Wonderful Wednesday! Many thanks to Lady RA Fan Friend TeresaA for Love3 Mementos,  November 16, 2016 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1,001)

Gifts come in many sizes, shapes, costs, etc.  And  I am usually on the giving end—especially when my nieces and nephews were little and there was fun to be hand plundering our local toy and book stores for treasures for them.  Now in their twenties, they just want cash—that is flexible, and doesn’t require much effort on my part, other than parting with it.  Ha! Though, it’s not quite as fun shopping wise for me.

And I have reached the age, myself, when I usually prefer receiving practical gifts like scented soaps or hand lotions (I’m a very dry girl), hot cocoa packets, fuzzy socks with the rubber strips on the bottom to prevent falling, etc.  Seriously, I don’t want anything that has to be dusted or is so large that has to be displayed—which might lend it to being chewed on by our two doggies.  My full size flat Thorin is safely in its shipping box in my crafts room—really the 3rd bedroom.   Ha!

Other welcome gifts that are homemade, or notes from loved ones, or special lunch or dinner dates with my hubby (not expensive ones) are also most appreciated.

Yet when another person goes out of their way to be kind and considerate and thoughtful toward me—because they are just such a person—that is when my tear ducts overflow.

And a certain Lady RA Fan Friend was just such a kind and considerate and thoughtful person toward me this week.

This week I received the following Love, Love, Love playbill and pamphlet items in the mail, from a lady RA Fan Friend:








Since I am not able to travel to see the talented Richard Armitage’s play in person in New York City—I gotta pay the mortgage instead, drat!–these three items are magical mementos of Love, Love, Love for me.  And I hope that the Roundabout Theatre Company will have the play filmed for myself and the rest of us to enjoy!  It looks to be great fun and a hit with audiences and critics alike!

Love these promo shots of the play below:
lovelovelove-2016-act1-richardarmitage-askenneth-kissing1-amyryan-assandra_oct0916viaramexico  lovelovelove-2016-middleyrs-familydinner-wstrife_oct0316rtcfb


Embracing curtain call from Daphne (Thanks!), in lieu of Act 3 dancing between Kenneth and Sandra.

After spending much more time enjoying perusing of their contents in detail, I will archive these items with my other Richard Armitage artifacts—magazine spreads, dvds, special movie books, mugs, etc.–that I keep tidy in a good sized opaque storage bin, with no need to dust them. Snap!

So my heartfelt thanks to the Lady RA Fan Friend for gifting me with the Love, Love, Love playbill and pamphlets—TeresaA, who just now gave me permission to share her Lady RA Fan Friend handle.

TeresaA had grabbed a few extras of the playbills and pamphlets when she attended the play Love, Love, Love, and has kindly shared them with myself and others.

And as I said to TeresaA about her thoughtful gifts with my thanks, “you’re not just a peach, you’re the whole orchard!”


Love & Hugs!  Grati  ;->


P.S.  And here is the link for TeresaA’s Facebook account (Oct. 10, 2016) of her visit to see Richard Armitage’s NYC play Love, Love, Love–with some great tips about the stage door logistics—and her thoughts are quoted below (but be sure to visit the Facebook link to give TeresaA some love):




My quest to see Richard in Love, Love, Love

OK, people are asking about my time at the play on Oct 9, it will be lengthy so I figure just post it on my own personal page. 

First due to low amount of money & lucky enough to live within a short to NYC I was able to jump into a taxi at 7:15am to be at Boston bus terminal for a 8:30am express bus to NYC and arrived at 1:00pm for a 2:00 Sunday matinee – walked about 15 mins and got there nice and early, bought the 3 things that looked good to me keychain, magnet and mug – when I got to my seat way back in the – N – row I saw some ‘Richard Ladies’ Tommie McMillan, Maria Tulipani and Carol Megson . Saw the Play – I obviously saw Richard but wished I was closer to the stage. Then went outside for the Stage Door: the main problem I had was that the Stage Door area doesn’t seem to fit its use …. But I suppose space is very limited in NYC and Stage Doors are not mandatory for any play.

Basically you have to be in the first line facing the Play door or you are not going to get an autograph or Selfie with Richard. I only have any flip phone so I bought a disposable camera to take pics. (I plan taking some pics of my family in about 2 weeks and then it will take another week to get the pics back, none of which will be me at the play and only a small chance any of the pics will be good because every time I tried to take a pic of him some ones hand or head got in the way I’m not hopeful of a good pic but I am still going to develop the film anyway.)

—- then hopped on a 6:15pm bus and was back at Boston bus station after 10:00pm and was home by 11:00pm – no hotel –saved a lot of money.

When all totaled I am very glad I went to see Richard act in person and he was three feet away from me at the Stage Door and YES he is that LOVELY in Real Life 
:) :) :)

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  1. November 16 & 21, 2016–Thanks for liking this post! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Cheers! Grati ;-:

    discovermarche & Esther


  2. :) :) I’m glad you liked them ….

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  3. Esther says:

    Aww, that’s sweet!

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  4. November 24, 2016–The NY Times gives positive buzz to Love, Love, Love in ts Nov. 25 – Dec. 01 theatre schedule as quoted below:

    “★ ‘LOVE, LOVE, LOVE’ Playing a pair of soul mates in selfishness in Mike Bartlett’s scathing portrait of the baby boomer generation, Amy Ryan and Richard Armitage advance from the ages of 19 to 64 with a galloping satirical wit that pulls you along, happy and appalled, through the decades. Impeccably directed by Michael Mayer, and featuring a nigh-perfect ensemble of five (2:05). Laura Pels Theater, 111 West 46th Street, 212-719-1300, roundabouttheatre.org. (Brantley)”

    Found at:

    Below is the link for the NYTimes original review on Oct. 19, 2016:


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