladylizzie-in-icebluegown-isjessicabrownfindlay-asladysybil-inda_oct1116viard

Lady Lizzie: “Thank you for the kind compliment, My Lord.”  She smiles shyly.  But in her demurely elegant lace overlay ice blue satin gown and swept back hair, Lady Elizabeth looks beautiful and more mature than her usual self [(2) right].

Lord Forstye:  He smiles gallantly at Lady Lizzie.  Then he turns to Lord Christian.  “And I remember that you were still in leading strings, Lord Sussex, when your Papa put you on your first mount.”  He smiles jovially.

Christian, Lord Sussex: “Ah, yes.  And I promptly fell off!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Lady Forsyte:  “Oh dear!  I hope that you were not injured, Lord Sussex.”  She fusses caringly, as a mother would.

Christian, Lord Sussex: “If I was, I have long since recovered—as you see, My Lady.”  I lordchristianblount-gazing-atladymadeline-isrichardarmitage-asjohnthonrton-inns-ep2-108_nov1216ranet_grati-brt-sizd-flipsmile graciously as I spread my arms wide and  raise a bemused eyebrow.  Then I turn to gaze lovingly [(3) right]  at my patiently waiting betrothed, Lady Madeline Sinclair.  “And please allow me to formally present my betrothed and soon to be bride, Lady Madeline.  Her Grandmama is Lady Lucretia Beckham Knott.”

I nod knowingly toward that esteemed lady sitting a few yards away smiling proudly–whilst Lady Madeline’s father Squire Sinclair is ensconced most happily in the card room well away from Lady Knott.  The Viscount and Viscountess Forsyte gracefully nod their heads in answering accord to Lady Knott.  Connections are everything in our world.

Lady Madeline:  “My Lord and Lady Forsyte.”  I curtsy deeply to these very old friends of Lord Christian’s parents.  He had told me that they rarely exert themselves in society, but that they made the exception for Lady Lizzie’s presentation ball this evening—as they will for our wedding.

Lord Forsyte:  “Lovely, lovely.”  Lord Forsyte smiles dotingly upon Lady Madeline.  And she blushes demurely.

Then Lady Madeline is asked to present her hand to display her betrothal ring from myself Lord Christian, and she does so—her wearing only her right glove for now, but holding the other glove demurely in her left hand–her astutely anticipating needing to show her ring many times this evening.

Lady Madeline’s ring is an brilliant cut one carat round cut diamond encased in a low ladymadeline-diamond-and-gold-filigree-betrothal-ring_nov0616blmnbeautyring-sized
mounted gold band setting with filigree worked gold band sides [(4) right].  It is not the biggest ring that we looked at in the Sussex House family jewelry vault, but it was the ring  that my Madeline liked best, for its simplicity and modesty.  Well, modest compared to some of the quite large small bird’s eggs sized jewels adorning the older ladies of our acquaintance.  Lady Madeline’s betrothal ring is exquisite—as is she.

Lord Forsyte:  “That is a very fine ring, My Dear.  It shows good taste on your part—for the ring and for your betrothed.  Lord Sussex, you have made your parents and grandparents proud in choosing so fair and gracious a lady to become your Countess.”  He smiles knowingly

Lord Christian bows for the honor of the elder man’s compliment to his bride and himself.

Lady Forstye:   “Yes, indeed.  Our youngest son Lord William the Baron Forsyte will have been sorry to have missed the chance to capture the heart of so fair a maiden.”  Then she thinks that Lady Madeline does seem young, and must be no older than Lady Lizzie’s seven and ten years.

Christian, Lord Sussex: “Oh?  Is Lord William joining us tonight?  I have not seen him for an age.  And I welcome renewing our friendship.”

Lady Forsyte:  “He is still traveling to London.  But our son is finally back in England from his expeditions to Egypt.  And I hope that he will stay put for a while.”  Said like the doting mother she is.

Lady Madeline: My curiosity has gotten the better of me and I blurt out.  “Egypt?  Why did he travel there?” I am mad for all things of Egypt.”  At least, I think I am. Or maybe it is the Greeks that I love.  It is so confusing when the Egyptian royalty during Cleopatra’s time of the Ptolomies (after Alexander the Great) were Greek [(5)] .  I wonder that they were not viewed as an amalgamation of the two heritages–Greektian or Egypeek?   I will have to ask Lord Christian, my betrothed, about the countries later—or perhaps this Lord William, if he ever presents himself.

Lord Forsyte: “Some fol-der-rol with the British Museum seeking treasures from one of the pyramids.”  I wave my hand dismissively.      “He is a curator of antiquities there.”  Lord Forsyte smiles, him thinking that  younger sons, however titled they might be, often feel the need to have an occupation for their minds.

And his son, Lord William the Baron of Forsyte is just such a man.  Though at night, Lord William exercises parts other than his brain in London Society.

Lady Madeline: “How exciting!”  I smile broadly at the old distinguished gentleman and then up at my fiancé Lord Christian.

I smile indulgently down at my betrothed Lady Madeline for her interest in Egypt and in Lord William the Baron Forsyte.  However, I would not wish her to become too enthused by the youngest Forsyte.  Lord William’s academic career is in stark contrast with his social reputation of being a rakish heart breaker.  And though he is generally a good man, I would not leave Lord William alone with either my sister nor my intended.

The receiving line proceeds along much the same lines for another half hour—with more brief conversations for mere acquaintances as we welcome them to my sister’s presentation ball and I introduce my intended Lady Madeline.  Then we begin the dancing by my leading my sister Lady Lizzie to the center of the Sussex House Ballroom as the orchestra strikes up a waltz.  I am glad that Lady Madeline has been patient with us this week as I helped my sister Lizzie practice her dance steps.  I want Lizzie feeling confident about her dancing skills for her other partners this evening.  Afterall, this is Lizzie’s ball and I want her to enjoy it.

I glance over to my soon to be bride Lady Madeline whilst I am waltzing with my sister.   Lady Madeline is sitting on the sidelines chatting with her Grandmama Lady Knott and my Grandmother Lady Catherine Blount, the Dowager Countess of  Sussex—after getting them each ices, without mishap, I think bemusedly.  Lady Madeline and I share a knowing smile about the ices as she gazes at me over the lip of her own ices cup.  I believe that she will never let me forget my bashing into her and causing her to drop one of her ices cups at Lady Lavendar’s presentation ball.  Of course, that is how Lady Madeline and I met, so I will indulge her remembrances of it.

Then as other couples join us on the ballroom’s dance floor, I notice that our brother Lord Harold has made an appearance—looking a little chastened after my fist connected with his jaw after last week’s Kimball Ball.   But the bruising has faded sufficiently for him to be in society this evening.  But I trust that he will not forget my correction for some time.   And I hope that he behaves this this evening.

And then Duncan, the Viscount Lindsay [(6) right]–heir to the Duke of Kent—wanders lordduncan-in-evening-dress-isrupertpenryjones-inpersuasion_sep0216viapinterest-grati-sizedover to chat with my Grandmother the Dowager Countess of Sussex.  And I see him bow to Lady Madeline and extend his arm.  She nods her head and sets down her ices cup.  Then she rises and takes Lord Duncan’s hand and they begin to waltz for the remainder of this set.  Though I know that Lady Madeline had forsworn any interest in Lord Duncan due to my sister Lady Lizzie having a tendre for him since she was but a slip of a girl, I still do not like seeing them dancing together. Lord Duncan looks too tall—and presents a disdainfully regal countenance to others, as if he were already the Duke.  I would not say that I am jealous, but I most undoubtedly am jealous.  Then they maneuver their waltzing near to my sister Lizzie and I.

Lord Duncan: “Lord Sussex!  And Lady Elizabeth!  Your ball is delightful!  I hope that I might claim two dances, Lady Elizabeth?”  I ask hopefully of the belle of tonight’s ball.  And Lady Madeline is a good sport for agreeing to dance with me whilst I try to procure the favor of another.  She merely smiles at me as I give her an apologetically sheepish grin.

Lady Lizzie: “That will be lovely, Lord Lindsay.”  I respond formally and flutter my lashes as my eyes lower bashfully.  My heart is beating wildly with Duncan the Viscount Lindsay’s invitation to dance—not one dance, but two!  “Thank you.  I am promised to my brother Lord Harold for the next.  But after that, my dance card is open.”  Because every supplicant for a dance must first be approved by my brother Lord Christian

Lord Duncan: “Splendid!  And might I also be so fortunate as to escort you into supper later?”

Christian, Lord Sussex:  “I believe that I have that charge.”  I bristle protectively about my sister Lady Lizzie.  I like Lord Duncan, I do.  But I do not want Lizzie pinning her hopes on that he will court her, let alone offer her marriage.  I am not being harsh regarding my sister Lizzie’s prospects.  But she is so very young and innocent, that I cannot believe that a man of Duncan’s years and experience would find her engaging.  Lizzie still needs to come into her own and develop more confidence.  And perhaps my betrothed Lady Madeline will aid in my sister’s maturation—since my betrothed seems to mature daily in my eyes, much as she lightheartedly chinks away at my armour of responsibility and softening my somewhat brusk demeanor.

Lord Duncan: “Yet you have your lovely betrothed Lady Madeline, Lord Sussex.  You cannot sequester all of the lovely young ladies here this evening.”  I smile devilishly at Lady Lizzie and her face instantly blushes a pinkish peach sometimes found in sunsets or dawns—charmingly so.

Lady Madeline: “Oh, Lord Sussex.”  I appeal formally to my betrothed, since we are not in private or en famille.  “Please let the good Viscount take Lady Elizabeth into supper.  We must allow her to spread her wings at least a little tonight, since this is her presentation ball.”

Christian, Lord Sussex:  “Hmmm.”  I glower.  I have not yet ascertained Lord Duncan’s level of sincere interest in my sister Lady Lizzie.  Though I know that she believes herself to be in love with him.  That could merely be a childhood infatuation that she has yet to outgrow.

Lady Lizzie: “Oh please, Christy?  May Lord Duncan escort me into supper later?”  I plead for mercy with my eldest and sometimes overbearing brother Lord Christian.  And unconsciously, I have slipped into a more familiar mode of address befitting our families’ long intimacy through my brother and the Viscount being friends.

Christian, Lord Sussex:  Begrudgingly I give in—so as not to seem churlish to my sister Lizzie.  “Very well, but we are all to sit together as planned with our grandmothers and my intended’s father Squire Sinclair.”

Lord Duncan: “Agreed!  And never fear, we shall be a very merry party, Old chap.”

As the waltz ends, each man bows, and each lady curtsies.  Then Lord Christian walks his sister Lady Lizzie back to their brother Lord Harold for his dance with her.  And Lord Christian reclaims Lady Madeline for his own for the next dance.


It is when Lord Duncan the Viscount Lindsay claims Lady Elizabeth Blount to escort her into a late supper that Lord Christian really gets his hackles up about Lord Duncan’s attentions to his sister Lady Elizabeth.  She is but a young girl just venturing out into society, and as her brother, Lord Christian feels very protective about her.  But inadvertently, Lord Christian’s overprotectiveness toward his youngish sister also reminds him that his intended Lady Madeline is also young—perhaps too young to enter into a full marriage.

Before Lady Madeline and Lady Lizzie take their partners’ arms into the late supper, they make their excuses and dash upstairs to Lizzie’s bed chamber for a little necessary primping and girl talk.  But they seem to be taking forever, so Lord Christian goes looking for them.  He finds Lizzie’s Ladies maid in the hallway, who lets him know that Lady Lizzie has refreshed herself and that she will be rejoining he and their guests shortly.

Lord Christian nods curtly and dismisses the maid who leaves down the servant’s stairs.  But then he decides to hurry his sister along and strides toward her bed chamber door.  He raises his hand to knock, but then he hears girlish chatter within.  And knowing that his betrothed Lady Madeline is with his sister Lady Lizzie, he presses his ear to the door and he furtively listens in–as if he were a common eaves dropper, which is so out of character for him.

Lady Lizzie: “Oh Maddie!  Lord Duncan is as handsome as ever!  And he dances divinely!  And he is to escort me into the late supper!  I am in heaven!”  Lady Lizzie plops unceremoniously upon the top of her satin bedspread, ruffling its surface and surely wrinkling her silk gown.

Lady Madeline: “He seems to be a respectable gentleman.”  Lady Madeline nods with a non-committal smile, since she does not know the gentleman.

Lady Lizzie: “He is!  But he is also the only man whom I want to marry.”  Lady Lizzie states fervently.

Lady Madeline: “Lizzie, are you certain?  What is your regard based on?  And are each of your views and interest—yours and Lord Duncan’s–in sympathy?  Has he indicated a preference for you?”

Lady Lizzie: “Well … He makes me feel so special that I feel that had I wings, I could fly.”  Lady Lizzie gushes sighingly.

Lady Madeline:  “Lizzie?  Have you even kissed him yet?”

Lord Christian is very interested in his sister’s response to that intimate interogative.

Lady Lizzie:  “No kisses!  Of course not, silly.  We are not married.”  To that, Lady Madeline pinkens up—which gives Lady Lizzie a startling revelation as she squeals, then claps her hand over her mouth. “Eee!  Maddie!  Have you and Christy kissed?”

Lady Madeline: “Uh …  well, a little.”  Lady Madeline admits shyly.  And Lord Christian stiffens with embarrassment in the hallway.

Lady Lizzie: “Oh you must tell me!  How was it?  Did you like Christy’s kisses?  Did you swoon?”

Lord Christian blanches while eaves dropping in the hallway on the other side of his sister Lizzie’s bed chamber door.  He most certainly does not want his kissing of his betrothed Lady Madeline bandied about—to preserve her reputation.  But he is drawn like a moth to a flame to hear his intended’s response.  He wonders if she liked kissing him.

Lady Madeline:  “Your brother’s kisses make me feel very … cherished.”

Lord Christian smiles broadly while listening through the door.

Lady Lizzie: “And?  My brother Harold says that Christy has had lots of amours.  So Christy must be good at kissing.”

Feeling a tad jealous about Lord Christian’s past amours, Lady Madeline furrows her brows.

Lady Madeline:  “I liked his kisses.”  She realizes too late that she has revealed more than she intended, about her intended.

Lady Lizzie:  “Maddie!  Has Christy kissed you more than once?”  Lady Lizzie sits spellbound upon the edge of her bed.

Lady Madeline: “ Well …”

Lady Lizzie: “Oh you must tell me, leave nothing out!”  Lady Lizzie perches on the side of her bed, waiting none too patiently for her friend, and future sister-in-law, to reveal all.

Lady Madeline: “Lizzie, kissing is private.”  Lizzie frowns grumpily.  So Lady Madeline relents, reluctantly.  “Alright. But I will tell you only a little.  Christian has kissed me on my forehead twice, and also on my nose.”

Lady Lizzie: “But what about your lips?!?”  She pouts.  “Has he not kissed you upon your lips?”

Lady Madeline:  “Yes.”  Lady Madeline nods blushingly.

Lady Lizzie:  “More than once?”  Lady Madeline nods.  “More than twice?”  Lady Madeline nods?  “Three times?”

Lady Madeline: “Yes.”  Lady Madeline’s face has blushed so far from pink that her cheeks almost look crimson.

Lady Lizzie: “Oh!  How Romantic!  I would think that you cannot wait to be married so that Christy will kiss you every day.”

Lady Madeline: “Do you think that Lord Christian will want to kiss me every day?”  She asks curiously—no euphemisms intended.  Her late Mama and Papa were not of an affectionate nature in front of their children. Of course, with three children born to them, affections must have entered into their marriage at some point.

Lady Lizzie: “Oh yes!  You are very pretty!  And you should be certain to kiss him every day so that he does not want to go kiss anyone else.”

Lady Madeline: “Anyone else?  Why would Lord Christian do that after we are married?”  Lady Madeline’s brow furrows in confusion.  The few married couples of her acquaintance all seem devoted to each other—and by extension, she presumes that they are faithful to each other.

Lady Lizzie:  “I do not know precisely.  But Harold said …”

Lady Madeline: “And did not Lord Christian say to not  give credence to what your brother Lord Harold says?”  She huffs.

Lady Lizzie: “Yes, but in this instance, I think Harold might be right.”  Lady Lizzie whines poutingly.  “Harold says that men have needs.”  I say in a hushed whisper as I lean in closer to her.

Lord Christian standing in the hallway with his ear pressed to the door, misses hearing his sister’s last statement.  But then, his intended fills in the gap for him.

Lady Madeline: “Needs?”  Lady Madeline pouts quizzically.  “What kind of needs?”

Lady Lizzie: “You know, mating needs.”  Lady Lizzie whispers, though still loud enough this time for her brother to hear through the door.

Lord Christian silently curses himself for allowing his brother Harold too much freedom in his interactions with their little sister Lady Lizzie.  He’ll be hanged if Lizzie’s tender innocence is corrupted with their brother Harold’s debauched view of life—however, accurate it might be.

Lady Madeline:  “Mating needs?”  She parrots slowly.  Lady Madeline is still confused.  Though she has lived in the country for most of her life, she has been sheltered.  And her not having a Mama nor sisters in which to seek guidance, or with which to share other whispered thoughts, Lady Madeline is more innocent of understanding what mating needs are than even Lady Lizzie.

Lady Lizzie: “You know.  Like the animals rutting in the fields.”  Lady Lizzie tries to sound worldly wise.  But she has only heard the phrase rutting in the fields, and she does not exactly know what it means.

Lord Christian winces in the hallway with his ear pressed closely to the door to eavesdrop upon his sister Lizzie and his betrothed Lady Madeline.  Lord Christina wonders how in the hell does his little sister Lizzie know about the word rutting?  Let alone, how does she know the definition of it?

And as a further point of contention, Lord Christian exceedingly dislikes being compared to an animal.  For doing so implies something base about the act of love.  But then again, as of yet, Lord Christian has not truly made love—to one whom he is in love with.  So his wedding night with Lady Madeline will prove to be something of a first for him—in more ways than one, as it will turn out.

Still, having no Mama for the past several years, Lady Madeline is at a bit of a loss to understand Lady Lizzie’s meaning.  So she returns to her earlier admissions of their romantic tendencies.

Lady Madeline:  “Well, I will plan to kiss Lord Christian every day, if he will let me.”  Lady Madeline smiles, while blushing madly and quite prettily, thinks Lady Lizzie.

Lady Lizzie:  “Then you are destined to have your first born child within your first year of marriage.  And I will adore being an aunt!”

Lady Madeline: “That would be lovely!”  She states blithely—her not thinking about the very great changes that a woman undergoes during her pregnancy, let alone her lack of knowledge about the pain involved in childbirth.  “And I hope that we have lots of boys and girls!  I missed growing up without a sister.”

Lord Christian is pleased with what he hears from his betrothed, Lady Madeline.  He also wants a large family of sons and daughters.

However due to her innocence, Lady Madeline is not entirely understanding of how a lady wife becomes blessed with children.  She simply believes that children are a blessing.

Lady Lizzie: “And you must promise to tell me of your wedding night.  If it is as painful as they say.”  They being a house maid.

At his sister’s remarks, Lord Christian winces again.  For he believes that what transpires between a husband and wife is private.  But he also makes a mental note to be extra gentle with Lady Madeline as he eases her into their marital life together.  He will be patient, tender, and loving.

Lady Madeline: Instantly curious, Lady Madeline asks with incredulity.  “Painful?  Why should a wedding night be painful?”  She thinks a moment.  “Unless, of course, one has a most uncomfortable mattress or not enough pillows.  I adore having extra pillows to sleep with!”  Lady Madeline gushes girlishly.  For she and Lord Christian have kissed several times, but not passionately—the kind of kissing when good sense and decorum are swept from one’s mind.

Lady Lizzie: “Of course.”  Lady Lizzie is now confused.  With her friend on the brink of matrimony, seeming to contradict what one of the house maids said to her.

Lord Christian leans back from the door to his sister Lizzie’s bed chamber.  And he blinks several times.  He wonders how could his little baby sister seem so worldly wise about marital relations, when his similarly aged betrothed Lady Madeline seems wholly innocent of them?

Well it is expected that Lady Madeline is innocent–just that Lord Christian thought that perhaps her Grandmama Lady Knott might have had a womanly discussion with her already.  Unless, that elderly Lady does not think to do it—or is waiting until the last possible moment to broach the subject with her.  Lord Christian feels that he is in unchartered territory, for him—with him to be bedding an innocent, his wife Lady Madeline, next week.

Shaking his head in bemused astonishment, Lord Christian decides to head back downstairs to his guests and await his sister and betrothed there.  A few minutes later, both young ladies—Lady Elizabeth and Lady Madeline–return to the former’s ball a bit flushed from their love struck musings.  And Lord Christian smiles in knowing the reason for their blushes, though he does not reveal his eavesdropping upon them.

To be continued with Chapter 17

Encouragement”, Ch. 16  References by Gratiana Lovelace, November 12, 2016 (Post #999)

1) The “Encouragement” story cover is an image representing our young heroine Lady Madeline Sinclair, is the young Emma Hart in a straw hat at 17 years old in painted by George Romney  in 1782; she was later to marry Sir William Hamilton in 1791 and become Emma Lady Hamilton, was found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emma,_Lady_Hamilton#/media/File:George_Romney_-_Emma_Hart_in_a_Straw_Hat.jpg ;  For more about Emma Lady Hamilton, nee Emma Hart/Amy Lyon please visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emma,_Lady_Hamilton

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