Love, Love, Love Travelogue and Review Essay by JHolland at her Preoccupied with Armitage blog is a Delight! December 12, 2016 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1014)

I am one of the many—hundreds?  thousands?—of RA Fans who are not able to travel to lovelovelove-2016-richardandamy-smiling-broadly-22aug16ranet_grati-cropNYC to see the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage (at right with costar Amy Ryan via RAnet) in his currently running (till December 18) play “Love, Love, Love”.  And I’m still rooting for the play to be filmed, but that is very unlikely.

So I am extremely grateful for RA Fans who share their experiences.   Of the many Love3 experience essays that I have read so far, JHolland’s essay is the best!  It’s a very personable read with her blending her travel and RA Fan friend experiences with snippets about her insights about the play she saw several times (spoilers alert).

(image courtesy of Roundabout Theatre Company, via JHolland at her Preoccupied with Armitage blog)

So quoted below is a small part of JHolland’s lead in to her delightful essay to whet your appetite:

“…Simply based on my experience of the man’s onstage capabilities in The Crucible, I was willing to buy advanced tickets to Love, Love, Love– a play about a topic that didn’t seem interesting, by a playwright I’d never heard of, and before there was any solid intel beyond some Twitter follows and a response RA made to a fan’s tweet that hinted the name of the play. And I’d do it all again in a New York minute!

Okay! That’s out of the way. Now I’ll begin my recollection of my fan-diddily-damn-tastic trip to New York City! And let me just say that the Love, Love, Love I experienced was not just the title of the play… I also rather fell for the city (a huge surprise for me!), reignited my devotion to RA, but most importantly, I was downright blown away by the laughter, camaraderie and chance to make hopefully lasting connections with other fans. Richard Armitage was lovely, and he thoroughly delivered onstage, but in some ways he was more like icing on the cake. …”

And be sure to click on the link below to read the rest of JHolland’s delightful essay.  And I hope you enjoy reading her essay as much as I did!  Holiday Cheers!:

P.S.  And just for fun, below is an early Roundabout Theatre Company interview video promo for the play, Love, Love, Love,




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