Anatomy of a photo edit:  Fun while filming Berlin Station Last Year, Michelle Forbes and Richard Armitage,  December 27, 2016 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1021)

I like playing around with images in Photoshop—fixing some, enhancing others.  It’s like a coloring book for adults.  And since I have no artistic skill whatsoever, Photoshop 14 gives me aids to help me over that hurdle.  Snap!

My latest photo edit fix/enhancement is an image that EPIX produced spy   thriller Berlin Station star Michelle Forbes shared of she and her co star Richard Armitage having a bit of fun filming last year.  Below is my final photo editing result:


Initially in Michelle Forbes original image, there was a person in the background (with my blurring of her face below)–who Ms. Forbes references in her tweet as looking like she was photobombing them.  Ha!


So I removed the photobomber and the rest of the background. I also fixed some face/hair edges that were inadvertently masked out, too, etc.  That always happens to me.  The little yellow pom captures more than I want to eliminate.  Ha!

Then with some slight of hand—layering–I deleted the blank white masked out background that I just made and substituted it with a section of the cloudy sky (from above Hector’s head) from one of the Berlin Station publicity posters (below), to give the background some dimension and a hint of color:


And then I added text/titles for the finished image–my photo editing result again appears below:


So there you have it.  My little journey through a photo edit.  Enjoy!

P.S. 1  And I love the delicious neckage on Mr. A that he enticingly draws our attention to with his sun glasses.  Sighhh!

P.S. 2 And with Berlin Station Season 2 now a go, we are sure to see more of these two actors and their characters–Valerie Edwards and Daniel Miller.  Though in what capacity, it is hard to say—but the finale leaves us with some interesting possibilities.  Will the demoted Valerie Edwards suddenly find herself Interim Berlin Station Deputy Chief while Robert Kirsch heads home to his son?  And how will Daniel Miller reconcile his former role as whistleblower when he was deceived as much as the rest of them?  What international plots will be on the horizon for they and their colleagues to foil now that Berlin Station has proven that one should never count them out?  And is Hans Richter really dead?  Or was it staged by Esther to give her old boss a way out. And if Hans is not dead, how will he seek revenge for his downfall—on Esther and Daniel, et al?  These and many more are lovely plot points to ponder.  And waiting for Season 2 will be delightful anticipation.


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